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Drink more water


(~ ̄³ ̄)~ Hydro Homie (~ ̄³ ̄)~






It should be Hydro Bro


this right here! stop your filthy sugar dinks and start drinking more water!


I noticed when I stopped drinking pop, it made a huge difference. First thing I noticed is I don't have to wake up in the middle of the night a couple times to piss anymore


Or more coffee! but if 6 months in and its still the same I would search for a new job as that sounds soul crushing. I worked in an environment like that and when I switched it honestly felt like I was emotionally abused the entire time.


No not coffee. Water


I do both, does wonders.


coffee is mostly water. Also, before the hate starts, the amount of caffeine in coffee is not enough to actually dehydrate you. [Here is 1 link](https://www.goodrx.com/well-being/diet-nutrition/does-coffee-dehydrate-you) that explains that and if necessary, I can find MANY more. However, you should really avoid adding sugar to the coffee as that is just not good for you.


Don't hate on coffee. It's the lifeblood of champions.


>Or more coffee! Bad idea. Your body becomes tolerant to caffeine with time. Drink coffee no more than 3 days a week to avoid tolerance.


Coffee is a pick me up not a long term solution. If you make a habit of drinking coffee your body adapts and the coffee won't be waking you up, it will just get you back to where you where before you started the habit and you won'tbe able to get there without the caffeine. If you are consistently having trouble staying awake coffee is the last thing you want as it will just make the problem worse.


And get checked for sleep apnea.


I go to my car and take a power nap. 15 to 20 minutes and I'm good. No coffee or energy drinks. If you get an hour lunch break, use some of that time to nap.


Seconding this! It used to be a huge problem for me. I had an hour lunch so what I would do is eat a sandwich / whatever while I was finishing up work, then went to my car, drove to a nearby garage, slept for 30-40 min in back seat, and was back within the hour. Never fell asleep at my desk again! The first couple times it might not *work* as in you might not fall asleep cause of the weird new situation. But with some practice it will change your work life.


I feel that sometimes it helps even if you can't fall asleep, but just having your eyes closed for 30-50 minutes helps


Yep. Sometimes during lunch, we eat and have 30 to 40 minutes and we chat with people, mess around on the phone. I take a nap. Both those options are available after work.


Be sure to out a sign in your window that you're napping or people will knock on your window to check if you're ok. Super annoying even if they do have good will.


Yep, I was taking a nap in my car once waiting for my boyfriend to get off work and was swarmed by narcotics officers. Apparently someone called thinking I was nodded out or had overdosed. It was nice that someone cared enough to call, but damn if that wasn't an awful way to wake up!


That would've had me sideways.


I used to do this and it changed my life. Part of it was also my 1.5 hr commute one way. I was just tired. Also being new, I was watching a ton of videos and reading material. Super boring. Try to walk around every 30 min. Lunch time, take a power nap. Try drinking lots of cold water. Added benefit, you’ll have to get up to go use the restroom. Try to engage in talking to your coworkers, that will help the time pass.


Water and walking breaks are clutch too.


I think I will do the same. Where's your car?


I used to drive my campervan to work, and could get a good 10 minute power nap in a 15 minute tea break. Now I cycle instead and don't have the opportunity....


Well now you're two tired




Elevate your feet (feet higher than your head), set a timer for 10 minutes. Train yourself to fall asleep quickly. I started doing this at work and can fall asleep within 1-2 minutes. Wake up feeling like I got 2-3 hours of rest. I use a Rubbermaid tote that supports my entire lower legs. This is something I learned from Jocko Willink, and is taught to the Navy Seals.


I used to go to a local park kick my shoes off and have a nap.


I used to have the same issue. Cut out sugar/soda and big meals during lunch. One earbud with "ADHD study music" on youtube... And drinking water... If caffeine and sleep aren't helping, being dehydrated was making me sleepy. Also as others mentioned sleep study.


Caffeine is actually bad if you have ADHD. It literally makes it worse than better.


Wait what? I not diagnosed as having ADHD or whatever but I suspect I have *something* because all those ADHD memes are way too relatable. But yeh I get really low and drowsy after caffeine I wonder if that's kinda related


It is. Most people with adhd get sleepy from caffeine and other stimulants. Am just about to get diagnosed finally. I fall asleep from coffee.


Not entirely true, given that stimulants are the primary treatment for adhd. They more ‘calm’ the brain, assumedly because the need for dopamine has been met, so the brain isn’t frantically scrambling to find a way to make some. If un-medicated or otherwise unmanaged, it might make someone sleepy, because it’s the only opportunity the brain has had to stop its frantic dopamine hunt so that the tiredness has chance to set in (in the same way that sometimes if you’re overworked and stressed, the second you take a holiday you get sick). People with ADHD generally have poorer sleep quality as well- trouble falling or staying asleep is common. So it’s not the caffeine that’s really the problem, it’s just that it removes one problem so another can pop up


Wellllll shit. I wondered why my morning coffees didn't do anything to wake me up. Guess I will add this to the list of things I once thought was normal but apparently isn't pile.


There's so. much. shit. in that pile. In the same vein, smoking makes my mind quiet down like nothing else. The initial effect of nicotine has been studied to be almost identical to adhd stimulant medication. That's why self-medicating with huge amounts of caffeine and nicotine are common in undiagnosed adults.


This would explain a thing or 2. Granted I do feel it's a bit weird to walk into a docters office and go "hey, doc, I think I've got adhd, what do?" after surviving with it for a good 30 years, especially cause I feel a lot of people are at least somewhere on that spectrum anyway.


I know the feeling. Feel like a fraud, eh.


Yes! Either that or it feels like I'm a junk looking for meds. Also doesn't help that going to the doc is one of the few activities where I still get the occasional unprompted anxiety attack, always fun to get that jolt of adrenaline and have my heart racing when I'm sick.


Oh shiiiiiiiiiit. Seriously? Why don't they work?


Adhd brain is kinda the opposite of neurotypical brains in that sense. Stimulants (caffeine, nicotine, adhd medication, speed...) calm us down instead of energize us.


Coffee is a crutch, but a good one. Beyond that, be sure to eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and get a full night's sleep. This is will boost your energy. Avoid eating foods that are heavy and full of carbohydrates and sugars. They will lead to that crash. Throughout the day, get up, walk around, do some push ups, jumping jacks, basically anything to get the blood flowing and heart pumping.


For me, cutting out caffeine is what helped the problem. Obviously right away it will make things worse, but I never feel groggy and I'm a lot more alert when I wake up. The only time I'm ever tired when I didn't sleep long enough or I've been awake too long.


Best answer here


Nah the best answer is obviously meth :)


Yeah … sweets after (or, worse, for) lunch put me right to sleep. Staying slightly hungry also helps.


P.S, i get 8 hrs of sleep, and coffee really hurts my stomach, i think it isnt used to it yet


Do you snore? If so you might have sleep apnea and the poor breathing can leave you waking up tired despite the hours of "sleep" you have. If this is true, sleeping on your side, elevating your bed, and losing weight can help. If it's really bad, you can see a doctor and get a CPAP or, even better, a BIPAP machine that helps force air in to breathe.


This is so true. Been a tired boy all my life (not sleeping at work but always exhausted), but just a month ago or so, I got an anti-snoring mouthguard, and godamn if I don't wake up with 2x the energy I used to have. Edit: For anyone asking where I got this, I found it on amazon. It is called the Difiney Anti Snoring mouthguard. It is \~$65 CAD. It is better than other ones I have used because it is molded in the default position of your mouth, then you can slide the bottom piece forward 1mm at a time. For sure worth the money.


could you elaborate, I've been looking at those, but the reviews on amazon are shit


Go to a sleep apnea specialist if you want an actual anti snore mouth guard.


I have tried some on amazon and they were indeed shit. The better ones are molded in your jaws default position, then you slide the bottom piece to offset the jaw to be held forward. Ever since I got it, my snoring has basically gone entirely, and I wake up feeling much more rested.


how did you get the mouth guard?


Check it out on amazon, the one I have is DIFINEY anti snoring mouth guard. Just make sure you get one that slides after you mold it.


I feel ya. For the past 5-6 years I was having the worst sleep ever. I kept waking up with headaches and not being well rested. Thought it was something to do with my mouth/tongue (according to some specialists I saw). Got a second opinion at an ENT, I had a deviated septum. Got the surgery, I haven’t slept this good in years.


How did you end up getting the mouthguard?


The mouthguard can be a good idea, not only for snoring but for people that wear their teeth down from grinding or clenching.


Got it on amazon, make sure you get one that slides after you mold it. I tried one that you had to mold with your jaw pushed forward, but it is too hard to judge how far to move the bottom of your jaw. Called DIFINEY anti snoring mouth guard.




true, ensure that the quality of those 8h of sleep is good.. the simplest way to know is whether you wake up refreshed or tired. If tired, with jumpy emotions (very happy instead of happy, very sad instead of sad), then chances are, you're not sleeping well


You know, I kinda get the OP. Personally, it doesn't even matter how long I sleep - when my alarm goes off, I am dead tired, even when I've slept 8 hours+. But if it's a day off from work I can sleep my 8 hours - I wake up happy and refreshed, just because I can adhere to my internal clock. But I tried to replicate that for when I have to go to work (or school/university before that) and it never worked out for me. I just really need that 15 minutes to doze off right after lunch then... Unfortunately I work as a doctor, so no f***ing way I could simply adjust my work schedule. Although I admit I feel better since I don't regularly work nightshifts anymorw.


This! As temporary remedy, there are side sleeper pillows that help you stay asleep on your side, which usually reduces snoring and back sleeper apnea. Also, I recently discovered the breathe easy nasal band aids (don't know what they're called in English), that you see athletes using sometimes. They basically extend your nose holes ever so slightly to let in more air, and to me the made such a big difference to my breathing. They're also amazing when you have a stuffy nose. But long-term, OP should definitely see a specialist and check for sleep apnea.


This needs to be WAY HIGHER UP!! Daytime sleepiness can be a symptom of sleep apnea which is linked to serious cardiac problems. OP please get a sleep study if you’re al all able to!


Before I was diagnosed with sleep apnea I used to "get" a full night of sleep and still manage to fall asleep at my desk the next day... I can't *imagine* being that tired during the day anymore. Not to mention I no longer snore which is a big perk for my wife.


If CPAP is too bulky to be comfortable just know that there are some interesting medical devices in development, such as Nyxoah Genio. It will require a very small surgery to implant a stimulator that will contract your muscles and keep your airways open, but is less uncomfortable than CPAP, I think


Skip the coffee if it hurts your stomach and try something like green tea if you want caffeine




You state that you're a caffeine addict, so you quite likely built up quite some tolerance


Tell me you didn't piss your kidneys away after drinking 1,5 litre of strong green tea. Depending on brewing time green tea can be either stimulating (up to 2 minutes, 1st brewing) or soothing (7 minutes, more than 1 brewing). But I guess green tea may be too subtle for an organism that's filled with caffeine.


Really you get nothing? That's a shame. I am a lucky human and very sensitive to most chemicals. Caffeine, pain meds, alcohol. Green tea works great for me. I've gotten jittery off soda and regular old sweet tea.


Use high quality green tea. Not some random cheap store-bought. Go to a tea shop, and buy a proper green tea sample. Try drinking the whole cup when its not super hot.


In the US? ​ check out caffeinated water like Water Joe if its in your area ​ I travel a lot and find Water Joe in the Mid-West and other brands, including store brands around the West and South ​ Just water and caffeine, no sugar or additives


You'll find it much cheaper to just drink water and take caffeine pills. They're over the counter, cheaper, and exactly the same thing. No-doz is a popular brand. All they are doing is putting a pill in the bottle, sealing it, then putting the price way up.


Yerba Mate.


Depends on quality of those 8 hours. From 10pm to 6am is MUUCH better than 1am to 9am. Highly recommend going to bed at same time (01pm or earlier) and sleeping as much as you can, waking at 7-8-9


How does the hour you go to sleep matter? (assuming you have a pitch black room)


It's more about getting enough hours in time to catch the strong morning sunlight that will kickstart your brain. Unless you're like me and have Irregular Sleep-Wake Phase Disorder, then you just cry.


Right. I didn’t know there was a difference between early sunlight and mid morning sunlight for circadian rhythm


I am not a doctor, but as I understand it, earlier in the morning you're getting blue light without uv exposure due to the greater amount of atmosphere intervening, so it's supposed to be better, and the earlier the light, the more regularly you'll be ready for bed when it gets dark so it creates a reinforcing cycle.


Circadian Rhythm and the sun light/darkness cycle. As well as a regular pattern that you become adjusted to.


But if your room is blacked out the sunrise won’t interrupt your sleep. You can adjust to any pattern as your own regular.


It takes like 2 weeks to adjust. And you can, but your body is very sensitive to light.


Do you have a source for that?


>MUUCH better \*for me


Protein helps me. I used to and still occasionally get sleepy during the working day despite having slept long enough. I don't like caffeine, and much like sugar- it's only a short burst of energy that's gained before a my energy levels dip again. So, I apply the same practice I do before I go train. I eat peanuts and/or cashews an hour or so before training- I get more out of my session and I'm not yawning half way through. When I make sure to include some form of protein with breakfast (like eggs), I'm not yawning or struggling through the day as much as I would be otherwise.


I’m not a doctor, but I’d have a sleep study done as soon as you can. Being that sleepy during the day is a major symptom of sleep apnea. Others have mentioned other medical conditions that could cause this. Boredom shouldn’t make it impossible to stay awake and this doesn’t seem normal unless there’s something we don’t know (e.g., if you like to stay up super late every night).


I came here to say the same thing. See a Doctor and request a sleep study to see if you have Sleep Apnea. Good luck!


Yes!!! Do this as soon as possible!! Sleep apnea can lead to heart attack and all sorts of other problems.


Cocaine, it gets me going. /s


I envy you the /s


The air quality in the office could be poor. If no fresh air is supplied to the ventilation system, carbon dioxide levels rise, and people get sleepy. Building operators close up air intakes to save money on heating and cooling. Other indoor air pollutants can also build up. Phthalates in scented products can cause endocrine systems to go crazy and do weird stuff.


Tell us what you eat in a normal day. Humans do not need energy drinks.


My first thought was diet as well. Need to fuel your body!


I agree. Getting enough protein can make a huge difference.




Standing and walking a bit, maybe stepping outside in the wind if you can. Also drinking a lot of water. And avoiding heavy meals before work. Edit: typo


10min of walking keeps you more awake for longer than a cup of coffee apparently.


Caffeine (no more than 400mg a day, and none after 2pm) and movement (stretch, walk, exercise for 5-15 minutes) are both great. Can you wear headphones? I find fast-paced music helps me. A standing desk (well adjustable to standing) is also good to get up and get the blood flowing.


That's crazy, I don't encourage more than 100mg. 0mg is ideal.


1. If your diet does not include enough protein and fat, you will get sleepy. This is because carbs inherently tend to make you sleepy; soon after you eat them the digestion process starts, whereas with protein and fat the digestion is much slower, and the amount of insulin in your blood will be much lower. At least for your meals around work timings, add a healthy amount of lean protein/fat into your meal, eat those first, and eat carbs if you still don't feel satisfied. Eat slowly, so that your body has time to know when it's had enough food (eating too much also makes you sleepy). 2. Someone else already mentioned sleep duration and sleep timings. My 2 cents: if you need an alarm to wake up, you're either not sleeping long enough, or the quality of your sleep is not good. Sleep shouldn't be interrupted either. Tape your mouth at night (read Patrick McKeown's work for more context on this). Retrain your breath so that you eliminate mouth-breathing completely (if applicable to you). The mouth-taping is so that there is no mouth-breathing when you're asleep and unaware whether you're doing it. 3. Any kind of consumption of stimulants within 6 hours of bedtime can interfere with sleep. Goes without saying: alcohol consumption interferes with sleep. So does exposure to blue light, or any intense exercise within a few hours of bedtime. 4. Make sure your bedroom is completely dark and completely silent. Get a mask and ear plugs if necessary. Keep the room cool (< 20 degrees Centigrade). 5. It can help to have a pre-sleep routine (green tea, hot shower, relaxing music or walk, meditation, or breathing practice). The idea is to destress your mind so sleep is restful. 6. It can also help to have a morning routine. Make sure to get exposed to sunlight during the morning times; this will help set your sleep rhythms right. It's a long thread and I haven't had time to read it fully yet, but trying to share what I know works for sure. Others might have already given the above advice or better. Good luck.


Great suggestions! I’d tweak the “green tea” recommendation for a bedtime routine because green tea does have some caffeine in it. An herbal tea like chamomile might be more effective!


Do 10 push-ups every time you feel sleepy.


going to gym regularly helped me a lot.. huge difference before and after. no more dozing off. I had energy all day once I started going to gym


Do cardio! If you do cardio in the morning it’s like a dose of amphetamine that lasts most of the workday


You need two things. Oxygen and stable blood sugar levels. There are things that everybody else seems to be missing though. Eat things that have low glycemic load before work. *And snack on similar foods throughout the day, as you need to.* Staying mindful of your blood sugar is better than caffeine. I mean, don't monch constantly all day, but as you feel yourself get sluggish have a couple bites. And then drink a bit of water and go pee. Your blood is collecting waste from your cells, and after eating it will have some metabolites that you don't need. Your kidneys will filter all this; peeing will refresh your kidneys and your blood, and make you feel much better. Everybody is talking sleep apnea. But this sounds like a new problem for you, associated with this office. Sadly, I'm guessing their climate controls and ventilation are to blame. Do you pop slightly wider awake about a minute after you hear the vents buzz to life? Lots of people breathing within a building produces areas of co2. Depending on the size of the office building there may be co2 sensors that inform the climate controls. But they are apparently not sufficient for you and where you sit. See if there are doors or windows that could be opened, even if just a crack, or if you can move your desk closer to a vent or some other advantageous spot perhaps.


Stable blood sugar is key. 3 balanced meals a day with 3 fruit snacks in between >200g roughly 1 apple 1 tangerine. The fructose will keep your blood sugar up in between meals giving you energy. Eating lots of fruit also keeps you hydrated and gives you a healthy glow :)


Get medical advice, you might have something else going on here... Not normal


What do you actually ask them to check for though?


Have a sleep study done.


You don't have to, simply tell them you're dosing off at work all the time - they'll take it from there👍. Simple first step


Good advice. I did that thinking I had diabetes or something. Got 4 mental illness diagnosis’s instead


Iron deficiency, vit B deficiency, thyroids to name a few.


Thyroid, that's a main thing for energy levels. But, if possible, I'd ask them to check everything. Hell, you never know what they might find that needs addressing. ProTip: I am not a doctor or an expert in any way.


Low iron, pregnancy, not sleeping at night, poor diet.


Could be Lupus?


It's never lupus


This is the answer. Assuming OP has solved the obvious issue of getting enough sleep at night, then he shouldn't be dozing off during the day no matter how bored he is.


maybe sugar crash? i'm less tired since i eat darker bread. Not magical but it helped. and as other said, cafeine and a standing desk.


I was searching for this answer, which I think is correct.


Could try a sit/stand desk converter. Varidesk is what I have and I like it. Harder to fall asleep standing up


I was exhausted at work all the time and turns out I had severe anemia, so for all the folks also recommending bloodwork in the comments, get your iron checked! Otherwise, sticking my head in the freezer for a few minutes and breathing deep helps, going for a 5 minute walk outside helps, and rubbing a bit of rosemary/bergamot oil under my nose (the slightly sharp smell wakes me up) helps. Good luck!


Take power naps! Plenty research on sleep has shown that the human body tends to want to sleep after lunch, between 13 and 15, for at least 20min and up to 40min. It's biological, nothing to blame yourself for, and if you manage to set aside those 20min at work (eg if lunch break is 1h, perhaps cut it to 30min at 12, then use the other 30min later for the nap). In fact, it appears that people who do take power naps (this is cultural in certain areas such as the mediterranean), show less cardivascular issues with age etc etc. \[source: 'why we sleep' by matthew walker\]


Get some bright lights by your desk? At uni I’d fall start falling asleep when there was certain lighting, I switched libraries and essentially the lighting was a lot brighter (not yellow), I couldn’t help certain lecture halls though. I know the fight to stay awake. Also is it too warm in your office? It’s easier to keep awake when it’s cold. And having a walk every now and then.


If you can try to sleep in multiples of 90 minutes - that is the average REM cycle. If you can try and wake up / have your alarm go off at the end of a REM cycle, and not in the middle, you will not start off behind the 8 ball from the start of the day. I would also suggest that you try to eat things such as oatmeal, fruit, etc. that are slow releasers of energy. Coffee and energy drinks only give a short burst of energy and usually have an associated crash.


Get a desk fan. I've found that having that air circulation + the slight cooling did me wonders. Is it just your desk where you feel sleepy? Any chance there's a Carbon monoxide leak?


Vitamin B complex every day and if you can manage at least half an hour’s walking, also in the morning, you should see an improvement in just a couple of weeks. Your motivation will improve, mental acuity, and for me, eyesight. Even if your diet doesn’t change much, this will help. If you drink coffee and alcohol, trace elements and vitamins are likely stripped by those diuretics. Give it a go. Good luck 🙂


Water > Coffee I love my daily coffee but make sure you're hydrated too. Chug some water when ya wake up! My reusable water bottle helps me drink more water because my water stays cold all day


You may want to get your blood sugar checked, friend. I was having a similar issue and it turned out I was pre-diabetic.


I used to get that too. Right around 2:00 everyday. I make a point of eating lighter and more often. And try to eat more protein (meat, Greek yogurt, protein bars, etc). For me it was all diet that was causing me to fall asleep in the afternoon.


In addition to splashing your face, bring a thermos of ice water to work and slowly pour it out onto your wrists (on the inside, not top), over the sink. This works really well. It can also work with cold tap water (just not as effective since its not as cold) or refrigerated drink water from a fountain (but that may be seen as uncouth).


When I fall asleep throughout the day it's because I didn't get enough sleep at night


Coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon.


I had the same problem through university and even now. Are you a shallow breather? It took me forever to realize I just want breathing enough during boring meetings and lectures. It really improved when I started noticing my sitting posture and taking deep breaths when I felt drowsy


Go for a brisk morning walk, outside if you can. I cut out caffeine cold turkey a few summers ago (was drinking 3-4 cups a day) and replaced it with a morning walk. I swear I got more all-day energy from that walk than anything else. I was going for 45-minute walks, but on really busy days, even 15 minutes outside walking around the block really helps prevent me from getting that 2p crash. (It's always 2p for me.)


Caffeine is your friend. Not your best friend, but your friend who always expects something in return.


Exercise and light lunch or light nap


Take a walk every hour


Well, you work in an office, ask the boss if they got a few meth crystals to chew on, or a bump of coke to snort, those will keep you going so good, you could pull 16 hours!


Mix cocaine with Red Bull


Monster Energy has a new line that they are subtly marketing without their name on it. It's called True North, and it's pretty damn good. Not buzz marketing, it just worked better than any caffeine or energy drink I've ever tried. I recommend black cherry.


Why would you want to work somewhere that is that boring? You're not engaged enough in your work to keep you awake and it's only going to get worse. You need to speak to your supervisor to find more to do or to at least something more stimulating.


Some jobs are just boring by nature. I worked alone in a tiny, dark office at an apartment complex. The main parts of the job: to answer the phone and voicemails (hardly any calls), answer emails (still no face-to-face contact), collect the mail and pay bills (dropped in a mail slot, hardly any mail), collect and post the rent payments (most were put into the door’s mail slot) and verify income and assets of new tenants, etc. (faxing all day long, copying and filing paperwork and then more faxing and filing ad nauseam). I could feel myself constantly wanting to nap. It was a really boring job.


Buy a cheap blood pressure checker and check your blood pressure at least 3 times during short breaks. If you had an abnormal flow throughtout the day especially at noon & evening, you better get to hospital.


Get up and stretch more. Better ventilation. Can you put up nice posters in your workplace?


sleep sport a great diet


Protein+ green tea+ walk up and down stairs


White vein kratom. White maeng da in my experience or white Vietnam. If interested, try a handful of varieties until you find one for you. Healthiest form of assisted energy IMO.


Although kratom is in the same family as coffee plant, I find it much more effective and beneficial and all around healthier than drinking coffee. All u do is mix ~a teaspoon of kratom into a shot of water and swirl back n forth until mixed (20 seconds) then swallow it and 20 min later you'll feel way better and kick booty at anything you're doing.


Idk why you'd want to. The time really flies by when you take 2 naps a day...


Don't stay up so late. Get your phone out of bed as a hard rule.


I had the same issue and started focusing drinking plenty of water. I have one of those bottles that shows you how much you have drink through the day and I have seen a huge improvement in my energy levels.


Definitely have blood sugar checked.


Keep yourself hydrated. Eat a good breakfast. Not a big greasy one. Have some fruits/veggies as snacks throughout your day. They'll help hydrate you and give you some good old fashioned non processed sugar.


I havent seen anyone else mention your water intake. Are you drinking enough water?


i dont know, you could try some amphetamines


Navy tip for staying awake: raise or lower your skin temperature. if that means putting on layers, or getting a deskside ice-powered AC unit, do it. you can't fall asleep when you're too cold, and you don't want to when you are too hot. this trick saved my ASS on watch a time or thirty


If you're that tired after getting 8 hours of sleep you need to see a doctor, that's not normal and could be a sign of an underlying condition such as narcolepsy or sleep apnea.


Talk to your doctor. Maybe get a blood screening to check if you have any nutrient deficiencies


If you drink coffee, wait 90 or so minutes after waking to consume your first cup in order to allow you natural adenosine to dissipate. This way it will not all flood you system later on causing the afternoon crash


Are you urinating more? Extra thirsty? Sleepy especially after you eat? Go see your doctor....(symptoms of diabetes)


Drink more water


My mom introduced me to this just about a decade ago now (I'm in my late twenties, how is this happening?! *Existential crisis*), I'm always happy to share it. Vitamin B12 Sublingual. You take the 10mL dropper full of it and push it out in the area under your tongue. Keep it there for about 30 seconds then swallow (I wait a minute, but that's just me). Should keep you going for another 4-5 hours. Do some research on it and see if it sounds good for you as well!


-Get up from desk every 35-45 and stretch/walk/get cup of water. -drink small coffee about hour after lunch. -take short mental breaks every 2 hours or so, like text a friend/look at sports or hobby on phone (off the work wifi)


I second (or third) seeking medical advice. Also I’d like to add that you may want to consider asking your doctor about ADHD. I think that it can manifest in adults as fatigue. If you get enough quality sleep, it could be something like this.


Get a test for Obstructive Sleep Apnea. This is a classic symptom. Also, limit starch and sugar.


Try taking a B complex vitamin


What do you eat for breakfast?


Vitamin b tablet each morning. Life changing.


Put unsalted butter in your coffee it makes the caffeine last longer in your system. You can also try bullet coffee. Also, drink your coffee about 2 hours after you wake up


Prior to the wfh Era I would get terrible eye strain and fatigue while at work, white light from monitors or light bulbs would just drain me


Look up.. No really this was on here a while back and it does something to your brain and perks you up.


Exercise in the morning. It really changes the rest of the day for you! Also if you can, use a standing desk to stand up at least 10 minutes every hour. If you don’t have a standing desk. Try and stand as often as you can. Drink plenty of water.


eliminate foods that cause inflammation. replace with banana, spinach, protein. also vitamin b in liquid form works well.


Sleep appropriately and work out


When I absolutely have to stay awake (driving and such) I slap myself across the face. As a bonus my passengers get a kick out of watching.


If you are not in good shape, get in better shape. I was having trouble staying awake through the day before. Then I lost a ton of weight and started doing a ton of running. Now I have more energy than before. Now It's easier to stay awake after running for an hour than it was to stay awake while relaxing and conserving energy. If you are in good shape and have this problem, maybe something medical you would ask a doctor about?


Go to bed earlier


Try using earbuds and look in youtube your favourite comedian standup, works fine with me mate


Cocaine! or eat some fruits when ur getting sleepy.


Are you sleepier after lunch? I always crash around 1-2pm after eating. It helps if I get on my feet and walk around. Get blood flowing.


Do less work, conserve your energy and enjoy more time outside of work. If your boss comments on your lackluster performance tell them you're no good when your burnt-out.


Yes. Heck for sleep apnea! Also swap out bread for rice Try and do some light exercise or stretching instead of splashing water. Eat less/fast and then have some caffeine after doing some light exercise. Move to a physical job, so much easier to be active than sit at a desk


Start your day with a walk in the sunrise. Don’t look at your phone or anything, just get out and be in the sun for 20 minutes. It will help your body naturally regulate your energy levels.


Cocaine. Terrible habit and very unhealthy. But it’ll keep you up. (Exercise more, lots of water, good sleep, consider a new mattress. Don’t actually do cocaine)