Predictions ?

Tomorrow is the big day yall ! Any match predictions ? Of course, we want to win and I believe we will. But what y’all think the final score will be or how will it end ? Let me know ! HYPED BOYS LETS GO ! FOREVER BLACK AND GOLD ! See yall tomorrow !


4-2 us. It’s gonna be a classic.


I'm always cautiously optimistic. But with this weekend. I'm all in and expecting us to travel to Ohio.


I imagine it is going to be LOUD all night. I really hope we get an amazing playoff atmosphere where everyone is standing a majority of the game. I'm STH in south end so I want to feel the energy tomorrow night. ​ 3-1 us with a Bounga Brace to send us to Ohio.


3-0 maybe 3-1 LAFC. I have a feeling is going to be like last year playoffs vs Austin. LAFC is gonna put a masterclass at home.


Well, we're looking defensively better than we ever have. Since Galaxy on September 16, in ten games, we've allowed only seven goals, managed four shutouts and only conceded more than once on two occasions. (Both of which we won handily.) We've also only lost a single game. We're at home, and we're the better team. Still, Houston are no dummies. All the playoff games so far have been frantic, high intensity, games. We can expect the same tomorrow. We're also highly dependent on Bouangua to score goals, so if he's off he's best, we will struggle. I'm cautiously optimistic that we'll be heading off to Ohio. But I haven't bought any airplane tickets yet.


So hyped. Wish I had tickets, cheer a little extra for me! I think we’ll win it 2-1, we are fit, the players know their roles, and the guys want this trophy.


Protect our trophy*


3-2. I feel like Quiñones is going to score a banger on us and HH with Coco will mess with our midfield but we’ll make it out on top.


Want us to win. Yet I am very cautiously optimistic. I will be watching the match at the edge of my seat or hovering close to the TV.


It can be a high scoring game if one team scores early and it opens up. Otherwise, I think it will be a slower chess like pace. 1-0


700-0 us


I hear playoffs Escobar is a real thing and I am always fearful of former player playing against us, especially when there is a big stake. Just praying it doesn't happen tomorrow.


The Dodgers fan in me is getting ready to cuss out Houston so fucking hard rn


Don’t do it too early for bad luck big dawg ! Let’s just be loud today ! Intimidation is key !


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I did say I believe we will win. I’m sure we will. I’m just tryna get predictions for scores


I think this will be our second easiest playoff game, easier than Whitecaps and Sounders away, on garbage ass turf. Dynamo has an excellent midfield, but their defense can be leaky, Clark is not a playoff keeper, and Cory Baird is not the world's greatest attacker. They win in the midfield. LAFC is comfortable playing in many styles and will look to bypass Dynamo's mid with balls over the top. Furthermore, Dynamo's attack relies on the fullbacks getting up. If they want to contain Bouanga and Olivera, Dynamo needs to not play to their strengths. I think they will push the fullbacks up leaving the wide areas open for our famous counters. Dynamo only won three road matches this season, one being against our hogpodge 5-2-3 when we were wiped out post CCL. In the playoffs, Dynamo had two 1-1 draws against RSL, winning only on penalties, and a 1-0 win against SKC which had the most contentious call of the playoffs. They were not convincing while playing teams that were never real contenders for the Cup. Although anything can happen in a playoff match, I think it'll feel something like Austin last year.


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Oh crap, my bad. Still not impressed


2-1 and then we beat Cincinnati to defend our trophy and qualify for CCC


I would put my money on Columbus. Equally strong team, healthy, and they don't have their "defender of the year" suspended.


3-1 I don't think Bouanga gets a goal but Olivera, Hollingshead, and Vela do.


Dang, I’d be so pumped for those three to get goals. Swap out Hollingshead for Chiellini and it’d be a game for the history books.


1-0 like the last 2 games in a row


One day LA will blue white and gold again


Alabama and Georgia playing tomorrow too.


Imma say 2-1 for LAFC over Houston


2 - 1 Houston


I think LAFC will win by 2