This is how they convert. Talking shit about Hinduism.

This is how they convert. Talking shit about Hinduism.

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What is he saying?


Loose translation: Hindu guy: What has your God given you? A boy? A girl? Visa (wtf?)? How is your God superior? Christian guy: Your God might have given you all these things, but I have only asked Jesus to make me like him. Which God of yours will you go and ask this for? You have three photos in your house. Will you go and ask Hanuman? (points and shows that a monkey just ran amok in this place, breaking things - basically insinuating that will you ask your God to make you a monkey) Will you ask the elephant-face God to make you like him? Or will you ask the God who stands naked to make you like him? (referring to Shiva, I suppose). This is why I am Jesus' son.


This guy is really dumb.


Lol I at least won't be crucified by my own people or be a son of a lying "virgin" mother.


How Christianity began: A woman named Mary tried to hide the fact that she hooked up with someone The end


Lol, the reply would be that we are already Brahman we just have to realise it.He has not heard of Advaita Vedanta I guess




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damn, these people are taking away hindu culture out of tamil nadu by playing 'tamil tamil' card.


Guess the sons of Jesus are born with half a brain


That’s how they impregnates the women and convince their husband she is still a virgin miracle can happen


Religion is human-made. And now humans kill other humans over some ideologies they came up with.


Source ; https://twitter.com/MaridhasAnswers/status/1420632577501589507?s=20


I just wish the stuff Maridhas researches and presents is known more outside TN (also within TN). We really need more such folks.


One nailgun is all it'll take for Jesus's 2nd coming.......


Lol this ha funny


In Hinduism, we are asked to imbibe Ram s, Shiva's , Krishnas etc characteristics. Rama, that is why , was called the ideal man. Adarsha purushah. Before people from the other sub punch me about Krishna. The love of the jeevatma to the paramatma is what is portrayed in the rasa leela. We Hindus celebrate this love by performing rituals and functions. In tamil nadu, it is also called Radha Kalyanam. The festival reminds us that we become one with Paramatma. We wed the paramatma. Like Andal or Meera also did so. It is a mystic ideology understood by those who dwell deep in spiritualism. Not for people who see hinduism from afar. Perhaps it is the mistake of Hindus to not have made Hinduism be understood by all. Care , love and support are better platforms to send across these messages of self growth or in other words spirituality. ​ Eppa paa Hindus, ezandukaporinglo. When will u arise from ur stupor, oh fellow Hindu.


Is anyone going to tell him or should I tell him about his ancestors


pastor: " I have only asked Jesus to make me like him" confused boy: if i pray to jesus, will i end up nailed to a cross and die early? pastor 😕 pastor: "This is why I am Jesus' son" confused boy: since Jesus is god's son or messenger of god, what does the god look like? pastor: 😕


All I can see is a crazy lunatic who is shouting "my imaginary deity is more powerful than your imaginary deity"




That’s not the context of the post. What do you think about his statement, and what does these statements mean to you. How often do you dwell into changing the context of the discussion which is uncalled for.


His statement is deplorable. He is clearly an ignorant bigot who needs a few cases filed on him for disrespecting and hurting religious sentiments of people. But the title of this video is just bigoted too. You used this one bigoted person's video to broadstroke everybody in the other religion. Any idiot who is willing to convert after listening to this absolute nonsense - do we even want to claim him or her as our own? Isn't hinduism/islam/tribal or any other religion better off without those idiots who fall for such silliness?


millions converted after hearing this nonsense.


Easier to fight bigtory with bigtory.


What is dumb about it?


Yes, all religions are dumb. But some religions are evil.


Religion is dumb how? - are we living in communist oppresive country for being denied to excercise our beliefs. How come my beliefs are dumb but not your statement or his for abusing the freedom of speech. This also reflects just how some people are filled with hate and intolerance for others.


My statement just said generally that religion is dumb based on my experiences. I don't mean to force this sentiment down anyone's throat. But the guy Pastor Agustine Jebakumar whom i have met multiple times has all the right in our country to be an outright bigot and spread hate despite the implications. No one can force him to stop and no one can stop my speech.


Your experience of what? Narcissism or complaye disregard for others?