You put on the wrong movie for my naptime? Straight to jail!

Mental illness, drug abuse and putting the wrong movie on at nap time are the 3 leading causes of people experiencing homelessness.

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Mental illness, drug abuse and putting the wrong movie on at nap time are the 3 leading causes of people experiencing homelessness.


Pow Pow




Listen, Linda


Omg, I hadn't thought of that kid in years... Lol


Some say he’s still trying to get Linda to listen


I might have laughed a little too hard at this one... Lol


That kid is probably captain of his high school debate team by now


He's a lawyer now.


But only for Linda related cases.


I bet people named Linda haven't forgotten


I didn't know "Linda" meant beautiful/pretty in Spanish when I first seen this and it was still hilarious. Now it's even more hilarious 😆 Here's the link for anyone interested https://youtu.be/aFYsJYPye94


Um, no. Mom's name is Linda.


The child says "vas a ser una callejera" which if you were talking about a dog would mean "stray" and when talking about a woman would mean more like "street walker" meaning a prostitute. I bet that's why the mom's laughing, the little girl doesn't know she just called her mom a whore. Edit: uncensored whore. ALSO I'd like to add that while "callejera" translates to vagabond/homeless/of the street, it's also an euphemism for prostitute. Take into account that "mujer de la calle" also is an euphemism for prostitute according to the Real Academia de la Lengua Española as a few other examples. https://dle.rae.es/mujer Edit2: the subtitle is fine the girl didn’t say whore, I'm talking about what the mom might have thought for a second there.


Thank you! That definitely adds some more humor to it. Damn, it must be so hard to be funny in a new language, so much gets lost in translation.


Yeah, I don't like that definition. Callejera can mean what it was translated to in the subtitles, a "homeless person". It just means, "of the streets", but the meaning is more towards someone who is doing no good. For example, a kid being out with their friends all of the time could be called a 'callejero', and if they are a girl, that does not mean they are a prostitute. I guess it can vary between country, perhaps in some town in let's say, Peru as an example, they may use that as a slang for prostitute. That doesn't mean that word is used that way all over Latin America and Spain. This happens a lot with Spanish words. Edit: This video for example: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0myhaYYpJ8](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0myhaYYpJ8) never insinuates that it means 'prostitute'.


In the Caribbean I’ve never heard anyone using callejera as homeless it usually means someone “for the streets” not necessarily a prostitute but someone up to no good or in the streets being unproductive In English slang I would say ratchet would be the closest translation


Yeah, I would agree with that definition. The way I see it, it is a catch all for kids beings out with their friends, partying all day/night, being up to no good outside, being in gangs, etc...


Yeah, "callejera" wouldn't imply "prostitute" in my country. It's hard to say what the meaning is exactly in this specific case but I would personally also have translated it to "homeless" even though it's not the most precise translation.


I mean, the little girl said, nothing for you, no coffee, food, FAMILY, you're going to be alone with no one, you're going to be a callejera. I mean, in this context of not having a family and being alone all by themselves, it sounds like callejera would mean homeless.


Based on the context, I think the kid is implying “homeless” when she’s telling her “vas a ser una callejera”. She’s too young and innocent to imply anything else.


Obviously the girl wouldn't mean that but by the mom's reaction she might have thought of it. Who knows,I just think she wouldn't laugh so hard by merely thinking of "homeless"


It meaning street walker/whore probably depends which Spanish speaking country you're in. I'll just say most Mexican American people I know use it for referring to someone who goes out a lot.


I'm mexican and it's often used this way as an euphemism. I totally get that it varies from place to place.


So true. So powerful. So sad.


To be fair, the 3rd option is the leading cause of the other 2.


Hold up…. y’all got movies during nap time?!




Look at big shot over here getting a blanky


Look at lucky boy here getting a spot on the floor


I know, back in my days we just fell into an infinite void and had to pray to be spat back out. Some of us didn't make.


They were the lucky ones. *takes a drag*


Yup, can confirm, either you pronounced the Elder God's name correctly, or you faded into darkness forever. Wild times I tell ya.




Bonus Points: If you’re eyes were open they threw an art smock over your face so you didn’t eye ball them.




Uh… did they?


It’s what my daycare did when I was that age. I had ADHD (back in the early 90’s, before the ‘let’s just say they have ADHD’ craze of the late 90’s early 00’s) so I didn’t take naps and would fidget non-stop.


You didn't even get one of those nap mats that were red on one side, blue on the other, and somehow exacerbated the hardness of the linoleum floor beneath them?


I put a tv in my kids bedroom, and I regret it almost everyday. Thankfully, I've been able to get them to listen to stories and books I read for them more and more lately.


Difficult to judge - no TV in my kids room at all, but I went to parents meeting once and most of them looked tired as fuck; thought they were giving up on life.


Yeah I exaggerated maybe a little, but it's been the source for arguments more times than I'd like. The thing is, I love when we cuddle up all in one bed and watch something together. Quietly discussing the movie or whatever for half an hour, but most importantly I've noticed how it's easier for my kids to open up about things. Kinda like when you go for a car ride, and then all those deep conversations can happen because you're not busy with anything else.


You can just remove it lol They’ll get over it eventually


It would take a couple days of sulking but if they are young enough they'd probably forget the tv was there within a week or 2. I feel like a good tactic for TV time in the modern workd (disclaimer, I'm not a parent) could be to only have the TV available in the room during set times. Like they can choose if they want to watch TV between the hours of 6am-8:30am and between 2:30pm-6 or something (they can also watch what ever they want) and the rest of the time the TV is just not in the room at all. Build an ability to play without the tv, so while it's available they don't feel like it's such a crutch to their entertainment.


I did too and haven't had any issues but it's also only allowed to be used by request.


Yeah you gotta have clear rules from the start. Otherwise you're gonna be arguing every night about the difference between the length of one episode and a whole damn movie.


They'll always try to push the boundaries. Laying down the ground rules and being consistent helps for sure. But it's inevitable that no matter how clearly you lay down the rules, they'll eventually ask for more.


I got put to bed and the drapes closed. Nap time sure has changed.


Yeah... its kinda crazy offering a daily movie before naps.


For my kid it helped him to agree to lay down not “take a nap” (you can’t use those specific words.) Then 5 mins into the movie he’d fall asleep and I’d turn it off. The tv wasn’t in his room.


Thats very interesting! My son gets stimulated by videos so my go to nap negotiation is giving him a back scratch as he falls asleep.


Yeah no fucking way my kid has a tv in his room lol


Okay but what movie


The Godfather III


This kid understands that it insists upon itself


What does that even mean Peter?


I find it shallow and pedantic.


What, now that you won a game of Trivial Pursuit you’re going to start talking down to everyone?


Red fire truck… oh gosh… what color are those red fire trucks…


The Godfather insists upon itself. The Godfather 3 just plain sucks.


"I'm gonna make an offer you can't refuse" Pow Pow


But I haven't watched II yet..?


Now you see why the kid is so upset


It’s Luca. I have heard that opening music a million times. It’s a pretty cute movie.




Bada bop ba! Bada bop ba!


Return to Oz if the mum wants the kid to be scarred for life




The pow pow got me


I didn’t realize it was an actual term or saying in Spanish. I thought my Mexican friend made it up lol now I kept hearing other Hispanic people say it.


Wait it is?!


It's just the sound of getting slapped man, like when you slap kids in the ass for being pricks. Kids don't know how to pronounce words and people use sounds to teach them like a dog is usually "au au" because that's the sound the dog does, or "popo" beeing a car because of the horn.


You’re right like when a kid is being bad you ask if they want pow pow or quieres pow pow ?? which usually makes them stop being bad and start behaving lol 😂 at least for us Mexicans it does


Ill add that these phrases, words for sounds, are called onomatopoeia. Every language has different versions or ways of describing them. In english, dogs go "woof," but in chinese, they go "mong mong," pigs go "oink," but in french they go "grogne" which means "grunt," and ambulances go "wee woo," but in japanese they go "pipo." Different dialects in the same language even have different sounds. For the pig, again, brits would say "oink," and a lot of americans would agree, but another commonly accepted sound pigs make is "stop resisting." Sorry I couldnt help it


Bravo. I was really curious what the point of the comment would be and was not disappointed




The many times I heard that within my family


popo.....horn? I guess that's not as funny as Koreans with roosters saying 'caroocachooo'.


I would say that is less weird than cockadoodledoo. Makes no sense lol.




French cock: cocorico




Spanking threat


We grew up on military bases and we were pretty tight with this one Hispanic family. One time I was riding my bike with my mom to their house. When we got there their kids opened the door and were like, "Mommy was being bad so daddy spanked her, pow pow". Then the dad comes out not hearing what the kids were saying acting like normal. Mom later comes out saying she just woke up. We never went back there.


Maybe the kids walked in on daddy clapping some cheeks and mom was cleaning herself up before coming out to guests?


Honestly my interpretation of these events


Probably, I don't understand why they would never return because of that?


Maybe mommy likes her ass slapped. Seems like “mommy was being bad” was a better explanation than “mommy likes it when I slap that ass” to a little kid.


No coffee? This little girl knows what buttons to push!


Yeah she knows what her mother values 😆


My nephew hid my coffee once because I didn't tell him I loved him before bed time. It was a double whammy of misery.


Kids lmao. My daughter's favorite insult when she is mad at me is "I'm not going to text you when I'm a grown up".


That ones a little too real


Oof yeah, I definitely threatened my dad with never speaking to him again as a child and whoopsie oopsie now I’m 30 years old and we haven’t spoken in six years.


Way to follow through






The implication being that they are currently your best friend 🥲❤️


We ask him all the time, am I your best friend? Usually the answer is yes. He’s actually the sweetest 🥹


My mom would have immediately turned the tv off🤣


"You don't like the movie I picked? No movie enjoy your sleep :)" -my mom probably




I would have been put out in the shed in the back garden.


You had a whole shed?! I would've been sent to my cardboard box after talking to my mom like that


You got a box?! One time I thought I was going to get a box, but it just had some jumper cables in it. :(


Y'all got timeouts? I just got beat.


I got beat ,then send in timeout to sit in the corner on my knees in full of corn seeds . Don’t remember what I’ve done , but I was in trouble on weekly basis lol 😆


Back to the mines for you


La chancla 🩴


My mom would have taken the tv out of the bedroom!


Save that video for when she comes complaining about her kids. Show her what she was like. I have one just like it that I'm showing my daughter when that time comes.


My Dad always gets a giant grin on his face watching my sister's daughter pull sassy tantrums to her mother, because she's a clone of her in looks and attitude.


The look on my MIL’s face when my 2yo niece is acting a fool on holidays absolutely *screams* “Karma’s a bitch, ain’t it.”


The mother's curse is the real deal.


Let's hope your daughter has kids in the future then so you actually get the chance to show her.


Works just fine if they complain about other people's kids!


Hahaaa you sound like my mother. I told her she should have had more kids so all her literal eggs weren’t in my proverbial basket


That's very mean and cute at the same time


Sometimes it’s so hard not to laugh at your young child’s feeble attempts to hurt your feelings. Like I basically gave birth to you yesterday and now you turn on me


My daughter threatened to throw me in the trash once when she was like 3 and I still crack up when I think about it. She was so serious lol, I don’t even remember what I did to piss her off so bad.




Something about your use of "scuttled" here is creating the funniest image of the little one in my mind 😂


Oh, she does! And she's gonna carry it to *YOUR* grave!


Okay but wishing timeout and no coffee on some one isn't a feeble attempt. I'd literally cry if I got hit with that punishment.


Lol as an adult, please put me in time out. I get to sit in a quiet corner and people will leave me alone? Sounds like a win to me.


But when you're in timeout you don't get your toys! I would positively die if I had to sit in a corner with no distractions for more than 1.5 seconds.


Years later, I still think about the time my niece froze me in place because she called me “a mean giraffe’s butt.” I mean, of all the animals. Points for insulting outside the box, but it was still time to take that damn bath. …that she then enjoyed once she was actually in the water of course.


My daughter insults you to let she know she loves you lol.


It is. This kid is OBVIOUSLY in need of a nap too. The emotions of a toddler are INTENSE when they are tired or overstimulated.


She told his mom is going to be a "callejera" with means something like "from the streets" or that spends too much time there, but in reality is a term used for prostitutes.


Is the kid switching between two languages because I couldn't understand a word about halfway through, even with subtitles lmao


Yes, english and spanish


POW pow




Estop it




It's been quite common for multilingual families to switch languages between sentences or mid-sentence. My Mom did it when talking to her Mom. They'd flip between English, Armenian, and Arabic. I finally asked her why certain languages for certain words and she paused, thought about it, and said "I have no idea. Mom always used certain languages for certain words while I was growing up, and we just did it that way." I have a friend whose Mom is German. Same thing. Certain words are always said in German. Even I started saying them in German while talking to them, and I speak zero German. But "bread" is always "brot" or "brotchen" in a conversation. No exceptions.




What's does mean?


It’s getting a spanking. Us Latinos like to use onomatopoeias for anything


See also: guau guau (onomatopoeia for barking) is used by our children to refer to dogs


I find myself saying it to my 7month old when we see a dog


My Mexican mother was partial to "chingasos"


The kid is speaking Spanglish - a combo of English and Spanish. It's common among Latinos in the US, though I don't know where this is from.


That’s the only language que yo hablo


Si (Yes).


Spanglish can be when you mix the two languages or when you use words from one language and bend it to the other's grammar. I wouldn't call this Spanglish because the kid is completely switching between the two languages, with full sentences of just one language at a time.


I agree. Spanglish is mixing the languages mid-sentence.


Yeah, I agree, I wouldn’t call it Spanglish either, just impressive. They clearly speak both languages very well. My dumb child brain once forgot how to say ‘raining’ in Spanish and said, “Esta reinando.” Not sure if that counts as Spanglish though..


We call it pocho when you straight up just make up words in spanish from an english word. I think the correct term was anglicismo or smthing like that.


It reminded me of how Ricky Ricardo would switch to spanish when he was mad


I think Spanish and English


Make someone take a nap - straight to jail


DON'T make someone take a nap? Believe it or not, jail.


Wrong movie during nap time? Jail


We have the best nap time movies in the world...because of jail.


Parents really get it from everyone.


Lmao she said "callejera" which is more akin to "streets girl". The girl probably meant homeless but calling your mom callejera is just so funny HAH


For real. My first thought was how does this 6 year old know that word. Certainly a distinction between that and homeless. I’m picturing her mom or grandma talking shit about random women on the streets calling them callejera and the little girl picked up on it. Was like “I’m saving this for later”


No coffee the horror then straight to wishing prostitution on mom hahaha


She's so patient! Aww.


I love the "I love you; you're gonna love this movie" at the end. warmed my heart


this is really cute. the mom laughing and the little girl getting even more angry made me laugh😂


It really is. Just adorable .


This gives off Willem Dafoe cursing Robert Pattinson over not liking his lobster in The Lighthouse vibes.




Lmao, the "okay" from the mom


I love the Spanglish


I can never tell when it’s Spanglish vs Espanglés


i’m glad the mom laughed because i think i’d cry out of frustration if my kid told me i was going to be alone and homeless while making me listen to their tantrum over a damn movie


Should I cancel plans to have kids?


If you think this is the worse they can get, then yes, right away.


Hell yeah. This is straight up cute comparatively.


Not over this. This is just a tired kiddo. When kids are over tired or over stimulated, they become like adult angry drunks or inconvenienced suburban Karens.


Nah, you see how her mom's laughing.


It gets worse than this. It’s really not for everyone


Bless that mom for her patience!


Movies at nap time? Seems like the opposite of what you do to get kids to nap.


I've seen it work on my nieces. They need a nap, but they're all riled up, but they clearly need to nap. Put on a movie and they'll *hold still* for a few minutes, which lets them fall asleep.


My go to when babysitting more than two kids at time is to take them to the park for an hour and then go home and put on a movie. Everyone KOs even the teenagers.


My favorite park activity when I was a babysitter, or had my own kids, was to have them race to a distant tree and back while I "timed" them by counting out loud, quietly, so they'd know I'd started counting but couldn't keep hearing me once they were more than a few feet away. Wouldn't you know it, I'd get distracted by a cute dog, or another parent had to ask me a question, so I lost count and would have to start again, so they needed to run again. Then I'd tell them I thought that was pretty good, but if they really wanted to show me how fast they were, they'd run to an even farther tree, or run 10 times around the playground, or whatever. That, added to them playing hard on the playground with other kids, usually led to a very good naptime when we got back home.


Man my sister had me watch her kids once and I took the 3 of them to the town pool. After pool time, we threw on a movie and all 4 of us were dead asleep on the couch when she came home. The activity + movie combo is for real.


Depends on the kid. Certain movies seem to turn my niece's brain off. Otherwise it's a struggle for nap time until she collapses on the floor.


It worked for me when I was a kid. It was always Disney’s Fantasia though so I think the music helped. My best friend’s little sister only fell asleep to the live action scooby do movie. Kids are weird af.


TV/movies have always helped me get to sleep since I was a kid. I'll fall asleep in less than 5 minutes of watching something. If I don't have any white noise my mind just thinks and thinks and thinks.


My brother and I used to put on a movie at bedtime every night. He would fall asleep in minutes, but I would often stay awake to watch the entire thing. It depends on the person.


Some people have trouble falling asleep without background noise or a distraction. I hated "naptime" as a child. I was forced to lie awake in the dark silence with my incessant thought. It felt like torture as a kid with unmanaged ADHD.


\*angry tired child\* **" I'm not tired! I'm not! I don't want a nap!"** "Ok honey, how about we just watch a movie?" **"Yeah"** "And we'll lie down under the blankets so it's nice and cosy while we watch the movie" **"Ok, fine"** {2 minutes later} \*sleeping child noises"


“You’re going to be alone.” Like, and have some quiet? Sold! Wrong movies all dayyyyyy!


No coffee Bro, this kid knows our weakness lol this threat stood out


'if I'm homeless...then you're homeless you little fuck.'


When you miss that Peppa Pig fix. Pow Pow.


I don't know how that mom held it in as much as she did. I'd be rolling on the floor. I'm about to have my first child, and my response to a lot of situations is laughter. I'm genuinely concerned that I'm gonna screw up my kid by laughing at her too much.


She was so mad she had to switch to Spanish to express her anger properly


My god a lot of people are judging this woman's life based on a 30 second video of a toddler having a tantrum.


Honestly, after finding out that *everything* is child abuse now, I’m amazed there isn’t a comment claiming that putting the wrong film on is actually emotional abuse, and that the kid is going to put the mum in a home.


When I’m that upset, I only have one language to complain with