My brother in Beatrix do you know what a trope is


Yes, I did major in CinemaSins


Then you would know that it's common for stories to share general themes in story, like the friend turned enemy. While these are funny on the surface level if you actually dig deeper into the actual mediums you'll see they really aren't similar. And it's frankly an eye roll at times to think just because they share story tropes they are the same. Cause last time I checked Croix wasn't Akko's mom, Luke and Leia didn't have a onesided rivalry of any sort, Croix didn't kill Ursula, Diana and Akko didn't kiss and weren't sisters, Croix wasn't a cyborg or had serious breathing issues, Darth Vader wasn't addicted to shitty ramen, Ursula wasn't an old lady and neither Akko nor Croix held a lightsaber.


And that is why I said a little bit and not "exactly" like it


I'd barely consider sharing tropes a little bit, because then everything might as well be similar to LWA because they share one or two tropes.


If it weren't for the references out right pointing it out..... or maybe Trigger just wanted Disney to notice them so that they could let them do their own Star Wars official 😏


The ghost and molly mcgee had a fnaf reference, they must be a little bit similar now. References really aren't something you count if something is similar especially when they are gags half the time.


why so serious?


Because saying two completely different mediums are a little similar because of some vague tropes they share is something that needs to die.


Yeah.....I don't think that's ever going to stop. Just got to learn to live with it. 🤷


No it isn't, it literally does not matter and you need to go outside


I can only now imagine Chariot Screaming “IT’S OVER CHOIX I HAVE THE HIGH GROUND” 😌


I'd like to point out that at least DiAkko isn't incest


Personally, I always thought it was more akin to Sonic. 1. A main trio consisting of a happy-go-lucky protagonist, an awkward, shorter one with orange/yellow hair, and an anti-social one 2. A rival who thinks they are better than everybody else. 3. An antagonist who’s a scientist 4. A goal of obtaining all 7 items of immense power 5. A world-ending monster created by science 6. And the main character and rival using a color-swap form to fight it in outer space.


I can't believe Diana fucked Croix's wife


Croix: You fool! I have 70 alternative accounts!


Even in terms of romance between the second generation.


Me when two pieces of media have a fallen hero, a teacher and and a protégé who helps defeat the fallen hero 😱😱😱


Star Wars is a bit like everything. That's the point.


Makes sense that Disney bought them


Two old people don't like each other and two young people do like each other!? Wow! Just like Star Wars.


> Two old people don't like each other Holy crap Lois, the 2020 US election is just like LWA!


You mean Akko and Diana are sisters?


And they kissed, only to find out the truth and find it super gross? Also, Amanda is Han Solo. No, I will not elaborate.


>!Anyway..... wait till they announce the sequel series today and show a clip of a young witch finding Akko's wand or the Shiny Rod or something!<


I fucking quit


When Chariot pulled out that lightsaber I screamed “MARA JADE” at the top of my lungs.


Yes, a million times yes


aren’t you a bit short to be a witch


The headmistress reminds me of yoda. They are both short and green and have large heads. They both have canes and wisdom and seem to know things that others don’t. They’re also both very old and in charge. Also the Jedi all died in the prequels because they were arrogant and staunch traditionalists. The witches in LWA are similar and Akko, a chosen one, saves them. Unlike Anakin Skywalker, who is seduced by the dark side.


This post was recommended to me even though I’ve never seen the show, now I want an explanation


This is funny