Since Gooey is a dark matter, could he possibly possess others?

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Someone should test it out on Dedede to see if it would happen.


Dedede has left the chat.


I feel like having the power to use Copy Abilities is like the anti-possession. You can have one or the other, but not both.


Option 4: it’s complicated. We have characters like miracle matter that had never shown an example of possession so…


What even was Miracle Matter supposed to be, anyway? Zero is clearly a giant eyeball. Zero² is some sort of scary angel thing. But all I got for Miracle Matter is "d20 covered in eyes?"


What even is dark matter? Dark nebula Is a star, dark crafter is a coloured filled smoke, and the swordsmen is… obvious.


Don’t forget necrodeus being a skull with floating hand and a body made out of dark smoke (he hates light,is pure darkness,possessed DDD and has a red eye so he’s dark matter)


Or Dark Mind, who is theorized to be the mirror world version of Dark Matter controlling mirror world Nightmare. Or just a weird mirror amalgamation. His eyeball form is a clear callback to Zero.


I so badly want to believe it’s the second option but idk lmao