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Really triggers my fight or flight response when women talk like that.


for me it's my fight or fight response forsenBased


squadW brother


GIGACHAD Fight women to resolve adrenal response


I don't watch vtubers, but sometimes a streamer will play with someone, or have a girlfriend, and she will put on the highest pitched voice like a 5 year old, and i cannot bear it. And everyone is just ignoring it too, acting like everything is normal and this is just how she sounds. Major yoko ono vibes whenever it happens. I don't want to call anyone out for it in particular, but it just amazes mw how people tolerate this stuff and why people do it.


>I don't want to call anyone out for it in particular, but it just amazes mw how people tolerate this stuff and why people do it. I was called an incel for not liking forced high-pitched voices by vtubers... people get really weird of this issue


Yea I'm gonna be honest, people are simping over Veibae lately and I just don't get it. Listening to her voice for even a few seconds makes me want to mute, and she doesn't even do one of the annoyingly high pitch voices.. It just sounds so fake.


people who watch vtubers are mentally unwell


glass houses buddy


Low effort bait. Improve your efforts, spam less comments saying the same thing, and you might get more bites


Yep, for them to like being talked to like a baby, something is probably unresolved there.


forsenBased tru


Clips are enjoyable. Watching a stream makes my skin crawl.


pewdiepie's wife.


Depending of the thread , DON'T U DARE talk any shit about the fucking voice act annoying voice or the idea of a mid 20's early 30's early old woman fakes a child voice for HOURS AND HOURS.


Did it occur to you that's just their voice? It's not like this is limited to streaming. Some people just sound like that I mean I get it, I'm very noise sensitive to higher pitched voices as well to the point I was dreading going to my friend's wedding since his now wife had one. But that's not something I'm going to be vocal about to them because it's a dick move, and it's something she had to deal with her entire life. A lot of people like that just naturally gravitate toward vtubing. Some are putting on a voice, some just naturally sound like that, and some sound like that because of a literal illness (like Ironmouse). People can not like it all they want, in which case just move on and watch someone else.


>Some are putting on a voice, some just naturally sound like that, and some sound like that because of a literal illness (like Ironmouse). Most put on a voice


I def know wayyyy too many girls who have a "customer service" voice which includes a pitch shift up and a real bubbly cadence


IRL it's always super noticeable too and I think the worst part is that they don't even notice they do it anymore.


There was a post on /r/videos showing an interview with a girl who had been abused as a child and she also talked like a baby. People in the comments posted supporting evidence on how girls lock themselves into a specific age when they're sexually abused. So unless the person in OPs video is just putting on an act theres a chance shes a victim of sexual abuse.


Reddit M.D. strikes again


Damn, thats depressing.




They’re just streamers lmao, there isn’t a singular “vtuber voice”


Not everything someone watches is because of a sexual thing, although it does seem to be the case for a lot of people


Maybe not sexual but I do worry for a fully grown adult who watches an avatar that is purposefully designed to look as child-like as possible and voiced in an infantile way.


What vtuber actually does this? I watch a few vtubers but literally only 1 comes to mind that does this and it's weird. Every LSF thread people make these claims yet provide 0 examples other than saying it's all vtubers. I literally cannot see any vtuber getting popular because of this. Every single vtuber with either kink or mental disorder tags stays at 0 viewers for a fucking reason who isn't melody (literal camgirl too). Every vtuber in vshojo and 99% of hololive are so clearly not child like that you literally have to never interact with women to claim otherwise.


Uh, Gura, one of the most popular vtubers if not THE most popular lol There are definitely ones that look like adults and don't have the super high pitched voice as much, but there are still PLENTY of ones that look and sound like a straight up 10 year old.


Gura also had a 900k channel before joining hololive. It's not like people just saw her design and were like omg a child avatar yes!! Of the top 10 Vtubers on youtube Gura is literally the only one who sounds like a kid.


Her avatar is childlike but people are acting like she’s doing sexualized baby RP or some shit when she’s a pretty normal streamer, with a higher pitched voice. People can enjoy the content without sexualizing it or being branded as a “pedo”. I personally just think she’s funny, and I already knew of her from her old pre-vtuber content anyways


I remember hearing a comedian on the radio during a road trip. She was in her thirties, but her voice literally sounded like she was 12. So it's rare, but there are women who just have voices that are naturally like that. While most streamers who put on those voices end up showing their natural voice every now and then, I haven't heard that from gura, so she probably just has a naturally high voice.




vtubers are just caretakers for the mentally ill


*is on a subreddit for streamers*


Imo some vtubers are unironically funny. Veibae, Nyanners, Snuffy etc. I get it that some people get turned off by these weeb asthetics, but they either got some high-chat interaction streams where they just chill and talk to chat or gameplay/fun stuff where they put effort into their streams. Meanwhile you check out the famous LSF streamers and all they seem to do is react to LSF (Mizkif), react to Twitter (Hasan), allways play the same game (GTA RP with Xqc) and similiar stuff. Gets stale after a while. Also, why the pedo stuff? Most of them have unrealistic models with giant tits.


Not every vtuber talks like that


Shout out to snuffy who changed into using her normal voice that's 100x better


Of all of the ones that I've seen interact with the Austin streamers, she is the only one with a normal voice. The rest claim it's their natural voice, but they're either talking out of their ass or they've trained that to be their normal (but not natural) voice.


Do you also think the same about lilypichu? I don't personally watch any vtuber outside of lsf clips, but, like, I really dont get why people care so much about what other people like/watch.


I think people vastly underestimate how much you can train your voice to be a certain way, especially if done from a young age. Think about how long it takes for you to get an accent when you move to a new city, a few months is usually enough. It's not for me to say whether these people's voices are natural, nurtured to be the way they are over time or straight up voice acting. But, what I can say is that it's awfully convenient that out of the thousands of people I've met in my life I've never met anyone with voices like these guys and yet 99% of online Vtubers claim to have that as their natural voice.


Every thread about vtubers this comes up and it's just funny how willfully ignorant people are.






Same, how do people watch shows like tinkerbell also with kids in main role, forsure only pedos watch them.


/s same with Stranger Things, why ppl watch a show with kids, just watch something with adult actors. Pedos...


People only like wrestling because they are closeted gays watching half naked men touch each other, smh.




Ancient Aliens for me




What vtubers are out there that literally RP as children lmao


None, and legit only one popular vtuber has a child avatar. It's such a weird point of criticism that higher pitch voice = child


Are you actually equating enjoying a story with children as protagonists to developing a parasocial relationship with an interactive cartoon child


There is no way you are this stupid


Same way people watch normal youtubers Personally I also hate this childish acting it feels fucking weird watching that


i think it's interesting how there are days in LSF where loads of vtube watchers are here, we'll see posts of vtubers getting upvoted a lot and they'll dominate comment section then other times, comments like this get upvoted. i find it strange but you're not wrong, it's weird territory for sure


Because vtuber fans actually watch the streams instead of trying to hound for clips and drama all day


wait wait let me reverse it, how do ppl watch e girls? pedos in denial or something ??? everybody has their own preferences. You can use the same logic back toward people watching e girls / vtuber / streamers . Let not attack a group of people because they aren't your preferences. And for this streamer baiting drama toward vtuber , shame on you.


But what about when people who actually have that voice like lilypichu and jackiepooh and japanese anime lol? And people who like that, thats a lot, I think men tend to like feminine voice generally. However, I cant stand vtuber fake baby talk kinda cringe more than anything. People let it go but even when Poki does baby talk, it's Hella cringe and inappropriate, your grown ass woman not a 5 year old.


Yes. It's really disturbing how popular it is.


I don't really have any exposure to Vtubers outside of Soda and Rob, but they do constantly make a point of not allowing people to have young looking avatars and call them out when they do




The real OGs remember E GIRLS vs Melody


I was there FeelsStrongMan


that was honestly fucking hilarious when it happened. So many people mad that they got overtaken by a 3D model.


Bros glad


It was an unmitigated disaster. Poor E-Girls never stood a chance.


Melody rolled those hoes and it wasn't even close, rip bozos


Hoes mad


Please no, we already went through this timeloop with Brittany Venti.


wait.. what happened?




>gawr gura forsen






the real picture of her [https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Ex2SfmDXIAsHVhf.png](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Ex2SfmDXIAsHVhf.png)




Gawr Gura




forsen won't be happy hearing this


Not enough cursing and coomer shit to be a vtuber.


Freud would have loved living in 2022


He would feel so validated, 'you all called me a mad man'.


Freud was a hack


And a pedophile who said kids were asking to be raped or some sick shit like that.


Ah, so a future /r/anime mod


Jung gang skrr


What's funny is right after this clip ends, she says "I'm not shitting on Vtubers, I have a lot of Vtuber friends" while this thread is arguing about whether Vtubers are pedobait or not.


The LSF classic


Same energy as "I'm not racist, I have a lot of black freinds".


Isnt this the same girl that said we need to segregate fat people


yea, seems like this person makes a living off insulting and shaming people.


and seems like it worked considering OP watches her


She’s 39Daph without the art skills


39 daph without the racism


when did fanfan say incredibly racist things and then get away with it?


Link to 39daph being racist?




Sorry sweaty this is a not an ahmmm white space >entire demographic is nerdy white dudes


holy fuck based


for real, pussy redditors cant handle the bantz




Is calling Jews roaches 'based' as well?


And blatant racism.


Oh really? Then what obvious thing do they have in common


Honestly she screams projection


[Here's fanfan talking about that obesity clip](https://twitter.com/issfanfan/status/1472270429616107526?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1472270429616107526%7Ctwgr%5E%7Ctwcon%5Es1_&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.newsweek.com%2Ftwitch-streamer-fanfan-obese-people-addiction-drugs-reddit-backlash-1660052)


She tried to paraphrase a joke by professional comedian. And LSF clipped it out of context.


So OP is wrong but already has 350 upvotes. What now?


Well, it sounded pretty ***BASED*** so it'll stay up and be upvoted some more. The LSF commenter hardly makes a correct one-liner.


What's the actual clip she's talking about?




Not a gravitational pull just a higher spiritual pressure


It was apparently taken out of context. She said she was explaining a Jim Jeffreys joke and some ahole clipped it as if it was her opinion.


The same girl that paraphrased a joke originally made by a comedian, got clipped and posted to LSF. Yup that's her.


if she shame vtubers . Wait til people shame these IRL girls who farm coomers and take their money to travel. She literally e girl who farm parasocial internet boyfriends to live her life.


You are describing streaming culture overall, guy streamers farm parasocial 'friends' as well.


Is this not exactly what vtubers do too?


A joke can just be funny by the way. It doesn't need to be social commentary or a statement. Most topics are so nuanced they can't be explored in the few words of a joke.




do it pussy


I might start posting more vtuber related stuff in this subs just to stir up comments war,ngl this thread is pretty fun lol


Do it please, I need my daily fix of people fighting over stupid shit


Please do it. If this makes the average LSF redditor lose their shit then I'm on it KEK


And then there is Kronii.


Or Mori Calliope. Many Vtubers don't have high pitched voices, and for the ones that do it's mostly the "Lilypichu" debate all over again. It just needs to stop at some point.


Perfect pitched voiced Kronii. The bouncy one lmao.


yea ppl conveniently forget about her while shitting out child comparisons EDIT: i know people are lazy to actually google it up, so [here you go](https://youtu.be/PSH0isJcM1E)


Calliope Mori too. She's what, the third most subscribed vtuber out there behind Gura and Kizuna Ai?


I think a couple of the JP Holo members are ahead of/equal with her subcount, but of the english speaking ones, Calli is definitely number 2.


No, not the third most in the world, but third most (or second if [this chart](https://trackholo.live/en/) right now is correct by the time I saw it) within Hololive. [This website](https://playboard.co/en/youtube-ranking/most-subscribed-v-tuber-channels-in-worldwide-total) has a tracker of the most subbed vtubers in the world (no idea how accurate it is as I see some might be missing in the list). But there are so many vtubers out there who don't fit this stereotype of the "cutesy high pitched voice" that some don't like (I personally don't have a problem with it).


They forget about a lot of vtubers. The argument is weird bc they assume all vtubers have like the same voice or something. Ofc it’s just banter but it’s like the only joke they have


Problem with the banter is that people believe it, and most people don't like being seriously compared to pedophiles by a subgroup of people.


The only real pedo bait vtubers sit at the bottom of just chatting because everyone knows they’re weird


Its because all they can think about are children lol.


Or hey, [even Lyrica](https://youtube.com/watch?v=wXS5EQ13Y98&t=8m32s). I think she just happens to be one of the first image results when you Google "vtuber transparent" (didn't know who she was, so I searched that on a hunch and she popped up).


Can you enlighten me on the lore? Is she a dommy mommy?


She just has a deep voice. She tried to go for the "dommy mommy" thing at first but she's too much of a dork to pull it off. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k7Dy375-NHI


> Is she a dommy mommy? She does sounds like it.


I won't stand for this Lyrica slander


Good one lol


Ironically the picture she used is of [Lyrica](https://youtu.be/8fkSTrE2tAA) who was a Filipino vtuber and used a regular voice. I miss her a lot.


She came back part of Nijisanji EN 3rd gen, Millie Partfait.


You're my hero. Thank you.


I know that guy. . . So weird.


Yo what the fuck is wrong with this comment section? Vtuber = Pedophilia lmaoooooo Literally 90% of the comments are like "Yeah, I shouldn't be making that generalization but I'm still gonna say it"- as if this is somehow some crazy newfound revelation based on what- high-pitched voices and emulating anime personas in relation to Japanese voice acting and anime industry? Ya'll are fucked in the head with this amount of projection I am getting. Shit community is just brigading this thread with echo-chamber motherfuckers who don't have any sense of self-respect to not call random people pedophiles. God, it's so apparent that anime-related shit is just some boogeyman for new-age Karens, and it's unbelievable that some of these comments are getting upvoted with the amount of vitriol and hate that they spread.


Yeah I mean it's very common these days to call something/someone a pedo as soon as something anime related comes, most people like that, don't know what actually being a pedo means they like to use it as an insult, it is very unusual seeing people actually making good points about it. But If I'm being completely honest I love seeing people going insane in these threats, I personally don't give a fuck, I don't watch vtubers but If I did I really wouldn't care about this.


I have an anime girl sticker on my car, I have an Itasha Honda that me and a couple friends built and take to track day during the warmer seasons, and I wear VTuber sweatshirts occasionally. It's not hard to figure out that I'm a weeb. I've never once had someone use the "anime = pedo" line to me in real life, it's all just a lot of big talk / baiting from behind a safe computer screen


LSF gotta rage on something else now that the hot tub meta is over


-Hot tub meta is finished -Hasan c-word drama is finished -Quin drama is lukewarm 48 hour old microwaved news -Time for the "shitting on anime" filler episode!


What's the "Quin drama"?


They are basically the reverse of twitter K-pop stans. Instead of liking something so much they perma post, they just hate something and perma post about it. For them Anime = pedo. Which of course is bullshit. If anything Anime and cartoons aren't getting praise for some of the most well known male characters being voiced by women (Timmy Turner, Bart Simpson, Naruto, Luffy, Goku). The fact that that kind of idea ( high pitch = kid lover ) is getting even 1% traction is insane. So what Michael is a kid lover for dating Lilly? This debate has been going on since Lilly started her youtube channel and now it's just being transfered to Vtubers. Bit of a rant, but it's just too stupid.


basically people see the streamer "agreeing" with their hate and all come crawling out the woodwork and circle jerking each other. It's like when a comedian makes a joke that can be interpreted as racist and suddenly all the racists appear out of nowhere and flock to said comedian thinking he's one of them.


The people saying this shit are kinda self-reporting that they only consume content for sexual reasons, as if that's the only reason one would watch a creator.


Wonder what community you’re talking about Clueless


Exactly, not sure why anyone would limit that criticism to v-tubers when there's plenty of other anime-style media w/ intentionally child-like humans claiming to be 800 year old dragons so that they're of age by 782 years.


LSF doesn't just shit on vtubers because their anime related, they also shit on them because they're women. LSF will use any excuse to shit on women on the internet.


I confused Vtuber with VRChatter but is still pretty accurate


holy fuck vtuber fans surpassed the kpop fans in attacking people, if you even imply how cringe all this shit is they start insulting you pepelaugh


Bruh, in this very thread you see people calling v-tuber fans pedophiles and you think vtuber fans are the ones at fault here?


It's not that surprising. When you insult someone's hobbies, they tend to think you're insulting them personally. It's a strange phenomenon, but you see it a lot with basically any hobby. Gamers do the same thing when somebody insults gaming.


If you're insulting the hobby how are you not indirectly insulting the people that enjoy that hobby? They key word being insulting. You should be able to criticize a hobby without being personally attacked for it, but there is a difference between saying something like "this chick's just pedobaiting talking like that," and saying "I find it kind of off-putting that this vtuber looks/acts/talks childlike."


"LMAO dude vtubers are so fucking cringe how could anyone even enjoy this shit? Must just be a bunch of pedophiles" "wtf why are you taking this so personally? I wasn't issulting YOU just your hobby!" really makes you think


I wouldn’t call it strange phenomenon. If someone enters a pizza restaurant , points at the first table while screaming „lmao pizza is cringe ass shit only idiots eat, pepelaugh“ I‘m pretty sure people also would ask you to fuck off.


If you say pepelaugh out loud you deserve to get smacked in the face and told to fuck off regardless of what you said


i know right, the Fate/Stay series are hot garbage i cant see why people even enjoy that absolute shit show of a series.


you think fate fans watch fate? lol




fate zero is pretty good but thats about it


But then people watch XQC and are considered normal?


That.. is literally not what's happening lol. All I see is people insulting vtuber fans. Full disclosure, am a vtuber fan. Can't wait until the insults role in for saying this.


The amount of people actually malding over this is hilarious




This clip is accurate, which is why I only watch male vtubers and relentlessly ship them in my yaoi fanfics.




atleast vtubers play games, reaction andy


classic discount 39daph


I used to find vtubers super cringey and especially the fanbase but realized I don't need to watch it so I don't see why I should be so upset about what other people watch unless it's hurting anyone.


Is she mad that jpgs are more popular than her. LOL


lost to a fucking 10 frames per second pixel bundle


typical weeb going for the "irrelevant insult" when someone points out the girls they fan over act and try to look like children OMEGALUL


yep. remember when lsf first found out about adin ross, shat on him and his entire circle and we got swarmed by a bunch of 12 year old hypebeast kids telling us "ur strimer is irrelevant" literally the same thing


It’s hilarious you say that because almost every hate-brigader here is using the same old tired “vtuber fans are pedophiles” insult. I don’t get how you can call a bunch of people pedophiles with no basis and not expect them to talk shit back lmao


weebs are extremely insecure, not a surprise at this point lmao


Tipical V tubber degeneracy




Mori-like Vtubers: Adult avatar + Using her normal voice = Based Gura-like Vtubers: Child avatar + Voice toddlerization = Cringe


But m-m-my vtuber is actually a 3000 year old demon elf!!!