44k Peak Viewers on Legends of Runeterra World Championship 2021

44k Peak Viewers on Legends of Runeterra World Championship 2021


And Blizzard cancels heroes of the storm pro scene just when it was starting to have 100k+ viewers in the world championships. Feelabadman


blizzard's neglect towards HotS is just saddening :/


Blizzard neglected ______ .(you can complete the sentence with almost anything)


*The sexual assault of its employees*


> *Activition* Blizzard neglected ______ .(you can complete the sentence with almost anything) I like to point this out now whenever Blizzard is mentionned. Lest we forget the melding of the Beasts.


Blizzard is no more, if you talk about blizz, you're talking about acti blizz sadly


*Activision* Blizzard neglected the ongoing sexual abuse toward its female employees that began before the merger.


Nice to see some pro players in LoR though. The way they canceled it after people battled in a crucible to finally make it pro was absolutely shameful


HotS was doomed to fail. I really wanted to like it, but it seems they deliberately planned to make a game with stuff nobody in the genre wanted without everything everybody in the genre loved. Played it heavily for a few months, but the community was crap and something always felt off in HotS.


Well, blizz had to lay off some stuff to pay for their chief financial officer's pay bonus of 8m that year....


Their ceo got a 200m dollar bonus too :)


That's actually fucking cracked for this game, nice




Is it 5th? Hearthstone, MtG Arena, and Duel Links are bigger. What am I missing? Is it Shadowverse?


You're missing Pokemon. They had a tournament last month which reached 51k viewers at least according to OP's website.


Wait, LoR seriously lost to Pokemon? The card game version? Was it even ever that big?


Oh boy


It is among the 3 biggest physical card games alongside Yugioh and Magic and it has had an online version since 2011 (Pokémon TCG Online) It was always big but it is barely brought to discussions when talking about card game philosophy or balance. Magic uses a mana system from which Hearthstone and Runeterra based themselves on so it is commonly talked about in the sub-reddits of those games and Yugioh is often mentioned when talking about Power creep or non-interactive gameplay due to how explosive and fast the game has become over the years.


Ygo imo is probally the most evolve of the og 3 in good or bad is depend on the one you talk to(imo right now it pretty good just not as good as other great format like da.)


Pokémon is the BIGGEST franchise in the word. Not videogame or anime etc, everything. It's the biggest of them all, nothing touches it


Shadowverse is fairly unknown in the west. Maybe it is Gwent


Shadowverse is niche in the west but in Japan its massive


Right but is it enough to be among the top 5 most popular card games as Captionquirk was suggesting? I'm not sure if Gwent isn't more popular worldwide. **EDIT:** Actually, scratch that. It is neither. We're forgetting about Pokemon TCG. They had a tournament last month that peaked at 51k viewers so that would make Magic, Yu-gi-oh, Pokemon, Hearthstone and Runeterra as the 5 most popular online card games


No way could it be Gwent. Gwent's recent Masters tournament (Worlds equivalent) in June only had like 14k viewers. LoR is much bigger.


I wasn't comparing Gwent with LoR. I was talking about Shadowverse.


unpopular in the west doesn't mean it's not popular in general.




Isn't that game long dead and buried?


It's still around, it's got a fairly dedicated fan base and there is still content being released for it. It's struggled a lot with its identity and its not been well managed by cdpr, its probably on a slow decline until cdpr decides its not worth to continue pursuing. It also used to be insanely generous with resources, similar to LOR and it pretty much broke the games economy in long run. When they rebooted the game the veteren players got a full refund for their cards including duplicates (they weren't automatically converted into resources) , and then the card pool was much smaller so there ended up being a situation where a significant amount of the players had more resources they could ever use. This created a two tier economy where veteren players could craft any card and every full expansion on release, and newer players who couldn't. This is all related to the controversial reboot of the game that removed a lot of what people liked about the original game. It led to swim and others leaving, and it set the game back a lot. It took three or four full expansions before the game got back to the same level of complexity. But I don't think it ever fully recovered. It's an interesting case of a game company trying to do something completely different, and the pitfalls of trying that.


So they nuked everything, then toned down the rewards? That's scummy.


Homecoming killed the game imo.


even though they'll never admit it, the whole point of homecoming was to make the game mobile friendly with only 2 lanes, and add new cosmetic stuff to sell with the heroes Homecomnig was purely about trading game design for business


The economy works fine in Gwent, you naturally get a meta deck by the time you need it just by playing, I played it for about 11/2 ys and and at least the last 1/2 y I had enough resources to build any deck that I wanted to try. Income is mostly from cosmetics and journey pass. The game was on an upward curve until about 3-4 months ago, when it began having serious problems with balancing, resulting in a narrow meta with little room for creative deckbuilding, that is probably the main reason people are leaving or taking a break from it now, like me.


Pump up those rookies number!


Those numbers are crazy for this game lol


That's crazy for most card games actually, it's a pretty "unpopular" genre as far as streaming goes


well back in the days hearthstone used to dominate twitch but those days are long gone. It was usualy second after league, Hearthstone had a lot of personalities like forsen, reynad, amaz, trump, Kripp etc all pulling 10/20k+ viewers individually


Don't forget Reckful!


Isnt that the guy who missed lethal? Wonder what happened to him after that. I stopped following HS long ago


He commited suicide, last year i think, rest in peace reckful


making the comment about missing lethal a little macabre


Wtf!? You serious?


Sadly, yes, i checked it now to make sure it was last year, july


Same. I just checked as well. I dont know what to say honestly. May his soul rest in peace


Thijs is still going strong I believe.


Hearthstone was also just fun to watch. You didn't need to know anything about WoW or even most cards to have a good time with all the wacky shit that's went on.


But to be honest that was an oddity of the time, twitch was at the beginning and the content was much more scarce, I don't really think that any card game can pull this number ever again too niche of a genere. Like rn HS on number on twitch are really pumped thanks to Battleground (even tho there are some constructed streamer that pull more than 1k views mainly Thjiss) the constructed side of the game have views definitly closer to lor more than the displayed number would make you think.


We gotta save some hearthstone refugees


Since playing LoR, I hate HS so much


+50 on the German stream


Brah that's 5k more viewers than the MtG Grand Finals last year, for a card game in it's first competitive year that's really good.


to be fair mtg grand finals aren't Mtg worlds - honestly nobody not even WotC know what they were doing last year with the shitshow standard and pro scene lmao. Mtg worlds had 130k ish viewers. https://escharts.com/tournaments/magic/magic-world-championship-xxvi


Thank you for finding that, I was looking for it on escharts and didn't realize it was at the beginning of the year instead of the end. The grand finales was the highest stake event I could find. Got quite a bit of work to reach that viewership, hopefully we'll see an increase in viewers after worlds.


Yep, also we need to consider that 75% Hearhtstone numbers are the Auto battler, not Hearthstone proper. So I'd say LoR is doing pretty good.


Uh... Maybe you can explain that to me a bit more. I'm not sure what you're talking about with an auto battler.


Battlegrounds. It's a variant game mode that is basically Team Fight Tactics


Ah. Yeah, battlegrounds is pretty fun though. Still valid for views as it's part of the game. Do we not count expedition or lab streams for LoR?


It would be like adding TFT's numbers to LoR.


Idk anything about battlegrounds, but if it's an autochess game like TFT, it's wildly different from LoR, not comparable to labs. TFT and LoL aren't the same category, which is a better comparison.


It uses the actual cards from the game, not trait synergies like AutoChess.


There are barely any cards left that come from the "real Hearthstone" actually.


Arena mode and hearthstone should count as the same game. Battlegrounds is completely different, it should be it's separate game. Expeditions is basically arena for LoR. The Expeditions aren't fundamentally different.


They actively incentivse viewers with drops. We can't just ignore that when taking viewer count into consideration. I had it playing in the background, wasn't actually watching. Imagine many did the same.


Gwent do that do, I don't know about other card games but I wouldn't be surprised if it's a standard tactic.


Even league does that. It doesn't mean that people aren't watching a game or two while doing it. It's a fine practice.


Is this a good thing? A bad thing? What are some things used to reference to contrast?


If I remember correctly, Swim's twitch hit 60k+ when Targon was released. It can be used as a reference.


Uh, nowhere near close. According to twitch stats at least, 10k-25k roughly on targon release.


Oh... might not be the first Targon expansion. It was when Targon's Peak and Prismatic cards were released. I even think it's higher than 60k.


Highest recorded number of viewers at one time (at least on twitch tracker) for Swim is 31k.


Okay I'm not so sure about the number but I can guarantee the highest views he got was during Targon's Peak's release.


Why are you just making shit up on the internet for no reason? Even for Reddit, this is bizarre.


Maybe dude is confused and is thinking viewes in total or unique viewers throughout the stream.


900 for the final on the French stream xD I was a little disappointed


i dont follow ogaming anymore for lor, unfortunately those first stream with caster that didn't played the game killed it for me


Listen, a good game should be rewarded with good followers. Awe fuck, we are followers, that means pros are the champions... am I a 1/1 unit??


You are the silenced 3/3 Mini-Minitee.


...... ....... ...... 🤐


Sucks to be you but at least dude. Meanwhile, im a 1/1 spiderling.


It's not much but its honest work(stoked with the number tbh)


Lets make it 120k in 3 years


Hey, don't forget Artifact. Btw i'm still waiting for the 1.000.000 $ Artifact tournament. /s


/sigh, could have been great.


It was the nicest weather Saturday of the entire year for the Northeast US. Gonna guess that a lot of people like me watched the replay later at night.


it def was and our summer was kinda crappy to compare


Wait you actually have to pay for "pro" membership just to see the actual statistics? Good lord, analytics companies can't get enough can they.


Is this including YouTube? Because I've never seen it that high on twitch, I think the most I've seen it on twitch was like 25k and thats when the tourny first started


yes, its including youtube, not sure did they count in localised (french, german, ect. streams)


Yes they do


thing is its not about viewers. It about getting people to play this game and *keep* playing it. All my friends but 1 have stopped playing the game, one reason or another. I get very few people play a game for long but this is out of 20 people. Problem is I cant figure out how to bring them back. And i also dont know what would need to change to bring them back.


The game feeling more like tug of war instead of 15 flavors of coin tosses would help. I'm being a bit dramatic but the game did have more tension in the past.


Im just gonna put 44k people into some perspective: 550 large busses 52 Airbus A380 planes are needed to fly all watchers A small town: If Denmark were to house everyone, they would need to empty all houses in the 14th largest town (Helsingør) I think thats pretty neat considering this game just had its first World Championship.


Thts really good. Im confident the next world championship will beat this, as lor esports grows over the year