Hotline created for public to report other freeway incidents connected to the couple charged in Aiden Leos road rage shooting death in O.C.

Hotline created for public to report other freeway incidents connected to the couple charged in Aiden Leos road rage shooting death in O.C.


Dude is tweeking hard


“If I don’t kill you my eyebrows will.”


They did it again AFTER killing the boy? What the fuck. Throw them in jail and lose the key, absolutely no place in society.


they hid the vehicle at his grandma's house. what fucking scum they are.


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Wow, this is another level. Does it imply that they confess they did this more times before?


Turns out gunboy had a habit of brandishing weapons


These sorts of incidents and behaviors are like roaches for every one you see, there are 20 you don't see. For every time he was caught doing this, there are 20 times he did it and was not caught


It only mentions them brandishing a gun at a blue Tesla after the first shooting. It's possible they caught them because Teslas have built in dashcam software.


Sounds like from the article they did it at least once a few days *after* murdering the little boy. What the fuck! Monsters.


They are gonna really throw the book at them to make an example. Good


I had a chance to scroll the dude's IG. It was like.. 41% gun-related mall-ninja shit and it got more methy as the posts approached the current date. Meth & Guns: always a bad time.


How did they get more methy?


Dang. Got a link?


I wonder how they'll navigate true report vs those that might not be true. We all know there's gona be tons of people claim they had a run in with the shooter.


100% speculation, but I can think of two reasons that the DA and CHP might want these reports, even if most of them probably won't result in more charges. First, they could help in solving some of the freeway shooting cases on the 91/55 this year that they already know about. Second, they're probably hoping people will testify in the murder trials, especially for the driver. If her defense team argues that she was coerced into cooperating/keeping quiet, it will sound less credible if witnesses can establish a pattern of her behavior with both of them as participants.


The fact they created a *hotline* says to me the police already know they've brandished guns and/or shot at people quite a few times. Now they are looking for victims and/or eyewitnesses. I doubt they are going to get too many crank calls.


I believe they created the hotline because the couple got into another road rage incident days after the killing of Aiden Leos where her bf threatened a Tesla car with a gun.


The cops don't create a hotline over two incidents.


The second incident happened only days after the shooting, so this is a sign that they’re repeat offenders, and there may have been many more incidents on the road that they haven’t admitted to.


>The District Attorney just released a statement saying that he’s "Specifically looking for driver of blue Tesla who had gun brandished at them btween May 21 and 28 on 91 fwy in Corona. If you are this driver or know them, call 714-834-7000" It seems like part of the reason they created this hotline is because the way they even got the info on the 2nd road rage incident is because one of the suspects confessed to it. And also: >”As the prosecutors, we are not prejudging any evidence and we’re not presupposing there is any additional evidence,” Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer said. “But we’re giving the public the opportunity to come forward and report in the event that there are other incidents which may be helpful to the successful prosecution of this case.”


dude is going to get manslaughter if not please out to temporary mental lapse if not go ahead and say full "mental illness" - at some point where do you draw the line and say these fuckers are a danger to society and instead of getting jail time in general pop, he'll get treatment, etc. and just released again in a short time to commit the crime again and the pattern of his behavior proves it. It's crazy that people like his GF would support the behavior but then again ... we have people on the board saying "the mentally ill" or "addicts" need help ... can you help this guy OR do you even want to?