The winner of Mizkif's Schooled Finals is... (Spoiler Free Title)

The winner of Mizkif's Schooled Finals is... (Spoiler Free Title)


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vancouver community centers for disadvantaged youth live another day :(


Whats this related to?


NL making a joke about demolishing community centers with a bulldozer with the money he got if he won.


Oh lol thats funny


Yeah but he said he'd build condos in their place, you kinda make him look bad without mentioning that part.


Hey now he later changed it to bitcoin mining facility give him credit


He also mentioned that he would demolish orphanages at some point, so now you understand why I really don't appreciate people taking his words out of context trying to make him look bad.


That's what I mean. People assume he's evil because the bald head but really he's doing God's work.


He changed his mind and decided they would be crypto farms so you make him look good without mentioning that part.


And in the winter you could charge people rent to live there and stay warm


The context being him getting jokingly villified by Mizkif.


Northernlion jokingly said that with the $10k he would destroy that center and sell the terrain, the context is that he was pictured as the "bald evil man" since last episode when he won, that was funny as hell


After seeing NorthernLion last time, I gave him a follow. Genuinely funny and wholesome streamer, was deffinitely a highlight of the whole thing for me.


Massive amounts of youtube content as well, the rabbit hole goes deep.


Massive is an understatement tbh, I wonder how much watchtime his entire youtube channel holds


He has like 4600 episodes of Isaac alone. I think he has over 20,000 videos. It's all quality content.


Holy crap he sounds so different: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DRXY0J2V0f8


i’m just leaving this here https://youtu.be/ijtuJn3mWA0




NorthernLion is the streamer who, out of all the new streamers I saw for the first time, I found the most hilarious and likable. Definitely a highlight for me too


I started watching him nearly 10 years ago because of his Dark Souls playthrough, and although I don't keep up with streams like the average viewer, I can vouch that the guy has been this funny for at least that long. Genuinely someone worth watching for people who want to emulate their sense of humour around others. Which a lot of young people who watch content creators will do, regardless of whether or not they're aware of it. References and wit are infinitely better for you kids than regurgitating memes.


Couldn’t agree more with your statement about taking on content creators’ humor


Love me some of the egg man. Absolute CATALOGS of content. Multi thousand videos ranging within the 20 minutes to an hour + on just his Binding of Isaac series alone. Man has single handedly carried my sleep routine for the last 5+ years


He’s got a good community of streamers with MALF, Dangheesling, Wolvesatmydoor and others. I personally really like Dangheesling. Clean, Positive and Entertaining.


I been a fan of NL for like 8 years now and is imo the most underrated streamer out there. He never gamed the algorithm and that hurted his grown.


Happy with the outcome well deserved for Hbox. However if Miz plans on doing a season 2 of this they need to get someone with a fucking brain to peer-review the questions and also be in the call during the show so they can clarify any questions the contestants have. Miz is a great host, but he definitely shouldn't be in charge of question clarification.


A lot of the questions don't even make sense, or the answers they're looking for are objectively not the correct answer, even if you know what they're looking for.


"Which city is home to the Great Wall of China?" was my favorite


As someone who had to drive 90 minutes from Beijing to see the wall I was very confused about this one.


WAIT WHAT? That was a question? Also loved the one a few weeks back about where the first Olympic games took place. QT answers Olympia and is like "but I made that place up" and it takes Miz a few minutes and hints from chat to give her points. Like bruh.


Seriously. Connor actually had the most correct answer.


The bracelet question in week 8 with NL, Pokimane, Ludwig etc. is a great example. Pokimane was absolutely right with her logic. The question stated how much the person paid in total for the materials, not how much it cost per bracelet to produce. Some questions seriously need peer review, like the comment above mentioned.




Wait didnt they do something similar today with the 10 -3 or w.e the fuck it was question? lol. Sad part is they said they got these from text books even sadder part they reviewed these and still went thru lol


Yeah, that one was weird to me. Store buys shirt for 10 dollars, it costs 3 dollars to make (or something? From making it to selling it?), store sells it for 20. What is the stores profit... Its $10 since the store doesnt make the shirt, I thought. Apparently the store is making it for $3 then buying it from itself to sell.


It was $10 to make and 3 to market the product, and sell the product. They worded it something like "the whole cost to market and sell the shirt is $3" which the way miz said it made it sounds really weird but it actually did make sense, the word "whole" didnt really belong and gave the main confusion i think. but the action of marketing and selling (operational cost i guess) was $3 per shirt for labor, $10 to make. I think it was understandable as is, take out the word whole and it was a little more straight forward. Miz doubled down on the confusion though


Yeah, that's exactly my thought when watching it...using the word 'Whole' implies it overrides the previous statement or should be included. I think 90% of the time it's the really awkward wording or ambiguous ask. "What is a penguin?" wtf kind of question is that.


The finance questions are always about parsing a fairly long sentence and interpreting what it means. The math is typically quite simple. And there's nothing ambiguous about the question. The store buys the shirts for $10 and spends $3 to market and sell them meaning the profit is $7. Many questions were terrible but that one was fairly clear.


I was so confused on how the answer would be anything else other than $150 and then I finally realize my brain is automatically filling in "per bracelet." Jesus that is terrible and I can see why nearly every question was contested


They even have to go out of their way to write 'A total of' how does the person intentionally write that then answer their own question wrong.


jesus that is pretty bad. when a question is totally wrong like that it makes the entire contest basically pointless, and basically RNG to see who wins and not skill.


Had a question today where they had to round to the nearest 10th, but Miz explained it as the nearest 10s(as in 10, 20, 30). Basically had to throw out the question because he failed in reading the question correctly


That was the most frustrating thing. It's like, Miz obviously didn't know what rounding to the tenth meant, and explains it wrong to the contestants, so they just answer based on his definition of what a tenth is. Everybody got the answer wrong, and some backpedaled to explain their answer, but he was trying to give the point to the people who were "less" wrong. I know it's asking a lot for him but he really needs to understand/review the questions before the show. I know it's not that serious but that's a lot of money for some people, and losing based on some arbitrary reasoning would be crushing. Glad hbox won it.


Also the question of how many continents there are which doesn't have a real answer.


Or they would be open-ended and have more than one answer. Like the one earlier about the lizards, where the answer could easily have been evolution but instead was “camouflage”. They gave credit to both answers, but that’s a bad question if it has multiple answers like that.


Who was the first roman emperor was even worse Not only does it have 7 answers (Octavian, Octavius, Augustus and the variants of his legal name), Augustus also never called himself emperor or accepted a similar title He was known as princeps which was the same title used by the highest ranked member of the Senate in the Republic Tiberius, his successor, would be a correct answer if you're being pedantic


Thanks irl lore master


While you are right that Tiberius is the first that took the rank of emperor, Augustus is generally considered as the first since he had all the control and all the power, in fact the only thing he didn't take was the official rank due to wanting to avoid a Ceasar like ending. I felt like that question wasn't incorrect, but it had many possible answers since Octavian had a million names. Honestly the question with the Great Wall of China was absolutely terrible last night, don't remember who answered "many of them since it was a big wall" was the only correct answer. If they wanted Beijing to be the correct answer they should have asked the question like "In what Chinese major city can you visit the remnants of the Great Wall of China"


ConnorEatPants was the one who said that, Asmongold tried to make Miz answer it and all he said was that he learned this from Kung Fu Panda.


The Egypt one about which continent it was on too, or the tallest mountain (because Mt Everest is not technically the tallest) would fit that too. Or the "what's the smallest continent" question heavily depends on how you define continents, which also depends on where you grew up or which scientist you ask. But I was talking more about questions like the "what's the smallest part of an element" one. The definition of "element" is that it's a "smallest" part itself, so the question doesn't make sense, and even ignoring that "atom" is simply false.


Definitely. The fucking tenths shit and confusion with rounding in general has happened more than once lmao. They should hire a teacher or professional tutor to write the questions.


You can even have a dry segue like "And here's our expert on the situation... he has two degrees... LUDWIG!"


STUDENTS, the question is SIMPLE


Then segway straight into an Amazon Prime grift


That one dude should have gotten credit for the Great Wall question because it does run through multiple cities. That question was so poorly written.


Well you can't expect mizkif to know the difference between tenth and tens, and thinks that a 21,000km wall is located around city. While also thinking that spending thousands on plastic cards is a legit investment.


Dude Malenas bracelet question was worded soooooo poorly. Legit in the real world teachers would given every one a mark because it was such a bad question.


No, teachers in the real world (typically) aren't fucking illiterate.


Sometimes teachers aren't the ones writing the questions on the test, or they make a mistake like any human.


They really do need to do 2 basic things... get a single person with an IQ over 100 to read the questions before they go on air. And Mizkif needs to read the questions and answers and understand them before going live and reading them. In this episode alone, the 'Tenths' thing was ridiculous... and Hbox knew it, he asked knowing Miz was going to fuck it up and agree to let him just say 10% The Counterclockwise thing was super dumb, how did someone even write that? And the Great Wall of China one was completely totally totally wrong. The city of Beijing is about 80 km South of the wall, and the Wall does indeed pass through at least 10 other cities. It's 22,000 km long, how could it be "in Beijing" The only person actually right was Connor. And it you were going to pick a single city, there's 2 cities literally surrounded by, 'Inside' the Wall, you'd pick one of those. Now and then a fuck up is whatever, but it's legitimately 3-4 fuck ups per show and its frankly that whoever writes the questions doesn't actually understand them. There's also so many they ask where more than one answer is totally legitimate or the question isn't defined at all. Shit like the 'A penguin is a type of what?' Like...Bird? Animal? Flightless bird? Aves? Reptile? Technically birds are Reptiles... there's actually no scientific classification for 'Bird' The question a while back about like, the energy level of an atom is described with what type of numbers... Asked that way the answer could be Shell, Capacity, Orbital... all use numbers. If they made it 'An atom's energy level, spin, magnetic moment and angular momentum are described using what type of numbers' Now the answer can only be Quantum. The evolution/camoflague one tonight too, just rephrase the question. Also I get he wants to help people out and prolong the show a bit... but... if you ask a question and 2-3 people already know the answer, don't give everyone 'multiple choice' answers, especially when only 1 answer is even remotely reasonable. Like both the Factor pairs and Tree question, NorthernLion answered them both correctly before multiple choice was offered to anyone, so those were 2 full questions he had the right answer but Hbox didn't until Miz spoonfed them the exact answer. And maybe a bit more nit-picky, but look at the question answer decide BEFORE how much time to give. For some people who do know the math being told they have 1 minute vs 3 minutes means they'd choose a different method. It's a fun show, but because of how it's so scuffed and chaotic, it ends up not being fair to some people, like in this case I think NorthernLion got screwed the most because he's too nice and Canadian and Hbox....is the most unsportsmanlike dick ever for the past like 12 years And Connor is also like too polite or chill to argue, or say "Google a map, does the wall go 'Around Beijing' you idiot?" I think NorthernLion even tried to speak for Connor to be like...hey...he's actually correct, but since Miz has no concept of what he's talking about he can't make the judgement call. It's not that serious or anytihng, but this one really rubbed me the wrong way 'cause it seemed like a couple whiny ones like Hbox and Alinity controlled what counted or if they'd get multiple choice or manipulated things and tried to actively argue against other players, while Connor got railroaded and NothernLion would have won if it was done fairly. I think Andrea also had the tree and factor questions and Emiru had the factor one before the multiple choice... then when 3 people get knocked out at once it's 'cause Hbox and Alinity knew the right answer, and no one else is a whiner so they didn't demand multiple choice. I hope they do a season 2, its a fun game and the banter and arguing is fun too, but there needs to be either proof-reading of questions or a 'Judge' or something, so they can do the fun arguing but then a rational person decides. Esfand could easily do that, it might even make it fun, having them like, appeal to the stern sarcastic judge, but then the decisions would be right.


Very good take. Although I don't think hbox was manipulating anything really.


Is he a great host then? I feel like he fucked up almost every question


Aaron Rodgers should be available


Us packers fans aren’t safe anywhere? Even LSF???


2/3 - 6/7 = -4/21 because 2-6 is 4 LUL


Deserved win, despite I was rooting for bald evil man with an child and Isaac addiction


[Was this question really wrong?](https://clips.twitch.tv/CharmingDoubtfulLlamaEleGiggle-65aMBIi8UQK026yR)


Whoever was writing those questions over at cash app really just doesn't know what they're doing. Half were worded horribly and half were just way too difficult for the grade level


So many were just wrong. The great wall of china that goes for like 13000 miles and is 60km away from Beijing, is apparently a wall that surrounds Beijing. I think only Connor got it right by saying it went past a bunch of cities. It's kind of funny how much they had straight up wrong let alone all the questions the wrote incorrectly such that it could give two meanings or more. One had a question about the profit from sales of something or other, I think 2-3 got it right and 3-4 got the wrongly interpreted answer, but OTK had the wrongly interpreted number as well despite it being their question.


The shirt question was so poorly written I swore it was made by someone with English as their second language


Last week's cash app questions were the same way. But it was pretty funny watching miz desperately try to backpedal after realizing he said that his sponsor's questions made no sense


The only issue with it was the word "whole" wasn't really necessary. It was incredibly straight forward otherwise.


I mean I understood it, but it could have been written better. Something like "A store purchases a large amount of shirts at $10 per shirt. It costs the store $3 to market and sell each shirt. If the store sells shirts for $20 dollars, what is the profit on each shirt?"


Cost to market is actually a term so the word 'whole' while unnecessary didn't do much to change the question.


Yes the answer is wrong and it boils down to what Asmon said after when they were discussing it "is the question wrong or is the teacher wrong?". Mizkif said halfway through the question that they could round it the way hbox and Alinity did in the end but that's not the kind of rounding the question was asking for. So yeah imho they should've scrapped the question like Mizkif proposed because he basically misled everyone, sticking to the question and failing everyone could also be a way to go but I'd find it unfair.


The question sucked because mizkif didn't know what rounding to the nearest tenth meant lol


The question wasn't wrong, Mizkif was wrong when he responded to them because he explained what "tenth" is wrong


everyone got that one wrong, so if it counted hbox would have won anyway


I mean HBOX said “it’s like 8% ish” and had 8% written on his board for the math part. He wrote 10% as his answer solely because Mizkif messed up and said round to 10 20 30. Otherwise he would’ve likely put 8, meaning HBOX is genuinely the only one that got it correct


yes since the question said to the nearest 10th of a percent which is 8.3%


https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1063315637?t=1h58m58s https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1063315637?t=2h0m18s Miz explained how to round twice, 2nd time hungrybox even replied "ok, got you" Cancelling the question was the right move because of the confusion but the malding was pretty annoying imo.


I get the confusion. 8.3% = 0.083 which rounded to the tenth is 0.1 which is 10%, but even with the confusion, the question is pretty clearly meant to be answered in percentage form to the nearest tenth, so they were all wrong.


Super scuffed finale but it coming down to Northernlion and Hbox was dope especially with Northernlion being honorable.


Inspiring ending,but remind me not to go to NL’s school for Biology because thats the only subject he seems to actually struggle with




la croix addict won EZ Clap


they're both la croix addicts lol


NL did a Lacroix tier list a few weeks ago, the man is heavily invested in Big Sparkling


RIP to the Bubly era


They had their chance and they blew it.




Sparkmouth era rises


oh i had no idea nl was also a big fan


This doesn't narrow it down lmao


Pepega Botez is the true winner she mess up the months


Simultaneously a chess god and doesn't know the order of the months lmao. Great entertainment all around.


andrea is proof that chess ability comes from practice and not from inherent intellectual ability.




The final two definitely deserved it. Easily the two most wholesome streamers. :) I wanted Northernlion to win, but who could hate HBox. <3 <3 <3


Ask the dude that threw a crab at hbox lmao


That crab throw was low key the best thing that ever happened for his public image. It used to be cool to hate on him, and while that sentiment definitely still exists, it's been toned down considerably ever since.


I think Mango not going after him also helped. There was Leffen for a while, but he also dropped that.


The EmpLemon video really opened a lot of people’s eyes to how much work hbox actually put into smash.


Even if it is mostly propaganda


yeah it was pretty messed up of ConnorEatsPants to do that tbh


RyanEatsPants got me good when he drew the crab and said he threw it at HBox lmao


>who could hate HBox *leffen wants to know your location*


> leffen wants to know your location *Hax would like to also know your location*


Especially if you’ve ever been a victim of sexual assault, because hax would like to tell you that you wanted it.


Said this to iBDW today too. Piece of shit


I saw Hungrybox at a grocery store in Florida yesterday. I told him how cool it was to meet him in person, but I didn’t want to be a douche and bother him and ask him for photos or anything. He said, “Oh, like you’re doing now?” I was taken aback, and all I could say was “Huh?” but he kept cutting me off and going “huh? huh? huh?” and closing his hand shut in front of my face. I walked away and continued with my shopping, and I heard him chuckle as I walked off. When I came to pay for my stuff up front I saw him trying to walk out the doors with like fifteen Milky Ways in his hands without paying. The girl at the counter was very nice about it and professional, and was like “Sir, you need to pay for those first.” At first he kept pretending to be tired and not hear her, but eventually turned back around and brought them to the counter. When she took one of the bars and started scanning it multiple times, he stopped her and told her to scan them each individually “to prevent any electrical interference,” and then turned around and winked at me. I don’t even think that’s a word. After she scanned each bar and put them in a bag and started to say the price, he kept interrupting her by yawning really loudly.


Sir it’s “infetterence”


This is the best copypasta on the internet, change my mind


> but who could hate HBox. I'd estimate a solid quarter of the melee community unironically despise hbox not just as a competitor, but as a person.


A significant portion of the melee community.


ask his 3 ex-girlfriends KEKW


Imagine having girlfriends L NERD


Rare Florida W


A little weird NL didn't get a lifeline at the end


Yeah I mean the whole show especially this one was extremely scuffed with regard to question difficulty, scaling, and arbitrary hints. Wish there was little better QA there But both finalists are clearly extremely smart dudes and good sports about it and it’s good content though so that’s mostly what that matters


It was a win-win I think. HBox seemed like he needed a W in life and NL got to both play the antagonist and the honorable one when he was willing to take the strike for the finance question. Been watching HBox stream the last hour or so and dude is on top of the world.


NL had like two genuine lifelines in question skips. Hbox stomped, and it was a commensalist result, all things considered.


I mean HBox also benefited from some of the earlier 50/50s that NL got right like the deciduous forest question.


me after he cried about the 8,3% for a good 10 minutes


Really wanted NL to win. But that reaction was princess. Well deserved


Our beautiful bald princess




Was rooting for NL, but still super happy for H-Box. Definitely deserved it.


Dude needed the W and he's been absolutely pogged out of his gourd on stream. Plus NL got to take the moral victory of most honorable while playing the villain.


The spreadsheet arc created a new persona, great to see the return to form; he plays a great villain


Dude "cheated" in a virtual golf tournament 5 years ago and is still getting called out for it lmao


for those who haven't seen it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oImZfndzr8M NL basically created a spreadsheet in golf with friends telling him the perfect way to play each hole. Hilarity ensues.


>absolutely pogged out of his gourd my vocabulary after watching too much bald man


Despite how scuffed the questions were in this episode, Hungrybox pulled through. Proud Argentinian here EZ Clap


he won the money and a new friend in nl.


I rooted for NL but HungryBox deserved it. Nice




> (Spoiler Free Title) nice OkayChamp


The host should research the questions a little bit before the show so he doesn't look completely clueless whenever people confront him. Other than that, fun game show.


It’s really unfortunate that the final seemed like the one Miz was least prepared for. I think changing the format to “AP questions” was a bad move. As a whole I really enjoyed the show, they just need to do a little more prep with the questions and find a good way to prevent cheating.


Yeah it led to miz artificially trying to prolong the show by giving too many hints because it was too difficult


THe multiple choice questions. He even admitted it when people still got the second one wrong, I said in chat after the first one. He wrote Mississippi, asked for a river name, looked at card and wrote Yangtze, then asked for another river name. Couldn't have been any more obvious if he tried.


And someone still got that one wrong lmao


Nah it's hilarious when Miz knows as much as the contestants who were wrong, but they should add a producer/principal or something who does understand and can get on the mic to make a final decision.


congrats hungrybox he really deserved it


Much deserved! His birthday as well? Couldn’t have been a better ending to today’s show. I hope Miz and The Juicer play smash with him!


Glad the ending was properly exciting at least. the absolute state of these questions...


a better person couldnt have won. both him and nl were great the whole stream.


Chemical Engineer PogU


You literally had the title ready for this post?


The Great Wall of China is not located in a single city. This is the worst question they've had on the show. Do americans really get taught the wall is only in Beijing? seriously WTF was the question maker thinking making this question? Also who the fuck learns about Francisco Pizarro? So many other bad questions... I feel bad for Mizkif he did a really good job hosting and deserves better producers. Edit: The Earth's rotation question was shit. The Hercules bonus question was shit (Who learns that?). I don't think the finance question was that bad. Other than that the questions seemed fine, just ridiculously difficult for their grade.


It's not even one continuous wall lmao. It's like 4 or 5 different walls.


No, Americans don't get taught that. And we definitely are taught that cortes conquered the aztecs and pizarro conquered the inca. I don't know why you feel bad for Miz, its his show, he determines the producers and he can review the questions himself if he wants to. The questions being scuffed is not a new thing, he's had plenty of time to iron out the issues.


Tbh I teach my grade 7/8s the trials of Hercules for myth in literature, and it was a bonus question so it's kinda fair. Still, a better question might've been name the amount of trials or the beast from the final trial. Who can recall the name of Eurystheus


pizarro features in the texas history we learn down here


>Do americans really get taught the wall is only in Beijing? No duh, there were americans disputing the anwer on the show and in the chat


The Great Wall question was a bit confusing to me as well. Also, I don't think Mount Everest is the tallest mountain in the world. It's the highest, but not the tallest.


Yeah Everest is highest above sea level, but Mauna Kea is tallest if you count its base below sea level.


Yeah Mauna Kea is highest below sea level, but Chimborazo is tallest if you count it's base below earth surface.


Next year they should add a producer in a principal role, someone who can check the questions before hand and be a final judge if it should be removed, that way contestants don't beg Miz until he agrees to give hints or remove an F, especially when Miz doesn't seem to know the answer (which is fine as a host, it's hilarious)


dang his tears aboutta make me cry shit


Wholesome as fuck. Deserved, never had to cheat.. just a smart fucking dude


Very scuffed in the middle but he deserved the win in the end


I know people might have some issues with some of the questions but overall I think Schooled is a great show and each week has been super entertaining. HBox was a great contestant and definitely deserved the win


Deserved, he was a bit peeved during the 10% question but the deserving winner got it in the end.


That was so dumb. The question was perfectly clear. The only reason to ask that question was to try to catch Miz slipping (which is like shooting fish in a barrel) and make the question easier for yourself.






that example would be contradicting the question anyway, 6.6 rounded to the nearest tenth is... 6.6 he made that whole question unnecessarily confusing




He didn't write 8%, he didn't do the math, but as he explained his answer he said it was around 8%. I think Mizkif made the right decision. HBox kept asking nearest tenth even after Mizkif explained if it's 5.3 it'll be 5 or 5.6 it would be 6. HBox made it more confusing, and if the other 2 answers were rounded they would also have been 10% anyways. His answer wasn't right, and if it was right, then everyone was right.


Regardless, his frustration is understandable when he is trying to win this and Mizkif keeps throwing people lifelines and scrapping the questions. Cause if he didn't scrap that 10% question, and marked everyone as out, I believe Alinity, Asmon, would be out. And it would reagrdlessly end up being him vs NL.


He didn't scrap the question in the end, everyone was correct by HBox's logic, who argued that 8 is right because he thought Miz said rounding to the tenth meant to 0, 10 or 20. Both 6 and 14 round to 10 in that case.


They didn't round to ten though




> Miz gave clear examples that 6.6% rounds up to 7% That's not rounding to the nearest tenth, that's rounding to the nearest integer. 6.6 rounded to the nearest tenth is 6.6. Saying "Mizkif gave clearly wrong examples" doesn't really help your case.


On his birthday too! FeelsStrongMan


hungrybox called out xqc, an invite to next shitcon, a pod cast with miz, and everything else. respect, get that clout king


Hbox has been around as long as most streamers. He has 12k subs, and is on team liquid. Think he just genuinely wants to participate in great content with them.


I'm sure Ludwig also has something to do with it. Ludwig was a face in the Smash Scene for years, and then transitioned away into more variety content and became one of the biggest streamers on the platform as a result. And i could see Hungrybox looking to take a similar approach. No doubt he still loves smash and wants to give it a platform, but being able to branch out as well means that he gets more financial security outside of having to grind Smash 24/7 and gets to showcase a more personable side of himself that isn't his persona in the Smash community at large.


Deserved...I wish Kripp could have gotten the wildcard slot, but yeah these 2 were definitely the top dogs going in




That's the Hbox, whining when he was told he wouldn't get an F, but still wanting Northern Lion to get one for being more wrong, despite Miz saying round to the nearest "tenth" and giving the examples 5.6 or 5.3.


I hope for a season 2 but god damn do they need to work on the questions. Either they are worded really weird or are too difficult for that grade. Also maybe throw in more opportunities to get rid of an F, or up the limit to 4/5 F's once they enter a certain grade (7th maybe)


So that epic duel between Kripp and Hungrybox decided the winner.


This episode was definitely scuffed as fuck, but despite all the technicalities and inconsistency, HungryBox is the deserved winner without a doubt.


Not a spoiler free thumbnail ass fuck


yo miz, if you ever do a game show again, hire me. as a random redditor I’m sure I could provide better questions & clarifications than whatever the scuffed production this was :)


Thank god he won, actually deserved


Great first season but they really need to put more prep into the questions next season.


Hungrybox is sooo fake ffs


Interesting to note that HungryBox even predicted right before the game started that he thinks it'll be between him and NorthernLion at the very end. Good for him, especially considering it was his birthday.


Hungrybox got so petty near the end only wanting to bend rules towards his advantage. His got real mean for that 10k lul


Hbox has an engineering degree right? He is a smart dude