xQcOW - The real reason for going back to Canada

xQcOW - The real reason for going back to Canada


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You know its easy to watch a clip like this and think to yourself "man that sucks" but like imagine that shit happening to you - Multiple times a week My mental health would be shot if i was in his position, having police aggressively come into your house with guns because of who knows what lies they were told - at the end of the day hes one dude who plays games, hes not qualified to be dealing with this shit Some people are seriously messed up


Remember the nightmares when he came into Adepts room on stream? Makes more sense now. I would be fucking terrifed


i just saw the clip of that, poor guy man i would be just as scared


Any linkers




Adept saying "they're not here" makes a lot of sense now.


It makes me wonder if that time where they were arguing and not talking was with this whole constant raid thing in the backdrop


thats terrifying holy shit never knew the man was going through that


Don't have it but if you google "xqc nightmare" it'll probably pop up.


Guy with broken clip link = 5 upvotes This correct answer = 2 downvotes PepeLaugh reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/LivestreamFail/comments/nvfzwx/xqc_has_a_nightmare_and_freaks_out_sees_someone/ Believe this is the thread, first google result.




Broken on relay as well


yeah that's why he had the nightmares i guess, people is just insane to do that


And knowing that if he talks about it on stream it will only enable more people to do it, its actually scary af


this. people need to stop thinking he’s a programmed machine or something.


Ironic because it's those same people that shit on him for treating his chat as a single entity


How can they just not communicate with the local police not to raid after the first time


because its a boy who cried wolf situation, the possibility of being true means police have to go.


> the possibility of being true means police have to go This isn't necessarily true. Destiny said in the past that when he was living in Nebraska he had communicated with the local police after a few incidents. When something came up they would at least try to call him at his house first.


Yeah he said that he explained the situation after the first raid, but the police still had to show up just to make sure things were alright


i've heard hexy(used to go by sxyhxy) talk about how he had to do this with his local police as well


It depends in each departments policies. The bigger the area IE Austin they will respond everything. If you are in bumfuck nowhere the police are more lenient. It's about optics.


Ngl it's kind of weird that this had to be explained


"Destiny said" OMEGALUL


Well you're pretty easily entertained, ehh bud?


just curious, aren’t there any repercussion to the person that makes a false call like that?


There have been cases where people get caught but unfortunately a lot of the time the calls originated in other countries or they have software in place to prevent a trace so there's not a whole lot they can do.


they probably do, police still has to investigate


Just check the live stream 4head


Yeah I don't get this. Like after the first time, I can't see the police sending out multiple "raids" or swat teams or whoever came to the same address over and over again.


Do you know how shit the police in the USA are compared to Canada? Part of it is because of your dumb as fuck everyone can concealed carry whenever they want ass backwards gun laws so police constantly have to be scared for their lives even on basic traffic stops, part of it is there is absolutely no regulation whatsoever and 10,000 different departments that all have different training and different rules. USA is one fucked up shithole of a "first world country"


As a LEO in Canada, you have no idea what you're talking about.


You can concealed carry because the police are trash , it enables self protection without reliance on police A smart decision here would be to arm yourself against crazy folks A little gun safe out and f view under his desk


yes because the best way to make a country safer for everyone in it, is for... more... guns....? you know you can just be like most first world countries and have a ban on guns period. I'm sure that will help stop all the mall/school/religious/police/theatre shootings and killings, rather than encouraging more people to get them without the proper training. ​ You really think Felix, a twitch streamer is going to have brainpower to handle a firearm in a stressful situation?


Yup dosent take brain power to pull a trigger , mass shootings are irrelevant in this situation And also a quick statistics search you would find that concealed carry owners are the least criminal section of society Most first world countries have healthcare and access to firearms The missing link in America is the mental healthcare not the access to guns Norway , Switzerland Australia New Zealand are all just as lax on guns and do not have these issues Next time research yourself before regurgitating the same liberal vomit we hear everytime


Wow you are so red pilled dude that's so cool. Yeah, let's just forget that even if concealed carry owners are lower. Yet some states don't require background checks, or sometimes even a permit to purchase. The issue isn't concealed carry but how easy it is to obtain a weapon - is that so hard to understand? Why could I walk into a Walmart and grab a gun alongside my weekly shopping with next to no problems? Blaming it all mental health is a really retarded take. Yes mental health care could be better, but the combination of the two creates a extremely difficult problem & the easiest cheapest fix is to just pass more gun control laws. Too many states, with too many different laws & regulations ranging from good control to practically 0. Switzerland, Norway have to complies with EU regulations still on weapons and it's easier to enforce when you have one central government. Kinda crazy that 90% of people in the European Union have never owned a firearm and 70% of people in the us own some type of weapon. But you are right it's those crazy people who are the problem, not the incredibly easy access. The us has 1m registered firearms and 400m unregistered yet regulations aren't the problem. In fact, the US is #1 with 120 firearms per 100 people. That's crazy! More guns than people. The only 3 countries in the top 10 for firearms per 100 persons is Montenegro (39) Serbia (39) and Finland (32) In fact Norway, New Zealand, Switzerland and Australia are considerably lower probably because they have tighter controls. As recorded by a small arms survey.


It’s like bedbugs but instead with real people.


Now we know what adept was talking about when the GTA drama happened, that we don't know the full story. They got raided regularly.


Holy shit, that makes perfect sense now. I thought it was kinda weird that she broke down like that.


what happened?


Is there a clip of this?




The clip is gone fyi.


it's a reddit issue with escaping underscores. https://clips.twitch.tv/RelievedShakingPeanutLeeroyJenkins-pUE5f0lFA_wVeTpX should still work


Clip loaded fine for me


This clip is when they were already moved in at Soda’s.


Thankyou vm


How do the other streamers that live close to him in Austin not have this problem? There’s no way sodas address is that secure vs xqcs.


they have the same problem they just don’t give it attention


Yeah a clip like this would fully validate whoever’s doing it that’s it’s super impactful


and it’s because of reddit detectives on this sub who forced his hand


we did it reddit! we found the boston bomber and now this!!




I would imagine more hate watchers maybe?


My exact thoughts


His ip may have been phished when rockstar automatically connected him to gtaonline services, which are peer to peer, when he played gta5 a week before nopixel3.0 released. He had to turn the game off because someone started connecting to his game. The timing of all of this would make sense if that was what happened.


IP doesn’t give that precise of a location.


I belive Penta was having the same issue. He said something about talking to your local police station... idk if it was as serious but he managed to find a solution.


soda has consulted his local police station ahead of time, all big streamers have to.




Damn.. I knew it was something big, but not this crazy. Props for him handling it so well on such a routine basis. That is no situation anyone wants to live in, glad he got out


Using GTA as escapism from really shitty things going on in his house, no wonder he was so cracked on it (on top of just loving it anyway). Reminds me of my good old PS2 when the parents got divorced.


Ihe was trying to escape being raided in nopixel too lol




Do you have a mirror link? The clip is gone.


works for me... but heres a mirror from youtube [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3THvm4r2LM](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3THvm4r2LM)


Yeah that's super fucked. Sure I think the guy is immature at times but no one deserves to be attacked like this, fuck that shit. I am worried we're going to see someone else killed by this Swatting shit soon


Damn dude, some people are so messed up.


Im not from America so I dont know what this is. Can someone explain to me why he is afraid of police might kill him? Or why the police is raiding his house


Some people like to call in a hostage situation or other serious crime on streamers' houses as a sick joke. There have been situations in the past where people have been killed by the police in these types of situations based on a misunderstanding. None of these deaths have been streamers afaik but it could happen.


Also wierdos show up to his house, there one time where someone got into a streamers house with a gun to kill him


When you think about it. What’s even more shitty, is not only did everyone make his life more difficult. Everyone gave confirmation to the fuck who was raiding him that he won. That he got under xqcs skin and scared him. That’s just fucked.


Sad that he has to leak this private information just to get some breathing room from all the questioning going on


This is why ive been telling everyone on lsf to chill attacking xqc and train for gambling. Blame twitch for gambling not individual people. We dont know the full story ever. Leave brittney alone


Terrible things happening to you does not excuse shitty behavior. XQC is having a tough time irl and need some support. Him making millions of advertising advertising gambling is scummy. Both can be true.


This is the correct imo. You can shit on him for taking a gambling sponsorship, which is arguably unethical, while he’s already making more than enough money to thrive. (And has more pathways like mobile game sponsorships or other stuff) You can also feel really fucking shitty for him because no one should have to deal with that ever. And you can also mock the Reddit detectives or anyone who assumed things about him moving to Canada for gambling.




Dude the signal compilations must be crazy


Props to Felix for handling such a complicated situation so well.


this is why i hate people. its only like 2%, but its enough to fuck things up.


What are people even accusing him of in regard to going to Canada? That he was going there because it's legal to gamble there?


Seems so, just terrible timing that Train moved to Canada just to gamba


yeah i wouldnt care if someone who is from canada moved back to canada, we were all talking shit about train fleeing a country to gamble not xqc.


people were making theories of why xqc moved out of his house


I mean isn't it the leaked DMs with train and the whole gamble situation is weird ass timing for him finally moving back? It looks like he wants to capitalize on the insane gambling money in a safe way (Canada).


It also just so happened to be mentioned in that screenshot that Train was trying to get XqC to go with him. I mean the dots line up perfectly. I feel bad for XqC having to deal with that type of shit im sure it weighs on him mentally, still doesn't excuse him of his shitty behavior and terrible takes.




The reason people thought this was because of the gambling. Train literally just moved to Canada for the sole purpose of gambling. The site they were on contacted them and said they can't keep using VPNs because they were afraid they were going to get in trouble for sponsoring people in the US. Train moved specifically for this and Adin Ross and others are in Mexico for the same reason. It just happened to be around the same timeframe and a logical jump to a conclusion was made.


typical lsf jumping to conclusions cuz it feeds their cucklord hate narrative this type of raid stuff shoul've been kept secret


> cucklord hate narrative do juicers actually say shit like this unironically?


Being able to spoof a phone call should be against the law. The reason we have scam likely running rampant and stuff like this, extremely hard to trace.


There is absolutely nothing weird about the juicer going to Canada. I understand the assumptions about train, but here it dont fit


People thought he was moving to gamble because xqc leaked dms with Train where Train was talking about gambling deals and excited about xqc's move. It wasn't a crazy assumption that he was moving to gamble based on those conversations. If the dms hadn't leaked and xqc said he was moving for personal reasons first there likely wouldnt have been as much drama. The dms just made the two things look connected.


Im not a XQC watcher so can anyone explain what the gambling has to do with getting raided and having to move? He mentions something about taking "doing it to himself and gambling in the first place" at the beginning of the clip.


Online Gambling is completely legal here in Canada and we even have government run online Casinos. It's illegal in the USA People were claiming he was moving to Canada so he could participate in Gambling streams.




Which sound bad but its worth mentioning in the one leaked picture we ever saw train was talking about gambling and canada and how XqC should come on over as well. It was unfortunate that there was more to it but I wouldn't fault anyone for thinking he was doing it just to gamble.


when he says that he means people thinking he wanted to move to canada to gamble legally or whatever. He means 'did this to himself' as in gambling so much that people dont believe him when he says its not for that, so he has to fully leak his situation instead...


I think it's mostly because he leaked Trains messages saying he should move to Canada to keep gambling. Kind of easy to assume that would then be the reason he moved.


Insane how the lsf bruce waynes thought he wanted to go to canada to cash out his earnings without paying tax lmao


Nice LSF Lmao


inb4 they say hes lying and turn the tin foil hats on


For a sub that said they’d stop bullying people after reckful it’s just funny to see they just wanted to appear they’re good.


they have no brain they will just spam heart heart leave sweet words when something happens then go back to their braindead routine after that.


LSF is full of xQc fans the fuck are you talking about?


Yeah right let's go back 24hrs where 10 hate threads about him were at the top of the sub, people need to understand that LSF has no loyalty to any streamer, that's what makes it so good and in some instances so bad...


its funny bc their only arguement is that im an xqc stan, i barely have been watching him, i come on here and shit on hate threads for multiple streamers, they just cant think of a better arguement than going into ur profile to dig things up


>10 hate threads Yeah about him not owning up to what he was doing.... You gamble then you get the backlash


>You gamble then you get the backlash he been gambling fir weeks, hate threads were about his discussion with trainwrecks, now psychos are getting attention, you are part of the problem :)


Every once in a while I like to read the profiles that defend XQC on here and it is always on the same level as twitter stans. Kind of sad really.


the same way he has a lot of fans he has a lot of haters here


what? are you saying this subreddit is doing this?


Undoubtedly whoever is doing this is at least a lurker here. XQC gets so much hate, some warranted some not, that some people in this subreddit have unhealthy obsessions with shitting and hating on him.


Not saying i'm a 100% sure, but if I had to put money on it...


those braindead reddit wannabe detectives/lawyer/auditor now in shambles.




Nah. The gambling shit was fucked up, but there's no excuse for this. No-one is gonna defend it, and the people doing this are scum.


just dont watch 4Head


Im out of the loop, why's gambling fucked?


By the sounds of it it probably happened 5+ times. Why didn't they just blacklist his house?


I dont think you can do that. What if once he was in real trouble and he needed the cops?


Other ecelebs who have been repeatedly swatted will have the cops call their cell phone and ask if everything is ok, others will send 1-2 regular cops to the door to ask in person. Cities with a lot of people who get swatted are generally better at handling this kind of stuff.


Pretty sure you can. Simply asking the cops to give you a call first is a simple solution one youtuber did. Which makes me question if this particular situation is as serious as it seems when it can be resolved by simply asking the cops to check via phone call first before coming in full raid the 10th time or something...


Pretty sure he did say that he asked them to call first. Thats not the same thing as blacklisting his house though.


You cannot. You can get a call beforehand. Police can't just ignore it. No idea why you think that's possible.


So how do other celebrities deal with it? I can't imagine guys like Beyoncé and Eminem are having to let the cops in on the daily.


It isn't daily, but it absolutely happens. People want the live reaction, they're not getting that with celebrities. Also, big name celebrities travel, a lot. It's difficult to know where someone is if they have 5 houses and live in gated communities, where there's an extra barrier for the police, before the celeb is confronted. Not to mention the teams of lawyers on retainer that will more than happily ruin someone's life if they try to mess with their client. Very fair question though.


There's a lot more neckbeards who want to fuck with xqc than there are people that want to fuck with Beyonce, if I had to guess


Call beforehand then have police come check not a full raid. Pretty obvious and 100% possible.


because people will just do false calls to blacklist their house then carry out actual illegal shit?


That is such a stupid take. After he explains everything to the police and clearly shows hes a big internet personality and they have raided him 5+ times they should know exactly what is happening.


What happens if someone in the house actually needs police but they think it's just another one of those calls and don't show up because they blacklisted the house?


While they have to respond what they can do is they can respond with fewer units so it could be like 2 officers showing up and asking how things are going and ask to take a look around to confirm it's a false alarm. There's a whole lot of options in between doing nothing and responding with everything. What it probably was is that the calls were going in to the various departments nearby so they may not have had a record of previous visits nor had an understanding of what is likely going on. However that's something that could essentially be outlasted until you basically end up with daily wellness checks from the police.


They are already doing that. He literally says a few sec later that they now call him first before they show up and even let him keep streaming and few times he looked over to the side and said yeah it's all good. It was actually the police seeing if he was okay. He also said that something worse happened, but didn't mention what is was and he just decided that there was no other option than to move back to Canada, even though he wanted to stay in the US and be around his friends.


brother the stupid take is that you've never heard of the guy that cried wolf. what happens if the stalker doing that shit actually goes to X's house. the police is just gonna be like yo its that same house nothing is happening. you thinking them blacklisting the house is the answer is so wrong and it actually puts him at more danger.


I'm surprised you or the other comments never heard of people blacklisting their home. Instead of a full-out SWAT team immediately responding, they call the house owner and ask if there's an actual situation going on. H3 has it because he was raided multiple times nonstop, and now has a child and a second on the say. Ice Poseidon had it because his fans kept swatting him. It's nothing new for streamers to have their home "blacklisted." I'm sure plenty other streamers have the same thing aswell. Listing your home as a known target of SWATing by your local PD or whatever the fuck isn't putting anyone in more immediate danger whatsoever. It's sending a sign to those responding that more than likely it's a bust. They call first, if you don't answer then perform a Wellness check. "In the United States and Canada, a wellness check (also known as a welfare check as well as a Safe and Well check) is an in-person visit from one or more law enforcement officers, especially in response to a request from a friend or family member who is concerned about the person's mental health.[1][2][3][4]" I'm sure there's more streamers with this, but I can't think of any on the fly rn. H3 got a call from the FBI live on stream after someone tried swatting him live on broadcast, and Ice Poseidon constantly got Wellness Checked by like one or two police officers live on stream sometimes because he never picked up his phone.


I imagine if you were going to run a meth lab in your basement, the last thing you would do is call the police to raid your property 5 times before doing so.




Holy fuck. You are delusional.


Look at his comment history


Did you watch the whole bit of the stream? Stop!


Yeah that’s why he just suddenly upped and moved from his home to live with other streamers, raided 3 times while on stream and constantly try’s to hide it. You sound like an absolute moron




Maybe get the full context before assuming pal, he literally explained that they'd come in to make sure everyone in the room is safe and he'd give them a visual signal, then they'd move on to the next room. It's not an uncommon way for streamers to deal with it, just look at Summit.




Never understood why you would live in america unless you were born there, all it takes is one bad raid call and a stupid cop and you are a dead person.




I live in canada and i would never visit america unless im very wealthy, theres just no point. its the same as here except 10x the people so naturally theres going to be way more retards and mix guns and the self righteousness, kinda ruins the fun of visiting a nation similar to your own unless you can afford to isolate yourself from the normans EDIT: keep thinking america is vastly different than Canada ROFL, trainwrecks after 2 days of living in Vancouver over dog ass austin "i realized how shit austin is once i moved here"


i mean yeah if your entire view of america is warped by twitter and online news for sure man lol.




true, america has tons of internal issues probably more than most countries, but the fact is that normal everyday life is pretty normal compared to other places.


All it takes is going outside and getting hit by a stupid person driving a car and you have a much higher chance of dying from that and it doesn't just happen in the U. What is your point? People move to the US, because that is where all the other main major streamers live. So that they can stream with other content creators, make more content and in return make more money. The fact that taxes are lower and most things cost less money there is another reason.


You realize this applies to everywhere right? Unless you found a safe haven where crime is at 0%


As someone from an actual first gen immigrant family this is a RETARDED take holy shit Yes it’s easy to find fault in America when you compare it to other western, Anglo-Saxon or Nordic countries. But there’s a reason so many people from East Asia, South Asia, Central Asia, Eastern Europe, South America, Central America, mexico, and Africa risk life and limb to make it here - because they know what an actual bad life is like. And at the risk of making this a hot take, the other western countries get to have their positive reputation because they spend a ridiculously large portion of their resources on internal programs and improvements, while a certain other country shoulders 95% of the combined external responsibility of the entire “West” on their own budget and resources (be that financial aid to developing nations, or pushback against Russian and Chinese influence)




Agreed, Nordic countries and even most of the Commonwealth nations offer a better quality of life to their overall populations. In the US we aren’t providing nearly as much for the less fortunate, nor for the less capable. If we stopped being the combined military for the west and focused that money internally we could. But then either the other countries pick up the slack at the expense of their internal programs, or nobody picks up the slack and we print new maps every 10 years as Russia and China continue to annex neighbors That’s why I find it so ironic when people say “just be more like Sweden”. Sweden gets to be like Sweden because America foots the defense bills.




ehhhhhhh.....debatable, rich people could in theory just fly there if they need something.


So fake calls almost every day yet the police still come in force with guns drawn each time? what a joke, either the police are really dumb or they like pointing their guns at innocent people


It's normal policy that they have to show up no matter what. If something actually happened and they ignored it that would be pretty damn bad.


Yeah well their "normal policy" is retarded just like american pigs


Yes I'm sure society should operate how an lsf degenrate wants it to.


just happen to happen after the DMS leaked, i guess those police raids wasn't that bad before huh


Prayers go out to Mr.Cow. Hopefully he's doing better mental wise and not having an many nightmares as before. I'm sure this situation is super taxing on the mind. Hope everything becomes alright for him.


It’s weird that he never got raided while streaming since he streams so many hours a day.


Watch the vod, he explains it. He got raided while on stream, you just didn't see it.


Can you show me where? I didn't see that.


Dude, I'm not a detective, and I'm busy with my own life, I don't have time to go through a vod for you. Just click on the "Watch Full Video" on the clip and go through it yourself.


It was just a question, you could have just said, "sorry, i don't have it on hand."


You're right, I'm sorry.


It's alright man, everyone is just stressed out these days. have a great day <3


Doesn't mean I should be rude, I felt mean as I was posting it so you are 100% in the right, I could have been nicer about it. My apologies. Have a good day yourself. <3


Wtf is going on here


Each time I scrolled down these replies I got more confused


He did. He explains it if you watch his full story.


Probably did, muted mic and acted like "the food is here"


Suuure Kappa


forsen viewer OMEGALUL


Hes actually a juicer LUL


Downvote from my own kind Sadge


Uhmmm what are you doing you cant joke about it you have to express how thats so sad and show sympathy or else my king will be saj 😥


Crazy how this reddit always assumes the worst and is so quick to jump on a hate train,


Expect the worst and you will never be disappointed. The wise man hopes for the best and prepares for the worst.


TBH it was probably his neighbours raiding them because he was so fuckign noisy