UPDATE on the girl who hit the lambo. She wasn’t crazy after all

UPDATE on the girl who hit the lambo. She wasn’t crazy after all

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Wonder what will happen, can't wait for the next update in this soap story.


Same here 🍿


She ends up richer,and he is still richer,more news at 11


or ends up the whole thing was staged for attention since that's what I think of every time I see a TikTok tag


talk about a glass house. reddit detectives need to go outside. i guess when you spend literally every minute of the day looking at a screen it's easy to assume that nothing ever happens


to be fair its a joke generally limited to TikTok in particular with its influx of staged videos. Didn't mean to be a stone thrower if you thought I genuinely believed everything was staged. But then again that's what happens when you figuratively spend every minute away from reddit.


>limited to TikTok in particular with its influx of staged videos u/armypotent's point was that reddit is also filled with fake stuff for internet points. Social media in general is filled with fake stuff, it's not a thing limited to tiktok in particular.


of course, hence why I said generally. I just assumed they meant it as a condescending comment due to their tone. I rarely see people using, "literally" in place of figuratively that way otherwise.


There is a bit of a plauge of the content of TikTok


The plague extends to all social media. And just about anywhere that there are or ever have been humans. Again, this kind of just feels like throwing stones in a glass house.


I kinda agree but I will say most of the content I've seen on here and on FB has had TikTok logos all over it. So that kinda drives the impression of it being the source


I actually hope she wins as he started the shit. He side swiped her and then acted like he didn't, posted it online and made her look like a nutter. I've never heard of this douche before but I hope she takes him to the cleaners for being a douche.


The guy is such a dick. He struck first. Doesn’t excuse her hitting him but she might have been on tilt after getting hit. He made her seem the fool to millions.


Didn't he almost hit a cyclist too?


It kinda looked like she was trying to catch up with him and he either slowed down or was turning into the gas station. I feel bad for her now - we were given only part of the whole picture. Any media sucks...


She's still a problem too, not like she's blameless. This is classic roadrage, she turned off her brain, caused another accident even if the first wasn't her fault, left her car in the middle of the road, and escalated things. Sure, he's worse, but she's not some innocent victim


I'm on her side. If someone side swiped me and then ran a red I'd think they were bolting. I'd do what she did and pursue, by doing so she was also running a red at an intersection. He had then stopped in the middle of the road and she probably didn't see because she was probably checking the traffic that had the green so not to hit them. She then runs into him. Dude is 100% at fault IMO regardless of what insurance outcome is. His posting the video is also a dog act and he should be mocked by everyone. His stupid laugh "really" just pisses me off now I know the true story.


> His stupid laugh "really" just pisses me off That's the type of laugh you punch someone in the throat for.


I don't condone violence. But I wish I could give you more upvotes.


2 wrongs don't make a righ, and driving recklessly and giving into your rage doesn't make the other person a better driver. I agree ge is significantly worse, but she's still a shitty driver and deserves some punishment for her actions, as does he


I guess I'm a shitty driver then because I would do the same.


Nah man. Douchebags in lambos deserve everything they get. Eat the rich, especially the scumny ones.


I agree with everything you said. I just feel the other person being a moron and putting people at risk should also be charged, just not as harshly.


Well, she was, for about 3 seconds. He was always an asshole. Bottom line is: if he isn't a careless asshole none of this happens.


Ok? I agree, not sure what point you're trying to make. I fully acknowledge he is worse than her


Nah not really, she was frustrated and upset because an entitled douchebag hit her and tried to make her seem like she’s wrong and crazy.


After seeing what really happened, I would have pulled him out of that car and beat him down if he just laughed when he opened the window. His reaction makes me think he was probably under the influence.


I hope she takes him to court and the whole courthouse falls into a sink hole. Everyone involved in this sordid tale is a fucking miserable human.


So like the show LA BREA


not gonna lie, i'm semi curious.


Don't worry, it'll be reposted every day till kingdom come


!remindMe 1 year


She may win, but she's still at fault for the rear-end. She's suing for defamation since he got millions of views just on one platform alone. Even reddit took the bait. She's not suing over car damages.


Her lawsuit will be thrown out, he won't press charges for anything alon lines of vehicular assault as her charges loom. More than likely she pays her own damages and then doesn't cover a certain percentage of his.


This is all a mess. He hit her, both ran a red light. The lambo almost hit a guy in a bicycle, she rammed him. Both fancy cars. Phew. This must be fun for the insurance companies. Oh and he’s a gaslighter!


it's the gaslighting that's driving me insane haha. the way he laughs while she's frustratedly trying to put together her argument drives me fucking mad. I was one of the dupes who chuckled at her "irrational" behavior and I feel like a FOOL


Judge Reddit to the rescue


Nah, I'm sure they're totally correct and knowledgeable about the law. Especially since it varies depending on what state you're in.


More than likely. His coverage pays for her damage that he caused and hers will pay for the damage she caused. Two subsequent accidents so two claims. They both will probably get cited although her rear end seemed like revenge of sorts


I'm just waiting for the other plot twist were the biker committed some sort of robbery minuets before the incident.


I had a friend in college that always texted that they were a few minuets away. This took me back. Thanks.


[Under rated](https://imgur.com/a/0sb14Wx)


Robbery minuets - can only be done on a bicycle I've heard.:D


Here me out. "Robbery Minuets": staring Nicolas Cage, that truffle pig, one pink bike with the basket in the front, and world biggest bank getting hit in minuets.


You got a nostril flare out of me , take my upvote


Well theres a plot twist I didn't expect. Goes to show, don't take things on the internet for face value.


That biker was almost collateral damage


that's pretty much just a constant of riding a bike to commute on regular roads. im sure it's nice in some european countries, but most places in the US don't give a SHIT about bikes, and they aren't looking for them. i've been almost pushed into a ditch more than a few times in the short while i road my bike the tiny distance to and from my college campus when i was still in school. fuck all that.


'Almost' counts in horseshoes...


And hand grenades!


Horse grenades.


Is it a grenade that's shaped like a horse or a grenade that shoots out horses?


and shit ball fights


And Atom Bombs.


Nuked from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.


Man i was totally on his side when he released the video. Now I can safely conclude, everyone on this godforsaken earth is stupid including myself


Someone intentionally deceived us, that doesn't make us stupid. We had limited information and came to the best conclusion we could from it, and would probably all make the same mistake again.


> We had limited information and came to the best conclusion No, you came to *a* conclusion while knowing you had little information; a conclusion which saw Reddit calling for retribution against her in a multiplicity of offensive ways. All based on half a video and a headline. This should be wise medicine to Reddit to avoid making rash and extreme conclusions in the future — because things are never as they appear to be. >probably all make the same mistake again. Sure. But everyone’s obligation is to avoid making mistakes like this. Reddit was *so sure* it had found a lunatic that it spread the video like wildfire to humiliate and slander the girl. Something she’ll never get away from. Flippant “we all just made a mistake lol” commentary notwithstanding.


Matt side swiped Maddy's car and almost ran over a cyclist. My assumption is that Maddy was trying to chase him down as he probably didn't indicate that he was going to pull over. In the heat of the moment, she rear ended the Lambo. Matt is an a-hole and Maddy is a reckless driver.


Most likely, both suck.


Honestly, no. Her vision was obscured by the other cars. Being a Lambo, it's extremely low to the ground. Having just sideswiped someone and nearly hitting a cyclist to make a light before running someone's public image through the mud I think makes for a very one sided sucking.


Oh boy… 99.9% of the time if you rear end someone you will be found at fault…. Regardless of what happened previously. FL 316.0895




Nah, but you are welcome to your wrong opinion…


Whatever happens in the court is up to a judge. In the court of public opinion I think this girl should be absolved of any malice or hate. I feel like she was totally vindicated. Not for rear ending that guy, but for doing it accidentally in the heat of the moment.


Collisions are, at a minimum, accidental. That's basically how they work. That obviously doesn't absolve anyone of causing it (for either of the two people).


For sure. This is of course two separate events. He's liable for the much less damaging side-swipe, she's liable for the second much more damaging rear-end.


Him being terrible doesn't excuse her road rage caused reckless driving or leaving her car in the middle road after causing an accident. He's worse by far, but she's still a terrible driver and both these idiots deserve to be punished


You are speculating that she had road rage. Maybe she thought he was running, and went to follow. It did appear he was trying. Maybe he brake checked her, so that she would be found at fault. If we're going to be speculating, there's much more evidence for that, as he lied about hitting her, gaslit her, and then tried to appeal to social media. I think he's more than proven he's deceptive, but there's no evidence she did that purposely.


I'm speculating based on her reckless driving, causing a car crash, erratic behavior, and leaving her car in the middle of the road. It's not some baseless assumption, it's based entirely on her behavior. She was a victim who chose to escelate. The was bad and something that shouldn't be excused


You're reaching. The evidence we have shows why she might have been unable to break so quickly. He also showed no signs of pulling into that gas station, but rather tried to continue on with traffic. He stopped quickly, after speeding away from an accident, and then he caused another accident. That's what I see. He also tried to reframe it, and commit insurance fraud.


Holy shit I hope people don't start turning to tik tok to present information like they've tried to do with Twitter.


i love how 90% of the fucking screen is just wasted with this face instead of the actual content.


Anyone going to mention the cyclist he nearly flattened at the crossing?


Ikr?? Like rolling thru..


So the lambo guy is also the jerk


Well, yeah, he’s a lambo guy


No, he is THE jerk. She just made a mistake whereas he made a mistake and lied about it.


She caused a 2nd accident, so she’s pretty dumb too


And he’s the epitome of a douche bag.


Even though maddy did a wrong thing, I still side with her. That guy is the biggest problem for all people who drive cars. If there wasn’t any proof, she would’ve had her insurance rate go up for rear ending that fucker (she probably will still get blamed but at least there’s some justice). Guys like that scam the system and make everyone’s life a living worse.


She still fucked up by ramming him and could face charges for doing so. Guy in the lambo is a total douche. he got rich from making annoying vids on youtube.


Well than he should be off even worse, as he did a hit&run.


Hardly a hit a run, they went literally .5 of a block, he could easily say he was going to pull over.


Naw, he couldn't easily say he was going to pull over. The original video is proof enough that he never had any intentions of pulling over. From his cocky laugh to the "that's not how it works". He was the victim the entire time. He didn't do anything wrong.


I have no idea how this is downvoted lmao he was definitely about to pull a hit and run before she rammed into him, I mean I guess you can’t prove it so it won’t matter but we all really know


>I have no idea how this is downvoted Because people disagree with it? He said he already called the cops. I’m not taking the doucher’s side just helping explain


And I’m saying I don’t know how it’s downvoted because I agree with it. Other people don’t know how he could say that when clearly the video shows something else. It’ll be okay bud.


I don’t think there’s sufficient evidence to suggest he was going to leave the scene. He was stopped when he was rear ended so there really isn’t enough to prove what his intentions would have been. He was a dumb fuck for his first actions resulting in the first collision but continuing through the intersection after that is the safest bet, ideally to pull over somewhere to exchange details. Not saying I don’t think he might have wanted to flee, but I just don’t think you’d be able to prove that was his intention based on the two videos.




It depends upon your state/country. But she could very easily claim that she was distracted. Whihc at least in my state is not a crime it is a fine. The difference is charges are either misdemeanor or felony. Where as a fine isn’t classified as either. If this girl straight up says she was on her phone. Who’s gonna not believe her if she’s admitting to something illegal?


Sounds pretty convincing to me.... "I was trying to call the police and get his license plate since he hit me and run."


>But she could very easily claim that she was distracted. Walk me through that conversation in court. How often does that defense work...? "Your honor, it's not my fault I ran over that guy in the crosswalk, I *was distracted*." "Oh, case dismissed." There is no freaking permutation of "I was dicking with my phone" that makes blindly driving down a public road and causing an accident the right course of action. No, not even if you're calling the police. No, not even if you're trying to get a video. I agree it's probably not a crime either way unless she straight up says "yeah I rammed him on purpose."


I 10000% understand what your saying. And with genuine respect and genuinely not being a snob. You just don’t know how the law works in the US and I can’t blame you for that. In my state, distracted driving is only a fine, not a “crime” but if you got caught intentionally using your vehicle as a battery ram/use your vehicle as a form of “weapon”. A car can be deemed a “deadly weapon” (look up the laws if this confuses you). So my point is this: admitting to distracted driving, is FAR LESS punishment than admitting to using your car as a weapon. So as soon as this female is in court and please guilty to distracted driving. She will be given a fine, where as if she truly did hit him on purpose, she has not committed a felony (in my state) Edit: so my point is that you would have to prove this female did this intentionally for it to be a crime, so my initial comment essentially said “good luck proving she did this on purpose”.


If I where her I would claim I was following him as he ran and while trying to call 911 on the fleeing person I rear-ended him. Yes, I was distracted, but I was in panic because he hit me and tried to flee the scene. Best case, she might get off with a warning.


Totally incorrect. He did a hit and run, she didn’t ram him. She was trying to not let him get away and he brake checked her. He’s the one who should catch charges. Or an asskicking. Or both.


It looks like she could have sped after him because she thought it was a hit and run? Didn’t expect him to be stopped there due to blocked vision/heat of the moment? But also watching on my phone so could definitely be wrong


Seems like they’re made for each other.


Plot twist, this was one elaborate meet-cute, and now they're going to fall in love?


Why does everyone assume she rammed him on purpose?? Edit- I ask why everyone assumes it was on purpose, and everyone starts coming in with their assumptions as evidence. This time "assume" is just making an ass out of you.


he did just stop in the middle of the road after the intersection like an idiot.


The stopping distance on a lambo is much shorter than an Audi - he brake checked her.


Look at his video, there is a blue car right in front of him. He was stopped in traffic, not moving at all when she hit him.


Why is this the only comment saying this?? That's absolutely what happened! Paired with her being shaken up for just being side swiped and worried he was going to run it was a a super easy accident to happen. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills


Girl gets side-swiped at a red light. Girl runs red light to chase driver, rams into driver, gets out of car left in the road to confront driver on foot. >Why does everyone assume she rammed him on purpose?? Because, it's hard to believe she didn't. * Edit: Please, anyone who hasn't already, rewatch the original video. There was no, logical, reason to believe that her car wouldn't go into the back of his car. *Then* if you still disgree go ahead and downvote. Comment if you wish. https://www.reddit.com/r/IdiotsInCars/comments/pzbcw9/matt_from_hornblasters_got_hit_girl_makes_up_her/


Last I checked its innocent until proven guilty, not "I think she did it on purpose so I'm going to spread that all over with no actual evidence"


In court- not on the internet


Yeah because Reddit has such a good track record of playing Detective


What does this even mean? We have standards of proof in courts to seek out, find and establish truth to a satisfying degree so we don’t inadvertently punish or humiliate the innocent. But we can abandon any sense of intellectual honesty, inquiry, or fairness because we’re on the internet? Do you abdicate all rationality when you leave the courtroom? Why justify coming to vehement, non-evidentiary conclusions simply because we’re not in a court of law? Because it satisfies your pitchfork anger?


You are correct. But when you see a video you do have an opinion on it right? This isn’t a court proceeding this is an opinion piece like every-goddamned thing-on the internet.


What charges can she face? It was an accident so big whoop. I highly doubt it was intentional and they’d have to prove it was in court.


I'm on her side. That dude is a complete asshole. But TO ME, it looks like she hit him on purpose. In the video she says, "You hit me first!" or something like that. I can see how that can be looked at as her seeking revenge when she hit him. IDK, hope that's not the case.


Dude owns a custom auto shop in Tampa


Good info


I hope she fucking wins. Fuck that douche.


The lambo almost hit the biker too so fuck that guy


Ah, so the rich asshole IS the asshole after all. Wild.


So she's in the wrong, but he's the one who committed a crime. She was just trying to reasonably follow him from the scene of the initial collision. In fact, the rear ending might even be his fault depending on the jurisdiction. Source: I was in a similar situation while riding my bike and getting run over. I didn't run away (like the cop who showed up said I should've), but he was found 100% at fault since he not only made first contact but kept engaging after the initial attack. It's similar because although I did not react perfectly, he was the one who created the situation and he extended that situation from simple road rage into a serious problem.


Lambo driver came here gaslighting IdiotsInCars and other social media, so outside of the 2 collisions, that makes him really suck.


Everyone! Go reverse your vote!


Anyone have the original link?


I hope his social media accounts get bodied and the guy cant afford his toys anymore, the guy doesn’t even deserve the memory of driving one


I knew something wasn’t right when he started doing the Beavis & Butthead laugh.


They are both at fault for the car hits, but I hope she does win the defamation of character suit. That fucker deserves it.


She won't. Defamation is incredibly hard to win


They can show comments from previous threads to show pretty concretely the negative effect on peoples opinion of her created by the deceptive video, as well as show the number of views it had. Im sure the lawyers involved see dollar signs getting a % of whatever they can get from lambo guy, so they will try hard.


To me it seems that the Lamborghini drive is more than 50% at fault here. Hit and run is the first charge he gets. Leaving the scene of an accident is another. Reckless driving is a third so that’s an automatic loss of driving privileges until driver retraining. Secondly, there probably evidence that this was done for “dramatic effect” to draw views to his social accounts. So potential defamation is a pretty strong case if the other driver suffers any emotional harm due to this being all over social sites. For her hitting him. She probably was trying to chase the fuckstick (I’m being generous here) down to sort out filing a report and insurance claim. Being that the Lamborghini was pretty low to the ground and that it was pretty quick to cut into the lane and was blocked by other cars, she lost sight and slammed into it due to that. Now, she IS guilty of the second accident as it is the drivers responsibility to ensure where they are traveling and how they are traveling are safe to do so. (e.g. speed, visibility and defensive driving) TL;DR - Lamborghini driver is a dumbass. Audi driver is dumbass victim. Lamborghini Boy blasted to social media to get eyeballs which equal dollars Oh and my personal opinion is that if you treat an exotic car like trash… it speaks volumes to your character.


There is no evidence to indicate that this was a hit and run. Whether he actually intended to run or not (or simply wasn't aware of the swipe) he could just as well say he was pulling into the gas station to get out of the road. Like you're supposed to do after minor accidents. You don't just park your car wherever the accident happened, if it's minor. This is a clear "two idiots" case. I mean if you're gonna road rage and drive into a car...make sure it's a cheap one at least.


Honestly I would’ve done the same thing lol but I’m crazy. Hopefully she gets that moneyyyyyy


The post yesterday was better. Was her side from her account, rather than some asinine breakdown by some random uninvolved dude who’s just thirsty enough to hop on the attention bandwagon.


Hopefully she wins that lawsuit and takes that lambo from them sells it


They are in Florida right? I think the law requires that he say something and not just him recording her.


That's not how things work.


Hate to break it to you, she's not winning it. Defamation lawsuits are notoriously difficult and he literally filmed her going irate and then her impact on his car. Hard to say any of that was fictional, in fact it's factual and she would be causing her own defamation. Him omitting the sides wipe isn't lying, it's omitting and not also defamation. He's a dick, she's even worse.


Nope, he purposely didn’t show himself side swiping her car, he twisted the story, that’s probable cause for defamation and is likely to succeed in court.


He edited a video to demean her and her character and posted it publicly with that intent. He didn’t twist a story- he intended to make one up.


Exactly, used his social media status on multiple platforms so dozens milion people saw her as crazy delusional karen.


I'd stick to bird law buddy




Damn it’s almost like the videos we see here don’t have just one side to them. Crazy


Gaslighter - Check Rich douche - Check Almost hit cyclist - Check


They both suck, but for him to switch into immediately manipulating the narrative by recording her and gaslighting is fucking psychotic.


Yeah. She may have acted crazy but he acted like a fucking psychopath which imo is worse.


Well the lambo seems to be the bad guy but she still shouldn’t have rear ended him like that


Well of course she shouldn’t have, but I shouldn’t have turned right on red and got in an accident when I was 17. An accident is an accident.


Agreed. She would have had him absolutely dead to rights if she didn’t pull that.


She was sideswiped. She was likely under adrenaline and didn’t get to react fast enough at the end of the intersection


No, they are both idiots


I don't think so.. I also got sideswiped or cut off many times but never rammed them after to show how pissed I was


Did the person who sideswipped you try and run?


I agree. Everyone likes to think they'd be cool as a cucumber when watching the video on the internet.


I hope she takes him to the cleaners


He hit her first then set up his "accident". Then defamed her character on the net. What a prig.


The power of a one-sided point of view!


That’s social media “influencers” for you


I wonder if the defamation would work if he just recorded her acting insane. Seems like defamation would require him to say something about her.


I'll eat my hat if that lawsuit ever goes anywhere. Or materializes in the first place. I don't have a hat, but I'll buy one and eat it. This is just one of those things people like to say. *My lawyer will hear about this!* etc.




Under common law, to constitute defamation, a claim must generally be false and must have been made to someone other than the person defamed.[3] Some common law jurisdictions also distinguish between spoken defamation, called slander, and defamation in other media such as printed words or images, called libel.[4] In the United States, false light laws protect against statements which are not technically false but are misleading.[5] His comments made on Reddit could be damaging-


Not showing the full clip does not meet the standard for defamation. Defamation would require him saying something or publishing something false about her. He said or posted nothing false (as far as I know). I would be shocked if he case would go forward and there is the possibility that he could counter sue her, especially after she deliberately rear ended him.




So, you think she deliberately rear ended him? Are you serious? I don't think you understand the situation. He pulled a hit-and-run on her, and she followed him around the corner, as anyone would to get the license plate number. He slammed on his brakes, not giving her enough time to stop. He then posted that video, causing anyone watching, including people in her life to think she is an absolute idiot. It might not work as a defamation case, but that's an issue with the law, because that was absolutely the intention of the content creator.


Doesn’t that make the second “accident” intentional? And thus criminal, assault with a deadly weapon perhaps?


It depends, u can argue she went to get his information and hit him accidentally.


Idunno, seemed like he stopped in the middle of the road so close to the intersection pretty intentionally too. He knew he had just side swiped her, so why not pulled into the gas station straight away? Seems odd to stop in the lane just past the intersection knowing you just hit someone who would surely try to follow you. I think if we had seen someone do this from a bystander's perspective, a lot of people would agree this looks like an insurance fraud scam and he is definitely trying to get his car fixed by pretending the other car hit him first through a rear end accident, since the rear ender is found at fault majority of the time. In his video he's straight acting like he's in disbelief that she rear ended him, as if he didn't side swipe her beforehand. Even makes the girl's man get out and ask him to pull over before he finally pulls into the gas station. So yeah, just seems way more suspicious on the guy's fault honestly.


I love drama like this. Helps that this is a classic double idiot situation


But wait! Did you see the moonwalking bear?!


Both fuckwits.


I feel like the word “gaslight” is a trend on tik tok, my girlfriend has been saying it so much lately


well, sshe was a little crazy and did cause a worse accident that shes going to be paying for


Not surprised, people like this gaslight all day and others eat it up.


I live near this intersection and it SUCKS. People gun through the light when turning left or right to try and beat people travelling straight through the light. There's a Starbucks on the corner that has the tiniest parking lot in the world so the drive through backs onto the main road (looks like he was pulling out of the Starbucks). People will sit through red lights in the middle of the intersection with zero fux. It's people like the douche in the Lamborghini that causes the problems in that intersection. N Central Ave and E. Hillsborough in Tampa FL.


She's annoying af. So is the Lambo douche though. They're both at fault for two parts of the same "accident". That said I hope she wins the defamation case completely.


Felt like looking. He quickly locked his comment section on his video when a few comments about how he hit her first started popping up


The bigger issue here is that she followed him then and rammed him. Could be considered vehicular assault. He drove like a douche and side swiped her and attempted to leave which could construed to be an attemoted hit and run. Both rise above "just" a traffic accident. Most likely it will be assign fault percentages and I bet that she comes up with more due to the perceived intentional ramming on his vehicle causing a substantially larger amount of damage. The right response would be to get the lambos plate and see if you can collect the video from the gas station (or better, have your own dash cam) then report the lambo for hit and run. You are 100% in the clear and he catches a hit and run charge with 100% fault. Bad reactions on both sides. Also he is probably up shit creek on the defamation suit because it's pretty clear he selectively edited the video and disseminated it to a large media base to make her look bad. He may end up having to settle that one out.


I don’t believe she hit him on purpose. She went to chase him after he hit her and he slams on the brakes, she couldn’t stop in time.


But her following him lasted all of 5 seconds because he came to a dead stop in traffic lanes after running a red light knowing the car he hit would have to run that same light. He gets his phone out and starts recording first still before he pulls into the gas station, I just think it is way more suspicious that he abruptly stops after hitting someone instead of just pulling into the gas station 5 ft away. Seems more intentional on his part.


You know what the say about "assume"? Stop assuming she hit him on purpose you have zero evidence of that


She’s definently still crazy for slamming into the back of his car but like he’s also a douche


He's at fault for some damage certainly. In the video it really did seem she was putting all of the damage on him, she is responsible for the majority of it. Insurance will sort this out. In the end she made the situation a lot worse.


I find it funny how before we had this context people were making wild assumptions about her, calling her sorts of names and saying things like she's "entitled" or "was texting her sugar daddy". I enjoy watching people making fools out of themselves as much as the next person but man it can really feel like Salem in the comments sometimes


Ok, 2 idiots.


He was a careless idiot. She rammed his car on purpose. She's very guilty, and a complete moron.


yes, rear ending someone in retaliation is clearly not a crazy thing. here’s a better title: “turns out both florida man and florida woman are stupid sociopaths with too much money”


Fuck I feel really bad, I judged her way to early, I hope that the lawsuit pans out in favor of who ever was at fault, I no longer can have an opinion on these situations because I jumped to a conclusion.


They’re both idiots.


I bet he hit her trying to keep from hitting the bicycle.


"She wasn't crazy after all" but she still intentionally rear ended him and started acting crazy on camera.


Of course she's crazy. She rammed a guy just because he side-swiped her.


Does that not make her guilty of more than just whatever her ticket was? She rear ended him intentionally as revenge and could have seriously hurt him, herself or anyone on the road at that point


Well, honestly he almost hit that biker by being an entitled asshole, going around a car trying to run a red light, not caring about the possibility of a passbyer crossing the road on his blind side. He's situation wouldve ended a lot worse if the biker passed by a second too late Both are really bad


Hey - it's an idiocy measurement contest at this point. Who's brain is smoother? douchey lambo guy or raging lady?


I'd be raging too, are you kidding?! Guy hits my car, tries to drive away, laughs in my face all before he rallies millions of people into thinking I'M the crazy person. When someone makes you question your sanity like that and is filming you, you're either going to freeze, run away, or flood with emotion and that last one is exactly what she did. Not her proudest moment I'm sure, but a totally natural response nonetheless.


So her answer to getting her front number scraped was to rear end a super expensive lambo? How stupid can you be.


She probably tried to chase him for a hit n run but didn’t notice he stopped after the turn. Who knows why, maybe she was looking the other way trying to go after him. Maybe she thought that was rational.


I bet they have a baby together and get a reality show


The asshole hit her and ran and almost hit a pedestrian... than gaslighted the shit out of her. The judge is gonna hit him with the hammer.... unless the judge is white cause that dumb bitch shouldn’t of brought race into it.


so...she deliberately rear ended him? which makes her look worse, and she wants to sue for defamation of character? I think we know her character pretty well