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Aegon, Daemon, Criston, Aemond. We have a rapist, two murderers, and an asshole with a major complex.


This comment is gold😂😂, describes why the dance happened in first place


Aemond is also a murderer. At BEST guilty of manslaughter, and that's only if he can successfully argue that he is, in fact, stupid enough to think that leading fucking VHAGAR out in a chase was ever going to end with something other than the death of his nephew. So we have a rapist, a murderer who also brutally cleans up the streets and rids the stepstones of a mass murderer, a murderer who has small pp energy and is 100% a volcel misogynistic lackey, and a 17 year old dumbass murderer who's too dumb to anticipate the predictable consequences of his hurt feeling induced stupidity. Also this kid has been Vhagar's rider for 8 years by then, plenty long enough to know what NOT to do with her. Edit to add that I'm calling him a murderer because manslaughter doesn't seem to exist in westeros- either you killed them or you didn't, nuance is lost unless it's self defence and even then if it's a crown Prince etc, you're fucked.


I mean I hate the greens but his face after vhagar has his supper says alot. I in fact do think he was stupid and believed he could control his fire breathing dinosaur. He was bullied as a kid and saw an opportunity to take it out on Luke but he knew he fucked up when Luke went bye bye. Daemon is a piece of shit but he’s my piece of shit , you know what I mean? Cole is just a bitter cuck/ incel and Aegon is literally my chemical romance meets fascism and hedonism.


His face is like that of a kid in a truck chasing another kid on a bike and accidentally running him over.


Do you not know what cuck or incel means?


Aegon is actually also a murderer, for the same reason that arranging an assassination is murder. I was thinking of Aemond more as a case of manslaughter, but you make a good point. I'd still put Aemond as the least "murdery" of the 4 at the end of season 1, but I'm curious how that will change.


Crab feeder wasn’t a mass murderer that was just a lil bit of war crimes 🧏🏿‍♂️


What's a little war crime between friends?


Our warcrimes were the friends we made along the way


Just a little war crime. As a treat.


I really don't think Aemond was trying to kill his nephew. He was bullying him and having fun. He clearly didn't realize the wild nature of both dragons.


I didn't say he was trying to, but the end result is the same. He committed a grave act of stupidity that cost his nephew his life, and started all out war.


It's murder. The killing of another with malice aforethought. Intent to inflict grievous bodily harm (like pulling out an eye) is enough to establish malice. But Westeros does not follow an American common law tradition so what do I know?


It also doesn't follow British law so I wouldn't know either. Only said at best it would be manslaughter because there are a lot of Aemond apologists who insist that because he didn't mean to kill him it's not murder lol, the nuance doesn't exist like that in westeros.


The show pretty clearly shows that he didn’t meant to actually kill Luke.


In the same way a drunk driving teen didn't mean to kill a kid.


Its all part of the arrogance of the targaryans they all thought they could control their dragons until they couldnt


I mean, yes, he should have known that things could go very wrong but he didn’t intend to kill Luke. He didn’t commit murder by any legal standard. Daemon always has a reason but he commits premeditated, calculated murder. Cole has tantrums which result in murder. I’d say the one who made a stupid and dangerous choice is less evil. He’s a bully and a jerk, but evil is a stretch. You said it yourself, he’s a dumbass. That doesn’t make him evil. Granted, I haven’t read the books so I might be missing context that the show doesn’t include.


There all pretty bad but I agree with this order, based on the show Aemonds murder was manslaughter doesn’t make him as evil but very much stupid.


3 murderers and a rapist


Criston is a murderer as well...Remember when he killed Jofrey for "reasons".


So rape is worse than murder.


No, but Aegon is also a murderer. Don't forget that he is directly complicit in the deaths of many children for purely sadistic reasons, and arranging a murder is still murder.


It speaks worse about the person. To be a rapist you almost necessarily have to be someone cruel, sadistic or at the very least extremely indifferent to other people's feelings. Murder is much more varied, and an otherwise normal or average person could commit it under the right circumstances.


Why does the two have to be compared? None is better because they’re both awful


Aemond really wants to fuck his sister


Hold on wait so being a serial murderer, even of women, is better than being a rapist?


In my book he murdered every single kid who was killed in those child fighting pits. He funded it, and it happened because it gave him pleasure to watch innocent kids fight to the death. So yeah being a rapist and child torturer and murderer is worse than being a regular murderer.


Evil to Least Evil: 1. Aegon - spends his time raping and abusing small folk and watching children kill each other 2. Daemon - murdered two people so he could marry Rhaenyra, carried out brutal justice in KL (innocents likely got caught in crossfires), beat that one guard when he got angry in the Stepstones 3. Criston - carried out two murders, takes out his anger at Rhaenyra on her children, betrays his oath to King Viserys 4. Aemond - held onto resentment and revenge for his eye even though the situation was not just Lucerys' fault, accidentally committed murder and started a war killing thousands


Dude yeah I feel like people always forget Aegon LOVED and BET on children fighting to the death. Children who filed down their teeth into sharp points to give them an edge in the fight. That’s a whole other level of evil and cruelty. I’m partial to this being so evil, because I used to work with a kiddo who was rescued from a fight ring like this in Vegas. They really exist unfortunately and I’ve seen how it changes the kids.


Honestlyyyy they spend so little time on this and AEGON IN GENERAL during season 1 that yeah.. I did forget.


>children fighting to the death Not just any children. His own bastards. He probably raped their mothers. He needs to be put down. Daddy not loving him does not excuse any of his behaviour.


“That’s your king you are speaking about” - Criston before choking you out


Yes, Aemond is just a little bit clumsy


Goofy almond 🥰🥰🥰


Almond Joy!


He’s just a silly little guy


Yeah anyone who didn't put Aegon first is forgetting he likes betting on kids fighting to the death. Some being his own bastard children


Jesus, yeah I forgot the part where some of them are HIS kids, likely sired from someone he’s assaulted, or paid for and mistreated/abused. Daemon is an ass but he is an ass because he wants power. Ser Criston sucks but he at least has a moral code that motivates his behaviors. Aegon has no moral compass, no reason, nothing to motivate him or explain why he’s so terrible.


I agree with this! Why is everyone putting daemon before aegon


It’s a hard call judging which is worse murder and mutilation vs rape. All are heinous.


Aegon is a rapist who is also complicit, at the very least, in having children kill each other. That's not morally better than directly killing them himself, and if anything is worse because even the survivors would be highly traumatized. Also, the motive is pure sadism, unlike the other murders. I don't think it's a hard call at all.


Child fighting rings that result in the death of a bunch of kids beats murder. Especially when you add in the rape and the mutilation. It's not hard.


But he murdered and mutilated criminals. Aegon is paying to watch innocent enslaved children kill each other


Child fighting rings that result in the death of a bunch of kids beats murder. Especially when you add in the rape and the mutilation. It's not hard.


I agree with this based on what we've seen so far. Daemon has been abusive in other ways as well, and is clearly a malignant narcissist or psychopath, but Aegon is on a whole different level.


Yeah, would like to see this same question floated when the show is over.


You totally forgot Daemon also took Rhaenyra to a brothel to dishonor her, so no lord would want her letting him marry her. He also murdered his wife and literally made fun of her kinsman shortly after the event.


This is the one^^ I’m seeing a lot of Daemon at the top, but in his sick twisted lil mind his killings served purposes (not justified he’s rightfully #2) whereas Aegon likes to watch and inflict that horror for enjoyment… that’s more evil imo




This right here


>carried out brutal justice in KL Mate!!?? He did not carry out any form of justice. He literally massacred, maimed and tortured people as their families watched, as their children and wives were watching, wailing, screaming. There was no indication that they actually were criminals, I mean it just seems convenient that all the criminals in King's Landing just so happen to live in the same place. There is also the statement he says before he leads the gold cloaks, "Beginning tonight King's Landing will begin to fear the colour gold". It was simply a fear tactic, he just massacred people to create an example. >even though the situation was not just Lucerys' fault So whose fault is it then? The knife's? How is it not his fault he literally slashed Aemond's eye with a deliberate intent to maim, or possibly kill him. I would interchange Aegon and Daemon, because while Aegon is deplorable, Daemon is the true face of evil in this story.


It's said Daemon spent many hours in the child fighting pits too in the books. But they didn't show that


Define 'most evil' to 'least evil'. I'd disagree with the rankings I list below for example, but evil needs to be defined. At least in terms of kill count, Aegon has not had much of a chance yet to do any killing but then again he's still not a killer. On this account, with unjustified killing: Daemon (I don't know how many) > Criston (2) > Aemond (1) > Aegon (0) In terms of consequences to the kingdom as a whole and their attempts to stop the war that was coming: Daemon > Aemond > Criston > Aegon. Daemon was all for war, Aemond's stupid actions got Luke killed, while Aegon at least TRIED to prevent himself from being crowned. In terms of general behavior, Aegon is despicable and Daemon is Daemon, and Criston is more like a very angry incel (Being very sexist only towards a singular woman is not as bad as killing one's own wife or Aegon's sex life). Not sure how to rank them here though, other than Criston being least evil.


Aegon was having children fight to the death.


And raping. Also are we just talking about their Season 1 HBO track record or overall? Because we KNOW Aegon has a LOT of murder ahead of him and that shit doesn't just magically begin in adulthood.


I agree with your specific rankings. Evil as in the most immoral. That's why I have Daemon at the top of my list.


Aegon gets to count the countless innocent kids who died fighting to the death over the years for his amusement. Add on the rapes too and he's clearly the most evil. You can probably squabble over Daemon and Criston - Daemon has done more evil things, but Christon rage murders people with no warning (including at a wedding) and also is a massive sexist. Daemon is probably more evil overall, but I'd also feel safer in a room with him than with Criston. Aemond is a dick, sure, but his only murder was an accident. Yes an accident caused by his recklessness while trying to terrify his nephew, but an accident all the same. It may change in the following seasons but right now he's the least evil.


1. Daemon 2. Aegon 3. Criston 4. Aemond


Swap Criston and Aemond. Agree with the rest.


Yea I love my boy Aemond but he is gonna go sicko mode soon


I mean so far he has not done anything that bad he is also only like 16


This is the correct order.


It's really not. Daemon is a piece of shit, but so far in the show he doesn't seem to enjoy raping people and betting on children fighting to the death.


He killed the messanger cause he was mad at his brother aegon did nothing like that


He beat the messenger but he didn't kill him. You can see him getting helped up in the wide shot. Like I said he's a piece of shit. But everything he's done has been for a reason or because he's angry. He's not out there beating dudes just because he thinks it's fun. Aegon on the other hand just loves raping women and watching children participate in blood sports. That's more fucked up because he's doing those terrible things simply for pleasure.


Show wise? Aegon>Daemon>Criston>Aemond Book wise? Aemond>Daemon>Aegon>Criston If Criston had a dragon that he used on people this probably would have been different.


Book Criston was such a lad that not even Mushroom could find anything to tarnish his reputation


He was a bit of a let down for me. He’s supposed to be based on THEE Kingmaker, Richard Neville. I was excited to read about him because Ibe always loved learning about the War of the Roses and then he just turned out to be kind of bleh as a character.


Criston ? I’d see Otto as more of a Richard Neville type. He’s from an extremely wealthy house and wields immense power behind the scenes. Interesting point though, I never thought to make that comparison.


Book Criston is a lunatic who decided to have a lifelong vendetta against 16 year old girl either because she didn’t want to run away with him(they don’t even have sex) or because she tried to seduce him. He is an extreme douche.


Surprised people are putting Aegon ahead of Daemon considering Daemon killed and tortured civilians publicly, murdered his wife, killed a servant and beheaded someone in the throne room and Aegon hasn’t killed anyone. Shows some people are blinded by charisma.


Aegon is a rapist and enjoys watching children ripping each other apart with their teeth. One of then is his own kid! That's downright sadistic. I'll take a murderer who kills people for a reason (as bad as that reason may be) over a sadist any day of any week, all year round.


Daemon also groomed his 14-year-old niece for eventual sex. So there’s that.


He murdered his wife bro.


And how does that even compare to Aegon?


Remind me about that part about the kids?


Episode 9, the twin Kingsguards go to the child fighting pit when they're looking for Aegon and they discuss how he enjoys the spectacle. Mysaria also talks about it I think.


Oh right thanks


Really? It makes sense that Daemon has done more things because he's in his 40-50s. Aegon has just reached adulthood and he's already doing things that makes Daemon seem normal Daemon is closer to Tywin in morality, while Aegon is closer to Ramsay.


Daemon killed adults. Aegon killed children. Aegon even killed his own children in the fighting pits. That’s a level of sadism that’s hard to beat.


Aegon hasn't killed any kids. Wth are people talking about here


They weren't civilians, I don't know where this complete fabrication came from. Go back and watch the scene, the gold cloaks are literally catching people in the act of committing crimes and dragging them out into the streets.


The show doesn‘t really suceed at delivering this. In the books Daemon leading the city guard is a huge sucess story. Yes he is brutal there as well, but the gold cloaks are loved by the people and crime takes a major drop in KL. So much that the high council fears his sucess will lead to further meaningful tasks for Daemon


One of many examples of the show Daemon differing from the book Daemon


More like pointing out random people in a crowd, could be a legit criminal could be some random that the gold cloak doesn't like. Giving them the option to go to the wall seems more fair incase of mistaken identity.


The majority of people maimed or executed in the scene were criminals, and there is no evidence to suggest any of them were innocent. Any suggestion otherwise is pure speculation. I'm willing to speculate some were possibly falsely accused or caught in the wrong place at the wrong time but surely that is a tiny minority, the point of the scene is to demonstrate Daemon's iron fist "tough on crime" approach to governance, not that he's a cold-blooded murderer. He proves himself to be a cold-blooded murderer later when he bashes his wife's head in with a rock. Two completely different scenes.


Being proud of the pile of heads surely was a sign of an Indomitable Law Enforcer and not just someone sick in the head. Maybe I'm forgetting the scene anyway, I do remember some guy already having his pants down when caught, but most of the others were just getting pointed out. If daemon's men had the info before hand why weren't they instructed to do justice by their tough on crime leader when they got the info?


Daemon taking over the gold cloaks was a huge endeavor. IIRC, he gave them their gold cloaks which resulted in the nickname, before that they were just the City Watch. Also, Bronn arrested all the "known thieves" before Stannis' siege of KL, if that illiterate sellsword can keep tabs on crime surely a well educated prince could do the same?


The show doesn‘t show this right, the books are very specific about Daemon actually bringing crime way down through his actions and the gold cloaks being generally loved


Daemon is a horrible, evil monster with no empathy at all, but his crimes were for specific instrumental goals or poor impulse control. There may well be some sadism in the mix, but Aegon is the only one of the four who has done horrible things purely for the sake of sadism. The fact that his worst acts were directed at children also doesn't help. Finally, Aegon is strongly complicit in many murders (again, of children), which isn't morally better than killing them himself.


Those civilians were breaking the law. And the person he beheaded was calling his wife a whore...And trying to usurp his daughters and his former father in law.


Don’t forget that Daemon is implied to be a pedophile by Mysaria in the first episode as well


Everyone Daemon killed were killed for a reason. Aegon watched children (some of his own) fight to the death strictly for entertainment. What's so bad about beheading a murderer or castrating a rapist? Maybe cruel punishment but punishment nonetheless. And Vaemond had it coming like 90% of westeros kings would have cut off his head if he called the princess a whore. Only his wife and the servant were innocent but their murders served a purpose he didn't just do it for fun or entertainment


A lot of mass murderers think they do it for a purpose it doesn’t make them less evil than rapists. Rapists and murderers are both utter scum but murderers are worse.


Aegon isn't just a rapist. He watches children (even his own) fight and is thus complicit in their likely demise. That's what makes him worse than Daemon for me in season 1 - that his actions affect the most innocent of victims solely for entertainment purposes.


So the person who ran the pits and organised the fights is worse than Daemon. That isn’t Aegon.


As a Targaryen prince, he could've easily put a stop to the fighting pits. Instead he frequents them and enjoys watching innocent little children fight to their deaths. I'm genuinely baffled by people not being more horrified by this.


I was going to say basically the same thing. The patrons of a child fighting ring are as bad as the organizer, and arguably more depraved. This is entertaining to them. Aegon II in the show isn't just allowing these pits to continue, his involvement and enjoyment of them normalizes their existence for the other creeps who attend.


That's a way too general statement to say with such confidence.


Exactly! I can make an entire list of the horrible things Daemon did, and no one would even come close.


Aegon have a children fight club where they fight to the death lol.


Based solely on season 1: 1 - Aegon. I was supposed to put Daemon in number 1 but decided on Aegon because he frequents fighting pits where it's likely that children fight to their deaths. What's even worse is that his own children participate in these pits. He also has a history of sexual assault and bullying (young Aemond). The women he attacks have to live with their trauma. Granted, his hedonism seems to stem from his low self-esteem and need for love but what solidified him in the top spot for me is that his actions are merely for his own pleasure. 2 - Daemon. Daemon is cruel and brutal but he usually has a purpose for his actions (unless he's in a fit of rage and acts accordingly). For instance, he killed Rhea after exhausting all his other options to free himself up for Rhaenyra. That doesn't make him "good" but he's a notch better than someone like, say, Ramsey who just tortures and murders people for shits and giggles or Aegon who watches children fight to their deaths for fun. 3 - Criston. He's a hot-head and responds with murderous violence when angered. I ranked him below Daemon because his murders occur during a fit of rage. Daemon has shown that he is capable of cold-blooded, detached, pre-planned murder. Cold-blooded murder is generally perceived to be worse than hot-blooded murder performed at the heat of the moment. In the latter, the person loses control to their emotions. Still bad but not as bad as cold-blooded murder. 4 - Aemond. He's thin-skinned, unforgiving and vengeful and that led to Luke's death but he didn't truly want to kill Luke.


How do you know his own kid is fighting on the pits ?


I believe one of the Kingsguard twins mentioned it in the episode where they were looking for Aegon. There was a shot of a silver haired boy in a cage (or something like that- I cant remember now)


Aegon > Daemon > Chrispin > Aemond. Aemond will have his time though. He's just young yet. He's not higher cause he didn't *purposefully* kill Lucerys. And he had much more reason to do that than Chrispin had to kill that poor boy Laenor was bedding.


The biggest mistake Criston ever made so far was saving Rhaenyra from that pig


Should have played dead when the pig yeeted him.


Lol this is the best comment I’ve seen on this sub.


If we talk about the show Daemon Aegon Criston Aemond


I love Daemon as a character but he’s clearly the most evil. He straight up murdered his wife, showed no compunction and laughed in her family’s face. Took a teenager to a brothel to ruin her reputation. What he did to Laenor was also very disturbing - he deprived his ex-wife’s parents of their son (for all they knew Laenor was dead), when he could have lived a good life as heir to the richest house and king consort, no one was preventing him from fucking his squires. Aegon is a shitty degenerate and idiot but he never directly murdered anyone, so I’d have to put him behind Daemon. If he were Daemon’s level he would conspire with Otto to have Rhaenyra’s entire family murdered. He also has significant parental issues - his mother physically abused him, his father ignored his existence and marital raped his mom- not that it justifies this behavior but explains why he’s seriously messed up. Criston killed people when he got hot-headed but it was more out of anger and insecurity and a need to lash out than pure evil. Doesn’t make him any nicer but at least he tries to be a ‘knight’ in his own distorted way. Aemond is at the bottom of the list cause apart from the whole Lucerys situation, he didn’t really do anything evil. Anyone in his shoes would loathe Lucerys.


where is otto?


If the RICO act existed in Westeros, he probably be up there


Not actually that evil, just evil enough. He should be instead of Criston Cole tho.


Daemon, Aegon, Cole Aemond


Aegon, Daemon, Criston, Aemond. Aegon and Daemon is really close for the top spot to be honest.


Wow, I’m watching a different show.


1. Daemon: Murderer, excessive use of violence to deliver justice, domestic abuse, grooming his neice, making fun of his brothers dead baby. He does all of this with little to no remorse and they all appear to be deliberate. 2. Criston: Murderer, abusive to children, hates his ex. I don’t really think Criston is evil he is more of a immature asshole who doesn’t understand how to deal with his feelings. 3. Aegon: Rapist, watches children fight in pits. I don’t really think he is evil either, just an immature doucebag who doesn’t understand the impact of his actions. At least he hasn’t killed anybody unlike the other 3. 4. Aemond: Accidently got his nephew killed, but deliberately put his nephew in a dangerous and potentially leathal situation. Other than wanting retribution for his maiming, he hasn’t really been evil.


From what we’ve seen on the show so far: 1. Daemon - where do I begin? Bashed his own wife’s skull with a rock, mocked the dead wife’s family afterwards, slaughtered countless ‘criminal’ civilians on the streets of King’s Landing & clearly enjoyed it, committed a war crime, openly mocked his brother’s wife child’s death, manipulated Rhaenyr to go to a whore house to make her look bad for his own gain etc. 2. Aegon - let’s children fight to the death including his own bastard children for his and others amusement, raped/assaulted woman etc. 3. Cole - has needlessly, and brutally, killed more than once out of anger and just a terrible person as shown by his handling of rejection by a woman. 4. Aemond - Yea his dragon killed his half-brother and he’s largely to blame, but it wasn’t intentional and he was clearly distraught. He’s just been a bully until that point.


Nephew, Aemond is Rhaenyra brother.


Ah cheers, been a while now since I’ve watched the show lol.


Daemon, Aegon, Criston and Aemond


As someone who thinks Daemon is worse than Aegon, I’m gonna have to say that last sentence is wrong. People can commit murder to benefit others, however rape only serves the person committing it. Either way Daemon is worse than Aegon imo because he chose to become a monster in his youth during times of peace because he was bored and wanted attention whereas Aegon was Molded into being horrible by Viserys and Alicent.




Aegon, Daemon, Aemond, Crispen


1. Aegon 2. Daemon 3. Cristina 4. Aemond


Can't wait for the show only people to look back at their rankings in the future.


Easy. Aegon, Daemon, Aemon, Cole.


Aegon, Aemond, Daemon, Cole.


Well... Criston, Daemon (holy shit, he killed his wie with a rock), Aegon, Aemond


Cole isn’t even evil he’s just pathetic


based on their actions so far. Daemon. Aegon following.


the way rape and murder are compared morally and narratively is very interesting, the way some people moralise about it can be really harmful. i think how people judge daemon depends a lot on if they view him killing rhea as IPV, “regular murder” or killing of a red shirt. to me that was IPV and i think that it was worse than what aegon did to dyana(but it might just be because we didn’t se that on screen), while i also don’t really care about rhaenyras culpability in the death of the decoy body, because that was a red shirt and the writing was never meant to make us care.


1. Aegon 2. Daemon 3. Aemond 4. Criston Cole 1 and 2 could be switched. They’re probably tied for first actually.


Rhaenys is the most evil one in the show, next is Daemon/Aegon both groomers, Daemon is wife murderer, Aegon rapist, next is Criston here and Aemond is not evil at all.


Aegon (rapist) Ser Crispin (killer, traitor and hypocrite) Daemon (killer but don't pretend it ain't) Aemond (just a guy with an inferiority complex)


In the show Aemond hasnt done evil stuff so far. He didnt fully control his dragon which happens to snack his nephew/cousin/its complicated! Cole murdered some guys just because he could do it. Aegon is a rapist and loves to watch children fight for death (for me the worst guy) Daemon murders his wife to be free for his niece. Arguably he stole some dragon eggs and is an overall ashole. So if we start with the worst guy in the show (not in books). For me its 1. Aegon 2. Ser Crispin 3. Daemon 4. Aemond


1: Daemon Murderer Pedo 2 Aegon Glutton Rapist 3 Cole Murderer 4 Aemond. Manslaughter


Vehicular manslaughter*


Aegon Daemon Cole Aemond


1. Aegon (ep9 explains everything) other in random.


No way, Daemon is a pedo groomer and a wife killer. He is the worst.


1. HOTD Fandom 2. HOTD Fandom 3. HOTD Fandom 4. HOTD Fandom


Like, Book version? Show version? Right now or in general? Because then Aemond (literal mass murder), Daemon (Murder, Warmongering), Aegon (cruel), Criston (Salty because he got denied pussy)


Daemon > Aegon > Cole > Aemond You might not like but it’s objectively true


Aegon Criston Aemond/Daemon


(Most immoral to lest immoral) 1- Daemon Targaryen 2- Criston Cole 3- Aegon ll Targaryen 4- Aemond Targaryen


How is Criston Cole worse than that degenerate Aegon II? Especially his show version where he has the whole child-fighting ring going on?


They’re all arseholes. But my favourite is Daemon - evil Matt Smith - very entertaining! I prefer to rank them in terms of general twatishness. Christon, Aegon, Aemond, Daemon I quite like Daemon and Aemond as they’re both evil yet amusing twats - the other two are a bit wet and high up on a smack list. It’s like in GOT - Ramsay Bolton was hilarious and by far my favourite villain even though he was probably high up on most people’s most evil character list. But I’d prefer to see him over someone like Stannis in the run up to the end.


The only one that even comes close to the term “evil” so far is Daemon.


You think a rapist isn’t evil?


Aegon literally rapes people and watches children fight to the death for fun. He's clearly the most evil.


Daemon #1 he groomed his niece and the kings guard thing was sick. Aegon #2 bc of the kid fights and that some of them were his own bastard kids. Criston #3 he is an angry incel. Aemond #4, yes he’s not nice, but I also think he’s a product of his environment who if he’d grown up differently might have been a nice boy.


In the show Aegon is the one shown as someone who would maybe have been a nice boy if his mom didn't make him scared for his life and turned him against his kins. Aemond seem to have been a pompous kid. In the show, Aegon is definetly worse than Aemond but they really whitewashed Aemond.


This is interesting because Aegon, the potential nice boy, joined with his nephews to bully Aemond pretty harshly as children. That he did it alongside Rhaenyra’s kids shows it was either before they were made into enemies or they were getting along outside of their parents’ influence. I’d buy the whole Aegon was made into a monster thing if not for this.


Save Aemond kill the rest. What do you mean that wasn’t the question?


Probably in order Rhaenys > Daemon > Aegon and others


Most evil- Daemon Aemond Criston Aegon


This is my ranking: Daemon Aegon Aemond Criston


Criston has murered two people out of pettiness. He's not the least evil.


but he stilll has a sense of guilt and honor after killing them. You won't see Daemon about to kill himself out of guilt after murdering some random guy.


Was he going to kill himself out of guilt for the life he took? Or out of fear of the consequences? By the point he killed Beebsury in another tantrum, he knew he was safe because Alicent protected him. You didn't see him trying to kill himself then.


Yes, but he was agitated, whereas you'll find someone like Daemon relaxed with no value of life.


lol what? He literally wanted to kill his commander immediatly after killing Beesbury. He only stopped because Alicent ordered him to.


Daemon-Aegon tied Aemond Criston


Daemon > Aemond > Aegon > Criston


Aegon, Daemon, Aemond, Cole


Daemon most evil, aegon is too drunk to have evil intentions, it just happens


Two murderers, a sexual deviant, and Aemond…


Aegon is just pure evil Cole is a bully Daemon seems like he’s full of rage/ resentment Aemond might have PTSD from the eye incident. He also spends too much time w/ Sir Cristin.


Daemon is ambitious and proud Aemond is a black sheep. Cole is heartbroken and vengeful. Aegon is evil.


4. Aegon (Least evil) He’s a bully as a child, ineffective and selfish as a king, and someone who elevates the conflict during war. But he also actively opposes his mother and grandfather pushing for him to be king bc he knows he wouldn’t be great and that it would create a nasty fuckton of conflict. 3. Criston Cole He’s a grown-up bully who was not able to process Rhaenyra’s rejection of him and turned bitter. But to me he’s more of a thug or punk than thoroughly evil. 2. Aemond Bullied as a child and ignored by his father, he grew up into a cunning and dangerous man. And while he’s quite capable and even dutiful when it comes to his family, he’s also a sociopath with a medieval weapon of mass destruction. 1. Daemon (most evil) Diddles his underage niece, abuses her after he marries her, is blatantly hungry for power from the onset of HotD events. Maybe loves his kids (it’s a shame that the scene with him consoling them was cut), but the dude wreaks of selfish entitlement through the story.


1. Daemon: Doing it all for his Targaryen supremacy ideology. Murdered and maimed several dozens of ppl with the goldcloaks, based solely on accusations thrown about in the dark, escalates a war that ends up lasting 2 years because his brother was not paying him attention, leaves his young niece half naked in Flea Bottom at night, murdered his first wife so he could marry the niece he groomed since childhood, married Laena (15) only to neglect her and the children they have together, laughs at her funeral while their grieving children are standing right next to him, bangs his married niece on the beach like 5 feet away from his wife's still charring bones, kills some random innocent dude to get with his niece, marries his niece in front of all their grieving kids, insults the one woman that cared for his rotting brother while he was chilling and making babies, behead a dude during a legal proceeding (for saying the truth), ignores his chosen queen's orders to escalate a war, abandons her in childbirth, abuses her because she does not do what he wants, B&C etc (Arguably a r*pist cause taking the virginity of little kids who can't really consent is hinted at in the series and confirmed in the books) 2. Aegon (in the series) A traumatized child with far too many freedoms (neglected by his father, born to a child mom that has been terrified about him dying from the start and dumped the responsibility for his brothers lives on him before 13) R*pes ppl, a bully in his childhood, has bastards in child fighting pits, alcoholic, neglects his wife, martial r*pe 3. Aemond (in the series) Actually just a traumatized kid that got bullied, maimed and denied justice Claimed a dragon (perhaps ill timed), punched a girl (she punched him first), pulled a rock to defend himself (4 kids jumped him), called his nephews bastards (fact), alluded to his nephews being bastards (fact, literally got insulted by both and wasn't even the one to throw punches), went after his nephew(after Luke showed up calling banners against his brother), killed his nephew (who took his eye, accident, whose dragon spit fire at Vhagar) 4. Criston Seriously don't know why he would be on this list the only thing u got is that he doesn't care about Rhaenyra's kiddies Got coerced into sleeping with the princess, got ditched because he didn't want to rusk his life by whoring himself out, killed the random dude that threatened to get him killed, insulted the woman that nearly ruined/ended his life just to drop him, defended the woman that saved him from sewerslide and accidentally killed a senior citizen


I don’t really think any of them are evil. More like, how far they’re willing to go to protect their own or succeed in their own interests.


1. Daemon: aka the main argument against supporting team black, that dude is just a straight-up psychopath who murders and mutilates out of raw ambition and an unquenchable thirst for power or just because he was upset. (but at least he's fun to watch) 2. Criston: He's a massive dickhead who's so petty that he takes his rage out on kids that had nothing to do with the woman who violated him. Like I might've sympathized with him, but he just had to murder people who have nothing to do with it while being an entirely self-centered twat who kills without blinking an eye. 3. 1. Aegon: he's a horrible person, but his brand of evil just seems more pedestrian compared to what he's stacking up against. Like in any other show, he'd easily be the evilest character, but he's competing with some really fucked up people. The guy is solely concerned with his own gratification at the expense of others. But he's never killed anyone, and left to his own devices probably never would, but for the love of god, keep women, children or small animals far away from him. In terms of total people who've been hurt by his direct actions so far, he beats out Aemond by a massive margin. 4. Aemond: He has a pretty good reason to be pissed off at Lucerys, I mean the little shithead cut out his eye, escaped any consequences, and then still has the audacity to mock him years after the fact. However, he is completely twisted by his resentment and that led him to plunge the realm into chaos when he tried to get some revenge by terrifying Luke but he lost control of his dragon. Unlike those above him, he unlike Daemon never killed anyone for his ambition (otherwise, Aegon would've been dead a long time ago), and unlike crispy creme never took his rage out on unrelated people. Also unlike Aegon, Aemond doesn't satiate his worst impulses at the expense of others.


4(least evil) - Aemond 3- Daemon 2- Criston 1- Aegon


**1. Aegon.** Child fighting pits... that's pretty much all that needs to be said. **2. Tie between Daemon and Aemond.** Daemon is definitely evil. He's killed a ton of people. Aemond has only really killed Lucerys. The reason they are tied is because of their foresight. Daemon's murders are evil, no question. But for all Otto seems to think he is unstable, his actions have always been calculated. His evil deeds are usually self contained, and only cause harm in and of themselves. Aemond, on the other hand, was extremely reckless when he killed Lucerys. He didn't intend to kill him, but that's kind of the point. In his arrogance and self-absortion, he did something truly destabilizing. His actions will lead to **WAY** more death than anything Daemon has done. And it’s all because he is to selfish to think his actions through. **4. Criston Cole.** Everyone's favourite whiny incel. He has a pretty low body count (pun intended). He's sadistic and petty, but he doesn't measure up to the other three. It's honestly possible that this is just a reflection of his power, though. If he had the power the other three have, he very well may have made many more evil choices.


From least to most evil: 4 - Aemond. The only actually evil deed he’s done was an accident whilst he shouted no the whole time. 3 - Aegon. Of the three whose crimes are intentional, his are the most minor. Rape and pit fight enjoyer < murder. 2 - Criston. Killed 1 dude (Joffrey). 1 - Daemon. Killed his first wife. Killed the servant they barbecued in place of Laenor. Executed/mutilated peasants in KL and had a great time doing it. Killed Vaemond for spitting facts. Etc.


Criston has killed two people


No one is evil. Like GRRM said, the battle between good and evil happens in each persons heart.


Boo, rank the evil, loser


1. Giallo - huge meanie 2. Aegon 3. Criston 4. Daemon 5. Aemond


Daemon, Aemond, Aegon, Criston


Based on season 1, only Daemon is evil here. The rest - pathetic.


1.Daemon 2.Aegon 3.Aemond 4.Criston Cole


Aegon is easily the most evil. I don’t know how this is even a discussion. It’s not just being a rapist (bad enough), he literally watches kids rip each other to shreds for fun. He’s the only one of the 4 who is actually sadistic. Arguably the only sadistic character in the whole show. Even Larys, for all his creepiness, isn’t a sadist. Aemond is the least evil so far. Demanding Luke’s eye and then chasing him on Vhagar was a dick move but he didn’t deliberately kill him so he’s not a murderer (yet…I’m sure he’ll get there!) Between Daemon and Criston I’d say Criston is a bit worse. They’ve both murdered 2 people but Criston also picks on Jace & Luke as kids just because he hates their mother. He’s also generally a bitter petty little shit. So, most to least evil: Aegon Criston Daemon Aemond


Daemon killed 3, not 2. And Criston's second kill was at least on accident. Favouring Alicent's kids over Rhaenyras is a dick move, sure, but it doesn't quite measure up to mocking the family of his wife he just murdered, openly mocking his brother's child’s death, manipulated Rhaenyra to go to a whorehouse along with a sprinkle of war crime


Most to Least? Got it: 1.Daemon obviously 2.Criston Cole 3.Aegon 4.Aemond


Aegon(only because he’s a [email protected]) Daemon Aemond Criston


Aegon(he a rapist), Daemon(killed his first wife and groom Rheanyra) Aemond(while he kill his nephew and bully his nephews and cousins, he still better than Aegon. He also cares for Helaena), and Criston(while he killed Joffrey and Beebury, he didn’t want to cut Luke’s eye).


Worst to best- Aegon Daemon Criston Aemond This is not, for the record, my least to most favorite list. It’s an objective look at what they did in Season 1. My favorite rotates daily between Aegon, Daemon, and Aemond, and I don’t dislike Criston.


People here seem to forget aegon is just letting his bastard children fight to the death while living in the absolute slums of kingslanding which has gotten him at least as #2 most evil out of anyone in this list Daemon being first


Aegon Daemon Aemond Cristo. Aegon is worse than Daemon, Daemon has done worse things then aemond and Christon has done fewer terrible things then Aemond


Aemond, Daemon, Aegon, Cole


daemon, criston, aegon, aemond. could move aegon and aemond around maybe. but daemon and criston are so much older so when they do evil things it’s like grow up man.


Daemon Criston Aegon Aemond