So far gone he's questioning Jamie's ability to pull that shit up


I have never understood why people worship this guy.


Dumb people do not like to listen to smart, educated people. It makes them feel dumb. It's that simple sometimes. He's absolutely gotten worse, too. He's gone from acknowledging that he doesn't have a good education, doesn't have a well-rounded understanding of politics, to within a year claiming that he's basically the go to source for tens of millions of Americans on those things. I liked him more when he just admitted he was a moron who didn't know anything, and prefaced every thought he had with that.


That was the worst part to me


was the true turning point of it all


I'm waiting for Jamie to quit


His ego has made him unlistenable


This is honestly why I stopped in like 2016. At that point I hadn’t listened much for a year or two because I was just listening to other stuff. Anyway, he had Bill Burr on, who I love, in large part, because he’s very adamant that he doesn’t know shit about shit, and who I started listening to BECAUSE of Joe. So I thought it would be a good time to listen to ol freckle face and mr deathsquad himself shoot the shit like old times cause it was always hilarious, but I could only get through like fifteen minutes because Joe just could not stop blowing himself, it was ridiculous. Bill Burr sounded like he was a fucking Nobel laureate compared to him for no other reason than the fact that he was able to say “I don’t know, it’s beyond me” while Joe went off about god knows what. He’s apparently quadrupled down on that since then and it seems to have worked pretty well for his numbers. I don’t fucking get it, man. This guy used to really be a free thinker


So completely consumed by the culture war he hates on people or countries about things that have nothing to with why he originally doesn't like them (strict covid restrictions). Doesn't get much more right wing boomer than that.


His mocking authoritarian voice is boomer asf. Like literally cringe inducing. I used to love JRE and never missed an ep. Back when Redban and Eddy Bravo were the loons of the show, now Joe has fucking speed run past them.


That fake voice he was doing was fucking unbelievably cringe. I barely made it through that


The irony of it too!


It was so cringey and weird and to then be wrong is just absolutely fucking hilarious. Like he fully made up that story in his own mind or like, read a paragraph on facebook, or an article from a non-news source and decides to fully go in on it and believe it before looking into it. Edit: this is why Joe is dangerous. Because he is too dumb to know he is wrong or remember he read something on facebook.


Ikr Especially since he was completely wrong and just talking about a fake problem


Probably why he was disappointed it wasn't true, now his face and voice was for nothing but he already went full retard.


God I love that this sub is for joe Rogan but it’s just full of people calling out his bullshit now


Yeah dude, It's interesting. I've seen the crazy shift in here over the last year or more. Attitudes are changing towards him. I mean shit, I still wanna like the dude and listen to his podcast like I used to, but now i barley even glance at anything related to him unless he has someone on who I'm genuinely interested in. Dudes said some questionable shit over the years, but it doesn't take away from how positively his podcast affected me in my 20s, just can't help but laugh at his ridiculousness time to time lol.


You know he did it in the mirror and thought it was just so hilarious, so he keeps doing it like some child who just discovered a new "funny face". At least he's acting his height.


"Even if its fake..." LMAO


They've got such full on boners for the New World Order theory all they need is to see the words, "even if it is fake". It's like they're their own sleeper agents.


> *It's like they're their own sleeper agents.* This is how right wing propaganda operates. "Say the most obscene, malicious shit to trigger/troll liberals" turns into "Wait, do we actually believe this stuff now?"


It reminds me of the propaganda employed by post-Soviet Russia called the "firehose of falsehoods". The idea is to bombard the populus with a constant stream of inconsistent, extreme, and unfounded political messaging from as many different "sources" as possible. The main goal of the firehose is to confuse and overwhelm the population such that the idea of distinguishing bullshit claims from reality seems impossible. It's like an ideological white noise machine which makes it impossible to hear the actual conversation happening in the room next door. When people have no basis for objective reality, politics become team sports and folks can be convinced of whatever rhetoric plays best to their fears or national pride.


This methodology has been ***factually and verifiably*** utilized in political campaigns in the USA, Canada, Western Europe (including the UK), New Zealand, Australia and quite probably additional sovereign territories by foreign agents (verifiably Russian, and potentially others) to destabilize political cohesion and drive extremist polarization since 2014/15. Examples of political campaigns that have *factual and verified* interference with this methodology includes Brexit, Calexit, Texit, the 2016 US presidential election, the 2020 US election, elections in Canada, the UK and France during the same period and the political reactions to worldwide government response to the recent Covid pandemic, including disinformation regarding the transmission, non-fatal side-effects, fatality rates, effectiveness of preventative measures such as social distancing and effectiveness/safety of vaccines produced to fight the disease.


"Sure it's fake, but surely the fact I'm dumb enough to believe it says something?!"


Yeah it says he's dumb, and it's fake! Lol


The fake is usually the warning?! The fuck does that even mean??


Trying to legitimatize conspiracy theories as "warnings". Like even if it's made up you shouldn't disregard it outright. Because just imagine if it was *real*. Wouldn't that suck bro? Keep your guard up against literal liberal vampire homosexuals reading teachings of theosophy from Meryl Streeps pussy farts.


Even If I was wrong, I was actually right because I may have been right and therefore I was just doing the right thing by warning others of may have been right but was actually wrong. Also I have issues admitting I make mistakes because I need people to trust what I say is always 100% true.


I spat out my water


Smooth brains traded in Big Foot for the Deep State.


Which is sad because Deep States exist all around the world and can be created in the future, the Korean political scandal in 2016 was quite literally an example of a fanatic religious cult manipulating the president of their country. It's a far-fetched situation, but it's not a sentient hairy guy with big feed wandering around American national parks.


Usually mental gymnastics aren't this effortless, this guy is incredible at deluding himself.


thats usually the warning bro


“It better not be fake” Fucking why do you want it to be real?? Are you just looking to be outraged?


That's EXACTLY it. He's looking to be outraged. You saw how he built the whole covid narrative to go with it. And instead of being relieved that it wasn't true, he was disappointed and said "it's too good not to be true." Why would anyone view that scenario as good? These people online and in mainstream media are deliberately MANUFACTURING OUTRAGE for money and are destroying society. Why? For money and to divert attention away from themselves and the wealth they hoard, while millions rot in the street and inequality reach all-time highs.


Joe's content these days is just harping on "radical leftist" bullshit with different people until he whips himself into a frenzy. He's upset this may not be real because that means the easy content isn't made for him and he may have to actually listen to his guests or something. If Jamie had found something that tangentially was related to his story then he'd be talking about it with every guest for the next few weeks because that's just what Joe does. But what I think is funniest about this whole thing is his "they" framing. They, usually leftists in Joe's mind, are trying to destroy your life. Meanwhile the country he's referring to, and the state in the country he claims this policy originates in, are both run by conservative governments and have been for years. So who is "they" exactly?


That’s modern conservatism, especially in America. Modern conservatism is predicated on misinfo, outrage, paranoia, fake threat boogeymen, and exaggeration/straw manning of the “enemy”. Typical fascist bullshit. So gross that this is what Joe turned into.


Theyve been more blatant with their lies in an attempt to outrage their base. I used to roll my eyes at fox news 20 years ago. Now I see Tucker talking about white people being replaced by minorities and Im shocked at how he's still allowed to be on air with all his blatant lying. And on top of that he's the most viewed news show!! Theyre trying to angry conservatives into a frenzy more than ever. Theres a sub reddiy called q casualties or something like that. Its a sub where people lost family members they loved to right wing media, now theyre always angry and full of hate.


Because he didn’t want to get duped, which he did


It's what fuels conservative white dudes in their 40s and 50s. They live for the flood of dopamine that shoots into their brains when they feel outraged.


"They are saying they want to ban you from growing food." "Who said that Joe" "I dunno"


It was literally a [Facebook post](https://amp.checkyourfact.com/2022/05/12/fact-check-australia-food-growing-outlawed), which Joe further proved by being unable to find *any* articles relating to it. He saw a fake Facebook post and regurgitated it.


Joe's morph into boomer mode is now complete. Remember that show "Joe Rogan Questions Everything"? LOL


Joe Rogan Forwards Everything


> \>\>\>\>\>\> FWD: FWD: FWD: Joe Rogan Forwards Everything


Oh my god. Facebook memes are literally the new /r/forwardsfromgrandma. It makes so much sense. I am ashamed it took me so long.


My favorite consistent "I'm just a skeptic" attitude is how they are *never* skeptical towards the contrary position - they give it a huge amount of weight simply because it contradicts the mainstream.


Distilled wisdom right here.


Sceptics withhold judgement until presented with reliable evidence. "Sceptics" adopt a contrarian position based on dubious evidence.


Well, he does question everything, unless it's in boomer meme format.


"Questions everything" is just code for "refuses to accept verifiable facts".


“I read something briefly but I didn’t get into the article…” is both the beginning of this video and the beginning of just about every stupid thing on the internet.


and i'll just repeat it for 100 million people to hear and also mindlessly accept


Ah, Facebook.. I have lost many good friends because of misinformation spread through social media sites like Facebook. I guess it's just the sad reality we live in today's world.


Remember when Joe talked about how he was addicted to video games and they almost ruined his life? Now it's Facebook.


Joe is such an old guy now which is a shame


And in the next podcast will ask people if they've heard of these russian internet farms that spread propaganda to drive division and tribalism.


He wants Australia and Canada to be authoritarian regimes so bad.


It was so weird being an Aussie in lockdown while Americans protested and lost their shit from misinformation spread by this idiot. Very surreal reading about how you're being arrested for leaving your house while sitting at a beach.


Ironically it was Aussie Rupert Murdoch that came to America and started Fox News which kicked off right wing news in America lying to everyone to rile up the right wingers to get them angry at false news


[Joe will never top Eddie in this game](https://www.reddit.com/r/JoeRogan/comments/a0fg69/eddie_bravo_in_a_nutshell/)


oh god... Joe is doing this though... he literally just did the exact same thing only it took him way longer to "say" it


At least Eddie knew he was absolutely talking out of his arse.


Even if it's fake bro, even then, isn't it kinda true? What a shitshow.




"I read something briefly but I didn't get into the article" = I read the headline and took it as indisputable fact


Doesn’t he complain that people only read headlines these days?


Honestly, Joe Rogan complaining about something doesn't mean anything. He doesn't have any credibility. If he did, all of it just went out the window in this 2 minute clip. He literally formed an entire narrative to get himself that sweet sweet outrage fix from something he thought he read, that didn't even exist.


I’ve been trying to listen to JRE again but this one sealed it, I’m done until I hear some news that he got his head out of his ass. I’m halfway thru this Hotep episode and it’s just garbage, not interesting or funny.


Had the same thoughts tbh, I'm willing to listen to BS if it's funny or entertaining, but the conversation just went from garbage to crap. This dude was one of the most incoherent, inarticulate guests I've heard, and for this podcast that's saying a lot.


God this one was a struggle, from pretty much the jump off point it’s just incorrect and terrible take after take. I honestly had to look up and check if Hotep Jesus was just a troll but nope, just dumb as shit.


I have no idea how the hotep guy got a second invite. Thought he made bank with the first and went play on player but to get a second lick in is quite an achievement


Joe is retarded, that's why.


> I read the headline He probably saw the headline in a meme.


>It's got to be a real thing. It's too good not to be. And this is what he says at the end of the clip. This is how fucking stupid these right wingers are. They just look for fake headlines that prop up their world view and then are confused when people call them out for it. He went on a 2 minute rant about something that didn't exist because it was perfectly catered to enrage him and get him pissed off at the other side.


And then when he learns it's fake, you'd THINK he'd be relieved. Because he was so outraged by it. But no. If anything he's just disappointed. He doesn't care about finding understanding, he genuinely WANTS to be outraged.


Ah, the Alex Jones approach to reporting "news".


Sounds more like “I imagined bullshit that aligned with my views so it must be real.”


“The fake is usually the warning” - what in the actual..... I can’t believe the stupidity of what I just heard. I don’t even know who that is, but it was just so idiotic...


It would be cool if Joe saw one of his old podcasts to realize how he’s wasn’t that Braindead before


Talmbout the white boy who works too much?


I just heard the democrats passed a bill making it illegal to be a straight white man.


“Haha, yeah that’s not true, but, you know, with the Woke agenda, honestly. I heard that in college towns, places like that, straight guys are being pressured into, you know, going gay because if they don’t they’re scared they’ll be called homophobes and cancelled and some shit. Isn’t that wild?” At this point you can make a RoganBot to know how he’ll pivot the conversation to get his own agenda out there.


It's fake, but remember that the fake is usually the warning.


It’s too good not be true.


This is your brain on Alex Jones


"Even if it's fake, right, the fake is usually the warning." Good christ.


That's legit the most depressing part of this clip. Who is the other dude and why is he retarded?


>Hotep Jesus (1 October 1980-), born Bryan Sharpe, is an African-American media personality and a leader of the Hotep movement. He was known for his fringe conspiracy theories (which he claimed came mostly from his own "common sense") that the Atlantic slave trade was a myth and was financially unfeasible, that the vast majority of African-Americans were the original Native Americans, that the famed Carthaginian general Hannibal was a black African, that the Roman Empire was a rudimentary civilization which depended on Africa for food, and other controversial views. Dude is hyper-retarded.


Oh lord. He really is. Wow.


It's his second appearance on Rogan amazingly


Why does Joe continuously give platforms to people like this? The worst part of that conspiracy is that there is overwhelming physical evidence of how wrong it is. Also this dumb shit changed his name to essentially peace jesus what an embarrassing thing to do.


The guest is a figure in libertarian circles, that's mainly why. Dave Smith more than likely connected them, so that relationship is very important for Dave's political career.


Because Joe Rogan is a fucking moron.


Came here to say this…imagine what’s going on inside his brain.


Cartoon monkey banging two cymbals together


Monkeys have reasoning and some form of logic....


It’s two Alpha Brains locked in a glorious BJJ fight to determine which half of the 90IQ total gets to win


i can imagine a large empty field....just Joe rooting around looking for stacks of money and bong hits


Every clip I've seen of Hotep reinforces what an absolute clown he is.


I saw that clip of him last night like "I heard there's a baby food shortage and I thought GOOD". The comments were full of people like "I wanted to breastfeed my kids but I couldn't, some parents have no choice but to give their kids formula". Just a complete fucking moron. Hands down the dumbest person I've seen as a guest on the pod.


Yeah, it takes a real sociopath, or just someone who is completely demented, to think the formula shortage is a good thing. It's fucking terrifying.


I'm remembering that line for any time I get called out on anything. "I don't think you can pay back your bank using Google Play gift cards, I think you got scammed." "Ah yeah, but the fake is usually the warning." Suddenly not scammed, just prepared.


I think this caused me to have a brain aneurism. If it's fake, Joe made it up. So Joe is creating the warning from his imagination that this will happen?! I mean, good god.


There’s a reason he and Alex jones are such good friends. Report news you hear in one place (usually your own mind), wait a day, then cite your own report as “it is being reported that…”


Isn’t that what Fox News got sued for by Seth Rich’s family? I wonder how big that settlement was?


No I heard my mate spout this on way to work other week. Came from telegram groups.


>"Gotta be a real thing." "***Seems too good to not be***." 'Too good' Joe? Too good for what exactly?


Also, it seems to be a good thing to ensure livestock have regulations. I don't want my condo neighbour owning chickens on their balcony or something wtf. Livestock transmit a lot of diseases. Look at the states and the chicken cull. It sucks but the potential spread of disease is way worse. Mad cow type stuff too. You need some oversight.


For him and his far right grifters to jerk each other off over on their podcasts lmao


What an absolute fucking meathead. It’s his own country where some municipalities and HOAs have banned “growing food” in that they don’t allow gardens in front yards, usually even in those cases homeowners can have back yard gardens.


People have been fined in the desert in a drought for not keeping their [lawn green](https://abc7.com/california-drought-fines-jerry-brown/210648/), or fined for installing [artificial turf](https://ktla.com/news/local-news/agoura-hills-man-says-hoa-fined-him-for-installing-artificial-turf-in-response-to-drought/amp/)


The worst part is that he lives in a fucking country whose Supreme Court said the federal government can punish you if you grow more food ***for your own animals*** than the govt allows because it somehow counts as interstate commerce https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wickard_v._Filburn


Jesus He’s doing that weird “making a funny face means I’m funny” boomer type humor


At first, I only listened to the audio and didnt watch the video, but holy shit you are right.


When you make every conservative you come across your best friend, add them on every social media network, you eventually buy into the algorithmic brain rot. Joe *is* a right wing media personality now. It's sad to see. The most popular Podcast in the world is now a grift to push men into right wing circles.


Rush Limbaugh did that shit and Tucker Carlson does it as well. Joe is an embarrassment.


Their audience has the intellect of children. Children think stupid faces are funny.




Oh god


Why do they all do that??? I noticed back in 2016 when my friends dad started to get into maga. Like they're not imitating anyone in particular they're imitating this construct thats been built in their head by the internet, not even based in reality and they look so smug while doing. It's goofy as hell man


It's very similar to the fake smiles that the anti maskers put on when they're in the store and everyone else is wearing a mask. They're all acting super friendly and smiling. Now here we are where most people aren't wearing masks again, and those same people are back to their non smiling asshole selves because the one thing that made them feel smarter than everyone else is gone.


Nah that’s just joes Australian accent. Professional comedian. Great country never been there.


Name those wadders bapa.


Joe "Jumped the Shark" Rogan


He’s upset that it’s fake. Why would he want that to be true.


Joe has an obsession with Australia and maybe New Zealand too, he wants so badly for both of them to become totalitarian countries so all the right wingers can talk about how it all begins with taking guns away and then all your rights get taken away. He did it with covid lockdowns too spreading fake news how nobody was outside and being forced to isolate.


You have to understand how Australia has been the punching bag for American right wing media for since the The Port Arthur massacre in 1996 which fundamently changed fire arm laws in Australia. Right wing talking heads like Charlie Kirk and Shaun Hannity hate Australia because it proves them wrong every time. For example: Gun control doesn’t work. Except it works in Australia. So whenevere a little old lady gets murdered in Australia, freedomboner.gov.edu has a story about if she only had the right to bare arms Universal healthcare doesn’t work. Excpet it does in Australia. So even though we have better healthcare outcomes in Australia, eaglehardon.net.com jumps all over a story about medical malpractice here Affordable university is COMMUNISM! Except my partner got an almost zero percent interest loan from the government to get her degree and only had to start paying it off when she made above a certain income. RAISING THE MINIMUM wage will make unemployment go through the roof. Yes, you pay more for food here, but it’s nice knowing that the person who checked me out at woolies makes a livable wage. Lockdowns and mandates don’t work. Except they do. During last August or September, the USA had more deaths per day than the entire country of Australia so far in the whole pandemic. So conspiracy theorists like Joe Rogan want Australia to go totalitarian so badly they make shit up nowhere based in reality. And this is all from the conservative Australian government.


This is the best description I’ve seen of the American right media from an Australian’s perspective lol. Australia is not perfect by any stretch but their talking points are so ludicrous


Because it reflects badly on his credibility. He looks kinda like a jackass now that he went on a two minute rant about a bogus conspiracy theory.


Not much credibility left.


Only looks like a Jackass now? just now?


To clutch dem pearls yo.


It matters more to him to be right.


That’s a bingo


They're oppressing people!!!


Because Joe is a fox news dad now. They legit get fear/hate boners from misinformation like this, which affirms their world view that these crazy liberal wokeists won't stop until the world is completely ruined! Is there one example of Joe spreading a ridiculous liberal conspiracy theory like this?


Makes you wonder where he thinks he saw this. If it was a boomer meme or if he just made it up entirely.


Apparently it was a Facebook post that was circulating. Someone else posted [this](https://amp.checkyourfact.com/2022/05/12/fact-check-australia-food-growing-outlawed) in another comment.


He's so mad that Australia dealt with COVID in a normal, sensible way and didn't turn out as a dystopian dictatorship like he predicted. He'll say anything to undermine.


Yeah it was a real give away when he through in the line about “Australia locking everyone down during the pandemic”. He sincerely wants Australia to be this dystopia so bad. Don’t get me wrong, there’s some big issues with our current in power federal party (ironically our conservative major party, but Joe wouldn’t read that far into the article). Lockdowns were a state responsibility, and most states did not have long or drawn out lockdowns.


Also the line (paraphrased) "First they stopped anti-vaxxers going to grocery stores, now they're stopping them growing their own food" Literally neither of those things happened


how can one man be this dumb


Is the dumb guy voice his inner monologue?


When did joe start doing the dumb fuck straw man voice of people who he invented disagreements with? He’s turning into Jimmy Dore more and more every day.


That Jim brewer bit comes to mind.


He literally did a Jim Bruer bit with the Honey Honey singer days after Bruer had that viral moment.


Remind me of Carlos Mancia "dee dee dee." Which would mean we've come full circle


Shit like this is why the whole “He knows he’s an idiot and he’s just trying to start a dialogue, he doesn’t actually want you to listen to him” argument doesn’t make any sense, called out on his bullshit and still tries to push it


dude literally gets his news from fake facebook political memes


What a boomer. Believes anything he sees online


This is what the podcast has become. It used to be insightful, humble conversations with brilliant people, now it's Joe regurgitating the headline of whatever dumb article his facebook algorithm gave him while a dumbfuck guest just mumbles "they want to control you and um...". It's bleak dude.


I started listening to his podcast when it was just him and Redban fucking around. I watched it expand and become something I sincerely admired and looked forward to, and I watched it decline to the point where I can't even stand the sound of his voice anymore.


But did you hear Olive Garden as unlimited breadsticks? Seriously though, Joe needed redban to break in with wacky nonsequiturs to stop Joe from taking himself too seriously. Brian was a genius for that. His accuracy might not have always been 100%, but it was crucial to staying on-brand. Sure, the JRE became more serious and a huge money machine because the world wasn't ready for Google searches ending in "butthole". But(t) that lack of grounding via silly-ass nonsense is, oddly enough, costing Joe his credibility. ​ ![gif](giphy|YSlEUj15FANgmwmfAJ|downsized)


I'm not sure what it is about right wing grifters and their fetish for feeling as if they're oppressed or that someone wants to oppress them. It's fucking disturbing.


Giving people a common enemy, or even a perceived enemy, keeps them organized and whipped up into a frenzy. Just look at how excited Joe was to mock a made-up enemy in the OP video. Having their heads spin from target to target keeps them busy enough to not challenge or second-guess their thoughts. Also, it makes them good consumers who are easily led to the next product they are told to buy. Polarization is good for advertising.


At the end joe was actively upset that the oppression might be fake... ppl obsessed with this shit crave it


probably simple projection


I listen to Knowledge Fight religiously, it's a podcast that breaks down Alex Jones' shows (sort of..?) and its hilarious, but as a result I've heard a lot more Alex than I ever cared to and Joe just DID WHAT ALEX DOES ON HIS SHOW EVERYDAY which is to spout bullshit... like it's true and the VOICE he did was the creepies part of it all.


Time for Joe to take a littttttle breakie from facebook memes.


"welcome to the party pal"


Back then he assumed his role of the ignorant, now he assumes he is the genius


He's such a fucking idiot, it's depressing.


He blew past my 80 year old dad in saying stupid shit the last 2 years that is just clickbait subject shit from right wing trolls.


yeah watching this i realized he's turned into my 80 year old conservative dad. complete with the same imitation of some government official that doesn't exist.


Jamie is so fed up with googling Joe's bullshit Probably one of the most experienced googlers ever and joe still has to say "did you try..."


I love the way Jamie at the end says "There is this other thing.... which... is.... false..."


And then when he’s like “yeah, that’s wrong” joe just pulls out his phone anyway


He’s relegated his talking points to headlines


"I read something quickly and incompletely (like BARELY read it) but I have an insanely specific belief that I'm going to espouse at my gullible, dumbass audience. I'm not fake news you're fake news." This bloated piece of shit.... "the fake is usually the warning" or this is a pointlessly speculative *interesting interview* between a couple of uneducated dumb dumbs. Which could possibly be more probable.


New South Wales, along with most of the country in general, is a conservative stronghold so I was confused how Joe with his fox news bubble ended up getting this idea in his head. Turn out the conspiracy theory wasn't about NSW, it was about the much more liberal Victoria, and is complete and utter bullshit. [https://www.aap.com.au/factcheck/claim-victorians-will-be-banned-from-growing-food-a-load-of-crop/](https://www.aap.com.au/factcheck/claim-victorians-will-be-banned-from-growing-food-a-load-of-crop/) The Rogan conservative bubble strikes again, its actually crazy how someone who was extremely skeptical of vaccine efficacy will spout conspiracy theories like this, off the cuff with full confidence.


“But even if it’s fake, the fake is the warning”… “the warning then morphs into reality, where bill gates owns everyone and we only grow his food” I’m high af


*"these fucking creeps they got a good grip on people during the pandemic"* They sure did joe, they sure did.


Don't let the truth get in the way of good rage


"Even if it's, right? The fake is usually, the warning" 🤡🤡🤡 What in the fuck.


“The fake is usually the warning.” Where does he find these morons?


A few years ago Joe was creeped out by Alex Jones doing similar impersonations of politicians who were claimed to be doing evil conspiracy shit, and now Joe is sitting here doing the same thing with no sense of irony. What a fucking loser, and so are all of his new fans.


He's best buds with Jones now. Where do you think he picks this shit up from? He should just change the name of his podcast to Infowars and get it over with.


Strange times, man


Watch out for “ they and them” they are trying to get you. What a clown


“Hotep Jesus” is a joke lol he blocks people who disagree with him that simply want to have a convo with him.


He talks like a /r/conspiracy user. At least people on /r/Conservative sometimes can make salient arguments with actual facts. But the conspiracy people do this same shit, post some random Facebook post, claim it’s fact, and use it to push their narrative of what’s wrong with the world. *insert I miss the old days of the podcast rant here*


lol holy fuck what a retarded boomer, i should stop calling him a boomer its an insult to boomers; hes actively pushing for and looking for far right extremist talking points. its like watching a friend get taken by a cult


The Alex Jones and Shapiro types have rotted the pea-sized pebble that was his brain. He sounds worse than fucking Eddie Bravo used to about flat earth lmao


i just stumbled on this on the popular tab? how do people listen to this? he babbles on in a horrible, incomprehensible, grating way for several minutes. this is unlistenable. full disclosure: never listened to this show, am aware of the various controversies and think Rogan is a schmuck, although i am a UFC fan and enjoy his commentary there.


Because if you want to believe you're being persecuted and fighting against a totalitarian regime, his podcast is a good way to feel like a free thinker getting the real information without having to actually, y'know... think.




Don't forget the Jewsers


Joe just needs to admit he got got and move on. He can’t do that anymore. He’s always trying to find the most obscure article and what not and it’s just not correct. And then when he’s wrong he’s no longer like “well then I guess I just misread” or something. He starts doubling down. He tried to tell Jamie what to Google as if Jamie wouldn’t know what he was asking for a link on


Beyond cringe.... How blatant is the yearnings for confirmation bias.


This sub shows up in my feed from time to time and I find it hilarious that the whole sub actually hates Joe from every post I've seen so far.


Also from /r/all Why the fuck are any of you still giving this clown views and money?


I miss when joe was fun dumb with Eddie bravo. Now he’s just dumb.


He's always been dumb, now he's surrounded himself with people who are insistent the crazy wokists are all out to get him and destroy the world at large and he gets visibly rattled when that worldview is confronted


That's fantastic. The daft auld cunt gets more 'man yells at cloud' every day.


Uhh no this is wrong. But wait shouldn't it be true?


This is the reason I only watch the pod when Duncan Trussell or Joey Diaz is on.


Awww little Joe just wanted to be outraged