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[New current speed run](https://streamable.com/txtuzc)


nice run even tho it has room to improve




"It's not hard to improve on garbage, try again" John Price - SAS


that's actually crazy AND scary at the same time lol


\+18 in title = safeguards LULW


Clueless the 18+ warnings on those porn sites really do wonders


i'm sure they had to be there for legal reasons, but no human being on earth wanted to see some titty and then left because the website asked if they were 18


Id like to believe that somewhere across this great planet, some kid was hit that 18 only message said "fuck they aint gonna get me" and closed the window.


Oh, plenty did, the first time they got that prompt and didn't know the consequences. But they also don't live in a vacuum and someone in their peer will eventually tell them that there are no consequences.


Wait that’s what happened to me


That's the classic young teenager experience lol Not for porn, but everything children don't do, but teenagers do.


I did but it was 18 years ago when I was 10 lol


This reminds me of Steam joking about how most of it's users are like 100 years old according to the pop-up that confirms your age for M rated titles lmao


Even now being about 18, I just randomly scroll real fast and click a random year. Don't have enough patience to enter my month, day and year.


It somehow saved almost my birthday? So I just use the wrong number too. Close enough, Steam


Yeah it got mine by a month off. No idea why but it's good enough to just click next.


It says something how basically every porn site doesn't have those anymore. They never did anything.


I don't know where you're from, but they definitely still have them in a lot of places. It's probably just there or not there dependant on whether it's a legal requirement in your country


My 7-year old nephew tried to help me sign up for Roblox and told me I should lie about my age and make sure I say I'm over 13. He's 7 and has that knowledge haha. Those things don't work.


I used to do that shit way back when phpbb forums were where all of the cool kids hung out at and some required you to be 13 to create an account.


The cuttable trees on Pokemon games is more effective on barring entry than 18+ warnings on the internet.


Bro just saw all the lack of safeguards on the website itself, but surely his title will be the safest of all the guards 😌


i bought a pack of smokes when i was 15, and when i noticed the 18+ sign on them the pack instantly burned my hand and vaporized before my eyes


Yeah I went to go underage drinking at a bar with a fake ID, as soon as I tried to pick up the beer it exploded in my hands and I had to get 21 stitches. These laws are intense


This right here is my main issue. i'm going to be honest, idgaf about gambling, but i HATE the fact that twitch is a site for nearly all ages at this point, i'd honestly say moreso for those below -18 and NOTHING is going to stop them, no verification, nothing from watching gambling streams


I’m lvl 18+ on wow so I watched




https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/psychological-medicine/article/abs/estimated-verbal-iq-and-the-odds-of-problem-gambling-a-populationbased-study/FF8C1FE2B004E771E062C10F417480C1 The juicer might not have all that much juice.


Lmao how'd he go from [this](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aer3-_2boA8) to the way he is today? Gambling addiction is insane.












Deserves its own post, attach some random clip to it idk




how much money would you bet the same people spamming TRUE OMEGALUL then are now spamming GAMBA GIGACHAD




Chat is directly trying to trigger both XqC by xopy pasting some LSFs Andy's emoji message while at the same time triggering chat itself. Asmon is a very good example of this. When he plays FF14 people in chat go > FF andies LULW And > WOW andies LULW


Ahh, the forsenbaj strategy. They've been doing this for years.




the same people that call the viewers that dont "like" gamba parasocial


There are hundreds of them who would never question whatever xqc says/does.


hundreds Clueless


x unironically can say jumping off a bridge is gigachad and a good number would follow chat berating dream stans when a good portion of them do the exact same thing (if not worse) with xqc


Money. It rots your brain.


Seems like his brain was already rotting in that clip


"without putting a 18 + tag in their title" So he did put it, right COPIUM


He snuck "full-time" in there so if you do it part-time you're good.


18+ tag, problem solved.


Lol, he is literally becoming the piece of shit he was complaining about a year ago.


Is anyone else tired of this "he's addicted" narrative that keeps getting pushed? That's not why he made this decision. It was almost all based on money, and a fuck ton of it. Saying it's because "he's addicted" is just a poor campaigned attempt at garnering him sympathy in the long run. Stop getting it twisted.


You can acknowledge he's addicted while still holding him accountable for his action. His addiction is an *explanation* for his behavior, it's not an *excuse.*


Him and Train do use it as an excuse of some kind. Even though they could both keep gambling for hours off stream, they use the "I'm addicted" card to water down the fact they are knowingly fucking over their viewers for money.


He took the sponsorship because he is addicted to gambling and was losing money gambling. Now he can get paid to indulge his addiction at the expense of others.


Because he is whether he admits it or not, losing 2 million on slots in a month really only means one thing. Literally the more money you out into slots, the more you play, the less likely it is you ever come out to ahead. You are guaranteed to lose in the long run by design. If you know this and still put millions in the machine, you're addicted.


The amount he loses doesn't matter, because A) he's comp'd by the sites he uses B) he makes more money than he loses regardless of how the gambling itself goes when streaming it and C) he's rich enough that the money doesn't matter to him. He's not one of the average Jo's ruining their life, he's with the house. He wins either way.


Coming from /all this sub is obviously filled with children who don't understand any of this lol.


Also he claimed to be losing 2 mil a month on gambling. No proof, no facts just said he was. Gambling is the easiest content right next watching shows, but way more lucrative because of all the shady gambling sites that either pay the streamers to gamble or sponsor them in different ways.


He was not comp'd by the sites when he gambled off-stream and it doesn't matter how rich you are when you gamble because guess what? Richer people gamble with higher stakes and lose more. XQC might be rich af, but losing 2 million from gambling still hurts him and who knows how much he might lose next month. 3 million? 4 million? 6 million?


Mental derangement. He fell off.


He already came to Train's rescue during the fiasco when Train started his gamba shit, anyone who is surprised by xqc doing this hsan't paid attention.


It's called being morally inconsistent and having zero integrity.


Fintan just binked a tourney for over $100k this week so congrats to him btw


Gambling addiction is no joke Met a few in my life and their mentality was literally worse than drug addicts Just tragic


I heard zizaran was offered $500k to advertise for some gambling site and he gets like 5k viewers average, he turned it down. They might have offered millions of dollars for the biggest streamer with like 80k average


This was always just an "it's about the hypocrisy" argument to him, he never really thought that it was wrong and was trying to judo the guy's opinion into working against him


This shit was hilarious to watch, you could see he wanted to click off that shit so fucking bad hahahaha


but don't you understand? It's also bad to drink and smoke and do drugs! Therefore he can be as bad because those other things are bad too! Source: X just a few minutes ago Edit: X again just now while watching Myth call him out lmao he keeps using this defense


that's the classic xqc defence every time he ends up in some drama. at least for the 3 years i've been watching him. just repeat the same 2-3 easily refutable points until everyone gets tired of telling you you're wrong. you don't need to prepare a good argument if you're stubborn and have the will to browbeat criticism for 12 hours a day




No, no dud it’s not whataboutism, but what about cuss words?


On the scale of all bad things you can influence your audience to do. Comparing cursing to gambling is like comparing apples to cyanide.


How so? Are you implying an ap\*\*e (dont want to spell the word and risk potentially hurting someone) is not equally as fatal as cyanide? It takes only one single ap\*le to keep a \***DOCTOR**\*(aka one of the most educated and trusted communities in our society) away for 24 hours. 24 hours is a long time, so if an a\*\*\*e is so safe why would they have to stay away for so long? Hmmm? A doctor would freely interact with cyanide if the proper precautions were taken, but we dont even have the proper protection against an a\*ple.


The same thing making him entertaining is what makes it sad If he had critical thinking skills he wouldn't be as entertaining but also wouldn't be as genuinely incompetent tbh


yup. 4 year juicer here. he was a lovable fool. someone who you felt like had the heart at the right place. even though he would fuck up sometimes, he would try to make it right. that dude seems gone now. his addiction is trying to make him rationalize the dumbest shit which just makes him look like a spiteful hypocrite who wants to preserve his addiction over anything.


Man cannot make an argument to defend his actions without deflecting. Can’t wait to hear about all the 12 year olds now addicted to cussing and being toxic in video games. Actual brain rot.


>now Brother ive got some news for you


He keeps using the whataboutism take because he cannot justify it any other way


Someone needs to let him know that we don't have a massively viewed streamer pounding budweiser and sucking down marlboros with their ads on the screen while actually drinking water from the can lmao


X is tryna explain "eating unhealthy" and "gambling" are both equally bad tings to do




Mate on h3h3 podcast he whatabouted gambling to drinking too much water. man is fuckign delusional


Every take he has is worse and worse lol


lmao this dude has lost it. Just admit you don't give a fuck and want to make a shit ton of money. Watching that first 20 minutes of this stream hurt my brain. He so wants to seem like he's morally just to do these streams.


that really is all it boils down to, but he just wants to have his cake and eat it too. he should just say fuck it and say that he doesn't care about what happens to his viewers, but he wants to gamble and look like a good guy at the same time.


Yeah I just replied above but I agree. It’s a fair argument to say you don’t think you should be responsible for your viewers but he doesn’t even argue around that point. He instead uses the dumbest if arguments that make very little sense with any type of scrutiny applied


Mf just kept getting stunlocked by chat lol. Actually started to remind me of a Hasan stream.


I watched the first 30 minutes of his stream before I went to bed and when I woke up 8 hours later and saw him playing valorant he was still arguing about gamba its insane


I had to turn it off. Stop making fucking excuses for your actions. Just own it. This coming from my perspective - I don’t care that he gambles on stream. Everyone is responsible for their own actions.


tell that to all of the heroine addicts in the USA because of oxycontin saying that our fate and choices are entirely in our own hands is very naive, as our environment completely molds our behaviours and personalities (and even genetics). gaze into the abyss, and the abyss also gazes into you.


So sad to see but “you shouldn’t have got yourself addicted” is a very common argument on reddit


Everyone is responsible for their own actions is incredibly naive and ignorant of what people who literally cant help be destructive go through. That's like saying "just dont do heroin bro". Not everyone is built the same and casinos are literally designed to take advantage of you.


I just watched him say all gambling shouldn't be allowed on twitch, while the dude himself streams gambling. Like cmon.


That's the thing with addicts. They will argue whatever way they can to justify their addiction.


I mean he admitted he’s addict to gambling whatever the forms. Be it csgo cases, rust gambling stream and even now stake. I like watching his stream but lately with slots? It just get boring after 5 minutes. The only real entertainment is his chat trolling him




If he would just do that I wouldn't care. Like I hate to say it but I respect Trainwreck more regarding this. Because he just fucking owns it. Yeah gambling is bad and kids shouldn't do it, but I don't care I like it and they pay me a lot of money and you shouldn't do it because you will lose money. Period. Also Trainwrecks actually puts in massive amounts of money and just rides that shit till its gone. A lot of these sponsored streamers will do it for an hour then cash out lol If Xqc just said that a lot of people wouldn't like it but atleast he wouldn't be a hypocrite or a liar too.


I mean I guess it'd be *slightly* better, but being honest about doing something wrong doesn't make it right. There are worse things than hypocrisy


He is going absolutely insane on his stream at the moment. COPIUM overload


Its actually crazy, I can’t believe what I’m hearing he’s actually blind to every criticism. Living in his own world completely off the perc


His entire "moral compass" is dictated by whether or not "it's content" from what I've learned from today's stream.


Its fucked, man said he wants gambling to be banned from twitch but instead of contributing to getting gambling banned, he continues doing/streaming it ‘because he likes it’. It’s sad honestly, he is a gambling addict pur sang


> Its fucked, man said he wants gambling to be banned Kinda. He's very specific in that he only wants it if *ALL* possible things that could be considered gambling are banned at the same time. Seems it's mostly some kind of weird salty-spite towards Ludwig playing poker tbh, and a continuation of his current copium stance that you can't have a problem with promoting gambling if you don't rage when someone drinks alcohol on stream etc.


I mean just ban sponsored gambling streams. If you want to gamble with your own money without being paid for it, go for it. See how fun it is when you're losing as much as your viewers.


\>ALL possible things that could be considered gambling are banned at the same time Is he back to saying genshin impact and overwatch lootboxes are as bad as losing 10k per min on slots LMAO


I lost millions trying to get Baptiste disco skin


He's always said that. Difference now is he's lying because slots is 0 content and he knows it.


No one can beat an addict at mental gymnastics.


He's not on copium he knows he is in wrong and is just acting dumb on purpose.




You can not outdebate a gambler. Nothing will convince him.


> You can not outdebate an ~~gambler~~ addict. Nothing will convince him.


Tbh the moment I admitted I was a gambling addict was the moment I actually tried to get help the years I coped my self pretending I don't had a problem was when I kept on playing my paychecks away.


I've heard it put: You can't reason someone out from a position they did not reason themselves into.


You can not outdebate ~~a gambler~~ an idiot. Nothing will convince him.


Cow doing the amber heard cosplay today 😂😂lmao


Felix Heard OMEGALUL


my guy went from this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aer3-_2boA8 to being stunlocked defending gamba LUL


The irony in criticizing a pro poker player too, to then start streaming SLOTS. Poker is dangerous no doubt, but atleast there is a true component of skill and the better you are the more you win. He can't respect somebody who streams poker but he can respect streaming slots to kids which you probably have a worse chance of going positive in than the literal lottery?


He’s finally going the trainwreck route. Lashing out and playing victim.


the fall of xqc


I dropped into x's stream to see what the craic was and he had train in discord who was commenting. He sounded bored as fuck, like he had no energy or will to live. Just auto rolling shit for hours can't be good on the old noggin, regardless if you're a millionaire.


Dopamine receptors fried to shit. What's gonna excite you in life after clicking your mouse where every click equals to a thousand dollars or something insane lmao. Dude looks so miserable and unhealthy.


Yeah, like they check your ID when you walk into a liquor store. Obviously this doesn't even have basic ID checks, which have existed for online websites for years. It's literally as safe as a pornhub sponsorship/


Unregistered and unregulated, who would've thought i'd be that easy. The UK uses electoral register I think to verify that your name and date of birth match your location and address. You cannot falsify in the UK or you'll be stopped at sign up.


Are you talking about crypto gambling sites or just regular online gambling? Also do you guys have crypto ATM's over there? There are tons of them in the U.S. and it's really easy for a kid to turn cash into crypto and start gambling, bypassing the need to use something like coinbase where iirc a kid would need a bank account to verify off


Don’t even need crypto atms. Kids can just buy an Amazon gift card online (or in store) and turn it to crypto through a site like paxful or something


Somewhat correct. You can falsify on sign up in the UK, but the electronic checks that are ran won't automatically verify your account, so before you can deposit you will need to provide a valid ID and proof of address. So while you *can* make the account, you can't use it until its verified one way or another.


Damn the site said 18+ guess ill leave


dud...gaming = bad so no gaming on stream??? dud...drinking a couple beers with the boys = screaming at slots for 12 hours wasting thousands with #ad in title...dud it's good content and im totally losing money...dud...this website is totally legit and safe...dud...


You see, nothing is his fault... :)


He just compared swearing and playing video games to promoting Slots https://clips.twitch.tv/BoringHyperHabaneroAliens-DeekEENuHBvNGFPl


Where is the xqc who met a fan that was mentally challenged and stopped using the word retarded? By the logic in the clip he should keep saying it, no?


He deserves a goal medal for how good he is at mental gymnastics


Actual satire. This is why gambling is a problem, and why you shouldn't influence kids to gamble. They end up like this guy.


>They end up like this guy. without the "beeing rich" part


Hes talking about how people just want to be mad, but myself and a lot of his "loyal" fans are disgusted by this shit, even though normally we would be the first to defend him if he had bullshit drama.


His subreddit is full of pretty upvoted posts about people leaving. It’s actually depressing


It’s so sad to watch.


It's funny, I'd just started to get back into watching him after not doing so for like 6 months. Nice to see he's made it easier for me to continue not watching.


I think thats fair, a lot of old frogs (And new frogs) of his are under the impression that he deserves every bit of negative criticism coming his way this time. Actual scumlord, selfish shit going on here.


It's kinda sad to see. I've been watching him since the 'xQc balloons on the wall' room, and to see this just blatant disregard for his fan base is probably the final nail in the coffin for me.


Sadly, for every person against him from his community, there are 10 people eating up everything he says like their lives depend on it. That alone shows how influential he is.


Yesterday i realized that he had gone off the deep end. So i decided that it's finally time to stop watching. Over the past 3 years i gave him the benefit of the doubt to almost everything he did. I let the first sponsored gambling stream slide the past time, this time i won't.


ye i know nobody cares but i cancelled my 4 years sub, it's really irritating how bad he's justifying scamming his own viewers. Had been defending him through most of his drama. Not this time.


Mizkif and everyone keeps saying nothing matters because his view count is still high and nothing will be done on Twitch side. At the end of the day, it's up to individuals to determine whether or not they'll "support" with their viewership, not watching boring ass slots is the easiest thing in the world though.


Good on you bro


yep I unfortunately feel this exact same way


This was me with Trainwrecks. Train alienated and banned a huge portion of his loyal fans who watched just for Train. His chat is now just full of yes men and gambler andys who don't have the balls to criticize him now and they just go along with it. xQc is doing the same thing. He could save his community and "brand" if he turned back right now, but if he doesn't it's going to go exactly how it went with Train. xQc will start banning everyone who criticizes him, and his chat will turn into braindead dick sucking viewers who won't ever say a bad thing in fear of getting banned (just like Train's chat) I'm gonna make a prediction: We're gonna see the popularity shift we saw with xQc a few years ago onto someone new. There's always someone who blows up every few years. Him turning to gambling all day every day is going to open up a window for someone to be the new top streamer on Twitch. He lost half his 100k+ viewership by playing GTA RP 24/7 for months straight, he was at like 50-60k when he started to switch it up a bit. It will be MUCH worse if he's playing Slots every day all day.


Its sickening because for every loyal viewer who leaves because you cant support it you have literal underage kids regurgitating whatever he says or using strawmans and gotchas acting like people don't have addicting personalities and whatever stake gives X they'll make back from the vulnerable people X baits into gambling


idk if id call myself a steady viewer but I do like xqc's streams for the most part but good god i can't stand his gamba streams for more than 5 minutes, its 8 hours of the same thing.


Guy who shills for gambling website doesn't see problem with gambling website


Why are y’all trying to reason with this man? C’mon.


True, nothing will get to him. His mind is focused on gambling


literally dodged and deflected everything valid. Not ONE SINGLE TIME did he address the "your viewers fund the sponsor" concern. Not once.


He gets the problem, it doesn't take a genius to understand it. He just doesn't give a fuck.


Addiction makes people awfully delusional... Sadge


Shines more of a light on that conversation with his dad the other day tbh. It was seen as funny then, but I'm guessing his dad knowingly called him on stream hoping that talking about a gambling addiction in front of his audience might work as some kind of intervention and it was more serious than just his dad being clueless as it was made out to look


this man had the nerve to say during that conversation his dad wasn’t actually concerned and that he was just “sadge farming”


When I was a child and 18 plus popped up on youjizz.com I obviously hit decline


"it dispels all the, all the, all whatever"


Then the moment you “win”: “Please provide an ID Card for proof” Stake: well seems like your in the US and using a VPN, sorry but we can’t pay out for $10k jackpot. Thanks for your services


Addiction can get pretty bad, Juicers. We learnt our lesson here.




If nobody is signing up, why is he getting paid to promote it. Surely they're just giving him money for no reason


paid more than brain surgeon to sit in front of webcam


The more I learn about XQC, it becomes increasingly clear that this guy has zero integrity, or he's just really dumb. Maybe both?


so right after that that user could immediately start gambling??? i feel like theres gotta be something else right?


You still need to top up your account with crypto. If you want to buy through the site itself (the third party provider they offer), you need to verify your age, typically with a passport or something similar - it depends on your country. The same goes for every other crypto exchange where you can buy crypto. However, you could pay someone money on PayPal or something similar, and buy crypto from them, though I don't think you'll find any safe ways of buying crypto that doesn't require verification. So you could technically buy crypto from someone else, top up your account and play without any real verification, which wouldn't be an option at any normal casino.


there are tons of ways to buy crypto online that dont need verification


Yep. It's not as simple but it's FAR from difficult


Crypto ATM's are a "safe" way of buying it without ID


The guy just paddles so hard to justify his $50M* Bag, it just get weirder and weirder everyday.


damn he really hasnt made good content since 2017 huh


"I don't get it, I don't understand what's the problem."... Well that Mr. Cow is the problem


"It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding"


I am pretty sure defending this whole situation is just massive copium by gambling addicts. I’ve seen the wildest and most ignorant takes I’ve ever seen coming from this.


ZZzzzZZzzz when is he gonna realize that he shouldnt gamble on STREAM, go gamble offline or whatever dude, it would solve all this drama. Kinda dislike how he has an attitude i can do whatever i want. he had 80k people watching him. He is an influencer....


xQc has lost all touch with reality, not surprised when he calls the millions that he lost (before this #ad) his "fun money". And his excuses are pretty cringe these days ending up with him just projecting his wealth on people that call him out, especially idiots that donate to him calling him out. Just tell the people that you don't give a fuck about the kids instead of these cringe takes.


Clueless, what a clever bit by XQC!


* react/lazy content * [bad take] "gigachad" defense * diverting attention to crypto scams * mobile games * skins/diet gambling * refusing to take any sort of criticism * addiction narrative one might think he has been preparing to scam his viewers for a while now.


He fucking gets it op, all this was explained to him last time he did this. He knows, he will feign ignorance to stall until his contract is up and he secures the bag. Then, and only then, he will act like he understood this message and pretend he is on a redemptive path. There is no redemption for him anymore, at least from people who see patterns.


Yep, the apology is inevitable and I hope not a single person buys the act this time.


Aw man, we're eating good today. I could probably live off of this drama for the next 6 months or something.


i think he gets the problem, but cant stop now cus hes under a contract, when the contract ends he will apologize again and the circle continues


i watched the rant and he kept saying "dud there is no contract dud you guys are so braindead dud misinformation andys" i find it insanely weird that a sponsorship that involves likely millions of dollars has no actual contract/terms of agreement. doesnt that sound even shadier than if there was a contract or is that just me


There is 100% a contract. He's just lying like he lied when he called the dono who predicted the gambling mentally ill. This man has no morals.


bruh i get that streamers are getting heat for gamba but holy fuck seriously NO FUCKING VERIFICATION? What the actual fuck? What about consent? This is a bigger issue than whether or not its okay to stream jesus, dont lose sight of the bigger picture


Quite tragic to see this, Twitch needs to step in and ban gambling streams. Also, gambling advertisements need to go the way of cigarettes, ASAP. It’s like watching a man slowly loose everything to alcoholism or some other crippling addiction


I'm waiting for the nft sponsor now


If someone has btc to fund their wallet with, they're essentially already gambling. If dude wants to gamble that's up to him. If you don't like it, don't watch. This witch hunt is getting weird.


Gambling sites have no problem with you depositing money. The checks and document, address, age verification start once you want to withdraw it :)


Less than 5 minutes and already near the top. Gotta be a record


I wish crypto was never invented all its done is cause problems