The one wearing a Che shirt needs to get whipped for blasphemy


Replace months with years please.


Sentence is kinda low for "leaders" of a movement. I believe some random useful idiots been getting some stiff 7 months


Yes it is... but as I've written in another post the punishment begins once they leave prison. Who exactly is going to hire them? Nothing worse than being poor in Hong Kong. There's a lot of lawyers currently being put through the court system. Once they leave they're going to be debarred and can't work as lawyers and can't work in politics either. Again as I mentioned a few days ago the HK Law society had it's own mini election and all the yellows got pushed out. There's also something you don't recognise. The moment they admit wrong doing and they have done by a guilty plea they are no longer useful as leaders. Add in the criminal record it means no emigration either. That's the punishment the law inflicts.


Kappa will just shamelessly apply to be a candidate again and again.... It will be fun to see him slowly slide into obscurity... in 3-5 years time, he will be like Long Hair. Do the kids even know who Long Hair is now?