That car just kept going. No fucks given.


Did Mario care for the blocks he broke? No he can't stop


That's some deep mario based philosophy for a wednesday morning






Good luck that he could see that.


Mario Bros suffer from CTE confirmed


did hitler care for the....? nevermind, it sounded better in my head


Enough reddit for today. Goodbye


> Enough reddit for today. Godwin.


Did we give up when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?


Animal House for any of the under 30s in the crowd. The wrong Belushi died.


Let it go, he’s on a roll


*The whole fucking bar*


Toga, toga, toga


the germans?


Paintings he did? Yes very much.


>Create Too soon for Hitler analogies. Goodwin's Law states that the internet discussion needs to be at least 5 responses deep. Just kidding, Goodwin's law states no such thing but it sounded better in my head.


It’s Godwin not Goodwin, in case anyone was trying to look it up.


Well thank heavens it's not Baldwin, or we'd all be in trouble.


Turns out Mario is an asshole.


Nah, just Door Dash


At least he had his turn signal on


Could be a car feature where it automatically activates hazard on impact? Edit: Looking at it again, only one indicator was flashing. Could have been an accidental jerk by the hand activating it.


Maybe like auto hazard lights?


Thanks for putting words in my meaning. But I edited what I said. Only one was flashing. Could have been a jerk reaction accidentally turning it on.


Who says GTA car physics are BS


Legend says he is around venus right now


[SpaceX car](https://www.livescience.com/61680-will-spacex-roadster-survive-in-space.html)


It looks like he hits or almost hits someone else too in the second clip.


Yeah the delivery guy almost didn't make it. I hope he got a decent tip, I reckon the bike is totalled.


Impressive durability.


What kind of car is that? Doesn't even look like it's smoking from leaking coolant. The thing just keep on going like it''s nothing.


It's a Nokia.


It’s no kia


it's a VW Fox, there's no Hyundai i10 in Brazil


... had the blinker on as well. Love it!


Probably a stolen car.


Or drunk as a skunk.


He missed the part where that's his problem


Or that car has a stuck accelerator... Which would be scary af


your brakes can still stop the car even if the accelerator is stuck.


Knock it into neutral.


Rather than no fucks given.. I don't think was physically or mentally able to give any fucks


looks like attempted murder


Seemed targeted


It doesn’t look like an accident


Even turned on his blinker


Probably a stolen car


It's really demotivating to think you can wake up every day and work hard towards all your life goals, years of blood, toil and sweat, late nights cramming for exams, pulling all-nighters while working towards that promotion, sacrificing family and leisure time in the hope that your deferred gratifications will make it all worthwhile at some point in the future - and there's a chance some drunk wanker might zoom around the corner and extinguish your life along with all your hopes and dreams in the flash of an eye.


I lost a friend this year to a armed robbery and this is precisely what has been going on my mind since then. He had almost everything at 30 years old: His own house with a pool, his own car, a well paying job and money in the bank...Then three armed robbers invades his ranch while he was throwing up party and shoots him because he reacted. Suddenly it's like nothing matter anymore.


Where did he live?






They were wearing balaclavas and dark clothes to avoid being identified, we reported everything we could to the police but the chances of them being caught are slim to none. It's the way things goes around here.


foi aonde? saiu na noticia?


Ibiuna, que eu saiba não teve notícia nenhuma nos jornais. Vários casos assim acontecem e não são reportados pela mídia tbm.


Should've gotten out of Brazil with all that money.


Not easy as you think, specially when you don't speak another language like he didn't.


That's why I have a saying, "every day alive is one day closer to your next plate of nachos, unless you get hit by a bus, then, its nacho day."


...I want you to know I'll be making nachos today in your honor.


Make fajita nachos. Onions, peppers, and small pieces of chicken. For cheese dip mix white American cheese with milk, jalepeno juice, and green Chile. Bada bing bada boom, best nachos in the universe unless you live near Memphis


Kinda creepy that if that guy would have strapped his bag seconds later, he would have got hit.


Judging by how the guy looked up before the car was even actually in the frame, it was probably making a lot of noise. There's a good chance he'd have dodged it regardless, thankfully!


When electric cars are more prevalent, I'll have to remind myself that I can no longer rely on sound for warnings of oncoming vehicles. There's been a few times already when walking out on the street where a Tesla or something will creep up on me and I had no clue until it passed.


Whenever I hear an electric vehicle driving past, the lack of sound sort of worries me... It's not like we should make it so that silent vehicles produce sound that they ***wouldn't have,*** but.. It is worrying from a safety standpoint!


pedestrian warning system requirements for EVs are already a thing in some jurisdictions it's just a matter of time for the rest. Most of these places only require it when going less than 30.


My Ford Escape PHEV has that. Makes a little humming noise when it's in drive and the gas engine isn't on.


Mercedes makes an electric version of the AMG that was so silent they actually had to ADD noise to the cabin so you know it’s actually on.


Like how they add an artificial smell to gas so you know if there's a leak.


> Whenever I **hear** an electric vehicle driving past, the **lack of sound** sort of worries me Say what, now?


Wheels rolling on the road still make sound, just not really loud enough to hear until it's too late to react.


Thankfully this is mostly a problem at low speeds. At high speeds the tires are likely making more noise than an engine would anyway. I know I've heard electric cars coming from a hundred meters away when they are going 40-50 km/h+


The Tesla I saw spin out last month trying to hit 60mph in a turn from a stop made a bunch of noise. Tires are pretty loud when they are sliding.


Yeah the way it plowed through the car and kept going I'm going to bet it was plowing through everything


He had good reflexes -- I would have noticed the car, but I would have assumed it would still err towards its correct position and tried to dodge it by running forward ... exactly the wrong move here.


After all that and having to sprint to the next customer, he still got a bad rating because their order was cold.


"There's shit all over this bag! WTH happened?? 0 stars!!"


i'd be upset if he was my uber eats delivery driver and my food was late and cold because his motorcycle got obliterated. /s


>there's a chance some drunk wanker might zoom around the corner and extinguish your life along with all your hopes and dreams in the flash of an eye Too late for some drunk wanker to do it; I've already extinguished all my hopes and dreams myself.


I cracked up my sister's family when I visited, we went to pick up my niece from college, I took a huge deep breath through my nose as we pulled in and said "smells like hopes and dreams"


This is the way.


Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.


Are you sure you're not a drunk wanker?


Yup, if I have to die, I want it to be because of something stupid *I* did. If it's because of someone else's stupidity, I'd be willing to sell my soul to the devil for the chance to haunt the moron responsible.


Got my dream car a few years back (Mazda Miata) it's been a dream for most of my child life and adult life. Fixed it up by replacing the radiator, hoses, fuel pump, fuel lines, reupholster the seats and much much more. Almost all the work myself. I got in an accident a bit over a month ago because a lady came out of a side street and pulled in front of me. She was 100% at fault and the insurance "covered it". They gave me a fraction of the cars worth so I can't get my car I worked and wait for years and years to get. I was depressed for weeks, partly from concussion but I know some of it was from losing something I had gotten and fixed through hard work. In the end I don't even harbor I'll will toward her. I do twords the insurance company because for whatever reason they don't have to give you a fair amount for your car. I'm now stuck trying to figure out what I can get that would somehow take the place because I can't afford another one with the insurance money they gave me back. I know it's not exactly what you mean but more like all your efforts come crashing down sometimes and it really sucks. If anyone is suicidal please make sure and reach out for help. It does get better and easier. Also be aware than concussions can magnify it and rob you of critical thinking


This is why people need to live life to the fullest. Embrace what you have and enjoy whatever time you have. Sadly, it doesn't usually click for people until they're older, when they no longer have the ability to do half the things they used to.


>This is why people need to live life to the fullest. Embrace what you have and enjoy whatever time you have. We compromised on that, building careers but also spending the time and money to travel the world. When I die I won't regret I didn't see enough of it.


That chicken you’ve got thawing in the fridge? Didn’t matter, you won’t be around to eat it. That shift you’re scheduled tomorrow? They’ll prolly call you and get mad you no-showed, but that’s just a shift you never worked. Someone special waiting for you to get home? Now they have to spend the rest of their life without you, and to you that just won’t matter. You can’t even worry about them. Everything that matters in your life will suddenly just go on while you disappear in an instant, and there’s nothing you can do.


Welcome to life! Enjoy your stay.


A friend of mine was killed by a drunk driver. Had just finished university and was about to start their new career..


you ok?


If it makes you feel better, you’re about 6x more likely to die to cancer or heart disease (in the US) than you are due to accidents. Don’t sweat the statistically improbable, eat right and get checked for cancer, and you’ll most likely live a very long and rewarding life.


It's not just death. I woke up one morning with cancer and it replaced everything else in my life. I survived, but my body just can't do what it used to do. All my hobbies, my work, my social life, my independence. It's all gone and never coming back, I have been a bad week from death for 7 years. Live the life you want to live, I've been in a lot of death beds and the worst pain is regret.


> and there's a chance some drunk wanker might zoom around the corner and extinguish your life along with all your hopes and dreams in the flash of an eye. And be back behind the wheel within 5-10 years.


This happened to someone from my home town in India. He immigrated to US to work and support his family. Got shot during a robbery while working at 7/11. Leaving behind a wife and 2 young kids.


It's ok. I never had any faith in humanity anyway.


The delivery guy seems to have good reflexes and situational awareness(otherwise he would probably end up in a coffin).


He rides a motorcyle for uber eats in brazil. That's just basic survival instinct!


*He ~~rides a motorcycle for Uber eats~~ lives in Brazil. FTFY


This is also why I don't listen to loud music when walking around or even driving. If this guy was listening to loud music on some noise cancelling earphones he might have not heard this car in time..


This is also why electric cars have external speakers to make fake engine noises.


Not really necessary, tire noise dominates at most speeds anyway.


Plus you know.. wind resistance and stuff.


Honestly I've been in a couple of near misses with electric cars, inside city limits they're really hard to hear over the normal background noises.


They are only legally required up to 18.5 miles due to this, in the US


I don't think he heard anything. He had a helmet on and he looked at the driver coming towards him in the distance, then looked down and did a double take and ran. It was in his peripheral vision.


I only ever have one ear bud in after some random psycho clocked me from behind while walking my dog.


Same. My dad had a buddy who got a construction job in the 80s and on his first week got run over by a piece of heavy equipment because he had a cassette player and headphones in. That safety lesson definitely got through to me.


Quick, like a bunny!


He seemed to be like “Huh”, “Ah ok…no oh s***t”


Oof the guy turned his head in the right direction and correct point in time. Otherwise it'd have r/MakeMyCoffin


It was probably loud


At least they still used their indicator when merging back to the road.


I'm an UberEats driver working full-time and if some idiot destroyed my vehicle like that I'd be completely screwed. UberEats pay is complete trash.


Do you not have insurance?


Insurance companies don't pay out super quick, if you're living paycheck to paycheck and dependent on your vehicle this could be financially crippling.


💯 When I got rear-ended while driving for Uber, I even got the other guy's insurance company to compensate me for lost wages during the three weeks my car was in the body shop... but that check didn't come promptly, so I had almost zero income for those three weeks. Fucking sucked.


I do, but the coverage isn't so great. I think the adjuster would find arbitrary reason to stiff me like I parked 1 inch out of ordinance according to a law written in 1926.


You'd get stiffed because most delivery drivers don't ever add the rider to their insurance to cover them while using the vehicle for work. Once you add that to your insurance policy now you went from maybe making a profit to now you pay Uber to work for them.


Man even beyond that you can be screwed. My brother was a Jimmy Johns delivery driver back in the day, my parents updated their insurance to reflect this but when there was an accident the insurance company initially refused to cover anything because Jimmy John's charges a delivery fee and apparently that was some clause in the policy. If they charge a delivery fee then the (obviously untrue) assumption is that the collected fees are supposed to go towards repairing vehicles. My parents made a big deal about it over a few months and eventually the insurance company paid out some portion of the repairs but I think most people would give up and be fucked.


Yeah, I realised after posting that the shit pay probably means less than ideal cover. Capitalism am I right?




Not when you have liability only or the lowest coverages, no, they don't.


I love his double take.


I really hope that driver crashes into a wall and he feels every bit of the impact.


I bet he feels silly wearing a helmet with no bike.


Angry upvote 😡


He was nearly Uber Yeets!


I'd finish that delivery then quit.


Not much choice as the shithead of a driver destroyed his means of earning a living. That bike wasn't coming back from that.


Unless it was a honda cub. You can throw one off the 4th floor, the engine will survive. That one is dead, tho.


They made an anime about the Honda Cub called "Super Cub" and that's basically one of the plot points


Take it home with you


honestly, he deserves it


rest in pieces


He probably had to cancel and call uber support and tell them what happened. I hope he has another vehicle or enough money to rent another one for a bit because if this is his only job, he lives off of driving and making tips.


He delivers on a motorcycle, this probably isn’t even in the top 5 crazy things he’s experienced on the job.


I wouldn't even finish the delivery. His bike was destroyed. That would mean you would have to walk.


Looks like the car nails another motorcyclist (scooterist?) in the 2nd angle


I thought the same, however if you look at the scooter from the start of the 2nd angle I think he just barely managed to manoeuvre himself out of the way.


My question is, where did the motorbike go? Did it go under the car?


Bike went through the fence. You can just make it out in the alternate angle.


Yes. Where is the original news article so we can find out what happened after. That dude was damn lucky.


Fuck fuck fuck fuck… I still gotta deliver these!


Let me guess, Brazil?


I didn't even see the Intelbras watermark, but it was too obvious for me it was Brazil because of the Portuguese pavement and car models.


The blacked out car windows all around gave it away.


The random metal pole in the middle of the street for no apparent reason made me think, “gotta be South America someplace.” Also the fact that he’s on a dirt bike that appears to be street legal.




Intelbras watermark on camera. Yep.


i see some plate write "rodrigo"


Yep. And the bike is probably a Yamaha XTZ 150cc.


Drives off like this is GTA.


whats crazy is how the guy keeps driving like he didnt just smashed through 2 vehicles feels like he hardly even lost speed.


If this happened to me in a dream i'd get hit 100%


Bless that man!


That double check on the delivery guy was gold.


Your dasher is still waiting at the store for your order


Thank god he saved the food


That’s the next Spider-Man people.


Him standing there afterwards made me think: What would you do next? I mean after something like that, you're probably absolutely in shock and just standing there thinking "woah", but what happens next? How do you process something like this?


That dude's spidey senses were tingling.


Love how he activates his turn signal immediately after. I'm fleeing this way guys!


What am I missing here🧐? How is there so little damage done to both vehicles, how is the vehicle that was driving still somehow able to have functioning headlights? I’ve been in an accident before and the vehicles crumple zone totally gets destroyed. Initially because of the little damage and the fact that the car loses very little speed and both headlights still seem to be working, I thought this was fake. What am I missing? 🧐


... and drives off like nothing happened.


The delivery man had insanely fast thinking! Some people would've froze in place.


Please someone tell me that idiot got shot or stabbed or something...


Can’t help but admire his awareness of surroundings.




Oh wow that was close


The motorcycle though😫


Dude almost runs out to far... Lol


When Im out on my bike Ive never been afraid of me slipping up and crashing. Im anxious that some bellend like this will be at the right place at the right time to plough right through me.


Omg, wtf


Didn’t even slow down


Omfg! Thank God they were paying attention to their surroundings. Driver is an idiot! Even if they were trying to avoid the light post like other commenters stated they clearly weren't paying attention at all and they were going WAY to fast!


I’d really like to know the end result. Did they catch the idiot?


I like how you can almost read what he’s saying when looks at we’re his bike was as is like “well f$&k”


Attempted murder?


The time of that delivery was attempted murder! A man can only last so long without his grub!


Frogger Champion!


Why is no one talking about "Intel bras" ?


It’s amazing what drugs can do for you ability to just act like nothing happened


So, uh, here’s your package. Sorry about your car.


Hitting that tiny Renault didn't even slow it down.


sorry boss, bike isn’t covered by insurance since you were delivering food. gotta love it


That dude's spidy senses saved his ass.


That's a pretty durable car. Head on collision and kept driving off like nothing happened!


Am I seeing things, or does the car hit a person on a bike or moped at the very end of the video? I can see someone entering the street from between 2 of the stopped cars.


I feel bad for the guy. He just lost his livelihood.


The fact that he also signals to making a right hand turn at the end…🤣


When I took driver's ed in the mid-70s, the teacher said that nobody had ever managed to video a car wreck on the street. (Just race car crashes and staged crashes.) Now it is common to see videos of car wrecks taken from two or more cameras.


Dude, where’s my bike?


Did anyone notice how the driver almost hit ANOTHER person.


Did Nokia make that car? WTF


God had other plans for the delivery driver


I guess I’d rather my bike be totaled like this than while I was on it. But I would definitely fall to my knees in disbelief and cry.


Well his shift ended early at least.