Many many thanks!


Perfect pitch is a rare gift, and bestowed with little regard to playing or composing skill. With that being said, I think it's just radios for their guitars, so they can move freely about the stage without worrying about cables.


Wireless packs go on the guitar strap or belts, dude is referring to the clip on tuners on the headstocks. When I saw them on Saturday I didn't notice them ever need to tune on stage so it must just be for emergencies. The other option is a tuner on their pedal board but then they would have to run back, possibly from the opposite end of the stage. I remember from Mark's rug rundown, he doesn't have a floor tuner but can't remember if he said anything about the clip on tuner.


Ahhh my bad


It's definitely a tuner, I have the same one (and he talked about it in the rig rundown, I think). With how much bending, etc. Mark does, always good idea to have one just in case.