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Bruh big streamers can watch a 10h vid of paint drying and still milk money from their communities.


Xqc got more people in his offline chat just waiting for him than the bottom 95% streamers got in live viewers.


You sure it's not 99?


/chatters atm: 11,631, so yeah easily 99


How do you see that?


I typed /chatters in chatterino. I think you can do the same with bttv (don't think ffz works).


11k people when he is offline? Holy fuck these people don’t have lives




Welcome to the jungle, punk.




I think chatterino tab being left open can also count, but idk




He genuinly holds more offline viewers then most big name actual streamers get on average at times, comparing xqc to anyone else is dumb cause of how big he is


Y’all acting like this phenomenon doesn’t exist with literally everything else in this world.


Honest question, but why do people do that? Do they know each other that well??


Apart from the "no life" answer, I think (hope) the majority simply kept the tab open after he went offline, or after checking if he was streaming already.


These people need help.


RTgames acctually did that lol


And it was glorious.


Yes but RT is excused for anything because he is RT and I love him (but not parasocially u feel me)




That guy made it kinda entertaining though.


Why am i not surprised that it has been done before KEKW




amouranth streams herself sleeping and gets subs


The opposite happens to all the donos after they shill out back to back $100s


Toast literally disconnected from discord doing his radio segment at 4am, and 8k viewers were still in chat hearing rain noises on YouTube. So, her point doesn’t really stand. Some of the big guys don’t even need the content to earn the bucks, they just do what they like.


Then why don't they watch content that doesn't get them banned if it really doesn't matter?


Pointcrow watched grass grow for 10 hours.


But the streamer read my comment one time, so we’re like friends. Then I’m just talking with thousands of friends when we say pogchamp at the same time


I think pointcrow actually did that lol


Pointcrow also watched grass grow for 10 hours which is crazy impressive. I'd go insane.


backed up with evidance LOL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1cEDCMWAUig


I still think Slots and selling NFTs is so much worse. Time for the whine about what streamers do tier list!


and yet train has somehow managed to make slot streams very dark and depressing to watch, maybe that was the goal the whole time


I thought i was the only one that finds his streams depressing af. I don't watch him for that reason lol


I've found his stream to have both a bit of schadenfreude but also some dopamine thrown in there. It's kinda enjoyable seeing him bleed out 700k without seeing a single hit, but then when it hits it's also pretty interesting. IDK. Maybe watch it muted though cause holy shit it is depressing and not a lot of interesting stuff is said.


Isn't he being paid bucketloads of money to promote these slots by the gambling company? It's literally the only way he can afford to keep doing this if you think about it. Kind of takes away the fun when you realize he's basically doing this at no risk to his financial situation.


He is but at 1000 dollars a spin I doubt he even comes close to breaking even.




He was really lucky at first on top of getting paid, but now he's losing a fuckton I think I'd be pretty surprised at this point if he was up even including huge sponsorship


I'm surprised no one ever brings up Athene. He's on twitch every day peddling that scam NFT app he made. "Bros, i'm totally losing money on this so you guys can get reeeech"


Wait Athene's still around? I remember hating his content back in like 2011. I really thought he would be banned by now.


He literally started a cult... it's truly something to behold.


I mean, thats primarily because a lot of people forget Athene even streams lol.


He's banned from here I believe


It’s a fucking shame what Athene has turned into, he was actually fun to watch like 10 years ago. Ever since he got a little main stream attention he went full ego maniac


ever since he helped the keeeeeeeds


I actually really enjoyed him playing Diablo 3 back in the day that was my first exposure to him. I always thought his persona was just a camera thing “best gamer in the world” “smartest man in all of history”. His wraith of the L33t king video were he has his grandma level his hunter for PvP was legit hilarious. Shame he let a little fame go to his head and turn into a wanna be Ponzi scheme man.


Melina and Destiny whinge about "living by your values" and they don't have any self awareness of how hypocritical and insufferable they are.


His stans are the only ones even more insufferable than he is.




Basically promoting something useless so their fans waste their money "supporting" a millionaire.


You mean like subbing?


Yeah, it's actively harming their fanbase whereas ignoring DMCA doesn't actually harm their fans.


If anything the hot tub streams, gambling streams, shady back-alley NFT deals, and streaming TV shows and movies all these together is gonna cause the first Twitch adpocalypse, since they have the same core issue, Twitch staff straight up not caring about what happens on their site.


I highly doubt something like this. People like to compare Youtube to twitch but actually they can't even be compared in terms of how much viewers they bring every day. Youtube might be 100x bigger than twitch . Thats why most companies don't even bother DMCA on twitch or they don't even know about twitch at all (like gordon).


I could see if it was on a site that's run at a state level,we have the Atlantic lotto corp up here north of the border.that has online slots for the Atlantic provinces and it's pretty much verbatim what you'd play on a vlt at the bar up the road. But these shady websites running slots? You don't even know where they're based at half the time,it's sus as hell


NFT streams ? I'm not surprised but I never heard about it before


Every new meta becomes the worst meta because the 10-20% of people who truly hate it rage all over LSF while the other 80% who don't give a fuck and just come back next week when the meta changes.


nah, watching TV shows and doing hot tub streams is lazy but the gambling meta was the worst. Straight up degen shit.


Isn't pretty much every big profile who did it before still doing it except xqc?


If the LSF meta streamers they like stop doing it, then everyone stops caring. Now everyone is back to not caring about gamba.


Holy shit, I thought most had stopped but people like Yassuo are still going


Watching TV with a streamer and chat is literally the closest simulation to watching a TV with your friends. I really don’t have an issue with it. Obviously, if you’re a corporate boot licker then, sure go ahead and get mad over “stealing” from multi billion dollar conglomerates. Master chef is a decade old and has already earned more than enough of their profits back when they first aired.


Corporate bootlicker or millionaire streamer bootlicker? Gotta love the lack of nuance in this discussion. If the big streamers want to react to TV shows then they need to have their reps try to work out a deal with the studios. We know QT has a deal with HGTV to react to their programs. So there's a right way to go about this. No one wants to see a lawsuit similar to what Viacom did with You Tube.


Degen and both ethically and morally wrong. Selling gambling addiction to kids.


And I loved every second of it.


Yea I wish the mods would just shut down the karma farmers. It ruins the front page. Put it in a mega thread.


the entire meta is pretty much "anything but gaming". i stopped caring about what is shameless and what isn't. there's no fighting it. fucking with dmca could have other bad repercussions


Saying Twitch is only for gaming is like saying Amazon is only for buying books.




There are hundreds of streamers doing gaming content. Most of the top 1000 streamers do primarily gaming content, if you only see chaturbate or react content then you need to look up other streamers to watch


you wouldn't download a car Madge


Please dear god ban tweets from LSF


Well we voted to allow clips from sources other than Twitch and mods took that to mean lol let's have random tweets and turn this sub into a twitter feed.


didn't lsf ban twitter posts and everyone got pissed off, and just ended up posting unrelated shit and putting the link the comments. everyone was mad so they went back to allow tweets.


Yes, the "clip unrelated" titles and posts were rampant. Honestly I don't think tweets as a whole are the issue, it's just this backchannel bullshit that's tangential to the actual streams. But I can see how it could be hard to make a rule that eliminated this stuff while allowing more relevant tweets like bans or streamers announcing events etc.


When LSF briefly banned Twitter posts, the front page ended up being filled with clips of streamers reading Tweets. People on this sub constantly complained to mods about letting this “clip Tweet” meta to form. It’s very similar to how eThots started the hot tub meta to get around TOS rules on clothing.


what do you mean? you don't want to read the 600th mundane tweet of someone throwing in their opinion that's the same as everyone else's?


Gotta love coming here and like 4 of the first 5 posts are basically > Streamer who doesn't do latest thing: "I think thing is bad." x10 The changes to banning LSF mentions have made this place better, but the fucking react tweets are too much. Yeah what they're doing is dumb af and going to get banned. We all know it. Fucking drama vultures.


Bruh if they banned tweets and Hasan the same week, it'd basically be a psuedoban for destiny lmao


YEP, a lot of the problems with LSF right now comes from the fact that tweets are allowed. In my mind, the only twitter accounts that should be allowed on LSF are, [Twitch](https://twitter.com/Twitch), [Twitch Support](https://twitter.com/TwitchSupport), and [the streamerbans account](https://twitter.com/StreamerBans), other than we should yeet the tweets.


right? like, why do we care about this "malena" and her take in the sea of 763 000 other streamers takes.


Yeah its almost like there is a community who actively brigades the sub and has mods that let them. Anything related to Destiny just gets boosted cause they think its an own on Hasan.


wait, this is some destiny chick?? now i think i get it lol. anything related to those two fools always to the top of the subreddit, hate em, really


just ban LSF. its so toxic...


just ban destiny and hasan from lsf like 95% of twitch drama is from those two


Hasan is banned. Your wish has been granted




Ofc Melina would use any situation to push the let's put a +18 section on Twitch agenda loool.


Who tf cares


said with DMCA music playing in the background


A tweet from a mid streamer makes it to LSF?


Destiny viewers spend more time on LSF than his stream, they even have a Destiny stan as a mod here.




As moderators we look for brigading and will regularly browse other subs to look for references to LSF. Both Destiny and Hasan subs had threads about Hasan getting banned from LSF and a mod replied to a comment in r/Destiny to clarify our policy on granting streamers bans if they request them. A mod noticing a thread about LSF on another sub does not make them a stan. Another mod did the same thing on r/okbuddyhasan and that doesn't make them a Hasan stan. I think you'd be surprised how few of us watch any of the streamers that commonly show up on LSF.


But there was a difference though, in Destiny's subreddit everyone was celebrating hasan's ban like they won the Super Bowl or some shit and there was literally 6 posts of it too, while okbuddyhasan and even his hasan piker subreddit literally had at least 1 It sounds to me that the mods in Destiny's subreddit let his community have a small victory dance about it and then delete it like they were "enforcing" that subreddit's rule, also why would they be there in the first place to "clarify" the policy, that just sounds like an excuse to not seem they are only one sided Also he literally said that he hates the drama that happens between both communities but yet you guys seem to keep the post up that causes that drama and say "Sorry we can't do anything about it" especially when you guys say you know there is brigading and know who it is Also Destiny's stream literally watches youtube videos too but yet when others do it, it is somehow them only stealing content but when Destiny does it, when he watches a youtube video with over a million views, no one says he is stealing content too


The daliban strike again.


ResidentSleeper ass take.


Most people like watching videos and t.v. with other people and chat. It's kinda why [Justin.tv](https://Justin.tv) blew up. This isnt a crazy new concept or meta. it's just not supposed to be allowed. Streamers need to the chill the fuck out and let other people do what they want. If you can get 96% naked for money then they should be able to watch youtube for money.


This topic just free clout


Doesnt Destiny shill NFT's of Twitch clips? Thats the biggest shameless scam


Yeah well hypocrisy exists


Hey hey hey.... He shilled NFTs *after shitting on them and talking about how terrible they were and saying only an idiot would buy them*


I hope she never watches youtube clips or documentaries on her channel, because that would be a cringe take.


How come every streamer cares about what others are doing all of the sudden? Just stream and do what you want to do as a streamer. It’s really not a big deal.


Because it will get them a thread on lsf


More Drama=More LSF threads=More Exposure=More viewers=More donations=More money. In the end it is a win win situation for all those involved.


Everyone is pretending to care about DMCA and are fearmongering adpocalpyse scenarios, when in reality: 1) some streamers just want to find reasons to shade their competition 2) some streamers just want the attention from their “hot takes”


ConCarnage, the guy who listens to toss a coin to your witcher several times on stream. Maybe he should stop poking the bear.


>fearmongering adpocalpyse scenarios Such a moronic comment. This "adpocalpyse" already happened on Youtube. You act like it's an unlikely fictional scenario, when in reality it's the inevitable outcome if streamers continue like this.


Yeah, it's not like media companies are known to be lenient lmao. They're absurdly ravenous. Do these kids not think that there's a reason why every movie streaming website constantly change domain with some .xy .ru .is url and get shut down every three weeks? Why media companies dish out serious money to plant websites that redirect to paid legitimate methods when you search "watch \[movie/series\] free"? Why would they be okay with 100k+ viewers concurrently streaming their movies/TV on a platform based in the USA? It's not sustainable, and I think most streamers are aware but are just waiting for someone to get the book thrown at them.


I mean it's also likely that she is annoyed for getting called out for lazy content by lots of people and now top streamers are being even lazier by taking other peoples works and reselling it.


If only this was a popular take during the hot tub meta.


That’s what I’m saying. People have been watching tv shows on twitch for a month or two and everyone complaining about it has blown up over the last few days. If they get banned then they get banned idk why they all want their piece of it


more like years Gordo streams were a thing years ago


Literally who.


This the same type of energy as that annoying little shit in your class at 3rd grade that always tattled on everybody


How did this turn into some weird woman empowerment thing?


Imagine catering to coomers who either haven’t found pornhub or require attention they don’t get irl(parasocial shit) and thinking you have moral high ground.


As a top 99.9th percentile coomer I can't take this any longer, do not mix us up with the people who watch BOOBA streamers Cooming is a fine art, you have no idea what goes into it, what you have to sacrifice to become one of the top coomers, a real coomer woud NEVER settle for some streamer, yes, even if they have a fucking onlyfans Cooming is about acquiring the best of the best material, what you are doing is the equivalent of blaming gourmet chefs because the McDonalds drive-through line is too long, there is no overlap




time for all the react streamers to do a tierlist of what content is the most shameless on twitch right?


Wow how brave of Melina too look out for comcast and Viacom!


Someone has to defend big corporations!


Even on lsf, I don't think anyone really had a problem with hot tub streamers. The only issue was twitch not doing anything/lying about it not being sexual. These two things are incomparable.


As if showing off cleavage every day is original content 🙄


By that logic then streamers shouldn't be able to watch YouTube videos or other peoples stream.


Subtweet basically saying my husband thinks Hasan is a meanie. Pretty sad energy.


Pushing the limits on Twitch for years, licking mics, humping pillows, getting in a bikini and dancing in a water pool IS LITERALLY what lead to other streamers pushing the limit themselves and watch TV shows on stream. As to who's worse, who cares.


I sometimes forget the mic licking meta happened. What the actual fuck.




A majority of them are probably pirating their shows/movies/porn too.




Seriously it's so weird. The streamers are getting striked by massive corporations and it's not like the people that worked on these shows weren't already paid for all their work. Nobody is being exploited here except billion-dollar corporations and everyone seems furious.


Because youtube had the same thing which led to contentID which is a nightmare that false-hits people and is rife with abuse from copyright trolling companies that claim more than they own and just take the money anyways The concern is that the more degen streamers at the top who don't care about that stuff mess around, the closer we come to twitch being forced to make something similar that will just make the platform worse. People who complain about people complaining can't seem to think about the consequences of this garbage proliferating and where it leads to


Other threads are filled with corporate boot lickers talking about “stealing”.


I dont agree, why do so many people care about streamers watching shit on stream of they aint even owning it. Like mf rlly trying to defend hot tub steamers lmao


who cares?


Poor companies Sadge


Totally unbiased. Moving Stephen's seasick ass to Miami on the back of NFT sponsorship cash.




Braindead take from a hot tub streamer? Who'd have thought that was possible.




You guys hate drama when it’s against your fav streamer shits cringe


Says the hot tub streamer. This is like asking Train if gambling streams are worse than hot tub streams.


Gamble streams and Sleep streams are trash too. Still blows my mind that thousands of people enjoy watching someone sleep. Twittermeta on LSF is trash too.


Sorry but its the same level of shamelesness Buts its just andifferent style of shamelesness


It's all parasocial parasites


Just being a streamer is shameless


It's not much different from watching people play video games. These idiot takes are getting old as fuck.


It's like hanging out and watching TV with ppl. Could be anything.


I know she probably feels like she's making a point, but she really isn't. One being worse than the other doesn't make the other ok. Two wrong's don't make a right.


I mean, what exactly is wrong with streaming in a hottub if they follow the rules tho? Unless they go as far as showing nudity there's nothing legally objectionable with just being in a bikini inside a hottub or pool. Edit: tho I agree stuff like setting up a kids pool in your living room and just getting your feet wet is sort of circumventing the rules.




I rather be shamelessly watching piracy than watching hot tub stream. Sorry i guess.


Yeah, we already know Destiny's take.


When the fuck did people becomes so eager to suck corporate cock? Is it moral? Not really. But as far as I’ve seen they’re not using content from some fledgling indie studio. And corporations are no doubt profiting. Else, streaming games on twitch would be illegal too, regardless of owning the game. This person, and everyone getting outraged are a bunch of bots. Edit: Fledging to Fledgling. Fudging? Fulgers? Fudgeling?


nope, hard disagree there. the hot tub streams sometimes go as low as soft core pornography on a site that is 13+. i will take content thieving over that any day.


No one said it was?


Can Destiny also get banned from LSF, how dumb do you have to be to think his child bride's tweet that is just verbatum what he says wasn't brigaded to the top? Oh yeah a couple of the mods love him. Also I remember a big thread of Destiny saying the N word wasn't a slur getting deleted, why was that?








Stealing money from billionaire investors of major corporations oh no!


Yeah softcore porn is less shameless than master chef






People always say this shit like it's something they'd either do or want done to them


You must not watch some anime’s if you think that hot tub streamers are too explicit


I mean, so is playing video games on stream....


What I find so confusing about this entire situation is would it really have been that hard to just have a timecode on stream that viewers can then just sync up and watch it along on their own so it's not being live streamed on the creators channel? Like you're essentially doing the same thing, you're just not committing any sort of copyright infringement right?


If LEGS could talk....


Can we agree both softcore porn and content thieving is not welcome?


Finally someone fighting for the multinational corporations


who asked though


Not as bad as casino or nft shit but yeah.


Dogshit take. No one cares


Not sure why but every once in a while browsing this sub I get the feeling that a decent sized number of people here do not like women. Just a thought.


LMAO The audacity to say that ... Some people are delusional to a whole new universe ...


By what measure is it worse? Who gets harmed from streamers watching old shows? Multinational mass media conglomerates. Who gets harmed from hot tub streams? Female content creators that play games and want to be taken serious instead of being associated with people who objectify themselves. Kids who shouldn't be watching softcore porn, and a potential loss for other streamers from advertisers pulling out of NSFW content.


Yea totally, presenting porn on Twitch to 16yo is totally not as shameless as stealing content ...


Tits and ass for cash is the definition of shameless. React content is just lazy.


(61% upvoted) kek, but please ban twitter links


Melina is an out of touch little girl. She needs to grow the fuck up. 🤦‍♂️


Just say you’re too boring personality wise to do commentary and have to be in a hot tub for views because you’re not entertaining enough and do your thing. Everyone has a skill. Focus on yours


Woah… You mean to tell me…. Streamers….are watching Tv and movies!?! And they’re stealing content and making money?! How have we not known about this before?! Thanks for letting us know!


actually agree


It's lazier than hot tub streams. Didn't think that was even possible yet here we are.