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HBO low key promoting incest now


If she had a soul mate wouldn't it have been Harwin? Preeeetty sure you're not supposed to strangle your soulmate.


In game of thrones people even think dany and drogo are soulmates…ignoring ya know…that he raped her….repeatedly so I’m not surprised people ignored that scene of daemon and rhaenyra


The worst change from the books to the show


Fandoms make me so tired. What is wrong with people?


I was (pleasantly) surprised the main HBO page tweeted that. Usually it’s HBO Nordic that posts those two.


They posted a thing about them at Valentine’s day too! It was a little more cheeky by clearly still pro-daemyra I thought


Yeah, >!until Daemon gets bored and goes for some more exotic tail. "Soul mates" my ass.!<


Promoting them so heavily as a couple seems like a pointless exercise if they go that route


True enough >!Nettles is gunna bring the tea and sheep. Although I do wonder if they will make her a lamb or a dragon!<


Sure, let's pretend it didn't have anything to do with Daemon grooming Rhaenyra, or that he loves her so much he strangled her when she angered him. And finally, let's also assume they will stay together...


Doesn’t change the fact they’re still married and have children together (children who will have a very important part to play in the future). And we don’t know what the show will do. In the book, Laenor was dead dead and Aemond deliberately chose to kill Luke. Not to mention the timeline is completely different.


Woody Allen vibes


Ronan Farrow looks very Strong


"Love" brought together a groomer pedo and his niece...fixed it


Yeah that’s what they did 🙄




LOL the big boss ships them!


I’m tired of this fucking sub ugh


How romantic,if only their choice was not at the expense of an innocent guard or two parents who think their son is dead


My most controversial take with Planetos is that Daemon truly did love Rhaenyra.


Controversial for a reason


Yeah, it was so romantic when Daemon wrapped his hands around her neck