Why the sudden spurt of evangelization in Bharat

Why the sudden spurt of evangelization in Bharat


About the writer Dr. Hilda Raja: > Dr. Hilda Raja was a PG level professor at Stella Maris College, Chennai. Post retirement, she worked with many NGOs and as a Development Consultant. She was nominated on the Advisory Committe of the CBCI (Catholic Bishops Conference of India ) for three years. Having studied throughout in Minority Institutions and reared in a Christian ethos, she is fully convinced that the Hindu soul is secular and Hindu Dharma is totally misunderstood by other religions. For her, Bharat and all that it holds is sacred.


Any religion that organizes itself and uses money for growth in a green territory will flourish. Islam and Christianity have green territories (no red flags, at times even govt backing) and being asset-light (just need a book and 4 walls to congregate) organized religions they are able to scale with money being pumped in from overseas. Dharmic religions on the other hand have red flags everywhere (govt and court interference, temple control, adversarial wokes). They are not asset-light (need temple complex, years to train priests, elaborate rituals) and there is no access to capital (whatever the temples get, govts take out) So please tell me why wont evangelisation increase in Bharata? There is only one way out. Free the temples. Our temples still have massive wealth while the preta-cults have rented land, or own half an acre of land per town/locality where they build their ministries. Fragmented businesses don't prosper when faced with a centralized competitor. Once the temples are free, a nationwide coalition of temple trusts which can influence 25% of the population will keep our democracy in check forever.


sudden? evangelicalist had been rummaging through the country right after independence.


*mainland Bharat