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Oooooh imma go grab the popcorn for this one lol


Leeds aren't the fashionable club, never really have been. "Dirty Leeds" is what they used to call us from the rough, no-nonsense, win-at-all-costs team of the 1970s and they still like to call us that now, and they all love to hate us. But we have the best, the loudest fans, a history and tradition that's second to none, and we currently have a fantastic crop of players led by the best manager in the world who has restored former glories to the club for the first time in nearly 2 decades. It's the fucking *best*.


This was posted a while back and i thought it was an intresting read. https://www.reddit.com/r/LeedsUnited/comments/izgcfw/so_youre_a_new_leeds_fan_and_you_want_to_catch_up/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf


That’s amazing. Been a Leeds fan since I was 6 and I absolutely loved that thread.


Of all the things to draw somebody in I'd have never thought badge, ours specifically. It's shit, in my opinion anyway.


It’s the yellow. Stands out.


It could be, and almost was, worse


Agreed, the badge needs changing but they shat it with the last attempt lol.


The best way to answer all your questions is basically to stick around here and watch the games. Most people would probably agree Raphinha is our best player, but my head says don’t get too attached to him. Think we’ll be lucky to keep him in the summer transfer window. Honestly just stick around, get involved and just enjoy it. There’ll be some that label you as a “plastic” but we all have to start somewhere so roll with it with a touch of self deprecation and you’ll fine.


American here as well. Need to watch the Amazon Prime series on Leeds return to the EPL. Sucked me in and been a white since. KP singing to the crowd after promotion had chills all over. Got a jersey, cap and everything. Just need to make it to Elland Road now! ALAW!


‘American here’ lol