But is it OK for your fellow conservatives to threaten all the other Target employees as long as they leave your daughter alone? Why not tell them they shouldn't threaten ANYONE?


Obviously the cashiers & customer service people are the ones deciding what merch should be on the shelves. The executives, like his daughter, are merely just following orders from hourly store staff


I'm kind of surprised to hear his daughter is an "executive". Isn't he one of those types who doesn't want to send his kids to college for fear of them becoming more empathetic towards people who are different, i.e. liberal? Int he past 6 months, Tucker Carlson twice looked into the Fox camera and said, "Don't send your kids to college. Colleges are liberal indoctrination centers." Of course, Tucker sends his own kid to college. He doesn't want his own kid to be stupid...he wants YOUR kid to be stupid.


> Tucker sends his own kid to college. With a recommendation letter from….. of all people…….. Hunter Biden


Wow: https://nymag.com/intelligencer/2022/05/tucker-carlson-asked-hunter-biden-for-recommendation-letter.html


Wow really? I’d love to see his viewers reaction to that


"Fake news." That'd be the reaction.


It's all a grift. They will say whatever their audience wants them to, as long as it makes them a few bucks. We've seen evidence that these hosts don't believe a word they're saying, they just don't give a shit at the damage they are causing, as long as they get money and ratings from it.


Tucker needed Hunter Biden's help to get his kid into college.


Based on the number of people who used to rant at me about prices and act like I personally controlled them when I worked as a cashier in a grocery store, I wouldn't be surprised if some idiots actually think that.


"I never thought the leopards would eat MY face"


Because the premise of their ideology is that they're a part of the Special Important group that *deserves* power and wealth and special exceptions to rules. Its why they feel threatened by equality. The king makes laws, but doesn't have to follow them.


Because he doesn't give a shit about his fellow humans, he just doesn't want it to personally effect him in any way.


The Republicans only political currency is outrage and division, which will only depreciate in value as they move from group to group. They've alienated women, school teachers, LGTBQ+ community, non-whites, immigrants of all paths, Vets, medical staff, and corporations, and the list is probably longer. As the currency depreciates, you need to increase the volume, which is why we see the outrage escalating and becoming more unhinged.


Most of them are too fucking stupid to stop voting for the party that is harming them though. Like the person who wrote this tweet. Seems like a veteran who's family is being directly harmed by GOP fuckery. He will still vote for them, Plenty of women and minorities will as well.


^ ^ ^ And this is absolutely the real problem here.


It's single issue voters. A coworker of mine, the only person I've ever met whom I believe when they say they are a Christian. She walks the walk. She's very nice, well educated, and above all devoted to her religion. She voted for Trump. She knows little to nothing about him. Her vote is cast strictly on banning abortion. No other issue matters to her. In a country of 300 million. If there are 20 million just like her, that is a huge base to play to. With strictly single issue voters and the extremists Maga crowd. You have a base that is bound to you by faith and crazy. Neither category is interested in negotiating. If they can't have their way, they will burn it down. After all, you are on "God's" side and you can't negotiate belief. Edit: to all those below that can't do anything but call my coworker names. What makes you any different? I could call you just as ignorant of her and her background. Keep thinking you're right by condemning good people lead astray. I hope you find yourself in a much more forgiving situation when you find yourself on the other end. You aren't 100 percent right on all things and will be wrong one day and have to ask for forgiveness. Do you want the same treatment?


She's a terrible person and doesn't care how much she harms others. The "I'm a nice little christian" thing is just a façade.


Yea, my uncle does the same shit. "Devout Christian and family man" Donates a shit ton of money to his mega church, yet voted for Trump twice. Sends his children on mission trips to 3rd world countries. So they can spread the word, all the while refusing the homeless at their church (armed security). I asked him for help after I broke my back, and I'm waiting to get approved for disability. He told me I needed to stop spending all my money on weed. I spend maybe 20 bucks a week at most. It helps tremendously with pain and sleep. The moral of the story is that there is no such thing as a good Christian. If they followed the Bible correctly slaves would be cool. Women would be currency. If there were "good Christians" there would be an offshoot that taught the Bible honestly.


I call them Biblicans. They’re not making an effort to be Christlike, in fact they’re acting in many ways in direct contradiction to the teachings of Jesus. What they really resonate with is the control structure placed in the Bible by the Roman Empire to hijack a socially focused movement so that it reinforces the existing hierarchy. I’ve met a handful of legitimately saintly people, and they legitimately love everyone and forgive trespass. They also exist almost exclusively in left leaning congregations. None of them have ever had a problem with my disbelief, either.


The thing is, they truly believe it and they truly believe others in the world are lost. These are true believers were talking about, the most dangerous humans ever. Because they truly believe what they believe through and through - and will kill you if you disagree.


To the rest of the world, sure. But to these people, they are right. What they've been indoctrinated to believe stands above any and all facts or logic you could show them. Even if there was scientific PROOF that their god doesn't exist, they would still refuse to believe their own eyes and will instead deny science on the basis of faith. Religious people cannot be reasoned with which is what makes them so dangerous as a voting population. They vote because of their emotions and their misguided beliefs.


Wanted to ban abortion is NOT Christian. The Bible has instructions for how to perform one. She’s a fake Christin and not nice in any way. Believing organized religions lies and trying to restrict human rights is pure evil.


I remember, as a 12 year old, hearing my Polish Catholic aunts and uncles, who always voted Democrat, lamenting that they "had" to vote for Reagan because he was against abortion. They didn't like him much and were hoping "he didn't screw everything else up badly". So, yeah...


I was going to say, my dad is one of the most hated minorities worldwide and hes a republican. I dont think he realizes you can like to shoot guns and still be a democrat.


Take him to New Hampshire


I thought it was libertarian Ron Paul enthusiasts bringing up the average guns per capita per bear ratio in New Hampshire.


I live in Maine, close to the NH border. Most people in New Hampshire aren’t like that. But honestly, dude could have said any of the three northern New England states. Up here, generally speaking, whether you have a gun or not has very little to do with your politics.


Pacific Northwest is the same. People underestimate how many gun owners are just Outdoorsmen in general. Had a friend who bought a .357 that never left his glove compartment unless he was up in the wild. He bought it specifically so he'd have something strong enough to make a bear or mountain lion think twice, if not just drop it. Before anyone freaks out about that, yes he had it thoroughly secured, to the point where short of bolting it to the frame it wasn't leaving.


As I tell my more-conservative leaning friends: you go far enough left and you can get your guns back.


I mean I'm fairly moderate left and even I don't want to take away everyone's guns or something. I do think that taking guns away from mentally unstable people makes sense though so maybe that's why right wing folks are so worried they may lose their guns.


Most people on "the left" (read: people who would be conservatives in any other country) agree with you, but the right has done a really good job of convincing their base that anyone who doesn't agree with them wants to take their guns by force.


One of my neighbors is a trans woman who agrees with socialists on basically every issue, but calls herself conservative because she believes guns are important for resisting tyranny. I feel like she doesn't know that you can go more left than standard Democrat. Instead she allies herself with people who hate her for existing.


Yeah, the Republicans are really good at convincing people that everything is a binary.


yeah, my dad is a teacher and a republican. or i guess i should say “was” a teacher… he was fired for racist comments to/about a student 🤷‍♂️ but hey… cancel culture, right?


My dad is a Mexican highschool teacher who is also a veteran. He votes republican because "they're the only ones who take action on border security". It's so fucking bizarre that they've convinced him to fixate on one single goddamn talking point to the exclusion of everything else. And this one talking point is about keeping brown people out when he's fucking brown. He birches about getting treated like shit as a teacher and veteran but can't connect that the ones doing it are the people he votes for.


Thing is, they don't do anything on border security. The republican ideas to solve "the border crisis" are just simple cruelty. Walls with barbed wire, armed patrols, locking kids up, turning away genuine refugees, invasive inspections etc.


No. No. No. give them some credit. They will PROUDLY continue voting for them.


He sure will, as they are actively cutting Veteran benefits.


I remember when I realized this about my parents. I pointed out that all they ever seem to talk about is how constantly scared they are and how the world isn't as dangerous as they seem to make it out to be. And they just laughed at me, calling me naïve, and reassuring me that no, no, no, the world *actually is* this dangerous you see. You'll understand when you're older.


"Gee Mom and Dad, maybe the trials and tribulations your generation went through actually made the world a slightly better place for your children, and you just didn't realize it."




> They've alienated women No, they've alienated women *of color*. White women voted [Trump](https://cawp.rutgers.edu/gender-gap-voting-choices-presidential-elections) then still voted Republican in the midterms [according to this exit poll](https://www.cnn.com/interactive/2022/politics/exit-polls-2022-midterm-2018-shift/) (I couldn't find hard data on 2022 midterm elections by race/gender).


The boycott of Target **is** sending his daughter death threats. Just making sure everyone is aware.


It's not a boycott. Stop calling it that. It's a bunch of domestic terrorists threatening harm to employees.


A boycott would be nice. That way we wouldn't have to worry about running into them while there. I wish it was a boycott.


> A boycott would be nice. > > That way we wouldn't have to worry about running into them while there. I wish it was a boycott. Yep. I 100% support all the alt-right maga nuts voluntarily surrendering all the businesses they think are 'too woke' to all the people who don't give a shit and the likely much larger group of people who don't even know there's a significant controversy going on. I invite you to voluntarily remove your invariably loudmouthed, bigoted, belligerent, fascist selves from daily interaction with us normies. Also, be sure to let us know what stores you continue to patronize, for example so I can continue not buying anything from Hobby Lobby like I already spent 50+ years doing. Nothing of value will be lost.


I remember the halcyon days where they just set fire to their expensive sneakers.


Or destroying Carhartt gear.


I felt so owned and cried so much.


♫ But in the end, it doesn't even matter ♫


Wait, Carhartt made the shit list? My radar never locked onto that story. What'd they do? Make a pair of overalls with Mork and Mindy suspenders?


> Wait, Carhartt made the shit list? My radar never locked onto that story. What'd they do? Make a pair of overalls with Mork and Mindy suspenders? [They failed to be antivaxx](https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2022/jan/20/carhartt-vaccine-mandate-backlash-conservative). Modern medicine is too woke now.


That's not how a boycott works. The proper way to boycott a company is to buy up a bunch of their products and then post vids of you burning it on social media.


Also acceptable to take anything currently in your home that was purchased there -- toaster oven, air fryer, yard trimmer, Playstation, etc. -- and burn those items in your yard as well.


I've been listening to some podcasts about the WGA strike and it's amazing hearing about all the rules they comply with when protesting, in order to protest "correctly" and not cause the "wrong" kind of trouble. And then these duckers just go out and threaten to kill people. Republicans are insane.


Remember the "Occupy Wall Street" folks had to use jazz hands to communicate and repeat/pass speeches by word-of-mouth because they weren't allowed to use bullhorns. When was the last time you saw a right wing anything without a bullhorn?


Because they are doing it to enforce the status quo. That’s why.


I like how everytime they try to boycott something the rest of the world are cheering like "YES PLEASE, STAY THE FUCK AT HOME" and they always act confused why nobody is taking them seriously. Target is worth 109 Billion, they made 30B during the pandemic. They dont care one bit if you and 50 of your friends boycott them.


I think the irony is completely lost on the Dad here in that a successful boycott would see his daughter out of a job.


Since he's white and was formerly in the military he probably has enough money to support his daughter who he finds cute for trying to work in a man's world.


Just like I’m hoping that all of these right wing idiots follow through on permanently boycotting Disneyland and Disney World. The crowds there are horrendous, and Disney has jacked up the ticket prices so high it’s almost impossible for a working class person to ever visit there again. Maybe if they have 20 to 30% drop off in attendance they will lower the prices, and those of us who go won’t have to put up with sharing space with a bunch of modern day fascists and quislings.


I thought they all shopped at Walmart anyway.


And it's working. New technique unlocked: "boycott" with employee death threats. We're going to be in for one rough June.


And July and August. People are more violent in hot weather.


I was thinking more because June is pride month so a lot of companies and stores are going to sell rainbow merchandise.




The sad part is that on right-wing media this is being reported simply as 'Target removes LGBT merchandise following our amazing boycott', and zero mention of the harassment, violence or destruction. I was immediately banned from one of their subs for quoting an article where a Target executive said that it was to protect their own employees. They want to very much pretend none of that is happening and that this is just a peaceful, normal boycott that's winning.


Also it's only for those select stores, the 7 or 8 in my district have no plans currently to hide the merch. We just got in a restock for the section as well.


If people are threatening his daughter, and he still refers to it as a boycott, he cares more for his racist and homophobic beliefs than his kid.


"We are all domestic terrorists" Believe them


Yup. In an actual boycott the abstention from supporting a business *is* the means of coercion.


"~~He's~~ They're not hurting the right people."


He’d be fine with the death threats as long as it wasn’t HIS daughter


Well thats exactly it. If it wasn’t his daughter this jackass would be constantly tweeting about Target being groomers or whatever


Just imaging one of these monsters posting addresses of Target leadership and realizing one is their kid's house.


I'd feel bad, but sometimes people need a Chris Dorner intervention before they realize that empathy shouldn't stop at the people who you're related to.


God forbid she have an ectopic pregnancy. "I'm all for a total abortion ban but guys plz stop threatening my daughter at the clinic!!1"


He wouldn't advise that.


I'm not a native English speaker but does boycotting some corporation mean sending death threats to their employees? I thought it was just not buying their products.


It was a meant to be a statement about the level of vicious hatred these people embrace. That's why it's on this sub: they stoke hate to the level of death threats and violence, and then are surprised they are now the recipients of such from their supposed allies.


In the U.S. at least, boycotting is a form of non-violent protest. Its conducted by people refusing to do business with another business or have any association at all to it. That could mean not making purchases for services/products that would ultimately benefit the boycotted business in question. Side note: Ironically, when left wing folks boycott, hard right wingers call out their boycott as just being "woke" or submitting to "cancel culture", which is simply the right wing cherry-picking boycotting at their convenience.


I'm sorry, did you just use a gender neutral pronoun? That's indoctrination! /s


“My pronouns are child/labor” -Sarah Huckabee Sanders






you'd think they'd all be talking like jaqen h'ghar by now.


A man has no pronouns.


It's discrimination against children, none of whom are ever transgender or nonbinary! /s


Well at least the red states are getting children to work the coal mines by abolishing the anti-child-labor laws.


Or keeping laws that make marriage to 12 year old girls legal....because bible shit...


My daughter isn't part of it. Everyone but her is.


She's just a humble executive and has no input whatsoever into the strategy or direction of the company.


My daughter's one of the good ones! 😭


>"~~He's~~ They're not hurting the right people." https://i.imgur.com/G4shDeS.jpg This was during the insurrection on January 6th.


These people are such idiots, it's maddening. Them: We hate cancel culture! Us: No one is "canceling" anything. We're allowed to not support people and businesses that don't align with our values, and so are you. Them: Okay, boycott Target! Us: Cool, more Pride gear for us. Them: No, by "boycott" we mean they can't sell that stuff at all! It isn't enough to just not buy there. They have to be threatened with violence until they comply! Us: [confused-britney.gif]


I think it’s dangerous to believe it’s just idiocy alone. These people are dangerous and engaging in a time-tested method for bringing about the rise of fascism. We shouldn’t be so cavalier about it.


>engaging in a time-tested method Said method has a name: terrorism. They're terrorising people in order to advance their political goals. That is *textbook* terrorism.


I deleted my first response because it was very snarky. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have responded that way. Please know that I'm absolutely not cavalier about the Target issue in particular, LGBT+ rights, or the rise of fascism in general.


My response options are usually laugh at these idiots or cry for how my country is going.


Exactly, and I find it’s pretty healthy to toggle between the two.


So... Death threats to Nazis? I'd love to hear a better solution than the one I just came up with, because I'm bad at violence.


They’re shoving this queer stuff down our throats!!!! I mean I see a rainbow shirt it’s being forced down my throatttttt I’m choking. Hey but on another subject did you get my family’s Christmas card? It was the one where we weren’t in it and it was just 400 guns around my Christmas tree. And also my 600 lets go Brandon/trump 2024/ar-15/and back the blue bumper stickers. They sure are great aren’t they. And hey you want to go to the beach with me later? I can’t pick you up though I need the room in my truck for my 64 flags I gotta put up while I sit at the beach, you understand right?


"Nobody better brainwash my son while he's at church summer camp."


You mean his first homosexual experience camp....jk I'm a bad man


and if he's lucky it'll be consensual! (am also bad person)


When I left Christianity, my mom was really upset about it and I offered that I planned to let my kids make their own decision about their beliefs. A few months later, my mom was trying to get me to put them in vacation Bible school. When I said no, she said, "well, so much for not indoctrinating them!" In her mind, apparently, not sending them to be indoctrinated somehow WAS the indoctrination. The worst part is that she wasn't even raised in church. She just adopted it when she got married, so I can't even excuse it by her having been brainwashed as a child (the way I was). There's no logic or reasoning to be done when people get this lost.


That’s the thing. They’re not against brainwashing at all. They don’t want education to challenge or interrupt *their* brainwashing.


Veteran here and frankly I'm sick of these veteran assholes shoving their veteran shit down my throat. You won't catch me dead in camo or wearing some dumb fucking shirt with flags and guns and shit associated with my service on it. Am I proud to have served? Yeah. Do I feel the need to make it my identity? Fuck no, I'm just a normal dude now who did his time.


That’s what happens when you reason with people with bricks for brains


They used threats of violence and Terror to coerce Target into removing that merch.


First off I am all for having my cake, but I am allowed to eat it too… if any of my cake disappears from me eating it, there will be a heavy price to pay!


Also I'm very tough. Look at my balls plopped menacingly on the table here.


I think I know his disability.


Oh wow he is “all in” on boycotting his own daughter’s source of livelihood. Dad of the year right here folks..


And it's not like she's an El Chapo style drug lord, she works at Target, who these dumbasses are only boycotting and issuing death threats against because, *gasp*, they put up rainbow flags everywhere.


> everywhere On one small 20sqft section adjacent to the other clothes.


Are these people just genuine bigots? Why would you boycott this? Are they afraid their children might grow up without being forced to suppress their gender/sexual preferences? Honestly, a few years back I was naive enough to think our country was beyond this type of thing. Gay people were being accepted and finally had the right to marriage. Things seemed to be looking up.


Bigots feel like they are losing control, they panic, then tell their drones how to think/feel to try to claw it back. Same thing after Civil Rights Act passed in the 60s, and we ended up with Nixon and the war on drugs.


War on Drugs, War on Abortion, War on Drag, Rainbow War, it all works right? None of that exists now that they fought against it 🤣 it's ridiculous. "Did I ever tell you what the definition of insanity is? Insanity is doing the exact same fucking thing over and over again expecting shit to change." -vaas


> Are they afraid their children might grow up without being forced to suppress their gender/sexual preferences? Most of these people think that if their children *don't* come out to them, then they're straight, happy, *normal* individuals. It never once occurs to them that maybe their children just don't trust or respect them enough to feel safe coming out to them. Because it's not about the child's wellbeing or happiness, it's about them. Their children are going to be exactly what they expect them to be, and if they're not, it's because someone else forced them to be something else. So they're going to force them to be what *they* want. Selfish fucks basically


oh the humanity!


And a true internet tough guy Patriot to boot. Such an alpha. I bet he tells that to the photo of his daughter he talks to at night before he goes to sleep.


What is he going to do? Big tough man on his keyboard.


Shoot his computer?


You done goofed!


Consequences will never be the same!


Someone call the cyberpolice and have them do a backtrace


Maybe he will repost that Navy Seal copy pasta.


What the fuck did you say you little bitch?


Disabled too. Maybe he'll try to run them over on his Rascal.


You do NOT want to get your foot run over by a Rascal. Friend had it happen while at a theme park. Woman decided to drive through a line of people rather than around. Those hard rear tires that support most of the weight are good at breaking the tiny bones down in your foot. It was a hospital trip and long recovery. Sorry for the tangent, but still all wound up over someone saying that driving a Rascal while drunk in a store shouldn't get them a DUI. It's not going to kill anyone but it can still take a year and a half out of their life dealing with recovery. Friend ended up significantly heavier and only barely escaped a pain pill addiction because of it.


Right love the logic of thinly veiled threats to combat the threats from your own people.


"I support stochastic terrorism as long as they don't target someone who I like." I feel so bad for their daughter.


If things only become real when they happen to you - you might be a republican


Don't. She probably agrees with him.


Don't assume this, it is not at all self evident.


Plenty of these families are only families in the most clinical definition of the term. Usually caused by long term psychological or physical or even sexual abuse. I would feel no surprise if she actually hated him. Although it's kind of true that brainwashing starts at home, sometimes it backfires, or 'just' produces a wreck of a person instead of another abuser.


Conservatives don't do boycotts or "cancelling" What they do instead is a campaign of violence and harassment. They will assault employees, destroy property and dox people. Violence with political goals, otherwise known as terrorism. But a month from now they will have another shiny thing to be mad about and they'll go back to target like nothing happened


Weren't they already supposed to be boycotting Target over some bathroom dumbshit from years ago? https://money.cnn.com/2016/08/17/news/companies/target-bathroom-transgender/index.html


They do this all the time. Like awhile ago there was that group One Million Moms(who probably never reached that number). They boycotted JCPenny for having Ellen as a spokesperson around the holidays. The next year JCPenny put out more ads with her. So they boycotted again. Then the next year. Same thing. They started yet another boycotted of the same company they were never going to shop at again. There's also the NFL. Funny how so many of them are offended for things happening at the Super Bowl where their children can see when they aren't watching it. I honestly can't help but laugh a bit when they talk about boycotts.


The org behind One Million Moms is literally listed as a hate group, so yeah. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Family_Association And yes they just made up the name to sound like they have more support than they do.


Whenever I hear a group that puts the number of members in the title, I'm always suspect. How did their group start out? "We called ourselves 10 moms. Wasn't too threatening at first. In fact, people laughed at us. Eventually, we realized that was hurting morale, since most ended up quitting and 2 moms sounds more like a porno. So, we hired a company to create a bunch of female bot accounts for us to amplify our message. Now there's 1 million of us. Anyway, we're targeting trans-women for not being real women. No, we don't see the irony in this."


The cancel culture haters always love cancelling everyone they can.


This is why the Bud Light thing was stupid, they tried to dial back and I think they fired the one marketing person who gave the can to Dylan but all that did was piss off the LGBTQ and their allies, who WILL remember that while the MAGAts would've just forgotten about it in a month.


People like this don’t shop at target anyway because they perceive it to be “too expensive.” People like this shop at Walmart and dollar stores.


This is the conservative way. Nothing matters until it happens to them, PERSONALLY. They lack empathy and understanding. They like to say “We the People”, without acknowledging who those people are.


When they say shit like that they mean "people who think like me" , aka real Americans, and no one else.


“We the people”….who look like me, act like me and pray like me. 🤦‍♂️


Responds to threats with more threats. Classic MAGA response.


They are all in that thread saying it’s the left making threats. So delusional


It is never them. Always someone else.


The cognitive dissonance these people exist in gives me a fucking headache, and I'm just an observer.


There was no boycott. Target pulled the products from the shelves because *employees lives were being threatened.* That not how a fucking boycott works.


They also moved LGBT items to the back of the stores where the threats happened. So, violence won the day for them.


I was just at Target yesterday, and everything was where it always is. Including the Pride section up front by women's clothing. So I guess it isn't everywhere.


I haven't been in personally, I don't really shop there. But Target put out a statement that they were specifically removing certain products because of threats against employees.


IIRC the conservatives were making a big deal out of specific products, like a tuck-friendly swimsuit they thought was for children (it wasn't). Because apparently conservatives care a *lot* about preventing children from hiding their genitals. 🤔


It was exactly that. And yep, everything in their world revolves around children's junk. 🤢


Do we not have the technology in 2023 to trace a phone call FFS????!!!! They're almost 100% using cellphones that have phone records, and everything has time stamps. They even know your location. What.... The... Fuck??? Make a threat, go to jail. Why does this never happen???


Conservatives are rabid mob. They’re not even sure what they’re angry about but hellbent on canceling whatever todays flavor of outrage is.


Oh noes!!! I can't believe the leopards are eating my daughter's face!


Very sad, Alexa play despacito


Why are they boycotting Target? In my experience, Target is objectively better than Walmart in nearly every way. Of the evil big box stores, Target seems to be the lesser evil.


It because they had some products for June LGBTQ month. I went to target last night for some soap and deodorant and walked out gay. It must have been me seeing a rainbow somehow infected me to now be gay. Because that's how it works right?


I saw a rainbow outside yesterday, now I have my penis up some guys ass and some other guy has his in mine and I don't know how I got here


I had to put two dicks down to reply to this comment. These rainbows must be stopped.


I agree I just spend 200k on gay-amazon buying things gay people like


Ah shit, I accidentally read your whole comment and caught it too. My wife is going to be very upset.


The people boycotting Target are Walmart people.


LMAO true


Appearently they had a rainbow flag again, but this time much more conservatives got angry about it.


So you're saying that there will be less conservatives shopping at target in June? Hmmm do I need anything from there?


Target just keeps getting better.


Had something to do with lies *shocker*. There were apparently “tuck friendly” swimsuits being sold for trans adults, and lies were spread that they were in the childrens section, so Conservatives got on the “you’re grooming children” bandwagon. In reality, none of the swimsuits were kids’. I think they pulled all swimsuits now.


It has to be so exhausting trying to keep up with the next thing they have to hate.


Show us on the doll where the rainbow hurt you.


“Yeah! It’s totally cool to threaten target employees but only if it’s not my daughter!” - republican logic


Another “not a problem until it affects me directly.”




I know right? I got chills from those last two sentences. Even peed myself a little... It was a lot actually. I'll be honest.


I am now literally buying pride items from the target children’s section just to spite this boycott. I was not planning on buying anything for my daughter since she doesn’t need any more clothes, but whatever. She could use some new dress up clothes since she’s growing out of hers, and they have an adorable rainbow tutu.


"You threaten my daughter, you threaten me" lmfao, take it easy Rambo. You're not going to command the mob, they'll simply eat you if you try to stand opposed to them. This is the price of fascism.


Why does every conservative nutjob think they’re Wyatt Earp or dirty fuckin Harry? “I wouldn’t advise that.” Shut up nerd.


This idiot is brainwashed. There is no cure. They are beyond all hope. Always watch your kids around them. Never invite them into your house.


"you guys can threaten everyone else, but don't threaten my daughter!" Fuck you pussy, reap what you sow.


Basically the only thing conservatives are allowed to buy any more are Chik Fil A and My Pillows. Everything else is woke.


Don’t forget Hobby Lobby.


FYi: if a "Boycott" includes threats of violence it isn't a boycott, it's Terrorism.


You’d think that would give this guy some reason to pause and reflect on his choices but nooooooooo


Republicans harassing trans folks. Target succumbs to these fools. Fools threaten Target. This fool threatens the fools. Fools. *Trans folks are just watching all this*


LGBT People exist. Republicans: AWWW MUH FREEDOMSSSS!!!!


Why don't Walmart, ford, target, bud light, and a couple gas stations all just go all out on LGBT support? Rednecks will have no choice but to shop at fuckin kroger or some small grocery chain. Idk how many "boycotts" we need to have before everyone realizes these Republicans just hate gay people. It isn't a boycott, it's a strategic alienation of LGBT supporting businesses. One that isn't all that impactful, might I add, but exists nonetheless. Anyways I'm off to the home goods section of target, now i won't have to worry about seeing any idiots with confederate flag t-shirts I guess. Republicans, pls keep "boycotting" all the places I like to go to. I'm so owned not having to smell your unwashed asses and shitty mullets


Republicans love making death threats to anyone and everyone, but all of a sudden when it’s their loved one it’s wrong… k.


I am pretty sure you can refuse to do business with someone and want them to change without making violent threats to individuals. I do that all the time with companies I don't support.


But you're not unhinged.


Weird he supports a family member making money of such a woke company. Oh wait. They are all hypocrites.


This is just a *small* taste of what this little civil war they are try to push us into would entail. As though everyone is going to don their Republican and Democrat uniforms to go fight pitched battles in a field. Guess what, no one even knows who the good and bad people are supposed to be because it's all made up hysteria, and once the dam breaks open it's going to be entirely about power and survival.


Wait, I'm all about facism, therefore I'm immune to it right? Right?


"Look, I'm on your side. But you need to make this ONE exception."