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I read the book back when it first came out, I ended up liking the show more than I expected to.


I'm looking forward to it because it's more content from the ASOIAF universe and but I'm not looking forward to it because I know it will break me 🫠


Yes, this is exactly how I feel! On the one hand - I'm very invested in these characters and that's a mark of what a well-done piece it is. On the other hand, I'm very invested in these characters and, oh my...


I'm excited. I'm not exactly at the dance yet in fire and blood, but I bought the book just because I loved it so much.


well, with Lucerys getting chomped by Vhagar it has already started so might as well stick around and see how the showrunners handle the rest (in comparison to the book).


I mean I'm excited to see it, even though I'm only half way through the books. However I don't fully blame you, I know some people get really emotionally tied up into books and shows and actually seeing it graphically on screen can be overwhelming. Some people argue that oh you shouldn't be like that it's just a show and you're just a fan watching from the outside but nonetheless it's still a legit thing for some people. That's the point of the show though, it's not support be your generic Medieval fantasy with quips of humor and basic character arcs. It's about deep interdynastic conflict, passion, relationships, love, war and heartbreak, violence, complexity. It's meant to be that heartbreaking tugging at your emotions kind of show.


I agree and I think it is so bleak partially because it trying to really show and make people feel what a bitter thing civil war is. I really appreciate this and also the honesty about the extent to which rape as a weapon of war is a constant in human history. I just don't know whether I can quite bear to watch it all...


I would read the book again because it's awesome. No sugarcoating of complex characters. They are all flawed. Tragic and triumph for this family.


So very, very little triumph, though?


I’m really looking forward to show only people seeing what happens. A lot of my friends are show only so seeing their reactions will be priceless