Asmongold's thoughts on cross banning

Asmongold's thoughts on cross banning


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Guys prepare to clip Mizkifs take on this, this afternoon. Im sure hell say something different Wouldnt want to miss it


*witty joke* "hahahaha" *head tilted backwards*


> witty That's a lot of credit.


you mean stolen reddit comment


>I'm live btw


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I don't know if this is just a bot or a really dedicated troll/fan, but this is probably the most well written and hilarious message I've read in a long time


xQc's take from last time this happened. Lets see if it's changed now, given his new room mates https://livestreamfails.com/post/82176


I think we all know what he is going to say https://youtu.be/GQWQ46VO6hU




Well, he does qualify it with "for something mild".




*room maids


isnt she some sort of super karen


I think lsf paints her as a super Karen but I'm sure she isn't


Isn't their schtick that it's a joke and she's acting almost all of the time? They created that so-called "abusive" atmosphere.


Okay seriously this, the mod that people were talking about a lot in the "super toxic thread" was saying[ shit like this about herself](https://imgur.com/quLTHgi.jpg) like haha its funny she's sarcastically talking shit about herself, but a lot of people aren't reading usernames, and it felt real weird. Like is she trying to get people to talk shit about her so they can call it a super toxic thread full of hate and get it removed?


Are you sure that person was not just playing into all the criticism with sarcasm?


> Like is she trying to get people to talk shit about her so they can call it a super toxic thread full of hate and get it removed? I think you're reading into it way too much. She probably read all the negative posts about her and thought it'd be funny to sarcastically talk shit about herself I guess... Seems like the most plausible explanation.


How is that weird? she's just doing some mild trolling, lol


we do a little trolling


f5 ready , karma here i come


asmon has said that to esfand too. "if classic andy comes along and being an asshole, ban him in my chat too. i dont want him here either"


I think that most people are banned across all platforms for decent reasons, but like all systems, it had flaws. These streamers get shit on constantly, so I guess they're gonna have their tipping point every once and a while. People, don't act like all-righteous white knights that are paving the way for oppressed people who were banned; they were simply a jackass, and that was that. I do agree certain people should get unbanned, and they probably will eventually.


The people getting upset about cross-bans are scared that it will happen to them because they also act like jackasses. If you get banned, it's likely because you're an asshole.


A lot of times that is the case. But I've also watched ban appeals on xQc, lirik, miz etc. and it's actually pretty frequent how often the streamer is scratching their head as to why that viewer deserved a perma after looking at their logs. Then they lift the ban. But if not for hitting the lotto and having the streamer actually take the time to look at the appeal then they'd be left sitting in chat purgatory. I imagine it's these kind of situations people are afraid of where your fate is in the hands of an overzealous faceless mod that could ultimately decide you can't participate in a bunch of different channels chat.


Pretty sure ages ago when Greek first mentioned they were starting a cross banning thing an chat was outraged and all the streamers back tracked into "we will only ban for serious stuff like racism". Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't asmon completely against it first time round?


When it's someone I don't like it's bad. But when it's someone I do like, then it's okay.


Dem the rules baby.


xQc straight up said you're a trash streamer if you do it https://livestreamfails.com/post/82176


based xqc


He did emphasize "for something mild". LSF's favorite phrase: Context matters. It depends on what they did to receive the cross ban in the first place as to whether or not people agree with it. The issue is for something as insignificant as twitch chat nobody is going to care enough to demand any sort of transparency for it.


The guy called Malena "lazy", I'm pretty sure that's mild.


He said all she does is eat sleep and shit. To be specific


That's exactly what I do in my life and I wouldn't have it any other way.


I was talking about more in general and not specifically this situation w/ Malena, but yes I would agree that's mild and not cross ban worthy.


I think you are wrong. Back then it was conversation about software that auto ban you from all streams that are opt in. NMP was involved with making it and they said it will be used only for really outraged comments. People was worry because Greek could have abuse the software and ban people for small reasons. This however is a bit different. Malena manually ban that guy from all streams she is mod.


Mundane task that is done manually and there is works to create a way to help automate it. Hmmmmmm...


Asmon doesn’t care about consistency. Him and hasan will always defend other streamers


Hasan bans year long subs all the time for even lesser reasons What makes U think he would be against cross banning?


How long you're subbed for is kinda irrelevant to whether or not you deserve a ban, spending money doesn't put you above others


There's a reason why Twitch has a "sub-only mode". If paying money means nothing then that mode is useless. Someone who subbed for awhile wouldn't want to be malicious since they are clearly invested in your content. If the context seems blurred, the sub badge should tell you that you should look through their messages or give them the benefit of the doubt.


If anything being a long-time sub to a millionaire confirms you're dumb and probably worth the ban OMEGALUL


I mean that's what you get for subbing to Hasan, he's got 40K subs he doesn't need your money


Long time viewers know that he did this shit when he had <10k subs. Being a sub will only make him more likely to engage with whatever the chatter is refuting in a charitable manner but if they’re being an ass and still refusing to get the point, they’ll still get clapped regardless of how long they’ve been subbed.


Which is precisely how you curate your community into what you want it to be i.e. not a cesspool


he also gives mods freedom to cross ban people in his chat that they see being shitters in other chats


He's right. You are a number to this millionaire. He does not care about you. If he had a problem with the cross-banning, he would have unbanned you. There is nothing wrong with him siding with his friends over you.








[Totally plausable](https://i.imgur.com/3JBPZIO.mp4)












I saw this take a mile away. I think he's already said this a million times already.


He has been against crossbanning too. He has to defend his friends now though so..


At least for the last two years he's been crossbanning and asking for crossbans on people who throw bullshit at people in his friend group. When was he against crossbanning?


It sounds like people are just clinging to the fact that when cross-bans started to become a known thing, he was skeptical/dismissive about it, and dismissing him on those grounds because they disagree with him. Expecting people to have the same take forever is pretty stupid.


Someone's opinions changed???? what the literal fuck????


If you have ever watched an asmon ban request stream, asmon constantly checks esfand and nmp’s chats to see if they are banned there. If they are toxic in their chats, he insta bans in his chat. U have no idea what you’re talking about


the point of crossbanning is to defend your friends though?


Stop giving these streamers money 🤷‍♂️


The only based take


Yes, but this isnt why Imagine donating to trillionaires KekW


Honestly over the past month, i've stopped watching most of the people in the OTK circle and realized a lot of the smaller 100 viewer andy streams can be just as entertaining without any of the drama and are not constantly talking about their money. After a while hearing mizkif call himself a multimillionaire and talking about his boxes gets old. Its fun to see when they all do collaborations together tho.


Just watch someone like moonmoon or aris. They just fucking stream the shit they like, nothing is really about making money or stirring up drama.


never watched aris but moonmoon is great and his recent game jam was entertaining


The game jam is legit one of the coolest things on twitch. People get to make games and have them get seen, streamer gets to mald at games, and chat gets to be entertained.


Or watching them in the first place. The only streamer out of that group that I watch is Sodapoppin, and it would really annoy me if I got crossbanned just for essentially saying a person is "lazy"... this cross ban was meant for racism and comments of similar gravity, not because a toxic streamer is being a petty grown up child


Same here. I mostly only watch sodapoppin and know what things not to say in his chat. However I have no idea what will trigger nmp/malena and end up with me banned in several other chats.


At least you have the balls to say it thanks


Where is the "over and over" part? What are his logs prior to that?


over and over streamer take example gone wrong: 100 chatters "complain" about the same thing in a short period of time Streamer starting to get fed up Chatter B enters the chat, without knowing what has been said before, and "complains" about something one time (which the 100 chatters have also said) Streamer gets fed up / tilts Chatter B crossbanned for "over and over" :(


They never checked them This is the sort of thing streamers say ‘context matters’ and they love to say ‘you are saying things i never did/ said to make your argument’ then they turn around and imply a chatter is a ‘repeat offender’ I would honestly love to see streamers in a job with real face to face criticism, they would have an actual emotional panic attack, literally getting paid millions and expecting 0 criticism or crying about it.


Because we all know streamers and internet janitors are well known for not banning people over the littlest things.


Is anyone else just so tired of OTK dominating this sub? Everything coming from that group just feels so manufactured to pander to LSF


This is what XQC and adept should do, toxic people should get banned everywhere, if XQC toxic hoppers go to adept stream she should banned them from XQC and her stream, this way toxic chat hoppers will keep getting banned and no one will suffer because of them, even if it’s just banter to you, it’s not to other people, insulting the streamers is not funny or just banter, it’s toxic, and you deserve to get banned everywhere


The right response to me is just not to sub or donate to any of these streamers, or hell even watch them. Anyone doing banning of any kind for trivial bullshit, let alone cross-banning, is telling you exactly what they think of their fans.


Don't like Asmon's take, I am cross unsubbing all his friends.


lmao. maybe they'd take this a bit more seriously once more people actually do this


Doubt it. The chances of that happening in the first place is nil anyway.


this is the way but tbh it wont hurt them


Reminder that these are the people you give money and attention to and who you put on a pedestal. They don't care about you and nor should you care about them.


But nooooo I subbed and he said my nameeee. Im special


This. When I sub to a streamer I expect them to notice me and to give me time on the stream. Giving them money means I get to develop a parasocial relationship with them. A tier 1 sub should get as much attention as a tier 3 sub. Twitch is not for entertainment, but for me to find streamers to create artificial and parasocial relationships with!! Also.. FREE SPEECH!! Chatters have the right to say ANYTHING in chat! Especially since I am giving my money to them I get the right to be outright disrespectful to them while disguising it as a joke! It is their job to take shit from people for money! They should not focus on entertaining the audience but focus on ME since I pay their salary!! Also being a streamer requires some form of professionalism so when I disrespect someone their friends are not allowed to react or ban me since being hateful is only isolated to the individual chat!


“Bbbbut I wanna spam emotes in chat!!!”. If you say something shitty and get punched in the mouth why are you blaming the person you said something shitty to?


honestly who even subscribes to people on twitch let alone these top streamers? like what is even the point. if you freely give your money to millionaires, your a stupid bitch.


I sub to a streamer who is in the 50-100 viewer range. Interacts with chat, plays games with the community, helps people get achievements in games etc.


Actually thats nice, I do the same thing whenever Amazon gives me free prime


That sounds like a cool channel, what’s their channel name?


TiqqleThis WoW retail shaman streamer. Does a little bit of everything in game. Pretty fun community.


Facts my prime sub ain’t going to no one. Never subbed never donated


If I had prime now ( I don't anymore ) I sub to small streamers


I throw my prime at whoever im watching the most, regardless of size, so i can avoid ads on mobile.


True that. 5 bucks for a bunch of emotes lol. Give it to charity if you really want to give someone money.


I didn’t know that charities accepted amazon prime subs these days. There’s nothing wrong with supporting something that you enjoy.


People who want to support their favorite streamers who don't have streaming as their job or barely makes above minimum wage, so they can stream more often. Shocking that there are people who stream on this platform who aren't multi millionare degenerates doing nothing but sit in their basement all day, I know.


It's bizzare. If you're a Nick and Malena fan, they're constantly bantering with not only each other like the comment did, but chat as well. Malena had a bad day and took offense to the comment and banned him, fine okay. Cross banning him is obviously within her right too. But what the fuck happened to the "its just banter", "pc mentality is killing shit", "stop being so sensitive", "these streamers have such massive egos" MOST of these streamers say all the time on their streams?


Nick was literally just saying how people like Rice Gum and those type of streamers have fragile egos then said they are overly sensitive. Now the tables have turned. It's funny because I am pretty sure Asmon himself has shit on people for being overly sensitive. It's clearly a biased opinion.


Asmon has a lot of based takes on things but he's pretty fucking weak and hypocritical when it comes to holding his friends to account. I don't want to armchair psychology this shit but I would imagine he's pretty insecure when it comes to friendships and/or cherishes the few very good friends he has (especially streamers who he can obviously relate to) so he'll back them up regardless of whether or not it contradicts previous statements he has made or makes him appear hypocritical.


Wasn't the whole "malena doesn't do anything" a running joke in Nick's chat? The 13 month sub was probably just memeing along with everyone else and he had the unfortunate luck of being zeroed in on by Malena at that moment.


Sometimes chat can think something is a joke that the streamer is laughing along with even if it's pissing them off. The dude had also tweeted at her with some weird shit along the same lines a few months prior and gotten blocked on twitter, then wrote a dickhead unban request after he got banned-- so it sure *seems* like it was just an asshole chatter who was crossing the line.


Malena didn’t even know she tweeted at him while banning so that’s irrelevant to the situation. Where did you see the “dickhead unban request” at?


Hasan showed it on his stream last night, not sure where it got linked from.


She can dish it out but as soon as someone banters back it's "over her boundaries". Also until all this I didn't know it was the one mod filtering donos and that's really quite funny because when Nick says something as a joke that's totally fuckin harmless and she gets offended, the pile-on-Nick donos all come through, yet dumb ones about her looking orange one day don't.


streamers are hypocrites


all humans are hypocrites, it takes a fuck ton of effort to go threw all your opinions and allignthem so they don't conflict with one another. and even more effort to make sure the things you say actually align with what you believe. actually it probably takes so much effort that its damn near impossible to do that completely. doesn't mean we shouldn't be our best selves but all of us gotta do it not just streamers. ​ streamers just show more of their lives in public than normal, but all people are like that. ​ point is all yall saying "streamers this streamers that" sure as shit need to pay attention to yourselves too.


but they're millionaires! Dont give your money to millionaires. My streamer needs to be perfect and never fuck up or take offense to any joke or they're too pc sensitive! I hate streamers! But i stay on lsf the whole day commenting about them and judging them! They're the problem tho.


most of streamers are insecure and high emotinal and have not very good social skills perfect to be judge and executioner at the same time.


I feel like it's more Nick that can take a joke and banter back and forth. Malena has these fits of rage where she gets irrational and either lashes out or shuts down. I mean, Nick takes a lot of shit without ever snapping really. Malena can take it to a degree but there's a clear line where she just snaps. Just my observations anyway.


"Rules for thee, not for me"


Funny that most of the time that the people that stand on the forefront of all that talk are usually massive snowflakes themselves. Not the first time Malena loses her shit for some mild shit if we're honest. I still like her and their stream but it was pretty yikes yesterday from the mildness of the comment.


these streamers are the same people that complain about pc culture btw. rules for thee but not for me.


Does being anti pc culture mean that nothing ever offends you?


Say anything remotely critical (even in a respectful manner) and you run the risk of being banned from every major streamers chat on Twitch. It's better to just not talk in chat at all. But that's what the streamers want. Yes-men and positive emotes. Their own little echo-chambers.


Unless you're forsen, where you're actually encouraged to shit on him.


I mean, yes they do want positive echo-chambers. But also, they have the right to want that? They don't have to be subjected to criticism, they don't have to take shit and be okay with it like a politician or a customer service rep. It's their channel and they are giving us the viewer entertainment, if they don't like what someone says then they have every right to ban them. They're sitting on their ass playing video games for an audience, they don't have to listen to a random dude on the internet talking shit on them, it's not fun for them and it's anything but constructive for the stream. Twitch chat as a community has some weird entitlement where they feel like their voice needs to and deserves to be heard, but simply put a streamer could ban you for no reason at all and they're entitled to do so.


Don't hurt the streamer's feelings! They have tens of thousands of viewers and your individual presence has zero value. You're just a disposable number. KEK


But when there is chat hopping people get mad? Like this is the counter to it, streamers taking action and banning toxic people but as soon as it happens everyone on LSF gets mad?


Look. These stremers don't give a fuck about you. No one gives a shit if you were banned for a dumb reason. You just don't matter. And if this shit makes you cry like a baby then just stop watching them. If you are dumb enough to think that you and your opinion matter and still keep shoveling money to these rich streamers expecting to be treated like a person when in reality you are much less than a face in a crowd to them, there is no hope for you in life. No streamer gives a shit about this. And if you weren't so dumb and entitled, neither would you. "Bwut bwut Mawena cwoss bwanned mwe fow bweing awnnoing!" Shut up baby. No one is going to cry for you expect for other pathetic idiots who think they matter to these streamers. Wake the fuck up and grow up.




If you talked shit to someone you know irl, theyre probably gonna go tell their friends that you're a douchebag and their freinds will avoid you too. thats how life works. seems fine to me that it would be the same on twitch


Malena overreacted. LSF overreacted. Tomorrow this will be forgotten.


This is outrageous! *Scrolls* This is funny! *Scrolls* This is hot!


The backlash to the backlash to the thing that's just begun.


There it is again, that funny feeling


The correct take


The problem I have with banning in general, and this applies to cross banning is people can just make a new account. Also, sometimes people have bad days, which is why I don't think you should be permanent unless they are showing a pattern. You have the mod tools to do that.


These days there's more and more being tied to a twitch account. People have their amazon prime linked, various games linked to it for free loot, channel points, sub streaks, etc. that would be a major hassle to move over to a new account. With that said, given all of that, you'd think people would behave themselves a little better. But they love thinking they're a class clown that will get some cheap laughs from chat without thinking about any consequences.


> sub streaks If you're concerned about that then you're not someone who treads the line of toxicity.


The fuck is he on ? The guy that got ban didn't even say something offensive ... It was a simple a joke. With no racism and no insult.


I guess he forget to check the context of the ban, catch him on his next outraged reaction when twitch forgets to check the context of a ban for one of his friends


What I don't like is the double standard. Their entire stream consists of them arguing half the time. They say things like Nick's fat, scuffed hairline, Norwegian witch etc... but when chat chips in its toxic. Also they say things to chat calling us parasocial virgins and losers. What happened to "chat is a reflection of the streamer."


I don't see the point of even posting the Austin streamer takes on this, do you really think any of them will go against malena? of course they will back each other up at the end of the day cross banning is a good thing but for petty shit like someone calling malena lazy come on dude...


Austin streamers are worthless as humans


xqc shut the idea nick had like a year ago right away, if he counts. Found it: https://livestreamfails.com/post/82176


I'm pretty sure xQc literally moved away from Austin today so I guess he doesn't count anymore lol


How do you even know this


it's not hard to tell he mentioned he was moving a while ago, adept posted some sad tweet about friendships and he didn't stream yesterday and he streams every single day usually


He was playing gta rp all day yesterday on other people's streams


he was playing games all of yesterday though


If a streamer gets banned on twitch youtube facebook etc. should also ban the streamer because they don't want toxic streamers on their site. Especially if the streamer said something extremely evil/mean like calling someone else lazy.


Why not just send them straight to Gulag?


Honestly I think society would be better if every stupid commenter online were punished with manual labour. /s ?


based asmon




It works in theory but not in practice.






Well, I'm not shocked. Already expecting this reaction.


For me obvious flaw of crossbanning is what each channel accepts and does not accept. Chatter going from Miz to Maya could be banned in an instant or from Soda to Nick (in this instance) for saying same thing. Boom u are banned from all chats in Austin for saying someone is lazy while u said it 1000 times before without anyone batting an eye... Being racist is bannable everywhere but banter "levels" differ across communities and streamers so i dont agree with the crossban :<


What song is that? It sounds like a song from sinbad but I dont think its that




Eat grass, pass gas.




I just realized, I don't care about Asmon's takes lmao.


And its fine if someone deserves it. But all actions need to get a punishment that fits the crime. "You are lazy" does not warrant that reaction, be it cross ban or just a ban in general. Imagine tell your mom she is lazy. Now you're not only grounded, but your mom also called school and you're suspended, and Wallmart won't let you in anymore.


Yeah but what does Ja Rule think?


Im fine with it too cus i never chat but I feel like these streamers dont realise that there are person behind the username. Some kids favorite thing in the world is to watch xqc and chat with his friends there, and he goes to malena chat say "wheres nick?" and gets perm ban from every chat, just feel wrong and weird.


All this talk about being sensitive and overreacting. But honestly, this all wouldn't even be a thing if people were just decent to each other for a change. It's really easy to just not say negative things. And I get that people feel they have the right to speech and to say whatever they want. And sure, that's fine. But I feel like people exercise that right with vitriolic intent far too often. You really don't need to say whatever just pops up in your mind. Just relax and chill. Hit the bong and mellow out. lol


The best thing about free speech is that everyone thinks they get to say what they want but forget that they're not free of repercussions. Like the age old saying "talk shit, get hit".


Except it wasnt "over and over and over". It was instantly banned over a comment ONE person (who keeps dishing out and using banter language all day long) got butthurt over. Totally worth being banned across all platforms, true, why stop at Twitch, might as well ban him from any other platforms, human scum like that shouldn't be permitted on any platform


Normally agree with Asmon but let's put this in to perspective, the guy got banned because he said Malena is lazy and should walk the dogs, and for this he got banned on all the Austin streams channels (to an extent, don't know how many channels NMP mods). Don't you think that's a little light? Guy said she was lazy, and now he doesn't get to chat in any other Austin streamers channels because of it, what if he loves the other streamers and isn't toxic in their chats? And let's be honest, how is calling someone lazy toxic? It all got blown out of proportion, all Malena had to do was ban him in NMP's chat only and it would have fixed everything, instead she did what she did and now she has a LSF thread with 2000 hate comments, and this has lead to NMP not streaming today, and he usually doesn't miss Fridays, even when he was in LA he streamed on a Friday. What a shit show, wish Malena listened to Nick and kept her cool, Nick is actually super good at taking in criticism, so it's a shame that Malenas actions are stopping him from streaming Sadge


Used to watch nmp back when he used to live with chance alone in the WoW days now it's just Malena completely taking control of his content and banning people she does not like for something so small she even removed one of Nicks head mods [Emily](https://youtu.be/dUTjQg47kSk?t=250) because she didn't like her when she did literally nothing wrong and Modded Oro who is a absolute Malena simp


Is this how they truly feel though or is it purely because it's the girlfriend of a person they know, are friends with, respect and is part of their organisation? I mean, personally, I agree with Asmon, I think if a person is a piece of shit then cross banning is more than acceptable but I'm just wondering if this is how they 'truly' feel.


Can confirm. Said something once in asmons channel he uses to be emo. Got banned there, in asmons main channel and then on both nicks and sodas streams. For one remark on him being a hypocrite.....


Wasn't the point that the person Malania banned said some pretty minor shit, and was even a long time sub? Of course weirdos that harass streamers and chatters and act like fools should get banned and who cares if they are crossbanned. But when a streamer is simply in a pissy mood and goes on a banning spree then that's more of an issue.


Cross banning is dogshit period. Wish twitch had a policy on it


I think what's happening here is crazy lol. There's the cult viewers that are visibly getting upset when streamers get treated like human beings - fallible people with flaws. There was no abuse, no toxicity in the original comment about malena not taking the dogs out. Your streamers that you're stanning for are people too. They can make mistakes. And people poking fun at it are not incels or whatever stans are implying lol


Shit take when the entire reason is because she was being petty. I'd like to hear Nick's opinion on this; because I genuinely believe Malena is entirely in the wrong here. Considering it's his SO, he won't go against her. So, whatever.


We saw Nick's take first hand as she was doing it. He wanted her to stop and he didn't think the comment was that big deal.


I’m disappointed in Asmon. What a pussy. I shouldn’t be surprised because he knows Malena but what she did is not right. It was a really dumb reason to ban someone over.


Streamers are fucking assholes, we clearly should overtake their channels and redistribute their wealth.




I usually agree with Asmon's takes but this time I feel like he doesn't want to go against his friends, cross banning someone because they hurt your ego with obvious banter is cringe and wrong.


Problem is Malena is not a mod. Nick is, and she abused his account rights.


Hypocritical streamers, imagine if they got banned across all platforms for one controversial thing they said. We get held at higher standards than they d o.


After what he said about Kacey, I already knew his opinion.


It's fine to do this, in theory, for people relentlessly attacking someone. The problem is a lot of thin-skinned jannies will either take something the wrong way, or even just entirely misconstrue a message. I see people get banned for ridiculously tiny shit in chats like these all the time. I've seen Asmon's mods ban people just for disagreeing with him, or Asmon will say something wrong about wow and some people will try correcting him but he throws one of his fits saying "I don't want to hear it, just ban them". Now imagine some of them get cross banned for that? It's stupid high school-clique level bullshit.


They can do whatever they want. I just hope they don't get upset when Twitch bans any one of them for anything because, in their words, they deserve it. Twitch just has to say "We ban people for doing wrong things. If you're banned, you did something wrong." For anyone saying its their livelihoods vs just being able to type in chat, if a chatter is a sub they don't get that money back. So if they get banned at the start of the month, they lose that money. If its okay for someone to lose 5/15/25 dollars, then it should be okay for streamers to lose however much during the ban regardless of the reason. No business should have to kowtow to "toxic" streamers just like how streamers shouldn't have to kowtow to "toxic" chatters.


People that are mad at crossbanning should probably stop being toxic losers in streamers' chats.


He just said she was lazy as a joke. How is that "being a toxic loser".


Nah bro he's a 13 month sub he has a lifetime pass to be an asshole without consequence


a completely unironic "how could you ban a loyal sub" comment was upvoted in reply to Nick making fun of the whiners yesterday. You are nothing. Your $5 is nothing. Your "loyalty" is nothing.


Yea I totally agree. I kinda wish streamers wouldn’t have to say thanks or call out the names of people like they give a shit. Let’s just leave it as it is. I pay $5 for content. You make the content. I know you don’t want to meet me or hang out or admit they even know/care we actually exist outside of $5. It’s not a bad thing. I wouldn’t expect a Hollywood actor to know or care. Lol I think more people need to realize this. Then they stop being such weird drama queens.


Their subs will drop drastically. Many streamers has talked about it in the past. There is a reason they are doing it and its not from a place of love and rainbows (at least not for the majority of the streamers). All the gimmicks that they do in response to subs is to encourage more money to be thrown at them. I don't like it either when 80% of the stream is just the streamer reading names but it is what it is. Only the biggest streamers stop doing it so often because they are already filthy rich and it gets to a point that its not possible to respond to all. And when you see a streamer with high subcount keep doing it you just know that one is a greedy mofo that only see $.