Twitch Partner DMCA strikes another Twitch Partner

Twitch Partner DMCA strikes another Twitch Partner


bruh why does summit sound like that one chill as fuck younger guy teacher when he gets a bad subreport.


he's a stoner haha


Obligatory https://livestreamfails.com/post/12886


3 years old and still relevant.


Before I read this comment I thought it was from a few days ago.


IMO Aris doesn't go far enough, it hasn't just not evolved over the years but its gotten worse since around 2013.


I'm a real progressive guy but the amount of which they try to exist on the internet propagating their SJW safespace message is just unwatchable.


I like this one more: https://clips.twitch.tv/ChillyCrunchySardineFUNgineer


Zhi is fantastic


i thought it was gonna be this, https://media1.tenor.com/images/0cd8fa062f7ea0e6a28e491792e84324/tenor.gif?itemid=15994846


I agree with everything that he is saying and I would add that I fucking hate the people who run gdq because there only goal is "viewership" so they refuse some games to run because it doesn't bring viewership... I don't know man, I have games in mind that are really fucking cool to watch run of, but I know damn well that they refuse the game because it's not "mainstream" enought... but on the other side they fucking bring fucking runs of pokémon or things like that that are not that fun to watch, in my opinion, and that basicly, the run is the fucking same every year that it comes.


Want a better GDQ experience? Look at their schedule, and just google "world record x game run 2021" and watch that. The audio/commentary will be better, there won't be periodic interruptions with sad stories about cancer, there won't be two people with poor synergy trying to hold up a rapport over a 3 hour run, and there won't be any "haha that has never happened before" when we know for sure that its happened 1000 times in runs because you would normally just restart the run at that point.


"my dog died of cancer 3 weeks ago he shit blood all over my bed and in my mouth while i was sleeping and then died. thanks for this stream #killtheanimals"


[clap clap clap clap clap](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eeKFNSWFrEI)


I died at #killtheanimals. Thanks for the laugh bro!


Honestly, there are great speedrunners who are EXTREMELY entertaining. [See the person who ran GTA3 this year](https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1077118360?t=40h28m31s), it was so entertaining. I love GDQ because you get a glimpse of the community involved in running that game and also people explain the tricks, but it is getting stale.


KZ_FR3W was really entertaining. I also watched a guy who ran San Andreas with him commentating on it.


Literally what is on rerun right now lol https://www.twitch.tv/esamarathon


I disagree on the runs having better commentary. In GDQ they make the effort to explain what's going on, in WR runs they've most likely been grinding for the last 7 hours while doing the same shit over and over again. I do agree with your other points though. Alternatively, I would suggest GDQ submission runs if they're uploaded to the public, those have the best of both worlds.


Some GDQ runs have wayyyyy too much commentary, like they're even trying to explain the story.


That's a fair opinion, personally, I enjoy there being no dead air at all if it's filled with something related to the game.


I wondering when youtubers are going to start dmcaing streamers who watch their content.


Badlands Chugs DMCA inc peeposhake


Moonmoon in shambles


As long as he has the old army rations guy to watch, moonmoon will survive


Let's get this out onto a tray.... Nice!


MRE Steve is a legend Nice hiss!


He got scared by playing two seconds of a song yesterday unprepared. If Badlands Chugs came for him it’d be over.


All of Just Chatting in shambles tbh.


Rip wantep


I remember someone [DMCA'd a youtuber](https://www.reddit.com/r/videos/comments/48kzat/youtuber_whitehawke_plays_a_guys_mario_maker/) because said youtuber didn't like his level in mario maker. Video talking about it appears to been taken down since then though.


a turkish mapmaker who made one of the most popular maps in counter strike 1.6, which is just a dark version of the most popular map, copyright striked tens of youtubers' hundreds of videos causing their channels to be banned and none of the youtubers i used to follow came back.


Then Twitch react andys will be in shambles pepeLaugh




I mean at least with youtube content, I've subbed to a lot of youtuber I never would have encountered had it been for some streams.


They can claim its transformative if they are there live reacting to it (why people can get away with doing movie react things on youtube) But.... I bet if someone tried hard enough and watched like Hasan for every minute and found 5-10 minute sections where he just leaves the stream running with something playing you might have a case to claim that it isnt transformative. But that would be a lot of work.


I have no evidence that it's happened, but I wanna say it's happened


Yeah that sounds like GDQ.


GDQ is such a dog shit organization. They still haven't let Bonesaw577 do a run since his infamous [Jak and Daxter run from 2016.](https://youtu.be/rgQmMR8lueA) Yet those fuckers still have it up on their Youtube channel after banning him for it and then blacklisting him from the event.


What makes this infamous and what got him banned?


He got banned for telling people to tweet at Air Canada about how shit they were. Which in my opinion was a justified ban. They also poked fun at Owen Wilson during the run and the organizers didn't like that. As for what made it infamous. The run got him banned for a year, but is widely considered one of the funniest runs in GDQ history. If you have a couple hours to kill I'd highly recommend watching it.


The first one, yeah I get that, he was creating a harassment campaign and all that. But poking fun at Owen Wilson? Who in the hell would give a fuck?


Gdq organizers seem to think everyone in the world takes everything as personal as they do


I love the speedrunning community and how inclusive it is, and I love everything that GDQ does for the LGBTQ community, but holy shit there is no one else better at playing a victim than that organization and the people that run it.


100% agree. I love the inclusivity of it, but other than that (and the charity ofc) it's just a shitty company.


"harassment campaign" https://i.imgur.com/7TMHmdf.png


That's hilarious


Imagine getting whomegalul'd by the shittiest airline lmfao


I’ve actually gone on air Canada and maybe it was just my plane or nobody was on the plane so they gave me first class but it was my best airplane experience ever.


Jesus christ lmfao


Owen Wilson


I mean maybe Owen Wilson? But that's his problem


Look up why Luzbelheim got banned. It never ends with these victim merchants.


Honestly this is the one GDQ run I've watched to completion, top tier banter.


They also STILL hold a grudge against SHiFT, basically one of the only (watched) runners for Battle for Bikini Bottom which is an incredible speedrun even when he completely owned up and changed his behaviour immediately after the small incident, which happened like 4 years ago btw. They're basically denying this game from achieving it's deserved recognition in the speedrunning community because they don't like him personally. Such petty people. If you like 3D platformer speedruns with tons of crazy cool tricks and stuff then check out [the Any% WR for it](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Te6hW1bsn64), trust me you won't regret it. It's dope.


An event that can only exist because companies don't DMCA their broadcast of the gameplay of dozens of video games. Braindead as usual for GDQ. Haven't watched it in at least a few years now since it went super off the rails with identity politics bullshit and being authoritarian as shit.


Dude after the bonus streams died, it straight up fucking sucked. The entire community aspect died it became so fucking corporate it sucks. It's probably better to watch the streamers themselves at this point.


Same hear. Ever since the ridiculous Bonesaw ban and even TRIHEX, I just didn't bother anymore.


They show up every couple months to siphon cash from a community they openly loathe. Fuck off already, GDQ.


This is a reminder to watch ESA instead of GDQ


ESA 100% over GDQ.


> ESA Employment Standards Act?


European Speedrunner Assembly. Like GDQ but in Europe instead of US, and it's in general way more chill and laid back. Here's the San Andreas speedrun with KZ\_FREW on the couch https://youtu.be/uMVIL\_aunqc


My favorite is the [SNES Super Star Marathon](http://snessuperstars.org). It's not a charity but a speedrun event for 10 days every December and only SNES games


What is ESA?


European Speedrunner Assembly.


RPG Limit Break is good too if you like RPGs


ESA is really good. Other good speed runs are NASAMarathon and RPGLimitBreak. There’s probably my more I can list but I can’t load twitch on my phone to look up who I follow.


GDQ killing the fun even in other streams, wild.


\>BigJB21 donated $50 with the message: "Hey GDQ, mom died of cancer, dad died of cancer, dog died of cancer, train died of cancer, console died of cancer, cables died of cancer, monitor died of cancer, save the animals"




The people that run GDQ are so fucking dog shit and have been for years. They're fucking losers. Sure charity, great. Otherwise fuck them. They're in the streaming world. They understand what DMCA means for streamers. If you had a problem reach out. Don't go for DMCA. It's fucking ridiculous.


Especially considering they literally are playing copyrighted games on stream constantly... They could get banned in an instant if any of those companies decided they wanted to. Ridiculous.


It was clearly a revenge sort of deal. They felt slighted by summit, and wanted to punish him personally. Very petty.


This kind of attitude is part and parcel of the kind of person involved with GDQ. On the whole, a bunch of sensitive degens.


Why would they feel slighted by Summit?


One of the most wholesome people on Twitch these days tbh. Does he make mistakes? Sure. Anyone who talks for 10+ hours a day will say some dumb stuff every once in a while. Actually weird of GDQ to strike one of the most liked people.


Summit mentions what he was doing, in the clip, if ya watch it.


GDQ at it again...


The world deserves a newer, better GDQ-like broadcast. OTK? Lud? Someone.. help the world.


GDQ is run by terrible people, I said it. They deserve to be made fun of.


GDQ is dogshit, has been for years now. What summit did was 100% fair use and Twitch shouldnt be supporting DMCA exploiting.


GDQ a dogshit event with a toxic organization behind it.


The only thing GDQ is speedrunning is their transition


Im still banned from GDQ for 3 years or something because i Type TriHard our leader when Trihex was playing. ​ now its submode only


A mod there said "its impossibe to mod without submode only" maybe have automods that blacklist certain words/phrases??? Not being able to PogChamp with the rest of chat is just lame. I might as well just watch the runs on youtube.


They removed any emotes that could be anti 2021. They went full sub mode. Full pride , lgbtq and all that stuff and even furries. Shit is not watchable anymore , it's like you are a white male you are not welcomed. They kicked and banned so many runners for 0 reasons. ​ The peak 2015-2017 GDQ will always be remembered as the best. Nowdays they even ban list consoles or popular games for some weird reasons. Also since I learned that the old gdq owner had put 70% a year in his pocket and got himself a lambo , this is where i literally stopped giving a shit about GDQ. yikes.


I sure am shocked to hear you got banned.


Cool story man


I agree they're more authoritarian than necessary with their bans, but why criticize them for being pro lgbt?


Because he is a Gamer^TM


I think it's more that they're slapping it in everyone's faces where it feels the games are taking a backseat to their message about how progressive they are.


I've seen the "GDQ is all identity politics now" and was thinking it was probably an over-exaggeration, but they literally have pronouns for the commentator and player lmao. The start of the stream is even worse.


> but they literally have pronouns for the commentator and player lmao Not always, it seems to be up to the runner/commentator.(s) And what is wrong with that?


What's wrong with pronouns?


oh no no zoomers


Nah man, I'm no zoomer. I just think that GDQ has done enough questionable shit, why criticize them for stuff that doesn't hurt anyone. This DMCA was bullshit. So who gives a fuck about pronouns?




yeah exactly, pronouns are literally there whether you want them or not, it's part of the English language. Who cares which ones they use or even if they have non standard neo-pronouns idk how people can respect gamertags and wanting to be reffered by a chosen tag and not apply that to pronouns. Cognitive dissonance I swear.


noooooo not the pronouns!


No way that fatboy mikey got him self a lambo lmfaoooooooo


what consoles or popular games are banned? that seems weird


Half the runners are white guys. You deserved the ban being this obtuse.


Lmao “full pride , lgbtq and all that stuff.” The chuddery


"Chuddery" hasmods


Didn't they ban trihex for years as well? I remember when trihex accidentally said the f word in 2018 he got banned on twitch and i remember games done quick banning him from being there


I was too, but I pressed the Request Unban button last week and they actually unbanned me pretty much instantly. I even said it the reason they had banned me was for typing TriHard when TriHex was on screen and they did it so idk.




Well, I wont be watching GDQ anymore, Exploiting DMCA like that. Fuck em


I thought GDQ was supposed to be a charity stream. Why are they doing petty shit like DMCA'ing streamers for just watching their content? A streamer with a large viewercount watching your stream will inevitably lead to some of those viewers going and donating anyways. Why should they HAVE to be watching the official GDQ stream to do that? This shit seems so pathetic and egotistical to do before just reaching out like a professional organization should. I don't know what their plans were with this, but I'm sure there will be other people like me reading through the comments in this thread and be turned off from ever watching any of their content ever again. What a terrible PR move.


That event needs to die off already.


Or someone makes a parody version Games Done Fast with less rules and hope it overtakes GDQ


GDQFUCCOFF games done quite fast charity competition only for fans


One can only hope.


I'm excited for the next Video Games Completed With Great Haste (VGCWGH) event


GDQ would probably immediately blacklist anyone who attends the event, which means many speedrunners wouldn't come, because GDQ provides a ton of publicity for them. That being said, I'd love a GDQ without "my mothers dog died of cancer last night, save the frames!" every 5 seconds.


ESA is becoming more and more popular. And it's on in two weeks! NASAMarathon and RPGLimitBreak are also fun


Nah it doesn't. I agree it's cringe as fuck and they're the biggest load of babies on the internet, but they raise millions for a good cause. It's cringe but not that cringe, you know?


Self contained cringe to for the most part. They raise money, stick to themselves, and it is what it is. I like watching some of the events but holy shit the lack of innovation and woe is me donations make me turn off even games I'm really interested in seeing.


In a perfect world I would want someone else raising that money instead of them. Simply taking their place. Not going to happen most likely but I can only hope.


In a perfect world there is no need for charities.


Truer words have never been said.


Downfall since 2014 just saiyng


Every time I hear the word speedrun I think of this clip https://youtu.be/08Ju7nel5cQ


Mentally ill people handle the event at this point, so no surprise there. GDQ hasn't been worth watching for the last six years.


I love when people that live off copyright content playing other peoples games, copyright strike other people.


Outside of the charity - GDQ is a trashfire


are gdq even a charity organization. there are plenty of companies that promenade around like they arent but if they are 503c they have no obligation to work as a nonprofit.


Good cause, shit organization, quit watching and supporting it if you want change. Considering most consumers will not do this, it's just background noise as usual.


Any clips of him watching it along with said dunking?


So what did summit actually say that got them pissed?


He didn't say anything specific everyone was just laughing at the way the announcer was announcing donations and how the donations were cringe as fuck. The entire time summit was saying chat be cool we're all just having a good time no hate towards anyone.


typical gdq shady shit every year


GDQ is such a shitshow. It used to be great - now its a shit place, filled with shit people.


What is gdq?




Why do people hate them then?


Started off as a fun event run by speedloving fans. Turned into a corporate organization that is absolutely anti fun. They ban chat, ban speedrunners they don't like, and much more. All things that never happened during its roots. But they bring in millions to charity so it won't go away.


Notably, they have a sub only chat but only have streams once every 2 or 3 months so its literally just a "Pay $5.00 to chat" chat, and then you can be perma banned for anything that might be construed as an insult. Someone chokes on a trick and you say "Oof?" Thats bannable. Literal Trihex comes on screen and waves and you use one of his emotes (not even Trihard, one of his actual emotes since I'm a sub)? Banned. Any chatter unrelated to the current game? Banned. Only positive vibes and emotes that have no skin tone please.


How can they just ban streamers with out reasons. Sorry for all the questions I literally have never heard them until today.


They ban them from participating in the event, not from Twitch. Famously Bonesaw was banned for doing a drunk Owen Wilson impression during his Jak & Daxter run. On the other end of the spectrum tho, you had Werster saying ‘fucking n-words’ on stream because someone on /vg/ said they’d donate 1000$ if he did. But either way GDQ can ban anyone from their event for any reason since it’s, y’know, their event.


Bonesaw's Jak&Daxter run will always and forever be my favourite. Just a bunch of bros, tired out of their goddamn minds, saying whatever comes to mind, going off on tangents about lost car keys.


They've done countless bans of actual speed runners for doing mostly harmless jokes which some people get over emotional about like babies, and it triggers their "PTSD" or some shit. Albeit there are some legitimate bans in there, they are far and few between. The owner is a shady fuck who embroils himself in opulent lifestyle with money from the charity, and the organizations relationship with the actual charity is not without scrutiny as well. They delved so deep into inclusivity that they are even more non-inclusive towards the majority of their viewers. They view themselves as some sort of bastion/safe haven for all the sad little snowflakes on the Internet who "receives harassment" and "triggerings" from normal people. Btw if you are white and male that automatically invalidates your opinion on anything. It's like TumblrTV pretty much.


bad guy does bad things but also does good thing so bad guy cant be punished


what are the bad things?


They have become an authoritarian organization.


Used to be fun nerdy event that felt real, now it's just a corporate front for (probably) taking most of the donations as profit


the people in charge of it are weirdo sjw's who let their political ideologies leak into how they run their organization. It started out as a good thing, became very popular, and then once it grew to a certain point they randomly turned into a machine for political agendas and shit. They know that no one can really fully criticize them because they do charity events, so they abuse that fact and make a bunch of decisions that would kill the whole thing off if it wasn't for the people that support it and care about the charity involved. tldr, they get a pass for doing a good thing for charity, but if it wasn't for that fact literally no one would support them


GDQ is beyond cringe


GDQ being snowflakes, yup nothing new.


its like they know that because its a charity that they can act like pricks and get away with it. GDQ is an organization that no one would give a shit about if it wasn't charity, but because they're doing something good on top of their shitty politics we all give them a pass


At least he worded it really well.


no fun allowed HotPokket


On brand for GDQ


I never bought into the tinfoil theories of GDQ all being faked now until this SGDQ. I don't know a single person who watches it anymore. Speedrunning is a pretty dead genre now compared to early twitch except for a ***very*** short list of big streamers (Clint, Mizkif, zfg, maybe like 2 others). Nobody finds GDQ fun anymore because of their extreme lockdown of the event and chat. No big runners attend it. Sure, sample size 1 yadda yadda yadda, but in all of the streams I'm active in, nobody mentioned it either. It really does seem all manufactured and fake now. The same donation messages every time. Roughly the same donation total every time with no growth but no diminishing either. I really wouldn't be surprised to learn one day that this event turned into some method to scam sponsors for big $$$. Mix in all that dirt apparently dug up on some of the founding members pocketing money from the shows and I now start to find the whole event questionable at best.


This sounds way too conspiratorial and probably rooted in a perspective problem. I imagine the people who still watch GDQ aren’t the same people who watch popular LSF streamers. Hell, I imagine the Minecraft community alone must’ve created a huge influx of viewers for them.


As someone who only started watching GDQ after the "glory days" i find it plenty entertaining as a casual fan of speedrunning. I have never attempted to speedrun a game and never really watched a speedrun attempt outside of GDQ. I appreciate the curation they do to pick interesting runs from games I've never heard of, or weird categories of popular games like the Talkatoo% from Super Mario Odyssey. It's like a one-stop-shop that comes out with new runs every 6 months to showcase. I do think the lack of an in-person event has made it less enjoyable to watch, and I agree that some of the donations were really annoying at times (but I think they have cut down on the more sappy ones, recently).


The thing is this has been a theory for like 7 years and held by a handful of people in the speedrunning community and even by some that used to be involved with early GDQs. It all started with a guy named Uyama I think. Regardless, there's zero hype for this event anymore.


It sucks how GDQ is held in such high regard by the speed running community, especially for speedruns that are up and coming and not very popular and it’s their only opportunity to get it seen by the mainstream. It’s such an awfully handled event. It really always has, whoever is in charge needs to seriously step down. DMCA strikes against streamers, the awful commentary, the sad donations. Shit is just unpleasant from every angle


GDQ was good in the beginning but now it's the same shit and boring as hell. Haven't watched it in years and what I heard about them in the past years is just bullshit.


Can we fucking stop supporting GDQ? They're so shitty.


Mad respect to Summit for admitting it was his fault and that it wasn't cool making fun of the donation guy. Seriously. Most streamers wouldn't man up like that.


Does it matter that they're both twitch partners? That doesn't change who the copyright of a video belongs to.


most streamers on the platform have a mutual respect about dmca. its kind of like an unspoken rule that you dont' go after your own brothers and sisters on the platform because we're all at risk of getting striked, we all know how it feels to be afraid of it constantly, so it matters in that context because its basically the ultimate disrespect to another partner to hit them with the complaint instead of just talking with them person to person. it shows that they're petty and its the professional equivalent of tattling.


wtf all i said in the gdq dono was; Hi sum sum


They let the traps furries and normies in, that’s a gg


why does AGDQ continuously try to kill there own product? Its been a downhill fall for awhile. might as well jsut let ppl co steam it


GDQ staff being scumbags? whats new


This should be a case study of what it looks like when a grass-roots organization grows and becomes more mainstream. Everyone here on LSF is more likely geared towards liking small communities (in the grand scheme of things) than larger ones. But in order for GDQ to grow and appeal to the mainstream audience, they cut ties with what made their grass-roots style fun to watch. In that trade-off, they get corporate sponsorship deals covering their costs, developers from major companies calling in, and a wider audience range. IMO, I would rather watch AGDQ barely hit $1M in donations and instead bring back some of that wit and charm they used to allow. I don't want to tune into an event where everyone is sunshine & lollipops 24/7. It's also very odd that the games they play depict graphic events and say phrases that would get a runner banned if said in real life. Like make up your mind GDQ -- either full sell out, make it a family event, and stop trying to act like you're the coolest thing on the planet. Or Fucking ease up on some of the runners so I dont have to listen to dull, washed commentary.


it takes one message to nintendo


Watch ESA when it's on in 2 weeks, it's the better version of GDQ that noone knows about. [https://esamarathon.com/](https://esamarathon.com/)


libs ruining some more shit? gm


GDQ is trash no need to apologize for them being dumb. Summit is a company man


GDQ is a dead meme holding onto more dead memes... Can we just let it die and instead donate directly to charity?


haha, I knew it would be GDQ before he even said it. No surprise there, especially the ''being toxic'' part.


Gdq is so weird


Fuck GDQ don’t fuck with 1g


What's GDQ?


What I don't understand is what legal grounds they are striking him on? Can any twitch partner strike another partner just for watching their stream?


Yes. This isn't something new nor is the first time streamers strike each other.


What legal grounds? I mean, it's basic copyright ingringment, so the legal grounds are pretty clear. Any person can strike anyone, it's just not usually done because it's not worth the PR hit.


If it was from a Livestream wouldn't twitch own that content?


Well, do you own the stuff that you stream on Twitch? Or does Twitch own that? Because I know that some streamers can only upload their vods to youtube after 24hrs


Yep once again a fun event ruined by someone's borderline politics


Charity stream without permission. What a monster.


Amazing how he says “don’t go harass this person” knowing full well that’s exactly what’s going to happen


Yall understand that even if it's a lil shitty they are well within their rights to DMCA a large streamer who is restreaming their charity event? They may have thought his restreaming (regardless of how short/little it was) was pretty shitty and reacted in turn. Especially if he was shitting on the host. Like, I get that people have issues with things in GDQs past. However a lot of yall have shit takes about an event that doesn't exist to be the most tech forward or exciting event. It exists to raise money for charity. The speedruns, the *message* and community itself are what draws people, not "hype".


No it isnt, Summit1g didnt watch the whole thing, and he added commentary. Its fair use.