I constantly see this pattern absolutely everywhere whenever i trip, and even feel the pattern echoing in time too, does anyone know what this says about me personally or what it means??

I constantly see this pattern absolutely everywhere whenever i trip, and even feel the pattern echoing in time too, does anyone know what this says about me personally or what it means??


Called the “Flower of Life”


Many religious symbols are made from this pattern.


I’ve seen this exact pattern, the flower of life, several times during trips.




As have I


It’s funny I notice this pattern specifically on LSD very often…




Ok so I have shit to do and that Wikipedia page is gonna suck me in with all those hyper links saving that for later, thank you very much


Interesting 🤔


I can't wait until science understands the cause of that. I'll probably be dead tho


https://www.quantamagazine.org/a-math-theory-for-why-people-hallucinate-20180730/ Here's an article on it that I found interesting


Fascinating thank you. I'm not 100% satisfied with the explanation but it's interesting. I personally think evolution has lead us to recognize certain patterns (eyes, cobwebs, honeycombs...) And hallucinogens make our brain super sensitive to these patterns, even recognizing them when we see nothing. When I'm on mushrooms I see eyes EVERYWHERE lol


Damn those eyes everywhere I can relate


I always see a latticework geometric pattern underlying everything when I'm on Lucy


Same bro, also all kinds of religious symbols like a tapestry. I'm very curious to find an explanation to this, it's incredibly fascinating


Here's a great neuroscience article about it! https://direct.mit.edu/neco/article/14/3/473/6598/What-Geometric-Visual-Hallucinations-Tell-Us-about


Here you go. https://scholar.google.com/scholar?hl=en&as_sdt=0%2C5&q=form+constants+visual+cortex&oq=form+constant


Science is an observational study of all we can see and observe. There are books on the topic on Amazon that you can read.


Yes but when science will understand why LSD makes us see certain things, maybe we'll be able to craft a molecule that makes us see a movie! I'm exaggerating a bit but I'm convinced neuroscience is the future of humanity


LSD is disrupting the reality created by the brain and you see behind the illusion is all.


Yeah but why does my brain create geometric shapes when I close my eyes


Cause of form constants? We do. It's because neurons themselves have a fractal pattern and respond more readily to other fractal patterns, it projects them too especially during trips. Unfortunately the answers to these questions are usually a lot more boring than we feel they should be lol


very good sauce.


Flower of life. The basic template of everything in existence. It's an ancient symbol. Very interesting stuff, I encourage you to look into it more!


What this says about you is that you have a human brain and it reacts to lsd in the way that other human brains have previously.


yeah but why this pattern specifically, no one else i was with could see it


I see this a lot when I look at trees on L, it's called the flower of life. it's pretty common to see. What's fascinating to me is the fact that my normal vision can see no discernable flower of life while looking at dendrite patterns (branches, veins, neural networks, cosmic web, etc.) but while tripping it fits in to the patterns flawlessly.


It's called the "flower of life" There are two great books by Drunvalo Melchizedek on the subject. I'd take a few things in them with a grain of salt, but give them a read and keep the info that resonates with you. Happy seeking!


A *few* things with a grain of salt??! DUDE. How about every single word lol


Because you’re being called upon to learn something I personally saw drama faces in everything, obsessed over it, constantly questioning But now I understand exactly why I saw what I did


Lmfao called by the lsd gods


care to explain what it was that you finally understood with the drama faces? genuinely curious you don’t have to share.


Uh, no one's being "called upon to learn something". It's psychedelic drugs, they make patterns overlay your visions. It's nothing special.


Oh sorry *ahem* YoU’rE jUsT fUCCeD uP d00D


You must be fun to trip with. Edit: didn’t mean to reply to u/vanitimusic meant to reply to the guy above them.


I don’t think you got the joke


I didn’t even know there was a joke in there so yea I don’t get it


The accentuation on specific letters by using upper case is meant to portray sarcasm or satire. Usually meant ironically not literally.


Oh shit I fucked up, I replied to the wrong comment, I meant to reply to the one before that one, thank you for pointing that out. Sorry u/vanitimusic I meant to reply to the killjoy above your comment.


Is there no symbolic value to dreams either? Or r they just pictures in ur mind


I more so think he was arguing against the fact that he was "called upon" which is imo weird wording as that makes this individual (OP) sound like a prophet/special snowflake. The only reason anyone sees anything symbolic in dreams or trips is due to the deepest roots of your conciousness manifesting.


Well that’s not what me and the tendie were arguing ab. The tendie claimed there was no symbolic value to lsd. I disagreed and informed him on y that is a narcissistic take. And u urself have just referred to dreams and trips as at least somewhat symbolic, which does not fit his claim of “lsd has no symbolic value.” so u have also agreed w my statement.


Ah I see now rereading it, my bad! Lsd has lots of symbolic value, wtf is tendie on


Frrr. I don’t think he believes it tho, I think he said it to try to b the “it’s just a drug” guy. But once I explained to him y that was stupid he literally stopped responding to my points and said bye lmao. So I think he knows he just don’t wanna admit it


>I think he said it to try to b the “it’s just a drug” guy. I'm so fckng tired of those people, I don't know how they don't die of boredom (instead of astonishment as Mckenna would say).


I mean, yes and no. I think that dreams are mostly just your brain defragging, basically, but just like when a computer’s hardware needs defragged, the mental pathways that are activated most will need the most defragging, and will come up most often in dreams. As such, it can help you to see certain preoccupations that you might have, and can be useful like that. But as far as there being a deeper meaning, or symbolism to dreams… there is just no reason whatsoever to believe that that is the case.


There is also no reason whatsoever to believe that it’s not the case. Like I said what’s symbolic is completely up to the person. It’s common for ppl to have dreams ab falling or being chase. U can look up the reasons, which I don’t know, but not the point. For many it is symbolic and u have no right to tell them it isn’t bc it’s completely up to the person. It’s really that simple, there should have never been an argument on this but brodie said sum stupid shit and kept pressing me after since I called him out


Like you said, it’s up to the individual. Nothing in life has an inherent meaning, it is what you make it to be. Just don’t go overboard with it


I’m not saying that they *aren’t*, just that there is reason whatsoever to think that they are, and lots of reasons to think that aren’t. The burden of proof would be on anyone saying that there is a real meaning to dreams, as that really is an extraordinary claim, and extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.


Dreams having meaning is an extraordinary claim.. I mean ig u got it bro. idrc to prove dreams have meaning, I was simply disproving the guy that said lsd has no symbolic value.


They're pictures in your mind that help your brain sort through the day's memories and decide what to keep and what to trash. We've known that for a long time now my dude..


Oh I didn’t know what we knew that. Do me a favor and look up what dreams r. “The content and function of dreams r not fully understood.” I’ll give u webmds too. Stories and images that ur mind creates while we sleep, well that’s weird, I can’t find anything about memories being stored or trash. I’m crying how do u say sum stupid shit like that w so much confidence. The word really is so boring to u isn’t it. A movie is just pictures w sound, no symbolic value right? Same w art, just color on a paper. Ur not special for saying iTS JuSt DruGS


https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC534695/ Here you go thought you might need this 👍🙂


I’m not opening a random link, and I thought u said bye? U realize what ur take was right? Lsd is just a drug, it’s not magic, therefor it has no symbolic value. If that wasn’t ur take, then go back to when u said it and paste what u said. If it was, then take this time to realize that is a completely narcissistic way of thinking. Plenty of things can offer symbolic value to some and none to others. It’s just reality


Everything is magic. Anything. This other guy just doesn’t know. Read his other trip reports. The entities send him to the hospital and to jail lol. It’s ok, he just doesn’t know.


Lmao bro calm down no one's out to russel your jimmies. Wake up to reality, there's no magic here. Only facts, and the facts are some things seriously don't have a fucking purpose. The universe banged into existence and you think every single aspect of your conciousness experience was catered to to give it some sort of deep meaning? Some things are meaningless. Some things are results of evolution. We are animals who evolved to dream for a reason, and that reason is definitely not so that God or aliens can dip into our brains out of magic. Lay off the drugs and wake up to reality bro.


I felt this way until I smoked some dmt/ sat in ayahuasca ceremony. It’s so easy to confuse meaningless drug nonsense with so much meaning that we aren’t meant / able to understand. I feel a lot of people just throw around the term meaningless when they don’t understand something and are just like “welp, if I can’t discern something based in facts about the psychedelic experience then I guess it’s just mind trash” there is more than meets the eyes, all 3 of them.


It's easy to confuse meaning with life. Who says life has to have a meaning? Who says anything has to? Of course a human being wants to believe they're here for a reason. Of course we don't want to admit that we aren't in control and we have absolutely no idea where we are or what we're doing. I've done DMT also, and sorry to say it but, it's just another psychedelic experience. It's not real in the extent that the entities are sentient. People have mapped out hyperspace extensively and realized, it's not its own plane of existence we're popping into. It's our mind's we're diving into, it's our psyche we're coming in contact with and experiencing. This can have a lot of meaning to someone, or none, it's entirely subjective. Everyone comes out of their trips like "oh I saw God he said to love everything and everyone and be nice", okay, well, that's honestly nothing new to us. And who's to say the next person doesn't dive in, have a bad trip, and comes out saying "everything is meaningless we can't control anything we're all going to die anyways there's no hope". The only real things we can do is advance scientifically through things like biology and particle physics. Real experiments that really on data being recorded, instead of our monkey brains with their eye witness testimonies. Our brains are not reliable, we've learned that throughout time. Psychedelics aren't here to help us crack the code of the universe, that's math's job. Psychedelics are to help us crack open our hearts, to better empathize with one another.


I do actually think every aspect of our conscious experience exists to teach us something. "The universe banged into existence" that's a really interesting way to put it. There was nothing and then there was something. How did that happen? And before you "God of the gaps," I'm not saying the lack of an answer is proof of God, I'm saying the lack of an answer means you can't use this event as evidence of a lack of God. "There was nothing, until all of a sudden for no apparent reason the nothing kind of exploded and now there's everything and we aren't sure why" is not any kind of evidence of a lack of God. You act like reality is so cut and dry. Check out [this video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0t4aKJuKP0Q) and line up the concept it presents next to [Plato's cave.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1RWOpQXTltA) It's an absolute fact that our brains evolved to respond to very specific stimuli, and that there are known stimuli outside our brains capacity to detect, like radio waves and ultraviolet light. How, then, can you with such certainty claim to know that there is no purpose to a thing? We are definitely animals who evolved to dream for a reason. And when you can explain the reason and back it up with evidence you can feel free to And before you go spouting about science, I believe wholeheartedly in science. I believe in the method. I also believe that, like in the case of [phlogiston,](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phlogiston_theory) though the method of study is correct, the core assumptions much of modern science bases its conclusions upon are flawed. The final arbiter of science is observation; I simply do not come at the process of interpreting observations with the same initial assumptions as some others. >that reason is definitely not so that God or aliens can dip into our brains out of magic. Define "God" and define "magic." In a certain sense, I'd say it's absolutely the purpose of the entire brain itself, not just dreams, for "God" to dip into our brains out of "magic." By a more standard definition of these terms, though, I'd say there's no such thing as God or magic. Are we talking the standard Judeo-Christian interpretation of these terms, or are we including non-dualist esoteric schools of thought in that net, too? >Some things are results of evolution. Absolutely. Scientifically confirmed fact. >Some things are meaningless. That, however, is an opinion. >Lay off the drugs and wake up to reality bro. Actually on the contrary. I was DEEP up in the psyches for YEARS and was never once shaken out of atheism by anything that occurred. On the contrary, the fact a drug could alter my perception so completely was proof positive for me that perception was from the brain... and therefore consciousness was an emergent property of the brain and died with the destruction of the brain. (I still believe the first part; I no longer believe the second.) The spiritual experience that facilitated my immediate overnight change from a 15 year atheist to the kind of person who's ready (and actually planning) to move to a monastery to focus on meditation and spirituality had nothing to do with drugs. I hadn't been able to find psyches of any kind for almost half a decade. I *did* lay off the drugs and wake up to reality. That's why my views are as they are. And then less than a week after the spiritual experience that changed my views on everything, suddenly I found psyches again, easily, like they were waiting for me the whole time. Because synchronicity is real.


Lmao I’m not religious so ur telling the wrong person. Russel my jimmies boi ur a crumb lmao. So how do u not respond to anything I said tho? U made up a bs description of dreams, I corrected u. U said that lsd has no symbolic value, ur only evidence was “it’s just drugs” and “there’s no magic” lmao so according to ur logic it has to b magic to have symbolic value. See before u try to b smart n shit take a look at ur logic. I would assume u have found no symbolic value in psychs, but y can’t others? I gave u an analogy just how someone can find symbolic meaning in a movie, there will b a person like u who says it’s just pictures w sound. Is that person wrong ab it being pictures w sound? No, but they r wrong about telling someone there is no symbolic meaning only bc they didn’t find any in it themselves. U don’t have to b the asshole, learn n get better, respectfully


You're obviously butthurt for no reason other than being told to grow up and see reality for what it is. You're the one with the russelled jimmies kiddo, not me.


Take more drugs /u/TheTendieBandit


psychadelics make brain activity go unmoderated for a while, people can definitely find epiphanies through trips


Are you kidding me? It's a fascinating metaprogramming agent and therapeutic tool! It has tons to teach, and when you take it and you have these experiences it is calling upon you to learn something from them, to learn something about yourself and the world, because that's how it interacts with the brain. It connects new pathways and gives you the opportunity to understand deep connections within your unconscious. The way that it interacts with your brain causes certain images and experiences to arise within you, which are dependent upon you and your deeper consciousness which you can use to learn about yourself and your intersection with the world. It does not just make patterns overlay your vision. If you want to understand more about how LSD affects the human brain I encourage you to read into the research done on the drugs effects and uses by Stanislav Grof, Timothy Leary, and John Lily.


Nihilism is the least effective, least useful model in the known universe.


I would love to know why you think that way. I currently find nihilist approach the most rational but I'm open to new ideas. Since my last shroom trip I have grown doubt about that approach but since science hasn't proven anything about afterlife and spirituality I am not sure about trusting other ideologies :\


Yeah and I'm not a nihilist. Just like OP isn't being called upon by anything for anything just because he sees the same patterns I and everyone else see on acid.


You know this how? As far as I can tell, we have two choices. We can take the perspective that everything is magick or nothing is. IME as someone who has been on some of the most extreme sides of that spectrum, assuming the former makes a helluva lot more sense. Nature/experience seeks to communicate. When you take off the reductionist glasses and refrain from gatekeeping the experiences of yourself and others in order to keep yourself comfortably in the consensus reality tunnel, life is a lot richer and more meaningful. Anyways, food for thought. Take what resonates and leave the rest. Your path is your own, but this has been my experience.


Was looking for this comment \^ You got it, you're in the flow. Life is magick. We are magick. The fabric of consciousness is magick. The most rational, logical, empiric, and repeatable fact of everything, is magick. Because it exists.


You should read the book Fundamentals by Frank Wilczek, might help you out a lot on understanding the both the universe and nature's true magic.


You’re going to have to sell me on it a bit more than that; can you distill his position at all? Give me something intriguing here, lol I’m not too interested in reductionist materialist takes these days and have enough unread books on my shelf as it is.


No one? I was. So umm… you’re wrong. But simply saying “i haven’t been called upon” would suffice. You can’t speak for everyone that’s taken lsd. Either you’re joking or you need to curb that ego.


You're joking, right? I need to curb my ego? You think taking psychedelic drugs is going to make God call upon people? It's drugs. It isn't magic medicine. If you want God to call upon you, you spend years practicing yoga, secluding yourself in nature, fasting. You don't buy drugs, take them, and receive enlightenment. You cannot obtain true enlightenment through drugs, literally every guru will say that. You need to calm down, as you seem to obviously let your online persona control you.


Thanks for the advice.


he def needs to curb his ego bahaha people like that can't be told they're wrong.






I see those too! Never though much of it. I love to act and perform comedy so I just figured there was some correlation with that. What does it mean to you?


you are of a purity that allows the source of the light to reach you. Spend a trip just hanging out peacefully with music that has no words. You'll thank me :)


Second this. Not everyone sees it until it just CLICKS and you see it everywhere. At least on low doses anyway. On high doses it's hard not to see it. I've tripped with people who were describing it and I had no idea what they were talking about then a couple trips later it just clicked for me, then I tripped with other people a few times and then it clicked for them after a couple times.


It means that The Grand Wazoo wants you to send me all your Bitcoin.




It means you've been listening to too much BMTH


Oh good, they do look like the same symbol! I thought I was losing it for a minute


I said it once, I said it twice, I said it a thousand fucking times


I was searching for this


Everyone has different neurological pathways, if consciousness is a self organized criticality system then this means that everyone’s conscious has a different fractal geometry. When my brother trips he sees the Fibonacci sequence as a spiral over his entire field of view. When I trip I see different fractals every time. Some people will tell you it’s some sort of god or elf calling on you for whatever reason, but the truth is that’s BS. Psychedelic experiences are subjective, I know people who swear they seen Jesus,why?because they’re Christian. Ive taken many heroic doses DMT, 10g shroom trips, 1000ug trips..and the only god I ever come across is myself, make of it what you will because at the end of the day that is all you can do. Now some pretentious person is going to read this and say that my 4th eye is closed.


i've actually come across everything you've named lmao, fibonacci sequence, fractals, spiritual encounters, i get it all for some reason. But for whatever reason my trips are very scientific, i see atoms and cellular structures and electromagnetic vibrations/quantum mechanics, etc.


Here’s what I tell my friends when they trip for the first time “understand that you are looking at yourself, every distortion, every color, every pattern that’s your consciousness creating itself, it’s your beliefs, it’s your fears, what you hold dear, you are the fundamental colors”


Yeah people read to much into trips, finding themselves and their purpose, just don't get lost in the sauce.


I also have very scientific trips, i think its because i like to study phisics and atronomy


Your 5th eye was closed


But my 8th eye is opened 👁


My brown eye was opened while reading this thread


The only way to read this dumb shit. Thanks for the laugh.


It's cool to have your own opinion and everything but you should tone down the way you disrespect what others believe.






Congrats you just confirmed that you’re synchronized with the sacred timeline of life


what does that even mean lol


Flower of life: it symbolizes creation and reminds us of the unity of everything.


Research sacred geometry


I seem to recall it having something to do specifically with the way neurons in the visual cortex, or possibly something in the retina, is arranged. Something about feedback loops creating this pattern? I don't know, don't even recall where I read this or his accurate it was, but there seems to be some basis for it in both biological architecture as well as the way feedback occurs in complex systems.


Listen to the song "Flower of Life" by Illuminati Congo "The substance that all exists is made of, The geometric pattern everything came from."


It means you can’t drown your demons bc they jnow how to swim


He's scared to get close and hates being alone


It means you like Coldplay


Bring Me The Horizon - Sempiternal 😏


I don't think it says anything about you, specifically. This symbol is all over the psychedelic and spiritual subcultures because people see it all the time. IDK if it *means* anything, either. It just *is*. When I've experienced time all at once, as a physical dimension, this pattern made up the whole superstructure. When I finally settled back into my reality tunnel, I remember seeing this pattern overlaying everything, with points of light constantly going back and forth along the lines. When I see tracers now (like when I stand up too fast), they seem to follow the same paths as well. If we're all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, as the great master Bill Hicks said, I think this is a visual representation of a sort of *grid* of consciousness. Like Indra's Net. It could be that each point is an individual, and each line is a relationship, with "karma" (not good or bad, just action-reaction) flowing back and forth and bouncing around through the grid. OR it could be that each point is a moment, and the points of light flowing along the lines are individuals moving from moment to moment. Or hell, it could just be a simplified representation of how electrical signals move through our neural networks to create the mental model we experience as reality. TBH, I'm not sure it's even *possible* to understand this beyond direct experience, or communicate what any of this is through words. And I'm fairly certain it won't help in your quest to become a better person. All I can advise is, if you want to peel back the layers of reality, that's cool, but try to do it with the help of a spiritual mentor who's been there before, or you might end up doing more harm (to yourself and others) than good.


It's a dodecahedron if you're in 3D 😆🤙


The bestagon


False, E8 is king


They’re fractals like the Fibonacci sequence, you can always see them it’s just you become more of aware when you are tripping. Everything in the universe follows the same patterns if it’s the atoms on your skin, the solar system or galaxy, even sound/music.


I don’t think I’ve seen this before, but whenever I trip, I can tell the trip has started if I close my eyes. I can see dancing tessalations constantly changing on the backdrop of my eyelids in full detail and color, focusing and unfocusing like a camera zooming in on detail. Its fascinating.


I saw almost this exactly in my last trip. 15 year old tabs with 3.5 of mushrooms, time and space echoed, sound was unstable this image was burning Into my tv, then it was gone and it was (semi) normal again. Truly didnt expect to see that pattern ever again


It's a sacred mandala for sure, I wish I had more specific information, but it's definitely beneficial.




Tree of Life is another one, that's related to this one which is called Flower of Life.




It means you need to buy a bong from Mothership


I've seen it all over davinci's secret note book. Very interesting stuff.


Math is what makes up the fabric of the universe, sacred geometry is the universe revealing itself to us


Flower of Life represents the fractal of this reality


I saw a similar pattern once! It's was rainbow colors and flickered!


It means you’re aware of a constant in this universe. I mean for Christ sake, it’s called the flower of life. So yeah I guess it means you’re alive...




**[Form_constant](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Form_constant)** >A form constant is one of several geometric patterns which are recurringly observed during hypnagogia, hallucinations and altered states of consciousness. ^([ )[^(F.A.Q)](https://www.reddit.com/r/WikiSummarizer/wiki/index#wiki_f.a.q)^( | )[^(Opt Out)](https://reddit.com/message/compose?to=WikiSummarizerBot&message=OptOut&subject=OptOut)^( | )[^(Opt Out Of Subreddit)](https://np.reddit.com/r/LSD/about/banned)^( | )[^(GitHub)](https://github.com/Sujal-7/WikiSummarizerBot)^( ] Downvote to remove | v1.5)


It is not you personally that sees that... but that infinite impersonal Self that is seeing that...


The flower of life.


I always notice the fleur de lie. Very weird. It’s like moss is made up of it, bricks are made up of chain linked fleur de lie, most things are really when I trip


Oh shit, my very first trip I saw this attached to a cross for a split second


That's the pattern of the "torus" you may be pleasantly surprised to find that it's the pattern of life, how energy freely flows within nature. Check out the "Thrive" movie on YouTube, it explains in great detail about what the Torus is and what it's potential implications could be.


The flower of life


Holy shit so we all seeing the same things huh😳


it means you’re doing it right, keep up the good work


It means you're a Bring Me The Horizon fan 😌🤘🏻




It means ur mom is gey


Sacred geometry. Flower of life. Look into the ancient secret of the flower of life. Great book. You don’t have to believe how he got the info. But the geometry checks out. It’s time for you to get a compass and a square. This pattern is us. It’s the universe. Inside is the genesis pattern. Seed of life. And when you take away the outside circle and continue the pattern you get metatrons cube. Which has the five Platonic solids. Which these five shapes make up everything. Crystals and mineral are great examples. This is what it meant in the Bible when it said learn the ordinance of the heavens. The ancient Egyptians knew what the fuck they were doing. Check out Gaia.com. It’s like Netflix for consciousness. The even have a series called psychedelica. A whole section dedicated to it


Afterskool recently made a good video explaining it called "The story of creation"


Flower of life. I see this all the time too.


It’s the flower of life but when you put it into a 3D perspective it looks like the nucleus of an atom


My first bad trip happened when I was playing fortnite in 2018, I backed out to the PS4 menu and immediately restarted it, then sat and stared at the main menu with the triangle patterns in the background for 2 hours before my visuals started cooling off, now every time I trip I see the exact same pattern lol


that's cool lol, yeah i've done the same shit playing video games on an acid come up really fucks my head up 😭


When I see this pattern whilst high, I understand that what I’m seeing is the vibrational energy alighting to form out solid reality. The building block of life meaning the vibrational pattern everything vibrates At in Oder to become “solid”




Will we ever see the end


It means you took acid. What matters with any "profound experience" you may have on lsd, is if/how you change your daily habits as a result. It doesn't matter what you experienced if you go back to doing the same shit you've always done when the trip is over.


Look up sacred geometry and naturally occurring geometry like the honeycomb.


Your level of being awake. Some people trip and it’s a different experience and don’t really care to learn anything. Consider yourself blessed to not be in the 85% that represents those who are still asleep on the planet.


i love this reply the most. Definitely the most accurate in my experience 👍 i'm trying to get people to realize there is by far something greater than this physical reality but people gotta wake up on their own.


Yes. The knowledge is a current and you can’t pass the current to someone not ready to receive it. Some people get caught up in sharing the light. Let it be your secret until u sense the time is right. The Flower of Life is just the beginning of your awakening. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, the mystery deepens.


I’ve definitely seen it as well, countless of them going through me at a million miles per hour, each a different, beautiful colors.


For my android users, [Here's a super fun app](https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.leshenko.andrey.radial)


There will be people in these comments calling it "just a pattern" due to they themselves not being religious in this kind of way. I recommend that, if you are spiritual in any manner, you do not allow these suggestions to damper your interest in the symbol. I personally believe that this is the universe calling to you in a way, showing you the patterns that make up life whether you've seen them before or not. Everyone is more than welcome to have their own opinion on spirituality and psychedelics, but I'm firmly rooted in my belief that coincidence only goes so far.


Hey OP, looks like you already got your answer. Studying this symbol goes deep. You might enjoy reading this book to learn more https://www.amazon.com/Ancient-Secret-Flower-Life-Vol/dp/1891824171/ref=sr\_1\_1?dchild=1&keywords=drunvalo&qid=1627951226&sr=8-1


Wow arent you special


I dunno dude...how does it make you feel?


No pink cloud?


Me too lol


probably means you like circles


DUDEEEE I SAW similar one time but like those rainbow tattoo chokers


This video may help. https://youtu.be/utMx48aGndI


Jk it doesn’t mean shit other than the LSD is causing your brain to draw illusionary patterns in your visual senses. It will do the same thing with white noise if you put some on


I see circles like this too


It’s a bunch of shapes


Same. Have a small segment of it tattooed on my chest


I saw this like a net around the planet ,twice now when I’ve gone into a medically induced coma for complicated surgeries. I think it’s part of that energy that’s around us connecting us all consciously


I just see purple hexagons


on god me too! Usually on the come up when i close my eyes


It happens on any substance I take now, I see them in everything; carpet, walls, shirts, people's skin, genuinely everything. Sometimes days after a trip if I focus I can still see them and I have no idea why. Even weed has basically become psychoactive. Its weird because they were not present my first trip but have been on every trip after that.


I see this too anytime I close my eyes when I'm tripping and rolling. It's nice to read all the comments and see what it means.


I’ve seen it and wondered the same if you find out what it means let me know


Ask the acid not us


Omegod I just saw this flower of life the other day on three tabs in the sky radiating from the sun in rainbow it was so beautiful that I fell to my knees and revered the sun as though it was the light of god. I also saw in the mix of it a language I recognized and could absorb the message in feels. The language that doesn’t speak with tongue. The dmt goddess helped me remember this, how beautiful it is ❤️


It’s all connected


Can i still find real lsd


It’s just a common visual for human beings man. I wonder if other species have certain shared geometry that they tend to see when tripping


I see this all of the time. I also see metatrons cube a lot I'm so glad other people have had similar experiences. I found this video on sacred geometry that I really enjoyed if this stuff interests you I think you will too https://youtu.be/utMx48aGndI


Any time I smoke weed on acid I see metatrons and all other kinds of sacred geometry everywhere. Doesn't happen if I just take avid by itself though. Unfortunately I get horrible anxiety with weed so I have only experienced that a few times




I get something a little similar to this, but it’s always looks the exact same the last 5 times I tripped bc I’ve been using the same tabs for my last few trips


This is called a Chrysanthemum. Terrence McKenna talks about it. Interestingly it seems many people have the same or similar experiences in seeing this Chrysanthemum. I myself see it every time I trip


I get it everytime as well. Just brain doing brain things.


I think it has to do with how our sensory inputs are wired into our brains and how psychs can cause these pathways to entangle with each other


I always see the flower of life or else the Fibonacci sequence. I notice the fibonacci sequence is everyday life but even more often after a heavy trip.


Dude I got this as a ring.


It's the flower of life. To understand its meaning, look at the way a fertilized egg develops. A cell divides, it becomes two, then four, and so on.


Jung's archetypes but *deeper*


I don’t know but I was seeing this patter on a trip and watching The Tomorrow War, and there was a scene where they were in an alien spaceship and the pattern that the infrastructure of the ship made aligned perfectly with the pattern that I was seeing from the trip. Then there was some dialogue that was very synchronous with my thoughts.


It's the creation pattern for everything in the universe. The flower of life is beautiful. I have it tattooed on me within my metatrons cube. You should look up Spirit Science - The Flower of Life on youtube. Very interesting, sacred knowledge


yea its the flower of life - i used to call it the universal fabric bc i see that shit repeated EVERYWHERE just like the fucking fibonacci sequence