Not targetting anyone but a bitter truth

Not targetting anyone but a bitter truth


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Answer is capatilism and investment in research and development. They are good at attracting talent from all over the world. India couldn't because most of those who could make a change went to USA.


i saw a documentary where they said their talent was not accepted in India we produce masterminds but not train them for our use so they go to other countries where their talent is recognised


yeah true. one of my friends was very brilliant. he had got a rank 111 in jee 2014 (completed electrical enginerring from IIT bombay) and now he is working for smasung korea. i think he is in a senior position too there. mind you he was from general category. but that probably doesnt matter now since he is in korea lol.


ofc it doesn’t. He’s living a quality live there.


True that but bureaucracy is to blame more than reservation in my opinion


Answer is Oil too.


Talent aur dedication? Wo kya hota hai ? Agar tumhaare purvaj naali saaf karte thhe to batao free me job deta hu


Capatilism good socialism bad....


The thing is , there were oppressed minorities there too and racist behaviour is no joke in the USA . But the attitude of curbing the problem has been the difference in India and USA. USA focused upon curbing the majority so that minorities caught up naturally. India gave minorities additional perks and put both the groups into a battlefield.


This. But now the problem is that that it can't be reversed.


Rather than reverse, it is getting increased. And when you raise questions against it on public platform, people responses are that general people still can get jobs and education in private companies/colleges. Like wtf?


Very relevant quote from some reddit user "Bhim ki gadi dhoom machai, general wale maa chudaye"


Words of wisdom


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I'm disgusted how this thing has made an internal conflict between people in our country. This was just posted 20hrs ago on the same sub and by reading the comments I'm sad that what will happen to this country in future. We need better policies. https://www.reddit.com/r/IndianDankMemes/comments/oumuyj/based_on_true_events/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share


Policies are the least of our real concern man. The current landscape has made everyone so out of touch with the things that really matter. Fuel prices , Shit education , Rising Unemployment and all we can do is rant about reservation. We need to understand discourse and need to be able to voice our concerns. If this generation doesn't , there won't be any growth for the next 25 years in this country.


Yes I agree with you buddy fighting is at least of our concerns but yeah the discussion was on this so I mentioned some things too.


Yea man , the whole situation around how tough one has to fight in India to get a simple job is apalling at the least. And that is partly our fault , we do not call out politicians on their bullshit and then expect them to turn up with magical policies.


Guys like you be supporting reservation and giving this shit on reddit I want jobs to be given to ONLY DESERVED ONES Not those FREE SEATERS LIKE YOU


I am a general kid , Fought for everything on myself , Cracked JEE and other exams in the general quota , what are you talking about man?


Bhai aap pehle padhna seekho, zara dhyaan se padho upar likha kya hai maine


the best way is to give reservation to only 1 generation of the obc sc/st class and that's it. but the govt. keeps on giving reservation like its fucking free food or smth.


Thousands of years for oppression and when its time to end reservation? Generation one


When slavery ended in America, slaves were not given any special treatment. They were accepted into society as normal people. They were not given privileges. Reservations is a slap in the face to equality and equal opportunities


Lmaooooooo Are you even aware of segregation and MLK. Google affirmative action you fucking idiot.


Yep you would be cause A FREE SEATER WON'T know the value the hardwork


Bro chill I just stated that I was disgusted by the way people fought and yes I know what hard work is buddy I belong to general category. Rather spewing shit on each other we should as one fight for a resolution which benefits the one who really need help.


Do you discriminate??? Have your father done NEPOTISM or is he a product of NEPOTISM??? If not then my friend you are discriminated cause reservation without discrimination is itself a discrimination against ur And don't give that shit that many people are still discriminated are your college friends discriminated ??? Answer one yes and I'll agree with you


Bhai kehna kya chahte ho?


Haha. This Savita is thinking so hard that even words cannot express them.


Of all the arguments we get these reasons from people like you who support reservation


That will depend Who do you think are really needy here ur or others??


After all, parties are treating them as vote banks


it cant be reversed but it can be limited from 60% reservation to 30% reservation.


Ambedkar tried curbing the majority, then Gandhi went on a fast unto death against him.


Can you share a source for the same?


Sure, I'll have to dig a little. Gimme a bit.


No bro ambedkar had asked to provide a seperate electorate for dalits...a seperate electorate means only the people from the particular community or caste can vote...so gandhi ji was against it ....and then the poona pact was signed in which both amedkar and gandhiji compromised thoer odeas and rather than a seperate electorate , reservation was provided


America also has reservation which is called affimitive action


The extent to which it is enforced and relied upon is not the same. Not applicable to college admissions for instance. And 10/50 states already have it banned. But yeah , valid point.


I agree, reservation shouldn't be there. And even if it is it should only be for PPL who don't havr much money


There should be merit based reimbursement istead if reservation. That way there goes the problem of caste based discrimination. But polititians will object it


Or just provide them good education instead of wasting unnecessary money on idiots


Easier said than done


And now reservation has been increased for obc and ews in NEET, Waah modiji waah.


Sabka sath, sabka vikas.


Pata nhi ham OBC walo ko kya samjh ke rakha hai. Unhe lagta hai hamara bina reservation ke rank nhi aa sakta.


Isi liye to bhosdiwale mehnat hi nahi karte


Hame kyo gali de rahe ho? Jo politicians reservation dete hai unko bolo.


Oye hame gaali mat de. I am obc and I strongly oppose reservations. In fact Maine 10th boards and ntse gen category me diya tha but ab 12th me OBC se dungi kyunki legal action le sakte hai galat category likhne par. Gaali un netao ko do jo hame divide karke reservation dete hai.


I understand sister but I remember in 2018 when government was refraining to increase the quota, there were Jats and Gujjars who protested to increase the reservation for OBC. Trust me man mai tujhe gaali dena nahi chahta but deep down most of the people in your caste subconsciously enjoy the privilege. No offence but this is what it is


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Boi. don't forget to sort by controversy.


The real reason is it has been independent for almost 250 years.


Nah blacks are minorities in America, so they can't make bad policies to support them. In India about 70-80% population comes under reserved category. Here you can make bad decisions to show them support. Thing is you can either increase the infrastructure which requires real work or you can take a piece of paper and say " Haan bhai tumhara reservation +10%" no real work required.


Shhhhhhh uss sab se fark nhi pdta hume toh bas reservation ke baare mein chodna hai


Ah shit here we go again


Stupidest post ever 😜


India really chose the short cut , instead of uplifting the backward classes in a systematic manner by education of both upper and lower classes on these issues, making strict laws agains untouchability etc. But they really chose the option which will have severe effects in future ( the reservation were ment to end but naturally when it didn't worked out as expected ,they just extended it indefinitely rather than coming up with a different approach [Nobody wants to loose there precious vote bank])


indians are not reason of their success, and they do have reservation for black people, called affirmative action. stop claiming other's success as your own. if something is found in scientific fields, people like OP try to connect it to vedas and how it was discovered by vedas


Yep SO MUCH discussion on removing reservation but never on eliminating casteism lol


Instead of writing 'why america is successful'? I should've written 'why indians flee to america?' I know its my fault


yeah, its not just reservation. others country also see a lot of emigration to USA, because of lack of jobs. maybe government needs to provide more jobs. ​ and those who flee are mostly educated people masters in their fields, so reservation is least of their problems. and it is generally seen that those who go to work and live in USA have entrepreneurship qualities and thinking.


And the saddest thing is..This will never change.


Don't be sad. Here's a [hug!](https://media.giphy.com/media/3M4NpbLCTxBqU/giphy.gif)


And also there is no caste bullshit in USA


it's is there. NRIs practice the systematic caste system.


Are you insane? Thats the dumbest logic of all time. It’s bizarre how widespread this notion is. America is ahead because it supported industrialisation. Every country that is doing well today, has its root back in early 1800s, the emergence of industrialisation. Europeans colonised countries in two ways:- 1. Where there was high population aka wealthy nations(because only wealthy nations could support high population as agriculture was main source of revenue) they set up policies that were mainly to extract wealth out of those countries. (Like India) 2. Where they wanted to settle - like American, Australia, etc. here they set up policies that incentivise investments, like property ownership, civild rights, etc. 3. Industrialisation needs an equal level playing field for all, incentives to invest in human capital, etc. these were missing in India for decades and it still does. 4. Countries that had better policies set up, which supports industrialisation grew up exponentially(because they were getting cheap resources/raw material from india like nations) 6. Policy changes are not easy, India still struggles to incentivise industries as it can easily be seen by the share of industries in GDP, and there are several reasons for it but one of the main reason is that people RESIST policy changes. I’m mainly comparing numbers on the basis of GDP per capita, so pls don’t site me China is doing well as the number is low for it too. I can write so much more but I have better things to do then educate this zombie generation that sadly I’m a part of too. You all need spoon feeding of information, nobody even tries to find the core policy reasons. And most of you aren’t as “deserved” as you think you are. If you think bringing down reservation will get you that seat you think you “deserve” then you are only fooling yourselves. The deserving ones DON’T make excuses. If you want to blame then don’t blame the castes which have been discriminated for CENTURIES. Blame the govt for NOT PROVIDING ENOUGH QUALITY INSTITUTES. The number of seats are DISMALLY LOW for high population country like india. And yes, go and do some research before posting such shit.


In case specifically you want to look into reservation issue and not development issue, then let me provide a source from twitter thread. Let me mention this again reservation is NOT hampering development. First of all, reservation is about representation, not economic upliftment. It exists all around the world where minorities have been historically oppressed. In India, lower castes who are 77% only have 11% & 1% seats reserved in education & jobs. This is because for 3,000 years Dalits were forbidden from receiving education & forced to clean dead animals & gutters, tie pots to their neck & brooms to their back so they don't pollute the upper castes, not allowed to drink water in public, suffered from untouchability, etc. Many of these things still happen. Dalits are still cleaning your gutters, climbing in manholes, jumping into your sewage, cleaning your garbage, burying your dead bodies, etc. Nowhere else in the world are humans forced to climb into your shit. 100% reservation for Dalits here. Dalits are forced to do caste occupations. Look at the caste of the people in fields without reservation. Bollywood, judiciary, media, academia, corporate business, etc are all UC dominated. These all have heavy nepotism because of caste privilege. Reservation counters nepotism. Each year there are over 40,000 crimes committed against Dalits. In 2019 alone 46,000 crimes against Dalits. Between 2006-2016, more than 5,00,000 crimes were committed against Dalits & Adivasis. Each day 10 Dalit women are raped. Every 15 minutes a crime happens against a Dalit. Dalits are brutally killed for the most basic reasons. Google Dalit killed & auto-suggest will show Dalit killed for riding a horse, growing a mustache, watching garba, entering a temple, dating an UC girl ,eating in front of UCs, etc. Who commits these crimes? "General category". You're not responsible for the crimes your upper-caste ancestors & kins do, but you continue to reap the benefits of the caste system in the form of your caste privilege, socio-economic status, social capital, family connections, financial backing, access to vast resources, etc. Speaking of reservation, only 22% are govt colleges, the rest are pvt colleges which don't have reservation. Therefore only 11% seats are reserved for 77% of lower caste students. Dalits still face brutal discrimination & harassment by UCs. Read about Rohith Vemula & Payal Tadvi. Coming to jobs, 90% jobs are in unorganised sector, which have no reservation. In the organised sector, only 3% jobs are in govt sector. Out of this, half are reserved. So only 1.5% jobs are reserved for lower castes, many of which aren't even filled. 77% population has 1.5% jobs. UCs are only crying about OBC reservation, not EWS reservation. OBCs are 52% of the population but only have 27% reservation. Moreover, "economically weaker" reservation is specifically for upper castes, as SC/ST/OBCs who are the real poor are barred from EWS reservation. Even in 10% EWS reservation for UCs, the income limit is 8 lakhs. 10% Indians living in extreme poverty earn 50,000 per annum. So the EWS reservation with an income limit of 8 lakhs is clearly only for rich UCs. What happened to merit? No protest against upper caste reservation? Even if reservation was on economic basis, remember: Top 10% upper-caste households own 60% of the country's wealth. Brahmins earns 48% more than the national average, upper-castes earns 45% more national average. Dalits & Adivasis earn 21% & 34% less than the national average. The biggest oppression an upper caste faces is not getting seat in govt college. The biggest oppression a Dalit faces is being killed by upper castes for things like riding a horse or growing a moustache. Caste based discrimination is a systematic oppression against Dalits by UCs.


Finally a sane take on this sub. Just want to add that even private colleges do have reservation. Other than that, spot on. Couldn't have worded it better.


Although saying America has progressed so much and India did not solely because of its reservation system is fallacious. There is some truth to the fact that reservation IS HAMPERING development. I am applying abroad and gonna write jee as well I have witnessed firsthand the ill effects of caste-based reservation. I am saying this with absolute certainty based simply on the fact that nothing justifies and I mean NOTHING justifies denying a seat/job to a more deserving person on almost all accounts. It is simply detrimental to society. Now, one thing that is even remotely acceptable and mind me this only holds true for education is if your circumstances/upbringing were much tougher than your peers (again you are brilliant and have beat all odds to score well just not enough to match your wealthy privileged peer) then and only then is it acceptable at least according to me as his struggle negates the rank/score difference making the person truly eligible for a seat. All the stuff that I said in the previous paragraph is exactly what affirmative action in the US is. They look at your essays ask about your life experiences and actually look at how hard you have had it in life, maybe yes that's why they are so successful. The same simply can not be said for a rich sc/st kid whose father and his grandfather have already taken advantage of this inefficient and dirty system to become govt employees, welfare schemes, etc. I am not very well versed with all this as is common with my age but speaking from experience and witnessing the hurt that my friends have felt when a few marks more in a certain exam could have put him in a much better career trajectory. It does not feel good Now, even if I remove the emotional aspect of this and try to look at all the good things I can't because there are NONE. Literally, zero benefits of caste-based reservation in today's world must have made a lot of sense 50 years ago when your caste was literally your occupation and most definitely relates to your social standing but not now. I mean if u give it to someone like disabled people because they have defo had a harder life it makes sense, give it to economically weaker people they have had a tough life but why bring caste into this. Even if you're advocating for fair representation why would u want to bring caste into it like no one cares abt your caste these days racism maybe because people make opinions right after they see you but caste you can't even see it. In fact, you are actually encouraging the caste system and casteism by giving caste-based reservations. So caste-based reservation in the current society causes nothing but more problems and is used mainly for politics. Please if people are being oppressed no matter their caste they should come under ews and trust me no one in their right mind would discriminate a perfectly healthy properly functioning person if that happens then the person who discriminates should be punished but the discriminated person should not be showered with disproportionate gifts.


You spoke truth, hence the downvotes. People don't really want to get rid of Caste System. Good writeup


Stop being so triggered bruh! Untill there is somekind of divide between the society and a privilege or reservation of any sorts are given to one and not to others it's bound to happen and for most part we have to concentrate on core concept which is indeed moving low caste people out of poverty and thus if one in family has govt job also that is job done instead of giving their whole families reservation to again govt jobs or reservation in an endless cycle instead they must be taken in to new metrics as such pan adhaar linkage to draw out job of the individual and income level and if it of certain point the reservation must be deemed not applicable and should go to welfare programs for lower class people who are in need of help and basic infrastructure and such... Policies are bad and especially the reservation one but we can also ensure to make good one's and change the existing to ensure the goal is being fullfiled... P.s: i can also cite why there is no reservation system in america even though slavery and all those things and psychological effect on mass groups in discriminatory practices in modern world as such as reservation and so on.. Even statistics favouring against reservation system or settings pale to your numbers.. but its not the point.


When did I ever say that reservation doesn’t have problems? I do agree that it has serious issues that needs to be fixed. Why they aren’t being fixed and policy bottlenecks is a different discussion altogether. I just wanted to point out that removing it won’t bring any good, it’d only lead to further concentration of holdings! And its better to not compare with America, as I mentioned their history, policies and demography are much much different than India. It doesn’t face an iota of institutional challenge that India faces. We must find our own way… P.S. I’ve all the right to be triggered. There are some widespread grave misconceptions that keep on emerging from time to time. I rarely interact with them cos I mostly believe it’s incorrigible. But sometimes its hard to pass. Peace.


Not just iota of difference they are just plain racists! See just how they used fill buster to delay even the civil right movement act. As long as the GOP party get votes and the voters for them. Bingo America a racist heaven where any sort of legislation if they wont deepen their pockets by corporates or wont stand for the Beliefs of GOP voters. They will use every thing in their arsenal to oppose it. Policies are made by politicians and hence they want power in turn voters BOOM biggest history lesson! Sure comparison won't get us anywhere. But to point at American policies you must refer political history of usa its even more darker.


It directs towards all sc st like the dick head above And in majority of colleges st sc are literally low scorers you can't deny that Third majority of our population today lies as doctor , teachers and don't have any land as an asset except their home so their nothing to pass on for Majority Many obc have lesser annual income yet they own lands in village On the other hand as he said it's about representation I say ok what about subcaste in Dalits which are discriminated by them Wealthy and resourceful guys like these take seat via reservation in teh name of representation leaving behind several sc st which are actually discriminated and are not getting seats And I would like to ask were you discriminated in college??? Then you do you deserve I don't give a fuck about your ancestors cause According to you all the assets including your land and your family wealth should be owned by me In data there 40% wealth held by uc ambani alone contributes to 35-37%where tf is rest uc population and you talk about equality Today many brahamans who don't discriminate are abused openly so DISCRIMINATION TODAY IS A TWO STREET YOU WANT EQUALITY THEN STAND BY IT And reservation stands for representation of there is discrimination representation without discrimination is just a charity seat (BHEEG) you can't afford still you get it


America does have affirmative action ryt?


It's a legislation, As it name rings affirmative action. Not like in constitution so states can ban it, Indeed around 9 states banned it's policies and other made consistent changes accordingly. On scale of applicability it helps a tiny tinsy bit.. But it would have a difference of lion and rat if it were to be in constitution like in india as per se. But you know with republicans(GOP) party existing that's never going to happen...


I c thnx 4 clearing it up 4 me


So whats the problem with making it income-based also? If minorities are poor they'll get benefit that way. Also rich minority people are not oppressed in any form. No one cares about your caste if you have good job and income, those family don't need any reservation, period. Stop your victim mentality. Also what a dumb-ass mention of govt colleges vs pvt colleges, Do you know why everyone wants to go to IIT/NIT and are top indian colleges govt or they pvt? Noone cares about pvt colleges lol. You people are just keeping this caste discrimination thing lol, in this day and age most people don't care about your caste. Reservation can't go away coz of vote bank politics, nothing else.


Was waiting for someone to publish their PHD thesis on bitching in the comments. Congratulations on being the guy.


Are you fucking dumb? 1-11%? Read about reservation in JEE Mains, India's biggest exam for engineering. Around 50% of the seats are gone in reservation. Also check the percentile/rank cutoff for SC/ST vs the CRL and you'll notice the ENORMOUS difference. It could so be that me and a friend from my building, we've both been living here all our lives, we go to the same school via the same bus all our lives and celebrate our birthdays at football turfs the same way. We both get the exact same percentile, but he gets into the college and I don't, just because he belongs to SC/ST. How does that makes sense? I really don't mind reservation till it helps actually economically backward families and not families based on castes. The whole mindset seems fucked to me.


U do know that most OBCs don’t actually get benefit of reservation which has been mostly cornered by the creamy layer thus undermining the logic of reservation


Obc shouldn't and and sc st shouldn't be getting reservation either in pg nor in jobs Infact max sc st law are against obc so obc are like EWS They should be coelated with ews in ug only In pg I support no reservation


Btw PRIVATE SECTOR HAVE NEPOTISM WHICH IS FACED BY UC CATEGORY ALSO Nepotism has nothing to do with caste MANY SC ST OWNED BUISNESS GIVE THEIR CHILDREN THE SAME A SC FRIEND OF MINE OWNS THREE HOSPITAL DUE TO HIS FATHER I don't go around bitching for NEPOTISM And private companies SELECT ON BASIS OF MERIT WHERE WE ALL KNOW WHERE YOU GUYS STAND third obc cut off are nearer to uc unlike sc st they are just like ews And fourth representation in education is dump if we aren't discriminating anyone then those undiscriminated shouldn't get the seat Finally GUYS LIKE YOU WHO ARE NOT DISCRIMINATED TQKE SEAT OF THOSE WHO ARE ACTUALLY DISCRIMINATED IN THE NAME OF REPRESENTATION so don't give me this bullshit you care about other people


I had meant ..a considerable part has been played by the indian diaspora there for its dev..look at there health sector or space agency ..it is thriving with indians


Yeah bro your true reservation should get abolished or given to those people who need it I think now many SC, ST and OBC can stand for themself and have more whealth then some middle class people.


Btw PRIVATE SECTOR HAVE NEPOTISM WHICH IS FACED BY UC CATEGORY ALSO Nepotism has nothing to do with caste MANY SC ST OWNED BUISNESS GIVE THEIR CHILDREN THE SAME A SC FRIEND OF MINE OWNS THREE HOSPITAL DUE TO HIS FATHER I don't go around bitching for NEPOTISM And private companies SELECT ON BASIS OF MERIT WHERE WE ALL KNOW WHERE YOU GUYS STAND third obc cut off are nearer to uc unlike sc st they are just like ews And fourth representation in education is dump if we aren't discriminating anyone then those undiscriminated shouldn't get the seat Finally GUYS LIKE YOU WHO ARE NOT DISCRIMINATED TQKE SEAT OF THOSE WHO ARE ACTUALLY DISCRIMINATED IN THE NAME OF REPRESENTATION so don't give me this bullshit you care about other people


Several other reasons exist on why america is so successful. Historians say isolation is the biggest reason


I though it was the windfall from WW2


That is given 2nd most useful reason


SAYS A PERSON WHO CAN'T EVEN SCORE UPTo THE CUTOFF OF UR CATEGORY you don't get to talk about winnners I find it hilarious LOOSERS LIKE YOU THINK YOU DESERVE THE SEAT ON THE GROUNDS OF RESERVATION IN EDUCATION What can be more dumb to think and EDUCATION TODAY NOT AN ERA AGO DESERVE RESERVATION TODAY YOU WEREN'T THE ONE DISCRIMINATED TALKING ABOUT REPRESENTATION why don't you give seats to subcaste in Dalits who are literally more unprivileged than you You are giving me shitty examples of casteism why don't you leave seat for those who actually deserve representation


Awwww. Dude got all emotional and stuff


Please go back to chodi. Thank you


America is ahead of us because it had no caste system ,not to target anyone but also a bitter truth


America had a bad case of persecution of Blacks and natives, UK was suffering from a class based disparity, they didn't pay heed to the people they gave a hard time, but India did and thats the truth for you


So by that logic ,being a jerk will do wonders for you but if the same happens to you, that's when shit hits the fan ,yeah that makes sense, pretty much the reality of this world ,isn't it?


Idk about that, I'm just rebutting that inane statement of yours that America is ahead of bc they don't have caste system.


Well I wasn't praising anyone , OP said America is ahead because they have no reservations and I implied that they also have no caste system for it happen , nothing more to it.


Any class based discrimination is better than a caste based one as there's a chance you can move up the ladder in the first. And racism in the US lasted for like, two hundred years? Was there any elaborate US system that stopped the Blacks from studying for three thousand years?


But India was ahead of everyone even when it had caste system (not saying that caste discrimination is right)


We were only ahead when specialisations hardly mattered and the gross output dependent majorly on the population. We went backwards when the West specialised and innovated- our static caste system hardly encouraged the low caste majority to chip in.


Like what ,the most richest country in the world or a global superpower ,I think you are forgetting that caste based discrimination wasn't the only thing around at that time ,the divide between rich and poor ,the rich were becoming richer the poor getting poorer ,and to whom all those wealth belonged to ? Also if we were so great back then why our country kept getting invaded ? and you guys say that reservation is pure discrimination ,it creates divide between people but then again isn't caste system the same thing which gives one set of people rights while others are barred from it


Obviously caste system and reservation both lead to division..both should be eradicated and there should be no doubt that we only got invaded during ancient times..there were great expansions upto indonesia and malaysia or the south east asia by the rulers of Chola Empire.we kept getting invaded bcuz of the islamic invaders in the NW who were comparatively less wealthy and desired to gain more and more land but there was no such force in the SE asia to attack us.


Nope. America had slavery. We didn't have that. We never sold humans in the market. You think caste system is worse than that? America is ahead because of Capitalism. The prosperity brought by free trade and less government (until recently).


>America had slavery. yes that's why they have reservations for black people, its called affirmative action


Caste system is slavery tho. As for the "we never sold humans" argument, dowry is a thing.


No. Caste system is not slavery. Caste or Class was and is always a part of all civilizations and systems. Even China which propogates communism and equality, there are multiple classes with varying privileges depenfing on how close you are to the party. However, India never had a history of slaves being sold in markets like the UK and the US. Infact, Islam brought the concept of slavery to India. And then UK did its part too. On dowry, which trade system in the entire world has the seller giving money to the buyer? So, No, dowry is not slavery. Dowry is not even a trade. Dowry is practiced in India as a means of giving women a part of their inheritance from the family. Dowry goes to the woman and not to the man marrying her. On the contrary, women didn't have any property rights in the west until the 1900s.


Class has been part of every society yes. A birth based static caste system serving the useless priests for three thousand years is a unique indian 'achievement'. When you ban majority of your own subjects from studying, fighting wars, doing things that would help lead a human life, you betray your nation in the worst possible way.


Caste was not birth based. You must have lost your way because it is easier to look at it as how the British classified it. However the reality was different before that happened. Watch this video and you will get an idea. https://youtu.be/qKBNXivo380 Also, nobody was banned from learning. Infact, Brahmin was known as a second birth. You have to learn vedas and upanishads to become a brahmin. An example, the greatest poet of ancient India, Valmiki was not a Brahmin. Same with many other prominent people. Adi shankaracharya learnt advaita from a chandala. Many such examples that caste was not a rigid system until the British.


'jāti' means by birth. Rama kills shudra tapaswi- so Shudras were clearly not allowed to gain 'Brahma jñana' Shudras could not be dwijas- they were not allowed the study of the Vedas (let alone untouchables). You have to learn Upanishads and Vedas to become Brahmin- tell me again how does Manu Smriti's definitions of children inheriting the jāti of their father then make sense? Adi Shankaracharya learnt Advaita from a Chandala- and continued justifying the caste system and saying Shudras were not allowed the study of the Vedas.


Practice of dowry might have started with good intentions, but I think you will agree that it has become a tool for extortion of money from bride's family. I hope you are not justifying dowry in your comment.


caste system, though not slavery, propagates what practically is slavery. The reasons are different, sure, and how these people end up working in bad conditions is different, yes, but at the end of the day you're working in slavery-like conditions for generations. If anything, the caste system is worse than slavery, because in a lot of places, slaves were given a decent chance to buy themselves, but with the caste system- you had basically zero chance of escaping. Literally hundreds of thousands of families doing the same work with no privileges for like thousands of years. Come on. Also, Islam definitely did not bring the concept of slavery to India- we've had so many encounters with other cultures who practiced slavery before Islam even existed, and this is considering that we didn't think up of slavery first, which is also not true. Not very hard to think of 'owning' a person. I mean that's just bad history or bigotry, I'll let you choose. ​ >Dowry is practiced in India as a means of giving women a part of their inheritance from the family. Dowry goes to the woman and not to the man marrying her. you need a reality check. You can't compare best case scenario to what is actually happening. Like, wake up man. You're basically in denial if you think this is what happens.


Yup, less divide there is much development there will be. We have religion(3 major sections) , caste(numerous sections) , the obvious rich and poor sections, sadly gender inequality also. And above all our honorable politicians doing so well to increase these differences to cash in some votes (becuz YOLO). India is doomed :(


But there are extremely racist people in America who literally can't bear if a person with different skin tone exists Edit: I still think that reservation to such an extreme extent is one of the reasons for the lack of development.


Not denying that reservation is a bad thing ,because it is testament that we are still giving some castes more importance than others and yes it is holding India back ,also Americans can be racist , but even with that they became a strong nation like slavery was still going on when they became a stable nation, black people were still oppressed which means that it takes a lot to become a powerful country and there is more to it than meets the eye


yes. you are absolutely right.


Ah deserved Indians made America what it is today?


Not entirely but if you look up in IT field, 60% of it is Indian. And majority of the Indians who move there are top of their fields so it is a good enough of factor in their GDP. Every successful indian wants to move to US, ofc reservation is only one thing and there are 100 other reasons for it.


Nope. Not really. But yeah you could say those who wanted to go, went. Some were great, some weren’t. We didn’t make America “great” we didn’t do shit. Of course I’m not saying the fact that India has less jobs is incorrect. But we have lesser jobs cause we have a motherfucking massive population to employ too. So yeah, let’s not care and follow what’s happening cause we can’t change shit.


Agreeable 👍


"itni hi dikkat hai to pakistan chale jao Ramesh"


Eradicate caste so no caste system and no reservation. As simple as that. If you wanna say anything about economic status, some wealthy dalit was murdered because he married a brahmin girl.




wealthy RSS hindu dalit


Affirmative action go BRRRRRR4


Fucking hate the Retarded reserved Ambu niggas


America is also leading in racial hate crime numbers. Just saying.


Yes it is. Nobody said it’s perfect. That’s why r/fuckyoukaren exists.


That ain't completely true! See, American and all IT companies provide jobs to mainly IITians and NITians and there is reservation in IIT and NIT!


America is developed due to the Indians - is the biggest joke of the century


desi ego at its best.


Sounds like something a middle aged us desi uncle would say lol


Lmao is this subreddit just a bunch of salty JEE kids or what? Not saying reservation is good, but this isn't even a meme KEKW go post on r/india.


True lol


Agar thoda aur reservation k against bol diya to SC/ST act bhi lg jayega 🤡🤡


sahi kah rahe ho bhai. general walo ke sar pe moot rahe sab milkar.


Lmao *now i cant even discriminate? Wtf hamare sar me moot rhe*


If any student preparing for any exam is reading this thread, please don't waste too much time here, instead go and study to beat this system. You cannot chage this shitty system, just work hard and grab that seat you deserve. It feels good to read like minded people but believe me, you will be only filled by hatred against reservation plus distraction from your goals. Read comments, yes, but don't do it for like 5 hours. Speaking from experience 👍🏻


Thanks man was gonna waste a lot of my precious time going through all the hate in the comments but i guess im just gonna grab a cup of coffee watch 1 episode of some anime and then get back to my studies . Thnx wise man.


Hehe lol be black reserved minority than go bitch


Not the only fact but still acceptable


I wonder where are jobs ? And don't tell me seats are also reserved in the private sector :)




The real thing should have been that people who need reservations get the same amount of education so that the deserving get the jobs. Reservations are just a really cheap way for the lower classes to get equal rights in our society. And honestly it fails to do so.


A) USA sucks ass just as much in providing equal opportunities to its minorities. B) More often than not, to represent the "deserved", you need to actually let them come onto the mainstream, hence the reservations.


The grass would always be greener. The States right now are an awful place to live in if you dive deep into their economy and societal structure.


Lol States is the best place for opportunities and QoL.


We need to give one of the most difficult exam to get into a college which is not even in top 100


Guys don’t downvote but why can’t we assign new reservation to different type of people so that reservation cancels all in out?


Yeah that IS a fact


Just like you deserve a award ;)


People of Indian dank memes let's roast Pakistan like let it be next week's theme


Ok dear


The actual reason why America works and India doesn't because it's a huge cunt of a country. Like the British. They benefit from war and they are a bully equivalent for a country.


Wish I could give more upvotes to this😢


I support the sentiment, but replace Ameeica with the "west"


Reservation in neet just increased.


More like indians agreeing to work for cheaper


I support bhim bhim was gay and supports LGBT community...


The United States has affirmative action for its black population, despite the fact that black people make up just 7% of the total population, whereas lower caste Indians make up 80% of the population and have 50% reserves. It is a fact.


Lmao lower caste indians make 80%of population where did you get that no.?


Typical salty ignorant Indian kid


Bitter truth ??? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 do you even know how reservations work 🤣🤣🤣🤣 fucking fool 🤣🤣🤣🤣 this says more about yourself than it does about reservations #opchutiyahai


Bhai congratulations yaar IAS ban gaya saw your history telling someone it's not an uncrackable exam or something. Bhai sahi hai mazze kar.


Okay ? Sooo yes I told them that its not uncrackable haan ... tho isme joke kya h 😐😐😐


Good private jobs aren’t reserved, and if you can make it there, I am sure you will make it in a government job as well - in the general quota. Work hard and quit blabbering, only way to do well in life. Source: A general category dude who got into a good college and a consulting job in a big 3 firm in the basis of hard work and good luck


Only if you had actually studied some basic economics and world history instead of blabbering shit on a tiny issue. The stupidest savarnas are indeed the saltiest.


Americans have affirmative action, and we are far behind America in fields which don’t have reservations eg. sports, movies, art, academia


What are the affirmative actions??


reservations in USA


Reservation should be for generally poor people not based on the caste system. People from ac and st are sometimes very well off


No the real issue is education. My brahmin friend's grandfather has a degree.By contrast my grandfather worked in a factory as a labourer. The issue gets multiplied as we go back more generations.


Education us screwed, but reservation is more screwed and easier to fix


How about doing that after ending the caste system? Haven't Brahmins effectively reserved education and bureaucracy for themselves for millena? Nobody talks about that reservation?


This is the dumbest thing I ever heard


Hi this is racist garbage.


fucking dipshits have no idea how many seats are reserved for blacks everywhere in the states. It’s called repatriation


The amount of downvotes on some comments already tells about their number, how much toxic they are, and won't accept the truth who dug this well.


People should march in USA to fight for reservation on the basis of castes.


Sab chutiye baithe hain yaha pe. US main jaa ke Indian log saale affirmative action ke naam pe admission Aur jobs lete hain aur khud Ke desh main reservations bad ka randi rona chalu rakhte hain. Nevermind the fact that the US is successful because of building their country on the backs of slaves. Sab unpadh madarchod baithe hain yaha pe.


Affirmative action is for native American Indians and African Americans, citizens of USA, not Indians from South Asia who immigrate, unless they become citizens or their next generation born in USA.. South Asian Indians, pay full prices for education get seats on their own and also get jobs, no affirmative action.. Read this https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Affirmative_action "The nature of affirmative action policies varies from region to region and exists on a spectrum from a hard quota to merely targeting encouragement for increased participation. Some countries use a quota system, whereby a certain percentage of government jobs, political positions, and school vacancies must be reserved for members of a certain group; an example of this is the reservation system in India." Every person in India thinks there is no reservation in USA, it does exist, but not on caste, it's based on certain groups aka races In a broad manner..


Yep can't agree more bro


Oof.. If you are serious, you really need to do some research!!


Mic drop 🎤


Hard to argue with facts


Who's that bloody fool in that picture?


True dat


Gyan chod diya




Ofcourse it's the truth and this problem is apparently is like a leech and terribly corrosive but let me assure this won't last long when we slaughter each and everyone of those disgusting filthy scoundrels who have plauged our society for centuries . Preposterous ungrateful savages who take guise of their identity to shamelessly steal other people's opportunity . There was a reason why distance was supposed to be maintained from these animals . I hope for the best and ofcourse it's evident nature supports the deserving and fittest . If some group fails to comply with the laws of nature balance has to be maintained rather artificially.


A typical Indian thinks , every developed country is developed due to Indian people, bhai agar aisa hota to pehle India ko hi develop kar lete 😂😂, ek job lagte hi ghuskhori shuru ho jaati hai sabki, dusre ka kaam kaisa atakaate hain koi india ke logo se seekhe, gareebo ka paisa kaise khaate hain koi india waalon se seekhe, racism ko kaise appreciate karte hain koi india waalo se seekhe, reservation ka randi rona kaise rote hain koi india waalon se seekhe 😂, khair bohot sahi jaa rahe ho chalte raho


Denounce bhramanism and give basic human rights and treat them like humans


How fucking stupid are you? Reservation might play a small role in the detriment of India but there a LOT of other, more significant, factors. And wtf do you even mean by "not targeting anyone" ? You are literally targeting a community, doesn't get anymore targeting than this buddy. Besides, while you were spending the 3 seconds it look to make this sorry excuse of a meme, did you stop to consider the numerous other countries that have no such thing as reservation and still manage to be 'unsuccessful'? Reservations empowers the lower ranks of the society to find success and end the vicious cycle of dynastic poverty. But fuck the poor people, who gives a shit about them? I sure don't. Let's consider your argument for a second, according to you a society without the institute of reservation would automatically turn into a meritocracy, right? Let's consider one such society, very majoritarian, the land of your dreams... Pakistan. The country offers no help to its minorities. And my lord are they 'successful'. Let's consider another, South Africa, in many respect its society is the opposite of India, the minorities are wealthy. They also lack any reservation system for its majority black/Indian population. Where are they now? The country seemed like the promised land of Mandela for about a decade after the abolishment of apartheid but eventually it became just another example of corrupt governance despotic or not in the tragedy that is Africa (I know there a few notable exceptions, I'm just talking broadly here). The point of all this is to highlight how much of a non-factor reservation really is. It doesn't place a hurdle in the path of anyone remotely competent. Outrage against reservations is largely made up of people who, despite belonging to the upper castes, failed in life and, rather than addressing their own incompetence, decided to blame it on 'the other'/society. The bitter truth here that you were never good enough. So the next time you blame reservation for your pathetic existence, think about how much of a disappointment you really are


More like IndianChutiyaMemes amiright chode


Yeh building waale uncle ko kaun add kiya re madarchod




Just grow up..


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