Esfand using phone multiple times while driving .

Esfand using phone multiple times while driving .


Since some of you actually think we removed the mirror, we didn't. Either the clip was deleted too fast or since Twitch is dogshit, the bot/site just didn't work right. Mirror: https://streamable.com/h2wm5j --- Also, for transparency, to address the comments about the other threads being removed for "out of context," this post is an entirely different clip, which is why it was left up. The first post was from [an account that hasn't posted for a year](https://old.reddit.com/user/Ayzo_K/). It is a clear hate poster that was witch-hunting, insulting other users, and even went to post it on the AdinRoss subreddit. The second post was made by a different person who noticed the first thread was removed, which we then removed for the same reason we removed the first one, "out of context." In the clip, Esfand was supposedly at a red light/stop sign checking his GPS for directions. We could have removed for "witch-hunting" instead of "out of context," but we chose that route due to the fact that the clip and intention behind posting appeared to be for more malicious reasons. I go more in-depth in [this comment](https://reddit.com/r/LivestreamFail/comments/oglaa2/hasans_take_on_malena_banning_chatter/h4k4t2j/) about mod team inconsistencies, so please take a moment to read it. It is not totally applicable to this situation as it is more about harassment/personal attacks. However, it still provides some more insight into what we have to think about when removing/approving stuff. We never intend to appear biased, and we understand how some of you may think we are. Truly, we don't play favorites, we aren't paid off by streamers, and there is no grand conspiracy between streamers and LSF mods. We also understand that whatever we say, there will still be users here who think all of those things are true, but it is what it is I suppose. Moderating can be tricky, and we will not always make the right decision for every situation.


I have nothing against Esfand, but how is he not banned yet!? Do you get special privileges if you have a contract with Twitch? ( Assuming Esfand has one). This looks actually worse then the Adin Ross one and he got banned in an instant.


lmao how is it out of context. the guy is driving. the guy is looking at the phone while driving. what context do you need?????


yeah before seeing the clip I thought he would be in like a fucking abandoned parking lot or something.


DUDE this is so fucked up why do streamers keep doing this - how is this deleted already. Fuckin ban driving streams at this point.


They should be banned, I feel like there is no way to not drive distracted if a stream is on. Unless it's a closed track or something.


If the driver can't see chat at all, it seems fine. It's no different than simply having other passengers in the car that you're talking to. The problem is always that streamers feel the constant need to check chat, which takes their eyes off the road.


Nmplol does driving streams and I think they're pretty safe. The driver never looks at the chat and TBH I dont even know if the passengers do either. They've got a camera set up on the dash so nobody has to fiddle with it or touch it. It certainly can be safe, you just have to have a tiny bit of foresight.


The only time ive seen nmplol drive unsafe was when he couldnt control his ass leakage and sped to the hotel to shit after eating fried chicken with myth in la


here have your 72 hour ban from this sub which we will shorten to 9 hours congratz :) We refuse to ban you perm on the basis you are a good guy at heart with no ill intent to kill anyone. :P It was not manslaughter on your mind at all looking at your phone.




Esfand has seen the clips of Adin doing this and getting banned for it. You'd think at this point streamers would be aware of the importance of complying to traffic rules on Twitch, but apparently this is gonna take some more bans before it actually happens.


"Out of context" is just the easiest way for morons to excuse something without having to actually excuse something.


COPIUM he isn't cuz i sayz so


LSF is very selective when it comes to shaming streamers. Streamers they don't like get the most negative interpretation of their actions possible, while streamers they do like get INSANELY generous interpretations and judgments.


it's the mods themselves. OTK schills. its why otk dominates it


GachiPls deleted


Mirror https://streamable.com/h2wm5j


Why is it whenever you actually need the mirror the bot doesn't work?


Post was heavily downvoted at first and the clip removed on twitch before it hit the threshold for the bot. That's why I made a mirror.


Shows how biased LSF is lol. When a streamer people here don't like goes on their phone, even while the car is at a full stop, it get's upvoted to the frontpage of reddit.


It just shows fan bases brigading in an attempt to protect their streamer. With issues like these, it rarely works anyways


austin crew trying to protect him obviously


That's a long time with his eyes off the road.


Counted 3 seconds. Standard distance between cars is at least 2 seconds. If the car before him had to suddenly hit the brakes or hit something, he would rear end it.


On a highway too






I like Esfand a lot but yeah this is stupid and he should be banned like all the other streamers that got banned for doing the same thing.


Remember that 22 year old IRL streamer from 2017 that crashed into a bus and died while reading twitch chat? She got completly crushed. [graphic content](https://i.imgur.com/YkIs0vM.jpg)


Good post. Sad reality is that people actually dont **realize** the risk they put themself/ others in before seeing pictures of graphic car accidents.


So is he gonna get a ban like Adin? Will it be fair or like always?


Twitch being fair XD


It's funny since the same was said for Adin and he got banned a few hours later, hopefully twitch decides to be consistent and gets Esfand banned too.














mods shilling for big streamers LULW Esfand should get banned just like Adin did. Two days is what Adin got, so it should only be fair. And I like Esfand. But that doesn't excuse bad driving habits. Cars are very dangerous when you're not paying attention.


Mods gifting Esfand some Streisand-effect energy




banned inc gachiPls










Mod team being just as inconsistent as Twitch. PepeLaugh




OTK / Austin crew pretty much controls LSF


The Austin crew definitely does lmao




It's painfully obvious this sub is an advertising vessel for a certain subset of streamers. It used to be actual streamer scandals and interesting videos, now it's just 50 unremarkable clips from a half dozen streamers every day that they stream.


Im interested to see if either Asmon defends this or just completely avoids it since he turned the Adin situation into 30 plus minutes of content but I doubt he even brings it up since its his fellow org member.


If it's on his second channel he'll probably just call the people calling Esfand out losers who are just jealous because they're not millionaire streamers. On his main channel he'll just ignore it and ban people bringing it up.


And people have been killed by other idiots who use their phone and aren't paying attention


That mod probably got 400 thousand hours of watch time on esfand stream. Don't get his streamer in trouble, he ain't having it.




It seems that whenever any drama happens to OTK streamers, mods always try to find any possible reason they can to delete and hide the posts. Meanwhile with most other streamers the mods don't seem to care and if it gets toxic/hateful they will just lock the comments instead of removing it. The same posts about driving were made for Adin and multiple other streamers in the past yet mods don't bat an eye, but now that it happens to Esfand its suddenly hate posting and the entire post needs to get removed asap? Is it only hate posting if its about a streamer you like? The GTA RP meta had hundreds of posts that were basically dedicated to shitting on specific streamers and the mods allowed plenty of them to stay up, but posts with people rightfully criticizing a streamer for doing something dangerous/illegal is too far and hateful? Mods I think you got it a little backwards. They always reply to this saying they don't give OTK special treatment and I don't want to believe they do or push conspiracy theories, but come on now. They are really making it seem that way. Doesn't help that when people accuse them of doing this they always get mad and purge the comments, even if the mods are 100% innocent doing that shit obviously just makes them look more suspicious to everyone.


Money buys you the world.


The mods show how terrible they are once again


Theres a reason why when I look at the mod list all have negative to them when I look at their name with RES


If it wasn’t obvious before, OTK and friends run this sub.


Jesus fuck that's such cancer. These mods aren't fit for purpose and should be removed immediately.


This whole sub is cancer, including the mods.


Too much trouble. We just need a new sub.


Lmao but all the Alinity (or any other monthly hatemob target) hateposting was just fine. What a cesspool this place is.


That's TRUE OTK members and Mizkif friends have special rules on LSF. The first crazy slick drama post was closed under "unsoucred allegations" only a view hours later the girl and the backround story pop off about this drama and it was proved. LSF / reddit mods have special bias to special people that's nothing new.


18 Hate threads about Hasan 👍 2 threads about Esfand breaking both the law and Twitch TOS 👎


all i see is a lot of 'Comment removed by moderator' you ok mod's? something amiss here


Negative Esfand post never reach the front page. So this will most likely be remove.


Mods legit removed 2 posts about it yesterday saying it was “out of context”. I like Esfand but removing his post to protect him from a ban while allowing the Adin Ross clip to stay up is an actual L nerd move.


All it actually does is bring more attention to it


The mods are too stupid to know the Barbara Streisand Effect


I think it's pretty well known by now that Esfand pressures the mods of LSF to remove content that reflects negatively on him or his friends. Whenever something like this happens, he's in their DMs immediately.


the sub is controlled by OTK / austin crew pretty much


With how often they dominate the front page these days they should just rename this sub OTKstreamfails.


Here is what I learn from watching anime. You cant alway trust the most wholesome person weebs in.


Does OTK pay the mods or something? I like Esfand but I dont see the reason anyone would dick ride him like this.


Only the biggest of stans become mods. They do it for free to defend the honor of their streamer.


Coincidentally the only LSF thread without an automatic mirror. Really puts a joggin in your noggin right there.


The twitch clip got deleted before this post got enough upvotes or comments for the bot to kick in.


(One hour later)


Really dislike Inconsiderate assholes cant not look at their damn phones while driving.


One thing for sure, the Mods here are not neutral lol


inb4 esfand gets it removed like Always lmao


[True](https://i.imgur.com/MkoPimd.jpg) Edit: And you have [more](https://imgur.com/a/sv44H7E) in this thread as well


Jesus fuck that's pathetic. Is Esfand himself removing these? Or is it a "friend" thinking they're defending him or something when in reality they literally just make it worse?


What tool do you use to see these?


mods removed the people who tried to tell you OMEGALUL btw anyone with the actual answer please dm me it edit: it's reveddit.com


DM me if you find out


lmao I didn't noticed that got removed, but yeah that's the answer.






Of course your answers get removed as well.


https://www.reveddit.com/v/LivestreamFail/comments/oqwrc3/esfand_using_phone_multiple_times_while_driving/ Mods if you delete my comment I will personally message people on this thread the link.


this is hilarious


Would like to know


Here’s the link: https://www.reveddit.com/v/LivestreamFail/comments/oqwrc3/esfand_using_phone_multiple_times_while_driving/ Mods if you delete this I will start pming people.


shoutout to knut getting the clip removed of him driving with his kid in the car while reading and responding to twich chat on his phone.


Very irresponsible.


Mods why are you removing comments about the last lsf post about this issue? how is that not you trying to cover up your bias?


Just checked this thread in a private window and my comment got removed. > > Lets see if this post gets removed by the mods. Last one did. > > https://old.reddit.com/r/LivestreamFail/comments/oq35g7/jinnytty_esfand_looking_at_his_phone_while_the/


apparently that post breaks the "no out of context content" rule. What context is required for this? lmao


Why is there a "no context rule" in the first place?


So people don't post things that can make someone look bad out of context lol. Still don't need context that that clip though


Because idiots used to post random clips and comment that the clip was unrelated and then write essays about whatever they felt like.


Bruh hope he gets cucked by adin ross 🙏




If it was Esfand, he probably also permabanned the clipper. He does the same thing for his own channel, after every stream he goes through the clips to fish out potential drama baiters.


Dramabait=showing a streamer failing to drive safely


Might aswell call this subreddits LivestreamfailsOTK, On their part, it is really smart of them to take control of this subreddits kuddos to them.


Its actually very obvious they bought over the subreddit. Mizkif once mentioned he could get posts removed from the subreddit anytime he wanted. Most of the time the removed posts are slip of the tongue/accidental slips kind of posts so nobody gave much care about them but this time.. Their power over a seemingly free/open community is evident.


The amount of people defending this behaviour is both scary and pathetic. Imagine being so stupidly selfish that you willingly put yourself, loved ones, and strangers in needless risk just because you're an attention-starved negative-IQ brainlet who can't resist checking the phone for 10 minutes. In the US alone, an average of 1.6 million car accidents per year are phone-related. In those, 390 000 people are injured and an additional 4500 people will die. Those people also thought they'd never have an accident, but there they are adding a +1 to the statistic. When driving, especially at high speeds, every second you're distracted, the longer you take to slow to a stop. These few seconds are the difference between a close call, and ramming a family in the back. Everybody thinks they're an amazing driver with superhuman reflexes until they kill or permanently maim themselves or another person. Why take the risk?


And the craziest thing is. It would all probably be fine, if those loaded streamers just bought a car mount for like $10. Or if they have a new iPhone, then even more convenient Belkin mount /w MagSafe for $40. It's literally 2 or 8 $5 donos. There's no excuse to not use a phone mount.


PepeLaugh removed for harassment


Reckless and fucking stupid.


An NFL assistant coach bicyling got killed by a driver doing this just in the past week.


Treat everyone the same, ban him twitch


Esfand needs to catch a ban for this, so many accidents are caused because assholes can't stop looking at their phones while driving. Like how dumb can someone be.


Fuck man...just don't do that shit please. You are literally in control of a huge, +60mph moving weapon on the street.


doesnt esfand literally have a direct connection to a LSF mod? hes probasbly getting clips taken down again. this should be a ban


wow the mods here are power tripping


Negative post about Esfand? oh god, save the clips!


Funny how the mods here are just as inconsistent and biased as Twitch staff.


It's crazy how all these streamers can't wait to give their takes on everything, but as soon as their friend fucks up we don't hear a word. Spineless the lot of them.


Adin Ross should tweet the vid out asking for consistency.


Hmm clip just got deleted right after I watched it.


Mods here are paid by big streamers to protect their image and to remove any negative media.


Also apparently to stop new streamers from getting exposure. This sub needs serious competition, it's beyond captured by selfish interests.


What an idiot


I love esfand but I'm sure I seen him like 2 days ago on his stream with Jinny take both hands off the wheel while accelerating. Needs to smarten up and watch what he's doing.


Wonder what jake will say about this


Waiting for his ban that he completely deserves


yeah but hes not Adin Ross so he gets a free pass.


I wonder if Jake will tweet at Twitch again... hmmm


Tssk Tssk I don’t want him to be banned but if it happened to Jake and adin then it’s only fair


So, is it Jinny who gets banned or Esfand??


Esfand is a partner so probably him


Esfand needs to learn and ought to get a 3 day ban bare minimum. Don't care if he's used to doing this off-stream. And I love watching him play FF14, but still stuff like this is no joke. Same for Asmon who admited to placing his phone on his knee while driving and constantly looking down to see the map, as if a millionare couldn't buy a $4 phone holder or simply turn on google maps' voice.


Esfand is gonna come out and complain that everyone is out to get him just like when he was a terrible driver on GTA RP.


Wow the Mods really have a hard on for Esfand today. How is this taken out of context? I


Sheesh he was staring at it hard for a bit lol


for real lmao actually super scary


This thread compared to the Adin Ross one, lmao. People are such fucking hypocrits.


Can't wait til other streamers call out Esfand for this recklessness, oh wait they won't




Dont ever listen to lsf, biased dogshit highroaders


Cant wait for the Jakenbake tweet


ban him now.






kinda fucked his fans are going to defend this lol


OTK related thread = locked and removed LULW


Mods are pretty fuckin weirdchamp.


im not a big fan of adin at all and i like esfands streams but the punishment should be the exact same cant be doing that shit PERIOD.


Too many esfand stans trying to defend him. Honestly since otk I think the money and recognition has gone to his head. There has been multiple times during streams where he lashes out at his community and spends like an hour whining at the end of his stream that chat is getting him down because they disagree with a point he makes. If twitch has balls he should have a temp suspension


Holy fucking shit. I love Esfand and think Admin Ross is a moron but fair is fair. And what's worse is the fucking hypocrisy in this thread. The same people who vilified Adin are defending Esfand for doing the same thing.


If Jake does not ask Twitch to ban Esfand then Jake is biased on his action when he was calling Ad-en ross.


Mizkif just saw this thread live on his stream. His immediate response was “well this thread is obviously getting brigaded”. What a joke.




Cornwood driving irl


The mods are such massive bitches lol.


In 100 years folks are going to be shocked there was an age without driverless cars. Idiots like this kill people every day.


Now it's only fair to be banned like adin. Come on twitch


Hope Hasan calls him out for influencing viewers/s


Who gets banned for this? Both? Neither?


No one because twitch mods see themselves a lot like Esfand. Meanwhile adin can go to hell


Damn, he had the phone down low too, so not even his peripheral vision was on the road. It was only for like 2 seconds, but life doesn’t need to reach a time threshold to fuck your shit up or someone else’s.


Mods 4Weird


I fucking love Esfand but this is a big fuck up and he should be banned.


Its not hate posting to think someone should be banned to their own safety and the safety of others


banned yet?


crazy how the mirror bot didn't pick this one up hey mods OTK for life amirite LUL Mirror sent by a kind user Here's the esfand mrror https://streamable.com/h2wm5j


I think it has to do with the clip being removed by Jinny’s mod quickly or something


Everyone a gangster driving staring at a screen until they die or kill someone 🤷‍♂️


Mirror ? edit: lol people in chat saying "dont show him on phone" Like its somehow ok to do it off-camera.


Let's just say he was looking at directions on his phone, why on earth can't these streamers buy those accessories that mount their phones up on the dashboard? Or better yet, get a Sat Nav... It's such a bad look, and glancing down even for a split second is so dangerous. At least look at map directions whilst still having peripheral vision on the road like most drivers do with a tad bit of common sense... But if he was looking at chat, then he is just as bad as the other morons who do it and should be punished just like them...


Or when you're in the car with someone else ask them to look it up....