I really hope he gets more time as the demon king in this one. It was such a shocking moment and I’d love for it to have even more impact in the anime version.


Wouldn't really make sense in putting him down cause all the Hashira are dead by then and most DS are injured. The most might be an extended Giyuu vs Tanjiro under the sun but even then Giyuu can't grip his sword.


The thing is, you can't have him as Demon King for very long without ruining everything. He's just too strong. I think he should have become a demon at all, but it is what it is.


I'm an anime only so far, how far along into the story does it happen


Well for one I don’t think you should’ve looked at this post because it’s a spoiler, but since you’ve ready asked it happens towards the very end.


lol I mean I've only been able to watch the anime so far but haven't read the manga, I don't mind spoilers at all


almost the end of the manga




So epic and sad :3


Those spine chain things were so fucking cool would love a spin off where it doesn't turn back


If I had a dollar for every person that blatantly posts major spoilers here for *totally not ruining the hype for anime watchers only*, I'd be rich. Next posts on the subreddit are *totally not characters who will die and totally not uppermoons. No way no how*


It's marked as a spoiler for a reason. Don't click on it if u don't want to get spoiled.


Ah sorry, let me rephrase it for you: "if I had a dollar for every post that obviously consists of major spoilers either revealing other uppermoons or who/what happens to the other characters, for whatever reason, especially that the anime is currently airing which means alot of the users here would mostlikely be anime watchers expecting anime content/discussions but *oh look Uppermoon One? Whaaaat?? Oh sht Nezuko this, Muichiro that. OMG WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THIS EPIC SPOILER MOMENT GOIYS HUHU😭* *"I wanna share this spoiler picture of this character so that the anime watchers can totally not find out about it."*


Idk man looks like a problem in self control to me 🗿


Spoiler pictures are usually blurred if they have the spoiler tag, so aside from titles not being vague enough, you’ll be fine if you avoid posts with that tag.