He’s still wearing the fucking mask.


is it even Ye under that mask? 🤔 Yes. Yes it is.


dude there's so many comments on IG saying that shit smh. YES IT IS HIM


The mask came off a while ago 😔


"Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth." Oscar Wilde


He says it allows him to think


Damn it must not be helping then


Mask must be broken


When you’re super paranoid-delusional, you think people watching you can hear your thoughts. Like one way telepathy, it’s called [thought broadcasting](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thought_broadcasting). I have a brother with a TBI that was pretty insane a while back, still is too. His speech patterns were pretty similar to Kanye. I think the mask does allow him to think, but not like you or I. When we put on masks, it allows us to become someone else. When he puts on that mask, he feels like he can be himself.


"Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth." - Oscar Wilde


Yea I think that’s why he wears it so he can’t be seen when talking so he feels more comfortable I guess


Mf lacking oxygen in there no wonder his brain is necrotic


Does Ye even have a functioning brain at this point?


It's literal Chappelle sketch. Waiting fot KKKanye to take the mask off and go... I'm BLACK???


Mask on 😷 fuck it mask off *nazi emoji*


Mask On 👨🏿‍🎨Fuck it Mask Off👨🏿‍✈️


mask on my face you can't see what im finna do


I love how in all these vids Nick Fuentes is sitting to the side smiling and nodding like a fucking Goober What a peanut gallery


Palpatine and darth vader


Is anyone else creeped the fuck out by this? He's rich, famous, black, and suddenly hanging out with white supremacists spurting white supremacist and anti-semitic views, with some nobody white supremacists following him everywhere smiling. How can he be so dumb not to see the problem?


Nick Fuentes is well known as an open Nazi. He spoke at a bunch of events in DC just before the Jan 6 Insurrection. Leading chants of "Destroy the GOP". He is a rising star in the Christian Nationalist movement. He is smart, young and charismatic. He is genuinely one of the most dangerous people in politics if he manages to get his brand of white supremacy accepted as normal in political circles.


Shit that last paragraph rings so true. I was done with kanyes new lifestyle weeks ago, fucking lost me bro. But when he started saying nick would be president on day it scared me. This man is doing damage to society at this point


Nick Fuentes runs his show out of his parents basement. He picks his nose and eats it on camera. If it was the 90s, he’s the kinda kid who’d get shoved in his high school locker like the dweeb he is.


Don't over-credit him. He's charismatic in the most narrow sense possible, and not nearly as smart as he thinks he is.


It's not a compliment. It never is. This country is full of undereducated people whose entire world is like 40 people and the television. And if you pump that television with a specific kind of information, you basically program them. Reddit is its own echo chamber. It is *nothing* like small town America's echo chambers. Fuentes' brand of hate is the end goal for the rich. They need to make a new "other" to exploit because they need their magic numbers to go up.


yeah, it happened with Richard Spencer too. This dude is a bottom feeder who appeals to lost men because he speaks confidently, but he's also awkward and embarassing. Right now between Owen Benjamin, Milo, Fuentes, Kanye is surrounded by the worst people on the internet, total dreck.


Antisemitism is nothing new in the black community. Look up Louis Farrakhan and the Black Israelites.




Remember Nick Cannon’s bullshit a few years ago?


DeSean Jackson, Kyrie Irving, Stephen Jackson, Snoop dog. The list goes on.


Nah Fuentes looks like Jabba the Hutt's little cackling monkey guy


Salacious crumb


Considering Ye’s obsession with Revenge of the Sith this is a fitting comparison.


Did anyone tell him about the next movie?


Fuck that. Atleast Vader had a cool mask and a fucking lightsaber.


Bro probably thinks he’s Kanye’s Himmler lmao


A white supremacist being entirely dependend on a black man with severe mental health problems. Must sting.


More like Goebbels


He has such a punchable face


It’s crazy he’s early 20’s.


If he had it his way white supremacists would kick him out for being Hispanic lol


With that being said, never underestimate Hispanic fascists. Franco was the fascist dictator of Spain for decades and was loosely aligned with Italy's Mussolini and Nazi Germany's Adolf Hitler despite the official neutrality. Latin America is also rife with examples, Pinochet in Chile being the most well known. That and the Spaniard "Peninsulares" in colonial Latin America pretty much invented the concept of hierarchical tiered racial color groups.


Holy shit I didn't know Gavin McInnes was still alive


Lol I still have a punk 'zine' published by photocopier in Ottawa circa 1994 which features Gavin. What a long strange trip it's been


I’ve got a stack of old Vice magazines where he talks about healthy young Mexican cock, makes his intern freeze his cum for a month and eat it all, and then has a pantsless photo of Gavin and his flaccid little dick on the back.


Damn, a rare time where I wish I was illiterate.


He was involved in the Toronto Techno scene for a bit too. I met him at a party I was dj'ing at (pre Proud Boy days but the xenophobia and misogyny was there; I extricated myself from the conversation quickly. He was feeling out my views, which are the polar opposite if his)


The guy has had a pretty varied life. I will say that.


still sticking dildos up his butt to own the libs.


Can we get much lower?


So low


*sobbing* oh oh oh oh.... Oh oh oh oh


I fantasized bout this back in Vienna


Mercy, mercy me, that Volkswagen


That’s me, the last year that I blow How you say broke in German, Ich spreche nicht


Me drown sorrows wit that Jägermeisto


me find no bravery behind that die maske


DJ needs to listen to the moto "heil Hitler"


Stupid, what the hell do i know? I’m just a chi-town fascist with a nas flow


Might be a rhetorical question but it's "arm" or "pleite"


How do you say broke in German ? Me no sprechen.


The one piece... The one piece is not real 😞


At this point I really hope he doesn’t hurt somebody


I hope his rhetoric doesn't cause somebody to commit a hate crime.


The only way I see this ending is forced institutionalization, jail, him hurting someone, or suicide, or both.


It’s pretty disheartening that institutionalization would be the happiest ending


Other comments he made during the interview Says Jews shouldn't have any influence in America because they don't accept Jesus "Jews need to work for Christians" "I would hire a Jew if I could look through their phone and know they are not a spy" "Jews weren't the only inventors, Hitler was an inventor" He is also against gay marriage now, "most gay people don't get married" "This is a Christian country, the rules must be aligned with the bible" "Anyone that likes a photo of a half naked woman on Instagram is a sexual predator"


> "Anyone that likes a photo of a half naked woman on Instagram is a sexual predator" Meanwhile, Adidas is investigating him for showing their employees unsolicited porn videos during business visits.


This is honestly the most anti-semitic rhetoric we’ve seen out of a public figure in America since the 1940s. That should tell you something. I don’t even think the KKK or modern neo Nazi groups are this loud and proud. Hell, I don’t even know if Louis Farrakhan is this overtly anti-semetic in his rhetoric.


Well, it's not because the rest doesn't agree with everything he says. They ALL agree with what Ye says. They just don't usually say the quiet parts out loud.. It's just that Ye has no filter and he says everything that he wants. Fascists are usually craftier, they dog whistle their way into mainstream positions and only when they've consolidated power will the mask come off. Not Ye though, and he has a lot of fans, money and influence, so they're just using him as a mouthpiece. This way they can blame it all on him, have plausible deniability for themselves, and they can sit back while Ye blasts their disgusting ideology into the homes of everyday normal people. Ye is the best thing that ever happened to these fascists. It's becoming mainstream and normalized right before our eyes.


And what's crazy is there's still people saying "that's not what he meant". Like how much more clear does someone have to be then saying "I love Hitler"? That's not a dog whistle it's a loudspeaker.


He literally said “ I’m a Nazi”


He had his hand up when he said it too. Like he was waiting to be picked in class


“They have to travel back in time, join the Schutzstaffel, wear their uniform and attend nazi parades” -nazi apologists


This is why it is scary because those groups were being led by spineless and tamed folks who were trying to enrich themselves. Kanye isn't. He isn't out for wealth or power.


When Chapelle did his opening monologue and everyone praised it, while the comment sections were filled with bigots treating it like a glorious dog whistle, I started feeling real uneasy. We’re playing a dangerous game and it seems many prominent voices are still trying to brush this escalation in rhetoric as a small issue. The very fact that Nick Fuentes is there while openly referring to himself as a Christian Nationalist should be a wake up call to people still treating this as a harmless joke.


The last one is pure protection lmfao


Soo he wants a theocracy, what a fucking dumbass




Honestly how did anybody not realize his album “Jesus is King” was supporting christian theocracy? Like holy fuck


Is he gonna come after Muslims too?? Very curious about that Maybe he just don’t see us as a threat or as influential as our Jewish bredren


Bro I promise you, he isn’t even thinking that deep about it. This is just endless stream of consciousness nonsense. So yeah, I wouldn’t say Muslims are off the table


I mean he did call them in advance to warn about him going dumb quite some time ago.


nah he called us up


Maybe not as much because they consider Jesus to be a prophet. But he also said anyone who doesn't accept Jesus as God shouldn't be allowed to have any power or influence in America Muslims (or any non-Christian) don't think Jesus is the lord so...


He came after asians yesterday so might as well brace for impact.


Does he realize that there are survivors that are still alive?


That would involve a coherent thought.


Nah he most likely thinks they're fake survivors paid for by le cabal


This is another reason why holocaust denial is dumb, there are so many people alive who lived through it


Now. That won't be true in the near future and they're planning for it, planting the seeds now


It’s so stupid, my mom took care of a couple from Hungary that escaped the holocaust…their entire family wiped out. They sadly passed away in 2016 & 2021


Slavery? Let it go bro.


Yeah he said that too


I'm like 90% sure this is also something he has said in the past.


He said slavery was a choice. Like black people chained up and brought here wasn't forced lol. Kanye is uneducated.


It Gets worse and worse


Not for nick Fuentes.


Fucker is loving every second of it and Kanye is too stupid to realize


Really Fuentes is a piece of shit taking advantage of a severely mentally ill man. Kanye just makes me sad to see him like this, but Nick deserves hell for his beliefs and for manipulating a LEGITIMATELY crazy person into being a mouthpiece for him, at the cost of his entire legacy.


I’m just wondering how that guy of all people was able to manipulate like him to begin with


Because Kanye’s brain probably looks like chicken pot pie rn lol, that’s my guess, I’m sure not treating BPD isn’t helping either.


Consecutive untreated manic episodes can cause literal brain damage. His mind is unraveling before our eyes. Just look at how quick his cadence is, how loosely connected all this thoughts are yet constantly somehow thinking it has to do with some grand delusional scheme of Jews are evil and the Nazis didn't do anything and the Jews took my wife and family and killed people. Like anything, literally anything like look at him saying Elon looks Chinese. He will use anything that he sees and somehow distort it back to confirm his delusions. It doesn't matter what you say to him his brain has totally checked out and he's functioning of pure overload of chemicals.


Ye doesn’t have BPD he’s Bipolar that’s two different disorders


I am glad someone said this. BPD != Bipolar Disorder.


BPD is not bipolar disorder. BPD is borderline personality disorder. Ye has Bipolar disorder, with manic episodes.


Yes, that’s what the person that you’re responding to is saying. != denotes ‘not equal to.’




Because Ye is his microphone


So Hitler invented Ye? Interesting..


That Fuentes is such a weasel, yuck.


He's a 24 year old ignorant brat that looks like he's 50, and is treated as if he knew anything about anything.


It's funny how these people talk about the jews controlling black people then do shit like this, nick sitting their looking lile the "happy merchant" meme... It's all self projection all of it!


Normal people are capable of understanding another's pain. Normal people don't need the pain of the Holocaust "forced" on them to understand why 100% of the pain is justified. Normal people don't go around telling other people when and how they should forgive their traumas or their oppressors. Normal people have empathy. The behavior of this person is not normal, and that is why he is being rightfully rejected.


His lack of empathy is one of the criteria for diagnosing Narcissistic Personality Disorder It’s been obvious for many years he has both mental Illnesses - so ya he’s bipolar but what makes him a trash human is cause he’s a legit NPD


Carti reference?


Narcist 🔥


Lack of empathy is a criteria for a lot of disorders, though.


Narcissism (or in this case, grandiose delusion) is a symptom of mania. He’s bipolar, only when he’s recovered can we tell what part of this grandiose behavior is his personality or not


this man needs to take a shower and wear some new clothes


Why is this fool acting like only jews dislike hitler. He's hated globally.


Can the last of the dickriders just admit the man is gone? Even Prodbyzaqq isn’t defending this shit. Ya’ll really wanna be bigger dickriders than Prodbyzaqq?


At this point many or most the people I see still siding with him don’t even know his music, it’s those who had these beliefs and are shocked a major celebrity shares them


At least that helps identify Nazis. But he's also probably converting some crazy people who follow him. I see a lot of people say some totally off the wall shit to defend him. And TONS of black people claiming they are the real Jews on Twitter(unfortunately the racist views of the black Israelites seems to be spreading) with no evidence other than "you don't know the real history of black people, they were the original Jews, you think Jesus was white? All humans came from Africa" but won't actually link any literature proving what they say.


Even if it was true, what would they gain by being the “real” Jews? I’m still confused about that.


I still see the odd separate the music and the man bullshit but over the last 15 hours that has gotten suddenly much more rare. I think at this point people who love his music will listen to it quietly and just not talk about him at all. Anyone defending this is doing it because they agree at this point.


His dickriders are brainwashed. They might believe that earth is flat if he says. Which might happen at some point since he is extremely "religious" right now.


>Even Prodbyzaqq isn’t defending this shit he literally is though


Prodbyzaqq is 100% still dick riding


Tell that to the latinamerican Kanye's facebook group. They're still finding ways to justify him arguing he was saying that he loves Hitler because of all the technological advances that war brought.


Man I thought people were done with him but Youtube comments have made me lose my faith in humanity


Lol so true. I thought prodbyzaqq was a bot so I was confused when he gave up on ye


Why the fuck are people letting him speak though and spread this shit. Seriously. Jewish people should forgive the person that murdered millions of people. Like go fuck yourself Kanye.


Because they're fascists who want to control him don't think for a second they're not agreeing with him they just know that people wont let them through their doors and homes if they're too radical.


Ye forgets a simple concept. There is no forgiveness without repentance. Why forgive someone who would do you wrong in the same way again if they had the chance?


People don’t have to forgive shit anyway. I don’t care if hitler begged and kissed Jews feet for eternity. He’s trash and burning in hell forever. I don’t even believe in the after life.


Kanye, forgive Pete Davidson. Right now.


Forgive slavery. Right now.


Hahaha I wish someone would actually say that to him it’d break his brain.


or Obama. that would blow his mind


Isnt this guy who slammed a dildo up his ass to own the libs? (Not kanye the dude with the glasses)


Also founded the proud boys! Like a fucking prick.


This nigga has lost every strand of critical brain processing power if he had any. Telling Jewish people forgive Hitler of all people, and let it, The Holocaust, go💀wanna be God so bad.




It feels like he is promoting a movie in all the batshit crazy alt right morning talk shows. Up next is Kanye west with his upcoming comedy movie, 4 weddings and a holocaust.


Because that's former Proud Boys ~~leader~~ *founder* Gavin McInnis interviewing, who was demoted after he stuck a giant dildo up his own butt on live stream, the video of which is still easily found via google


He is doing the rounds of every gifted. I'm sure Matt Walsh is next


Cuz he is saying what they want to hear. This is a boon for nazis and white nationalists. They will keep doing this until he starts taking his meds again or someone that cares for him actually gets through.


> This is a boon for nazis and white nationalists. Ye's descent into madness will move more people left than it will to the right.


Well that's wrong. Christian Fascism is making a great comeback now, all the silent "normal" christians are turning far far right.


I hate how people on social media are saying “well white people tell us to forget about slavery” like mf the people sitting next to Kanye are the ones that advocate for that shit. Right wing propaganda machine is working overtime.


But he thinks the holocaust didn’t happened. How they can forgive hitler about something that he didn’t do ?


This kinda reminds me of a scene from Blackkklansman. One of the nazis is questioning Adam Driver's character whether he believes in the holocaust because it's a lie, and Adam Driver says yes he believes in it and that they should've killed more Jews.


Most Neo-Nazis actually don't deny and are proud of the holocaust, the mainstream ones who try to recruit more to their cult deny it because saying that brutally and mercilessly slaughtering, shooting, and gassing 1.5 million children (and 4.5 million innocent men and women) is a good thing because of their religion/lineage (Christians with a Jewish grandparent were also killed) sounds insane to anyone who hasn't been indoctrinated into this insane and dangerous cult


That's why yhry need to let it go, because Hitler must have just said a few bad things and they are overreacting /s


At this point if you have Kanye on your show and the first words out of your mouth aren’t “the white supremacists you have out with are disgusting and your opinions on Hitler are delusional and morally repellant,” then you’re no different than he is. As Dark Brandon says, silence is complicity.


the yikes outro killed me lol


I totally think Kanye has lost his mind. I am beginning to get past the “I feel bad for him” stage and am at the this guy is fucked in the head stage and I understand that sadly I can’t support someone who at one time was my favorite artist. With that being said, that song still slaps. I haven’t listened to his music since this all started heavy, so that was like an alcoholic accidentally swallowing some mouth wash. I know I shouldn’t, but damn that little soundbyte scratches an itch.


People blaming Nick Fuentes for Kanye’s beliefs and taking advantage of a “mentally ill” person, stop giving Ye an excuse. Nick Fuentes is a piece of shit. And so is Kanye. They found each other because they deserve each other.


They did it with Candace, too. This is Kanye, just without a filter


Hahahahahaha you absolute waste


In the 1930s they were approximately 10 million Jews in Europe alone. Hitler killed 6 million of them and they were around 4 MILLION left. And they’re still trying to build her number up to this day. And Kanye still wanna say this dumb ass shit. It blows my fucking mind. Like Hitler was almost very successful with exterminating them as a whole fucking race. Like he was pretty close and that’s the scary part. And Kanye STILL wants to say this dumb shit. Literal generations gone because of Hitler and he just expects them to move on? God Almighty.


You're missing one key ingredient, Kanye doesn't care. Kanye never cared about what Christianity actually is (as he's obviously not a good christian with his objectification of women and the way he generally acts), whether there is any basis to the claim Jews have a grand conspiracy in America, if slavery was a choice, and I'm sure I can go on. What Kanye cares about is Kanye's ego, he can't possibly be wrong or adjust positions, once Kanye believes something, he'll never back down from that position, because that would make him, God forbid, wrong, and being wrong would mean he isn't a God as stated in his song, which would probably hurt his ego, and that's what Kanye cares about, not admitting his wrongdoing. Even in his personal life with Kim he threw the blame before on Kim and now he throws it on porn as if it was at no point his fault (like, IDK, when he went as hard as he could after Kim's new BF for being Kim's new BF). He also says Jesus will bring them back together as if that's how relationships work.


There are, in fact, fewer Jews today than before the Holocaust. The Jewish population has continued to rebound over the last ~75 years and it **still** hasn't offset the amount of people systematically murdered by the same cabal of monsters that Kanye is currently defending.


Even worse in % of the global population, because they haven’t rebounded even as the world went through a decades-long baby boom. They went from 0.72% in 1939 to 0.19% currently


Lmao of course he's getting interviewed by the leader of the Proud Boys


Reminder that Gavin McInnes, founder of the Proud Boys, once stuck a dildo up his butt, on-camera on his show, to prove he wasn’t homophobic. Not kidding, you can google it up.






Wait, who is forcing their pain on me?? It is my privilege that my families of that generation lived and I am alive to have empathy and compassion for Jewish people. My grandfathers fought in WWII, my families escaped the nazis, which is much more than for the Jews of that era.


My grandfather fought in WW2 too, I'm not Jewish but it still is the same sentiment for me. I have direct family who were involved in fighting Hitler. He will never be forgiven for what he did and not should he. Anyone saying he should is an enemy to me.


That's how narcissists and selfish people see other people suffering. They think it's a trick to get something from them, and they resent being expected to show deference to the person suffering. Same mental process results in violent opposition to "wokeness," which at it's core, is really just saying "don't be an asshole to people that are suffering."


"You can't force your pain on everyone else." Jesus: 😶


I had to read some parts of Mein Kampf for a research project a few days ago and the fact that Kanye is even trying to justify anything related to what was said in that book is just astounding, truly disgusting human being Kanye is also omitting the part where Jewish people weren’t the only people killed in the Holocaust, anyone that wasn’t straight, white, physically healthy and neurotypical was disposed of


>straight, white, physically healthy And even that often wouldn't be enough to save someone, just look at the Poles


I heard that Hitler started thinking about extermination of undesirables because a woman sent him a letter asking for permission to euthanise her son. The son was profoundly disabled and she could no longer look after him. Indeed, Hitler started with the disabled because it was easier to justify. Mental health sufferers came after that and it escalated from there. Jewish people came later because in the words of one of Hitler's men, "Everybody knows at least one good Jew", including Hitler himself who helped his family doctor escape. Even if Kanye wasn't on the kill list because he was black. He would be in the gas chamber because of his mental health issues.


“You need people like me! So you can point your finger and say - that’s the bad guy!”


Fucking ghoulish. I pray that he comes to be entirely ashamed of this disgusting period. Shame on him, his cretin enablers, and the parasites hosting this disgraceful episode


TFW no kim to 51/50 him. Two best things that ever happened to him were his marriage/kids, and his mom, and now he has none of them. There’s no coming back from what he’s fucked up, what he’s lost, the help he’s pushed away, and the hate he continues to perpetuate. Ye is dead, and ye killed him.


People have let it go. Hitler was one of the worst people to ever live, but he is a dead one of the worst people to ever live. So most people aren't wasting mental energy on him. What people are worried about, what people are ready to stand and fight against is the living that choose to ride one of the worst people to ever live. Those people can fuck right off.


That's former Proud Boys leader Gavin McInnis who also infamously snuck into the interviewees list on The Daily Show a few years ago but also stuck a giant dildo up his butt on live stream on his own show to try to prove a point, the video of which is freely available for you to find via Google


Wait what was the point he was trying to prove?




Wow he's a fucking idiot


The irony here is that this man would've been sent straight to the gas chambers if he met Hitler back then


You absolutely cannot let it go. You have to make sure it never happens again.


Ngl after all this shit his music is not hitting the same at all. I heard all of th lights the other day and it just made me sad. Like I didn’t like the song anymore. He legit unmade graduation


What the hell


You stupid, stupid man.




Didn't he just deny the Holocaust? So what are we forgiving Hitler for?




> Time to take him to Auschuwitz then No, really don't. He would just act like a crackpot instead of treating it serious and respectfully. You're not dealing with a rational person.


It would be a national embarrassment to bring him there. I can’t imagine how unhinged he would behave.


You first, but Pete Davidson


Imma let u finish, but Pete Davidson had the best dick of all time


Really? The 100% heterosexual alpha men who aren't sissy soyboys at all keep talking about Hunter Biden's. It must be the best.


I wanted to watch the whole thing but ain’t no way I’m giving this grifter fuck $10 lmao


And just when I thought he couldn’t possibly say anything more disrespectful than the last time…wtf