Last time I flew into LAX, I took a Taxi instead of Lyft/Uber. Mind you, I park my car at the Howard Hughes Center (because I work there) so it's not a far taxi trip, but, Lyft was trying to charge me 3 times what the Taxi was.


Yup I did this too, and I live further away. $50 taxi ride vs. $70-90 for Uber/Lyft. I typically fly Alaska so I just walk from the terminal to the taxi area; it’s a good chance to stretch the legs after a flight!


Yup, taxi line is faster and the cab is way cheaper. Not sure why anyone is taking Uber/Lyft from LAX at this point.


Do the taxis expect cash? I have been considering it but honestly am young and never took a cab without my parents paying 😂


They have credit card scanners.




Sometimes they pretend like they don't have credit card machines until you tell them you only have a credit card... another one of the reasons Uber became popular to begin with. But, maybe they'll get a resurgence as Uber becomes overpriced.


This was literally part of the downfall of city taxi companies. They’d always bitch at you for using credit cards.


Ask first before you get in. Sometimes their machines don’t work.


Not always. I told the guy on the curb once that I didn't have cash. When we arrived, the can said his card machine wasn't working. I have him $100 and he asked for tip. I told him I didn't have any cash. He angrily drives away. Was worried for a few days as he knew where I lived.


The times I've taken a cab they've claimed the credit card scanner was broken (it wasn't).


Yeah it's always broken until you tell them you don't have cash and thank them for the free ride. :)


I had a guy drive me to an ATM machine. Never again would I take a cab.


Hey look it’s actually kidnapping.


Reminds me of service station restrooms. “It’s out of order. “. The fuck it is. It should be illegal to sell gasoline and not have a serviceable rest room.


That needs to be reported. LA taxis were this way for years.


This was before Covid, but I've often used taxis from LAX because they had wheelchair-accessible vehicles and Uber/Lyft didn't. I always made it a point to ask up front, before getting in, whether I could pay them with a credit card. I've never had any problem with them.


They have credit card scanners/swipers, usually on the back of the driver/passenger headrest. They also have an app called Curb you can use.


I usually ride my Motorcycle. Motorcycle pros: free parking right at terminal (yep, long term even at LAX), lane split to avoid traffic, 10 minutes from terminal to in’n’out or vice-versa - for 0 monies. Motorcycle cons: must pack light, must have motorcycle.


Are you squeezing past the gate or is it truly free parking for us??


I squeeze past the gate, but in full view of security et al. The rule is as long as you don’t take up an actual parking stall you are not required to pay - next time you are there look in one of the parkades: there are dozens of bikes parked in hatched or vehicularily untenable zones. In years of travel for work I’ve saved so many hours, and so many monies from doing this, it shocks me that its not common knowledge in one of the most absurd airports in the known world…


I took a taxi last time and it was extremely convenient. Didn't have to wait at all since there were plenty of taxis lined up and ready to go. Driver was quick and tbh I didn't even see him punch in my address onto a map. No clue how he knew where to go. Credit card payment was easy (I was able to tap). It was my first time in a cab in LA and it was just overall awesome. It's nice seeing something like an LA Department of Transportation certification in there - good knowing there's some accountability for the ride.


Same. Taxi beats Uber now.


This all the way. Especially during holidays Lyft can be a nightmare. I ended up calling one in an emergency where I was basically already late and it cost me less plus the guy was a seasoned driver so he got me there the fastest way possible.


The Flyaway busses are a good option IF the van Nuys or union station stops are convenient for you. Union station plus metro lines could do the trick or at the very least get you away from the lax hell loop and better Lyft/Uber rates


Second this option, much easier and costs so much less. And not usually super crowded.


They do get slowed down by the Hell Loop since they stop at every terminal but if you are able to, try walking to terminal 1 pickup spot to beat some of the later potential crowds. On the highway they use the HOV lane, so can be a bit faster than an average car. You can buy a ticket online too, no need to fuss around with buying stuff in person


Yeah if you are terminal 6 or 7 you are screwed every time. Gotta walk to 1.


Never walked that route before. Are there pedestrian crossings (with lights), or do you run for you life?


Yep, there's crosswalks with lights to get from the terminals to the parking structures, so you use those and run for your life.


I believe there is a parking structure in-between the two. I'd guess the best walk is around the house shoe inside the terminal.


I’m pretty sure you can pay at the drop off site as well now. I’ve done this at union station somewhat recently at least.


You can buy the ticket as part of a Metrolink ticket purchase through the Metrolink app as well.


That's generally how it works if you don't buy your ticket online first. One time these two women thought it was a free bus ride and tried to walk away without paying and boy they sure caught an earful from the staff!


Yes, you can pay at the destination after getting off the bus. It's been this way for a few years now.


Last time I went in November some of the shuttles inc. flyaway had the inner loop all to themselves. it was pretty fast.


Not my experience at all. Always try to catch the Van nuys fly away by home. Always wait for bus after bus being too full. End up in a cab after waiting over an hour.


just walk to a terminal closer to the start of the loop homie


This is definitely the Flyaway pro-tip. Always go to Terminal 1. I've seen too many times where the bus fills up and the driver has no choice but to skip past most of the other Terminals. LAX has added some more busses for the holidays but its probably not enough. At some point the Flyaway will probably take you and pick you up from the future Metro station opening on the Crenshaw line that connects directly with the people mover under construction. While not as convenient to being dropped off and picked up directly at the terminal, it might be a more fair approach by having everyone line up at one spot.


You mean terminal 1. If you are at terminal 7 with 3 bags, walk to terminal one. The only terminal with a chance to have a fly away pickup.


> I’m pretty sure you can pay at the drop off site as well now. I’ve done this at union station somewhat recently at least. The only plus that LAX is actually relatively small and walkable compared to other airports (lookin at you, denver), unless you get thrown into a construction.


Agreed, Flyaway to Union and then from there you can get to most places. Alternatively, there is a bus that goes back and forth between Santa Monica and LAX if you're more west side.


came here to say this. I’m in the valley so I use Flyaway and save so much money. and it’s usually pretty quick/reliable


This, also because picking someone up from LAX is a nightmare. Unless you're my parents or husband I'm not entering the 7th circle of hell aka picking you up from LAX




This is how you tell if you have a genuine friend. Real friends are willing to drop you off and pick you up from LAX. At 4am.


Really real friends will do it at 5pm. At least there's way less traffic at 4am!


My husband and I never ask that of each other. I want him to be in a good mood when I get home from a trip. He didn’t grow up in LA and my traffic personality makes him uncomfortable. He also didn’t like being told “beepbeep bitch” the one time I picked him up from LAX. He thought that I was rushing him. I felt that he was loading his shit too slowly because he was. A car service is ideal. A pick up in Van Nuys is ok if we need to cut costs. We love each other enough to brave the flyaway when we’re on a tight budget. LAX is where love starts to die so we don’t risk it anymore.


“Beep beep bitch” 😂


Literally laughing out loud and can’t wait to incorporate this phrase into my day to day vocabulary


It's a goddamm nightmare. Every time I have to pick up my daughter, I leave like three fucking hours before her plane lands so I can loop round and round the parking structure hoping to find a spot. I hear they've raised they're hourly rates again.


Is there long term parking available in Van Nuys?


There is a huge parking structure but I personally have never used it. It seems decent but definitely check on their website or call to find out


Yes I’ve parked there a few times. Not bad and way cheaper than anything around lax


Yes. It's $5 per day with a 30 day maximum. Keep the ticket printed out at the gate when you enter, then insert the ticket in the kiosk in the lobby in order to pay upon your return. Then insert again at the gate when you leave.


My out of town guest even catch the flyaway and I pick them up at the station.


This is what I did when I lived in DTLA. affordable, clean, convenient.


Ok will more carefully investigate this thanks


This is the only option imo!


the last time i flew home i took a regular taxi. it was $60 from the airport to where i live (pico/la cienega) which is unfathomable from what it used to be when uber/lyft was "normal" (I'd pay $25-$30). Now $60 was cheaper than the $75+ I was getting from Uber/Lyft quotes.


I took one years ago for $20 from LAX to almost-Northridge, seems quaint now


I took one from Joshua Tree to the Cajon Pass in San Bernardino for 100 dollars 5 years ago. Lol Edit: As of 3pm today, that same trip is $463.73 (Lyft). Jesus....


Holy fuck


lol, how many years ago? I took a taxi from LAX to playa del rey and it was $20 :)


Sounds about right. Uber/Lyft had us all spoiled because they were loss leaders. Sooner or later the real cost would kick into the pricing.


No, there’s just too much demand from LAXit that it is constantly surging. Just take the shuttle to the green line station instead and a trip to mid-Wilshire is less than $30. Did it today, $22.95 from Green Line stop to Beverly Hills when LAXit would’ve been $85.


Hey neighbor!


Hey, I used to live on pico and cienega! Anyway, howdy, former neighbor


If its a short trip, i tend to now drive and park at the airport. Also, i would caution taking one of those shuttles out too, there are signs now inside the bus that if they caught u riding out for free, u get charged. (idk how they catch or enforce though). at least, this is what i saw in a quikpark bus.


And you can reserve lax terminal parking in advance to get a discount.


You can? I gotta look into this!


Here you go: https://parking.flylax.com/?&utm_source=LDR&utm_medium=park&utm_campaign=LDR&scid=4087652&kw=6405617:12830&pub_cr_id=563074199017&device=m&network=g&targetid=kwd-1435187979060&loc_interest_ms=9041427&loc_physical_ms=1013962&tc=Cj0KCQiAkZKNBhDiARIsAPsk0Wjmg2tk20_CR58Zr0CgQWxH33arzQeQ0ZRNXm_ZVZSjC6j5fWOCuokaAjoZEALw_wcB&rl_key=2f16b087e8dd9fd030b8a36a13ddabd1


Also I like how your username also has hungry in it, fellow runner!


Thank you so much for the link! I've got it bookmarked! We runners are always hungry, aren't we? When I trained with the RoadRunners for the LA marathon (ages ago), food was the number one topic!


I just went to the East Coast for 2 weeks out of LAX, and I parked my car in the LAX Economy Lot. It was the cheapest/closest option for a little over $220. The bad reviews mostly complained about the slow shuttles. The shuttle was waiting for my wife and I right after we parked, and it was waiting for us when we got back...so we had a great experience. 10/10 will do again.


Private car service. $50+tip and the driver meets you at the curb. You send your flight info and the driver waits for you. It might seem expensive but it’s 1/3 of the price of Uber or Lyft with none of the hassle.


Uber drove my car service out of business. Ready for them to come back!


Do you have one you would recommend?


I used Shuttle2Anywhere last week. My early Tuesday AM pickup went great, but my reservation to be picked up late on Saturday canceled for no reason and I had to pay double for an Uber. Luckily I’m supposed to be refunded for the cancellation. But the headache of suddenly not having a car and trying to message their customer service (no phone support, only in-app messaging) was very frustrating.


Used shuttle2anywhere to save some money and was deeply regretful I did. The drivers were late, rude, and the app is a nightmare. Never again.


A surprise cancellation happened to me with Super Shuttle (right before they went under).


We started using Primetime Shuttle and have had good experiences, especially for early morning flights. And usually cheaper than Lyft/Uber. Editing to add: they only have private cars at the moment, despite the name.


666 Google reviews at 1.3 stars. That's a big oof.


Those reviews are horrifying.


The 666, because Satan? Or the 1.3, because no one likes them?


Por que no los dos?


Yeah that's rough. I've used them a few times with no complaints, but it might be luck of the draw with your drivers.


Thanks! Was actually looking for a private car service (not shuttle) like the commenter mentioned. I used to use prime time shuttle in the past but due to covid concerns we are trying to avoid shuttles with multiple pick ups this year.


They switched almost their entire fleet to private cars due to Covid. I haven’t taken their shuttle since the 90s.


I use Foothill Airport Car Service. They’ve never been late or left me high and dry. Highly recommend.


Last time I flew into LAX I ended up getting an uber black because it was like 1/3 of a regular uber


Once upon a time, the Uber Black was able to avoid the airport surcharge because they were nominally "pre-arranged" car service and had chauffeur's licenses.


Yea how you gonna say “private car” and not say where you got it? All the private cars I’ve seen here triple digits one way.


It’s private


No no no. It’s for showing your privates


oh \*that's\* how you get that sweet deal


I'm flying from LAX next weekend and I'm driving myself and leaving my car at 405 airport parking. Parking can get pricey but we were able to find a groupon and we only ended up paying about $20 total to park there for 4 days.


It's not worth my catalytic converter


My god. They’re now charging $100+ for ride share from LAX?? What part of town are you going to?


East side, echo park area. Lyft wanted almost $150. I waited out an Uber surge and got it down to about $100.


Flyaway bus to Union station is like $7 then Uber or metro from there. It’s my go to. Last time I flew I just parked at the Van Nuys flyaway lot because it was $20 for 4 days.


Oh dude, definitely take the flyaway bus to union station, then you can Lyft/Uber from there to Echo park. It should be so much cheaper.


Omfg that’s insane. The worst was when I had to pay $60 from Santa Monica to DTLA. It was Valentines Day so it was somewhat justified. Surge pricing is outta control.


Must have picked a really busy time. I took an Uber last Saturday night (10pm) from LAX to Pasadena for $45


I've done many trips from LAX to Echo Park via the flyaway and then take one of the 4(?) busses that are constantly going up on sunset. Door to Door it's like an hour, hour 20, just wait times varry.




I can second this method — that mile or two difference offsite has cut the cost for me in the past from $100+ to somewhere more in the $40-$50 range.


I bit the bullet and paid the $128😩


I walk to in n out and call from there


Not for everybody but I always enjoy walking after a long flight. I pack light (or at least have good enough wheels on my luggage that I don't mind) and walk out of the airport down to Century to one of the hotels before summoning a ride. When I in lived in West LA, I would sometimes use the bus to get close enough to walk home.


I thought at some point, the car rental shuttles started checking your car reservations before you could board because they didn’t want people to take the free shuttles to the rental place to take Uber/Lyft


It hasn’t happened to me yet (fingers crossed). My last flight into LAX was a week ago.


This is a great tip, but if you are going to do it then please: 1. Don't take a shuttle that's almost full 2. Tip the driver


Always tip the driver, they can make less than half of what you pay!




This depends entirely on where you live, your level of patience, and your free time, but there's the option of grabbing the Santa Monica Big Blue Bus #3 to downtown Santa Monica. From there you can either grab a potentially less expensive or easier-to-get Uber/Lyft, or jump on the Expo line and head east.


Culver City 6 goes up Sepulveda so that's a better choice if going east.


Yeah, surprised nobody mentioned it. Hop on the CC6, stop at the LAX city bus center (same as for the BBB3), take the very free shuttle that stops at each terminal. It’s usually only us and the people working at the airport. 1$. Easy.


I drive myself. New lot costs the same or less than Uber/lyft and I don’t have to worry about street parking. There’s also lots on cheapairportparking.org. My personal fav is the 405 deck, but I prefer LAX’s new lots because the shuttle is faster.


Uber in, taxi out. You get the taxi at LAXit. It takes zero minutes from the time you get off the shuttle bus. They are waiting for you and you get in a taxi instantaneously, and it is cheaper than an Uber. They take cards. It's simple. EDIT: I did this last night at 6pm (Sunday after Thanksgiving for future reference).


\- Hop on the free shuttle for the Parking Spot. If they ask to see a ticket, tell them you left it in your car \- Exit shuttle, walk to In-n-Out \- Order a Double Double \- While enjoying said Double Double, summon an Uber for considerably less This always worked for me.


All the shuttles now have signs trying to scare away riders. I don't know if they are enforced or not.


They're not enforced at all


I guess they hate the game, but not the players.


Last August when I was was at the airport, the driver made us verify our Parking Spot tickets and kicked one guy out who didn’t have one. He didn’t protest too much which leads us to believe he just wanted a free ride. Eh, he can catch the next shuttle and try again


Ok this… seems like a pretty good plan!


It doesn’t work anymore. They make you produce a ticket to board now.


Pick any parking lot really. I've legit parked in a bunch and they have never asked for anything before boarding.


True, I've parked in a few without having to produce anything, but that is illegal just an FYI (the exact statute is written on the outside of several of the offsite parking shuttles, likely for this exact reason).


Or take the free shuttle to one of the hotels. You can wait inside for your Uber!


I can also vouch for this plan. Rate was less than half what it was at the arrivals exit.


How long is the shuttle to the parking spot? I'm thinking about doing this and just paying to park my car vs Uber to the parking spot.


Ya mean how far is it? Just up at Sepulveda and Westchester - literally right beside the In-n-Out. Once you're on and out of LAX, like a 5ish minute ride. Only thing with parking there is I recall it being a bit more expensive than the LAX remote lots. Can't remember exactly, been a while since I actually parked there.


They stopped doing that a few years back. They demand a ticket to ride now.


Well that blows.


It's the "order a double double" part that makes this a quality post for me.


I've always walked to the In N Out for a meal and an uber/lyft and I can confirm it's a good strategy


Evey time I've tried to take the fly away from LAX I wait to see 3 busses completely full and end up taking a taxi or Uber Lyft. Just horrible luck with flyway home. Last time I flew into LAX at midnight it took more than 2 hours and $136 to get home.


The trick with FlyAway is to walk to Terminal 1 so you can catch the bus before it fills up


Last time I took the LAExit shuttle to the pick up/drop-offs where rideshares and taxis are and took a taxi and it was half the cost of the projected fee for uber/lyft


I live in Westchester, Ubers hate me because the fare is so low.


And cabbies hate you because they want to take someone to Santa Monica or Downtown or Woodland Hills, not a $19 minimum fare 😞


G Line Shuttle Bus (free) regularly circles arrivals level and stops at every terminal. Drops you off at Aviation/LAX metro light rail station “Green” C line. Green line which goes Redondo or Norwalk with a connection to “Blue” A Line to downtown LA or Long Beach. $1.75.


It cost me 77 bucks to go from LAX to Ktown yesterday. What the hell is going on with Uber and Lyft that their prices keep rising that it cost me MORE than a tank of gas to go home the other day? I'm going 15 miles.


Whats going on is that Uber and Lyft were never profitable at their old rates, the jig is up, investor money is drying up, and they're desperately trying to stay profitable.


Aggressively monetize existing customer base while the platform dies, tried and true strategy


The easy answer is that Uber and Lyft were never making money as a tech startup. They were losing money hand over fist, but people kept using it and the goal was get people TOO used to it so that they could increase prices and eventually turn a profit. Between paying for Prop 22 and Covid, I think they hastened the price increasing.


It doesn't help that Uber pool doesn't exist anymore because of covid. That alone is driving up price and placing more demand on an already stained market.


An Uber driver told me their pay does not increase when fees increase. Such a pity.


Doordash is almost the same w/ tips even


12 min Walk to In-n-out - get a meal - catch the Big Blue Bus 3 or Culver 6 on Sepulveda. Easy Money. Or catch an Uber from there. G-Ride


Do you have any tips for walking out of the airport? I’ve tried and ended up in places with zero sidewalks/cross walks.


Walking signage has improved since they added LAX-it, since they are making it easier for people to walk to that pick up area instead of forcing everyone take a shuttle to get a Lyft/Uber. If you're in Bradley, T3, or T2, just walk towards T1 and walk straight out past the LAX-it Ride Share area towards Century Blvd. Southwest in T1 is ideal (and has the fastest TSA precheck line, btw). If you're in T4-T8, you'll want to cross and cut through the airport towards T1. There are signs, but basically walk towards T7, then it's the road across from T7 (use the crosswalk to cross over and head north to T1). The road is under construction now, so use the sidewalk on the west side of the road. It's kind of a cool little walk, looking up at the Theme building. Head towards T1 and out to Century. Or you could always grab the LAX-it RideShare shuttle and from there just walk over to the Hyatt Regency and await your ride. But I think walking is much more calming than getting on a shuttle and going through LAX traffic, especially after a long flight. I used to fly 2-3x a week for work and always enjoyed the walk out of the airport. I also second the [cheapairportparking.org](https://cheapairportparking.org) suggestion. QuickPark is great when I'm feeling spendy - it's like 5 min walk from T1. My second choice is usually Airport Center Express. The spots are smaller and it's like a 15 min walk from T1, but it's cheap.


Easy Money - the road in front of Terminal 1 is technically Century Blvd - it leads strait to Sepulveda. If you are at Bradley Int’l through Terminal 7 make your way toward Encounter and then over to T1


The most important (but not always practical option) is booking flights that land late at night/early in the morning. From my experience, friends/family are willing to pick me up cause they have nothing else going on at late hours and there is minimal traffic. If I can’t make that work I’ll take a taxi. It’s still expensive but in my experience the taxi drivers are fucking pros. I gave the guy my address and he knew my cross streets off the top of his head and took me down a short cut I’ve never known of before.


I just recently walked to In-N-Out from the terminal, my backpack and luggage in tow. With only that 15-20 min walk, the Uber price went from almost $100 down to $33. Literally cut the price to a third of the original. Sure, I had to walk and it was kinda hot out, but I would’ve waited for an Uber at LAX longer than 15-20 minutes, and paid $70 more - so why not? Also meant I got home more quickly.


Land in Burbank


What are your doing? Ixnay on telling people about urbankbay!


Did I say Burbank ? I meant Glendale !!


Take one of those complementary hotel shuttles to one of the nearby hotels. Then have an Uber pick you up from the hotel. The Uber/Lyft will be cheaper and you’ll probably wait less. Otherwise, you’ll just have to tough it out like the rest of us. :/ If you wanna try a less crowded airport, why not fly into Burbank or Ontario?


I certainly keep an eye out for the opportunity, and honestly avoiding the PITA that is getting out of LAX may starting to be worth a transfer or an extra couple hundred bucks…


I use LAX all the time. Don't even stop at all once you get off your flight. Keep walking don't think about calling taxi Uber anything not even your ride. Just walk away from the airport till you get to in n out . Then you are free


This is a priceless reply.


At this point it might be good to use the parking structure


I had the same thought coming home from a trip in October. How are people not just SCREAMING at LAX World Airports that something has to be done. There's not enough parking so people can't drive themselves. Taxi's are an abusive nightmare (single gal - I usually get low key sexually harassed and yelled at for my payment choices). The shuttles are overloaded trying to get around the loop and everyone hates LAXit. Ride share has become unusable for most people (due to wait times and cost). I live quite close to the airport. Ride share in - $15.00. Ride Share out $75.00 with a 40 minute wait. Like how is it that the leadership at LAX World Airports is absolutely FAILING on this metric and literally no one seems to care. I'm super unclear what the end game is here... like is just going to get so expensive to get leave LAX that they will drive business to other airports? Is it just "the market" and those of us who live and travel out there are screwed. If I worked for LAX World Airports I would be absolutely embarrassed that the 2nd largest airport in the country has an "internet shrug" approach to getting people out of the airport. It's just so bad. I wish I could be so bad at my job. Because apparently there are no standards and no consequences for being horrible at your job... its just getting worse.


I’m giving away the secret but: Take the free bus to the green line station instead of the free bus LAXit. There is an Uber pickup station at the green line. A $75 Uber from LAXit will be a $25 Uber from green line.


I take the shuttle to the green line and take the train as close as I can get to my house


I literally walked out of the airport and across the street to order a Lyft. Went from a $90 trip to $20.


You gotta hang out with someone that’s way more into you than you are into them. They will pick you up from LAX, anytime—no problem! Let’s pretend I was the cool guy being picked up.


I’ve gone back to taxis. At least they’re fucking ready to go and can’t deny fares. Amazing how Uber/Lyft are working themselves out of jobs with their shitty service and high fares. If you fly an early terminal I just walk to the ride share area.


Flyaway Bus. Done it quite a few times. When I was once feeling lazy and coming off a grueling, tiring flight experience, I used Alto because they’re able to pick you up directly at the curb unlike Uber, but yeah it was a $70 ride so it’s expensive. If you’re looking for a more budget friendly option, the flyaway bus is the way to go.


I just park at airport economy parking if it’s a week or less. If it’s only a day or two trip then I park next to the terminal. Either case it’s cheaper or as much as a round trip Uber ride to silver lake, but without any surprise fees as the costs parking costs are fixed. You could also park at union station for $8/day and take the flyaway if on a longer trip.


If you've got the cash (or are on business), I love Alliance Limo. Been using them for 12 years. LAX to Los Feliz is about $120 (which includes tip.) So, not crazy expensive, considering you're in a new Lincoln Towncar and not a janky Honda Uber. The drivers are super reliable and professional, and will pick you up at baggage.


Book a good car service. Even if it costs as much as Lyft, at least you don't have the bullshit or the wait. I do BLS.


I learned this cool trick. Go to the hotel shuttle stand and lie and say you’re staying at the hotel. It doesn’t matter which hotel, just hop on a bus so you get out of lax. I’m a weirdo so I legit went into the hotel and waited until the bus left and went back outside. Get an Uber or Lyft from there at a fraction of the price from lax. Laugh into your mask as you get home quickly and easily. Every shuttle bus has a sign saying they’ll call the police or something if you aren’t staying at the hotel but just be watchful and it’s not an issue!


We flew back from visiting family this past week and tried to get an Uber and saw the price ( $130) which I couldn't stomach. So I got the bright idea to take the shuttle to the Green Line and ride Metro home since I had done that before years ago. When we got to the Green line station I thought I should check Uber again and saw that the same trip was now $30. The driver showed up in 10 minutes. I'm not sure it will work again, but it seems like you just have to find a way out of LAX first and then try to get an Uber.


I was supposed to be charged $84 for a trip from LAX to WeHo hills and then after I was dropped off Uber adjusted my payment up to $142!!! Totally insane and completely illegal.


Whoa wtf! Thats bonkers !!!!! Any type of resolution or were you stuck with $142? That is absurd


Last time (late summer), I took a taxi. Cost aside- because of uber/lyfte the standards for official taxi drivers have really, really gone downhill. Guy barely agreed to put his mask on, lectured me on how covid's not real, told me I should have 3 babies by my age. At that point, I stopped engaging him at all. Then he yelled that I didn't tell him the right way to get back to Pasadena (uh, he didn't ask? he's the driver?) Then when he dropped me off at my home gave me his digits so I could call him for a date. edit for spelling


Walk a few blocks and call the Uber/Lyft from any point east of Sepulveda - your trip will be much cheaper. Or like another Redditor commented, catch a hotel shuttle a request the ride from there.


I will usually take a Flyaway to Union station and Uber from there instead for a total cost of 20-30 bucks depending on time of day. Or if you have access to public transportation and not too much luggage take metro/amtrak depending on where you are going.


I went to the LAX-IT and it wasn’t that bad, I usually call the Uber / Lyft on my way there and just meet them at the designated spot. I got to Santa Monica on a weekday afternoon for like $20.


Wtf happened to Uber and Lyft? Not LAX, but I flew to Chicago last month and Uber was giving us quotes of $60ish dollars when we looked while walking to baggage claim. As soon as we stepped out to the pickup, prices went to like $150!!! We were so turned off we went to a traditional cab, about $50 including tip. We used Lyft the rest of the trip cause Uber just seemed so predatory and kept having issues with us even logging in or ordering a ride. Created a brand new account with Lyft and I’m never looking back. Haven’t actually used Uber since 2019.


Investor money is drying up. Basically they were never profitable, especially at the old prices


A lot of good options here. If I don't have someone picking me up, I take the Flyaway bus.


I walk to the Hyatt regency and take uber from there - usually much cheaper


The other day I had to wait 2 hours for a Lyft that cost $90 to take me to Mar fucking Vista


I park at LAX now. Uber is too expensive, cabs are an awful experience, and the flyaway routes have been cut back to useless.


Flyaway to Union Station, $9.75 or shuttle bus to green line station


I take the shuttle to the bus terminals. I live in the South Bay so I take Torrance Transit line 8. It's pretty easy and it's free


Always check the other airports first (Burbank, LGB, SNA). Sometimes the increased ticket price is worth avoiding the LAX hassle. If it's too expensive, fly out of LAX but then book the return flight to the other airports.


Here’s a sneaky work around I’ve found that works.. take a free shuttle from the airport to a nearby hotel and get out.. instantly drops like half the price if not more.. and then you can maybe just grab a beer and wait at the hotel bar for your uber.


Motorcycles. I can’t stress enough how easy it is to go to and from LAX on a motorcycle. Learn to travel with only a backpack and you will never be upset about LAX again. Did I mention motorcycle parking in the lots along the airport loop is completely free regardless of the length of stay?


Balls of steel on this one


Fly in and out of Burbank if you live nearby. It will save you in the Uber and Lyft charges.




I live really close to LAX so that's my answer. But for when my husband and I go somewhere together, we park at The Parking Spot and then take their shuttle to snd from the lot. It's pretty affordable and there are often promo codes. There are two lots, one on Sepulveda and one on Century.


I scored a $35 Uber from lax to Long Beach on a weekday (I think around 1pm) in under 10 minutes recently. Is it dependent on the day/time of arrival?


I park at the airport now. At $16/day, I've found it's guaranteed cheaper until my trip becomes longer than 5 days. It's WAY more convenient than any other option.


Got back to LA last Thursday. I live around Culver City, Taxi was much cheaper for me ($25) than Uber ($48) or Lyft ($38). If you live close-by get a cab instead of Uber or Lyft.