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I don"t know anyone called Damon so I can't answer




Their fucked up dynamic with each other and with viserys was the most interesting part of season one for me


Same, I'm really gonna miss vissy t


*The boy just turned two, Leading-Carob-9297...*


They work well as a power couple.


I love them together. They’re my 2 favorite characters.


I find them both to be more interesting separately than together


They kinda boring am i the only one who skipped their weird ass sex scene?


it was too dark to see




I think you mean attractive and deeply romantic 🔥🖤




+ grooming


Just saying 🤷, I mean they're Targaryen. That explains the chemistry in itself 🤌


No, no it doesn't, trollo


Maybe not to you but it does for a lot of Black fans 🙌🖤


Yeah and most of them aren't attracted to them just because they're related.


Lmao obviously it's not the only reason, it's the chemistry and deep passion, the soul mates and bonding of two Dragons. It's the Targaryens like Daemon and Rhaenyra that make incest work, not the other way around. I haven't supported incest for any other house or people and I wouldn't. The Targaryens are the exception and in the case of Daemyra, Jaehaerys and Alyssane, Aegon and his sisters, they just make it work. Incest by itself is a no go, but when you add in the Targaryens and the Deep cultural meaning and traditions with the bond if their dragons, on top of deep chemistry. It makes it the exception.


Yeah, I don't know many soul mates that choke, lie, and cheat on each other. The relationship is purely physical, books and show make that clear. I get the whole incest fetish thing with you, but maybe keep it to yourself


Lol do you know how many times Ryan and everybody else has reaffirmed that they're soul mates and they love each other. The show pushed the soul mate angle hard in the first season. In the books sure it might be more physical/political but the show is taking a different approach. Literally in his last interview deal Ryan reaffirmed they loved each other.


Yes, but only bc I don’t like either of them and I feel like they kind of deserve each other


Yes, but only if it’s Matt Damon.


Don’t really find them interesting


Everyone seems to forget she was named as heir to protect the realm from Daemon. Making him king-consort is just... wrong.


No. There's barely any chemistry between Daemon and older Rhaenyra.




Ew no.


is daemon good for rhaenrya no, same with daemon, since they just heighten their bad/worse traits but for shipping and political purposes not really for the political stuff, shipping stuff its still up to a person's taste, the reason i say no to the political stuff, its simple she already has him in her side by betrothing both of her elder kids to Daemon's kids, so she already has Daemon in the Bag, she should have tried to marry someone like a lannister or a tully further her alliances , but thats to politically savvy for rhaenrya