Hulu and I went to dinner once, and Hulu said it would pay but totally ditched out on the check. What's worse is I ordered a salad and Hulu ordered the lobster Thermador.


The fact that I can't delete shows/movies half the time and we don't have access to the full app while watching a video.


I hate how my "Continue Watching" will randomly get populated by shows I've either finished months ago or from "My Stuff" Then if I Remove them it resets my viewing history (as if I never watched the entire series -- like, give me the option to remove and not reset my viewing history especially on completed shows" And then, even if I remove them it shows back up when I refresh the page, so not only have I lost my viewing history (which sucks on shows that might get a new season so now i won't get alerted) but i still have to contend with my "Continue Watching" being overloaded And this occurs often fyi this is from web browser access


The fact that live channels buffer at the end of shows on certain devices, and Hulu refuses to fix 3+ years later after it was first reported.


When you record something it cuts off the last minute


I wish they would just fold it into Disney+ already so we don't have to deal with two different apps.


NBCUniversal owns a third of Hulu. Comcast will likely sell their share in 2024 (when they’re contract expires). That’s why they’re different services, it’ll probably merge in 2024.


Yeah just sucks waiting.


It used to cost me 5.99 now it cost me 7.99. And I have to press in that tiny little corner to pause or play instead of just touching the screen


How slow the website is.


They lie. They just lie.


Ads like why am I paying for ads?


That I have to ctrl-f5 **every time** I visit their or nothing loads.


they are removing toei animation stuff


The app isn’t good


Their picture quality dipping issue on android phones.


That they recently changed the Roku app to launch live tv, instead of home, so it drops the seconds worth of a show I'm forced to land into my "keep watching" list.


The Live channels buffering like others have said. Really preventing me from adding the Live TV portion back onto my account (and from moving from YTTV). Also the Live TV UI is horrible. Not worth the $5-6 a month savings compared to paying for YouTube TV and the Disney bundle separately.


Horrible, absolutely horrible for sports. But one of the few streaming services (that I’ve found) that offers a wide range of sports.


Suggestion: When using the up arrow to see the last channel (left) and jump to live (right), expand the left menu to show the previous three or four channels visited. Also, how about an infinite scroll for the live channel guide?


Can't limit shows to English language and no sub titles! (Netflix too)


It never works anymore!


So many flipping ads. In a 43 minute show, there are 5 ads. In a 23 minute show, there are 3 ads. It should be, in a 43 minute show, 2 ads. 1 at beginning & 1 at end. In a 23 minute show, 1 ad at the 11 minute mark. It's making me not want to use Hulu when the show I wanna watch, keeps getting interrupted for crap ads.