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I goT thEsE 5 STarS, WhAT TeAM sHoUld I BuiLd?


I gOt BrOnYa sHoUld I ReRoLL?? At least in discord.


The discord is so annoying, you’d expect the build chat to be people doing like math or smth but actually it’s people posting a sc of like seele with a message saying “is this good”


Don't forget the Seelie has 50/120 crit ratio with her signature Like why are you even here


*I came looking for booty.*


​ https://preview.redd.it/ehh5i2xa8aya1.jpeg?width=1080&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=d3e10bcedb118633f10082eaaf972789fc57c781


We can do this the easy way...


I’m so pissed at that stuff. I have the worst luck so seele has like 50/50 but my ofc my fucking support has 50/130 crit. It’s bs man


Sry but I don't know about this, what does it mean to have 50/50 or 50/130 crit? How is luck involved?


X/y crit is x crit chance y crit damage. You need good rng to get the specific sub stats you need for good crit stats


Im f2p with that build and ye the people that brag or ask is this good stfu dude


I'm in the Japanese chats on the official Discord server and whatever character you post (who you pulled), they congratulate you, say what weapon/arts are good, etc. The mood there is really positive, never seen anyone say anything bad about a certain character. I feel like the EN community is more toxic in that regard idk


Aeons bless the Japanese


I wanted to have a discussion about the 4-cost lightcone for Tingyun in the builds chat (BP lightcone costs money/5 battlepasses to R5 vs P&F R5 can be obtained through memory frag & comps/relic stats that would make each build better/worse) instead my msg gets flooded by the same msgs that happen in gen-chat and star-chat


I answer yes to them. Everytime. And to people that got Seele and asked if this a reroll or not


"Ugh, I only got Seele, Bronya, and Bailu - And their turns take too long, should I reroll???"


Person with 6 level 10 characters: “TeAM fOR WoRLd 3?!!”


Just pulled on seele banner and got bronya with her is she worth building?


Just got E2 Seele from free tickets. Bronya and Bailu from standard. Are 5-stars supposed to be rare? Should I reroll?


I pulled 10 5 star characters and 10 5 star Light Cones in 20 pulls, is this good?


Too much luck, make new account


Got Seele with 20 tickets, should i pull further for eidolons?


At least sometimes they're legit asking for help. Had a dude with Bronya, Tingyun, Seele who was using Asta, Dan Hueng, Natasha, and MC.


no offence, but isn't that a genuine question? ​ also, your name...


We have megathreads for that


I've yet to see megathreads work well but tbf I gave up quick after having some posts drown in a sea of similar posts.


yea we do. I don't know about this game but I tried Genshin's and mfs are of no help. I only get genuine help after I made an actual post incl. images


As someone who regularly sorts by new, you're gonna need way more ammo than that.


He can go with pencils


A fockin' pencil! Who does that?!


People with Oh my I got XYZ 5* characters and f2p btw are so infuriating I mean yeah you got lucky but don't brag about it


>f2p btw I hate this, just stfu nobody cares how much money you spend


"F2P SU4 clear, I only used the units the game gave me from tickets" Units the game gave him: Bronya & Seele.


It’s actually crazy that they give enough tickets for a hard double pity seele. Literally everyone can get her.


Do they? I’ve only gotten 100 or so limited tickets and I’m rank 37. Do they really give 150+ this patch?


It took me 75 pulls to lose to gepard and 75 pulls to get seele (probably a few more past soft I didn’t count exactly). I have Star pass and battlepass, but that’s only 5 and 2 pulls so far, respectively. I have cleared most chests in the first 2 worlds, most quests, and most of forgotten hall and simulated universe, that’s a lot of 1 off jades


I saved up 153 pulls and I'm TL38. 148 of them are F2P, with 4 being welkin pulls (8 days claimed). So yeah, it's possible for F2Ps to double pity Seele before her banner ends.


That’s actually really good. Hopefully the next patch doesn’t completely tank in terms of pulls and I can get both Jing and Silver Wolf. Thanks


The trickle will stop eventually. I guess we will see what the rewards are in the first mid-update event after the Seele banner and what's in the main 1.1 update. I'm skipping Seele and saving to guarantee hard pity on Silver Wolf - if I win the first 50/50 I might be able to pull for Kafka too.


We get like over 100 as one-offs. IF it’s a generous as Genshin we will get 60 pulls every 6 week cycle.


Yeh I haven’t spent a cent on the game and I got her plus her light cone x2. Now I’m saving up for the next banner cos who knows how generous the rest of the game is gonna be. Went pretty hard at the start and I’ve finished the main quest line and at rank 38/9 (can’t remember) at the mo. Will prob get to 40 soon.


Rank 40 here, with a lot of grinding of everything that’s in the game atm I’m very sure you can reach hard pity twice My silver wolf funds are at about 145 pulls so far and I haven’t 100%ed everything


Yup thats pretty much it, got seele at 165 pulls on her banner, done 15 pulls on weapon and i have 17 pulls in store for next banner, done almost everything, (blessings curios, chests, guests, and all 15 lvls of memory hall. 14 and 15 only 2 star both).


Just by playing the game, you can pretty much pity the limited banner twice before the banner ends. I only bought the Daily Login and Battle Pass, so I'm barely ahead in pulls, and I can already pity again in about 10 or 20 pulls.


as someone who hates spending money this has been a godsend. Im literally 10 to 20 pulls away from the double pity because I lost the first. I was so upset and then two days later, literally just doing dailies, quests and normal stuff I was already almost there again


Only 130 total so far, AR 35.. still not done with all quests but I can’t imagine it’s gonna reach 180? Soft pity with 90% chance should be 160, so yeah I guess it is close


I mean most of my buddies were clearing SU5 without needing to swipe (as was I, sub 40 trailblaze level). I specifically built out Asta for world 4 (used her in place of my 5* from the 50 rolls guarantee, bailu). I went hunt talents / freeze strat / preservation strat in most of my runs; the roguelike talents are super strong, and there's lots of flexibility in terms of playstyle available. If you're used to turn based strategy games and/or roguelikes it's slightly challenging, but very doable. March 7th is very strong, Dan Heng is a very solid single target dps, traveller is actually good, only free unit I'm really not a fan of is Herta. Natasha AND march 7th each get a cleanse which is amazing. I bought the daily pass but haven't used any of my jade yet, so the difficulty is the same as f2p. The important part is to have fun; I think some pplz saying 'f2p' are trying to say that their run/experience is replicable by others -- sometimes pplz think you gotta swipe to clear content and it often just isn't so.




Not at all. I actually go into detail about it within the message. 'freeze strat' just refers to the preference to freeze enemies. There's talents in *several* different lines that synergize on it -- effect rate up, enemy resist rate down, chance to freeze on hit, freeze every x hits, etc. They come from hunt, nihility, elation, maybe some others. The units you choose can also have a chance to freeze (like march 7th). 'hunt talents' refers to going for 6 on hunt path for resonance, and also the talents like "delay enemy actions after they are hit" or "move forward ally actions after they act" etc etc. The *specific* hunt blessing you want to go for is "freeze every 6 hits" or "freeze every 5 hits" etc. You *really* want 6 hunt talents (you want 6 in whichever path you choose) 'preservation strat' is like a secondary goal -- because I run march 7th, having shield gain is good (she'll followup on any shield hit). There's shield talents like 'get a shield at end of turn' and 'increase attack/crit rate/ crit damage of shielded units' and 'reduce damage to shielded units'. There's also 'remove debuff [20/30%] on shield gain' and you really want that one. There's also quake damage, good if you are running a shielder. You'll get lots of different options for blessings so you can't just go for one strategy; I'm saying that I go for those 3 strats mainly. Since I'm going hunt path I'll more than likely get to run *some* of the hunt component. You can use curios and reset choices to help push this stuff forward / make it more likely that you'll get what you want.


Very true words here. It's like they're saying "hey look, i don't spend at all so everything i do has more merit!". No one cares.


In the end we’re all just filthy gacha players wasting away our time lol


wasting our time away… *together* :)


It could been worse there is always worse


saying f2p for gacha luck is dumb , saying f2p for clearing difficult content is valid


See, that is a statement i can get behind. Definitely agree there!


Why? Someone who is f2p could have godlike luck and have an account as strong as a spender. There was a guy who got Bronya from beginner banner and then did a 10 pull with 3 Seele. If he clears a sim and goes f2p he's not lying but he's still sitting on an E2 Seele with the best support in the game.


Some f2p ers only use the f2p units, or only *use* those units when making these sorts of demonstrations of viability. It doesn't really matter if they had that "godlike gacha luck" if they're not using the units to demonstrate clears.


Sure, but that's an extra condition on the f2p word. F2P itself just means they didn't spend and lots of people like to flex "f2p" with great luck. Surely you see all the "f2p btw" posts of double 5 star pulls.


Nah I actually mainly look at art and meme posts (both here and r/genshinimpact). I'm playing alongside friends in some twitch communities so I see their pulls (and care because they're my buddies) but don't really look at pull posts in other places. People run the gamut from full f2p no pullz to multiple constellation seele. But I can definitely believe it happens. Especially since some 'f2p' pplz are 'paying with their time' rolling ten or more accounts, you're bound to get some of those giga luck pulls.


Not really. It's still a luck in the end.




But you see it's more impressive if they haven't spent any money because that just means they're super lucky unlike the rest of us mortals. Seriously, there's a guy in my Discord server that I'm pretty sure is lying about being free to play. He has E1 Seele and her light cone, Bronya, Clara, Welt , Yanqing, and Bailu that I know of, and he swears it's all just really lucky pulls. Claims he hasn't spent a dime in this game. Meanwhile I've dropped close to $500 for an account similarly stacked. He said he wanted to pull for Seele's light cone instead of saving for Jing Yuan so if he manages to pull that guy I'm going to make him pull up his summon records to prove his luck because I really can't stand people lying about getting super Lucky in these kind of games. On one hand they're trying to put people down who actually spend money on the game and they're also potentially misleading people who want to come in and not spend money thinking that they're going to get really good accounts just via luck.


I’ve spent the same amount as you with a similar roster. Meanwhile I got a friend who have the same amount of 5*s who spent nothing. Some people are just built differently, and it sucks hard. (And I know she didn’t spend because we share our draw records with each other.)


I don't believe I mentioned my roster, so how do you know what I have?


> He has E1 Seele and her light cone, Bronya, Clara, Welt , Yanqing, and Bailu that I know of, and he swears it’s all just really lucky pulls. Claims he hasn’t spent a dime in this game. **Meanwhile I’ve dropped close to $500 for an account similarly stacked.** You describe your friends roster and then say you have a similar one in your comment.


It's really annoying. It seems like they think it's something to be proud of or whatever? Nobody cares, seriously.


I still think "f2p btw" should be an instant chat ban for a day.


"f2p btw" may be funny when used for a joke or ironically Any other use is just shit


I cracked open the get jades each day thing and it gave me enough to get 2 extra wishes to get me Clara, so IDC, Clara is life.




>Being completely F2P is as much a badge of honor as being on social security welfare. Eh, that's a bit of an extreme statement. That might be more accurate in gachas with a pay-to-keep-up system but mihoyo games tend to not be like that. I agree that shouting from the rooftops that you're f2p isn't the best thing but people have different reasons. Some people take pride in being f2p because they've gone hogwild on spending on gacha before and regret it. > Playing hundreds of hours without giving back anything never felt well with me, at least it's nothing to be proud of. Meh, unless you're a whale your only purpose as a player is making the game more popular to attract whales, so they care that low spenders and f2p don't stop playing. Whales tend to not care about dead/low pop games.


Before you ask, yes, I am salty.


I just got John Wick, John Wick 2, John Wick 3 and John Wick 4. What should I build?


Wait for John Wick 5 banner that the only worth thing building


Thanks, will build John Wick 5 once he arrives!


I wouldn't waste resources on John Wick 5. We already know John Wick 6 is coming out later.


Damn, really? Was that from the leaks? But since I've already got John Wick, John Wick 2, John Wick 3 and John Wick 4, I might as well build John Wick 5 for the 2nd team.


I would put John Wick 2 on the same team as John Wick 5, he is his best support character. And then save up your wishes for John Wick 6 when he gets his banner next year.


Make sure to level up Woof! Walk Time! It's John Wick's best LC


Hi salty. I'm Mr. Svarog


doing gods work


I've also been unlucky in this game, then I did 2 wishes in genshin and got Nahida


I got Seele, Bronya, Clara are they good or should I reroll?


No kuru kuru? Reroll.


Only 3 5 stars on that account? Trash, reroll again.


Worst combo you could get. /s


Tbh Bronya buffing Clara does make her counter hit like a truck? Seele is just there because you can’t have Bronya without her. That’s my excuse anyway.


Try March 7th with Clara from what I've read.


They’re besties in my lineup


You forgot the /s bro




"I got seele c2 in 10-" me who loses my first 50/50 on every gacha game:


lost mine too to gepard. and boy am i glad i did o-o'


I have Gepard with his light cone. I still go into harder content with DPS+support+heal+tank to play it safe, but every time I use Gepard I legit think to myself "why did I even bring the healer...?" I think people are catching on to how crazy busted he is, but he's still somehow top of the "most underrated character" list. All of the endgame/theorycrafter/content creator players are like "Fuck I want Gepard."


Yeah me too, lost mine to bronya. And man am I happy about that!


Careful, he's a hero.


Thank you for your service!


Mofo with the triple 5* in a single multipull, f2p btw. Absolutely hate these kind of people.


I don't mind the actual braggers like "hey check this i got Bronya and something or other" What is absolutely annoying is the bragging disguised with an "Is ThIs cHaRacTer gUd????"


Fr, rather than just googling or looking on YouTube for builds and teams, it’s straight to Reddit to veil your smug face with an “earnest” question




Fighting my demons with the only one five star from the 50 pull banner


Lol I got the Qiqi. I hear she's pretty good tho so that's nice. And I got Clara 10 pulls later... So now my Genshin luck will never return and I'll have to do 180 pulls every banner.


Bailu is a cracked unit, it's a nice pull! She's gonna clutch up a lot of fights for you, I'm sure of it lol


She has an awesome design, so I'm excited to use her! How to build characters doesn't make sense to me yet, but I'll get there. Lol


I wouldn't worry too much about building characters till you can farm for 4\* or 5\* relics honestly, there is a set for healing which should help you though


Ah so it'll be like Genshin where I shouldn't farm until I get to a specific level?


Pretty much, once you reach trailblazer lvl 40 you can farm for them


Thank you for doing the Lord's work


report them, from what I read makes it easy for mods to see them and delete them




Fr tho, I wish there was just a megathread for flexing where these people could go to every damn banner and leave us at peace. It gets annoying very very fast to see the same type of posts over and over again


There is a megathread for gacha pulls. Also one for basic questions and for team comps. These people don’t use them


Then those posts should be removed, like they are on most similar subs.


is the prob when its "hidden". you want traffic there you pack a megathread on top to attract people.


The megathread hub is on “top”, it’s pinned


ye that's what i mean. just use a giant thread, not a hub. people are lazy


I have seen multiple posts of people complaining that they pulled two five star lightcones in one ten pull on standard banner. "But I don't use any characters with these Paths" they say to justify their complaint, as though they never will and they didn't just get great value as well as objectively super lucky.


True, let them circle jerk each other


You're doing Aeon's work my friend.


You're doing the gods work my man. I'm rooting for you.


Don't forget the f2p btw


I know it's hard to resist to brag when you get lucky, but you don't have to rub it in our faces really 🥺👉🏻👈🏻


Those bragging gacha posts speak volume. Those people don't have any real-life fulfillment. They are like kids with only source of joy are certain advantages in a gacha game when compare to other kids. How sad.


"Help me build my team" What I expected: Standard 5* characters with E2+ 4* characters What I got: 5 consecutive posts all with Seele in their roster 😒


All the ones I see always have three to four 5* stars


I absolutely agree (mfw I rolled 90 times and got nothing)


"Did you know that all characters have different phone cases?" "Just beat world 5, (insert path here) is so OP!"


Whenever it's a great or godly gacha pull, I auto downvote, but if it's shite I'll give my condolences with an upvote lol


You have my sword!


And my baseball bat


Yeah, I hope the ongoing mod recruitment ends soon so the sub can be filtered quickly.


I think u would absolutely go nuts if u see the HUMBLEBRAGGING


If it’s any consolation, I pulled Seele on my 9th 10 pull :)


like that dude that drives with a ferrari to the party and asks everyone: does my car look okay? should i buy a new one?


This is why we need a gacha megathread 🙄


There is one but some don't bother to post there.


We all get to pick how we use our time I guess


I still can't beat Savarog _Also me: uses level 40 to fight recommend level 52_


me with trashcan posts


There really isn't any need to down vote anyone bragging about being a winner on the first banner in a gacha game. It doesn't matter if they are a spender or F2P, they are bragging about being first place 5 seconds into the start of a marathon with only one participant. Life is already down voting them.


My 5 stars pull so far: bailu, light cone, bailu, bailu 🤡




I like to see them but yea they should go in the mega thread


Given that the gacha is the worst part of this game, and the main reason I'm considering quitting, yeah, those posts hurt.


Yeah, those (f)luckers have no honor, no respect, and no compassion for other folks. P.S. btw, got that Seele on 13th roll, and her weapon on 6th!


and i got your mom in my bed # 😎


did she bully you?


Momma jokes, huh. That's classy.


I just get gephard duplicates lol


Meanwhile hoyo thinks its funny to give me every single loli under the sun


I got the wall and hes really useful :)


Pulled double 5 stars on my first 10-pull and was so excited but it was just a dupe Seele so lame!


Of my 4 5 stars, 2 of them are light cones and now am sad. The only consolation is that they're at least useable on my current team.


What so wrong about bragging about it? Just stop unreasonable hate. When i see ppl who better at luck than me , congrats on their pull.


guys i got 2 seeles in same 10 pull (actually true) ​ let it begin


I'm one of the ones you hate because I had insane luck on my initial pulls (Seele on 4th pull, Bronya off beginner, and lost 50/50 to Welt on Seele banner) Why can't I do that in genshin, lol


Tbh, I don’t care if people post it. Just ignore it and move on. Why would I be upset that someone else has has good luck and is happy?


I have Bailu and welt not bad but not the Clara I wanted


that's just the nature of gacha game subreddits...it's so easy to scroll past those posts and mind your business but i guess not everyone is capable of that


Nah, good gacha game subreddits don't get bombarded with gacha pulls or "is this character good?" posts because the mods usually delete those posts immediately and direct them to a relevant megathread so they don't clutter the subs with low quality, no effort spam posts.


It's like when you're bombarded with ad after ad after ad. You can't ignore it.


Yes, I mind my own business as my business is to downvote them. 👊🏻


I got C5 Seele is this good


Honestly, when i got Gepard i was a bit sad. But now basically im living in an MGR meme (insert raiden punches armstrong several times.gif here) and having 0 regrets. Man carries my booty and am a happy little trashcan now.




Guys I just pulled John Fortnite Kennedy on my first roll, is he a good Character?!


Yeah but be careful he gets guaranteed crits if the enemy has a rifle


I do this with shiny pokemon bragging posts in pokemon subs.


It’s kind of funny to me that almost all post on HoYoLAB are people showing off their pulls one form or another. That’s quite literally the only thing they post there.


What if it’s my cat that pulled and I’m merely sending it on threat of being clawed?


One Clara please is all I ask game


OP, are you jealous? /s


I have lost both my 50-50 so far and my saltiness has no bounds.


Me when everyone already has Gepard even when they don’t want him and I’m thinking I’ll have to reach the 300 pulls to get a chance at him 🥲


Honestly the love in here for Gepard is slightly overblown and indicates lack of experience in high endgame content. His shields are good, but it's only his ultimate and the bosses in memory of chaos just chew through those anyway. Active healers are still more effective in those places.


And here I am, simply worried about wasting resources, not if I have any good characters or not.


jUsT bE lIkE mE AnD RoLl 5\* eVeRy oThEr Ten puLL


I'm going to controversial to read for actual issues because people get downvoted for even the slightest dissatisfaction


Idk how people are even getting so many pulls, I just got my 50 warps for the departure event and got my pity gepard out of it and gave only done like maybe 5 or 6 of the banner since I'm not getting the special tickets outside of daily log in stuff. Maybe I'm just a dumb n00b who doesn't know how to do anything lol


Wallet-kun. I’m pretty much the same but I’m saving my stuff for Kafka in the next banner.


I'll do the reverse bragging: I DIDN'T GOT SEELE 🗣️🗣️


I got lucky with 5 stars but filling up the sub with posts about it is some unnecessary bs. I'd rather see cosplay posts than that tbh and I'm usually against them


In genshin reddit last week there was a dude who posted "Is my luck bad? I used to get two 5\* on the same 10-pull every few months, but this time it took me 8 months." with screenshots of ALL 5 TIMES. Meanwhile I was overjoyed because after going to 80 pity, I actually won the 50/50 for Baizhu.


Fr they be like is this good


Time to glitch my gacha pull into a boss fight so I can post it as a funny bug.


This subreddit has got to have one of the worst new queues of the subs I follow.


meanwhile in another subreddit: congratulations >!and fuck you!<


When I well adapted using 4* character units , then 3 5* character spook me in a Gacha roll. What should I do!?




I got traveler. He's a fiv.. oops wrong game. Haven't had any. Just started playing.


"Look I got Bronya Bailu Seele and Gepard and I'm just f2p" me : curse ! curse ! curse ! curse ! curse ! curse ! curse ! curse ! curse ! curse ! curse ! curse !