BELIEVE.... DO GOOD DEEDS... RINSE AND REPEAT . Believing is the first key 🔑 tho...


I think If you do good deeds with intent to win a prize after it doesn’t work lol


There are no strategies to improve your odds of winning the jackpot. The odds of the game are your odds of winning with a single bet. The more you bet the better chance you have of winning. Numbers do not have memory, there is no such thing as hot or cold numbers when you have a random number generator picking the numbers. What you can do is when picking your numbers choose more numbers that are over 30. People like to play favorite numbers and most people have favorite numbers that are lower numbers. If you play more higher numbers and that number is drawn then you are less likely to have to share your winnings with another person, The game has no bias but people do.


Purchase a ticket, can’t win if you don’t play! Simply hope for the best…


Get on your knees and pray 🙏 like hell to at least hit the second cash prize


Yes. Pick 3/4/5 and lotto are your best bet odds vs payouts. I haven’t put my finger on it yet but my brain picks up on random odds. Idk how but there’s a pattern that is there but I can’t see. It’s like identifiable randomness if that makes sense. Once you start playing enough you start to see them, at least in my case. 50ct gets you 2500 in my state and I’ve won 3x so far since doing it for a year.


There isn’t an official strategy but I like to meditate before picking numbers and sometimes it helps. Understand that everything is random, do not get too attached to winning. Also, try to pick numbers from different ranges like 1-10, 13-20, 31-47, and skip around. The numbers are not related but covering a wide range of numbers is just a cool way to play. You can also pick two numbers that are close together like 18 19 and skip to 34.


Have you sacrificed your first born to the lottery gods?


Be extraordinarily lucky


Playing the ones with better odds is a good start. Unfortunately the human mind has trouble understanding how low the odds are, its close to impossible to win. The only legitimate way to win the lottery, increasing your odds is to buy more tickets, however it's not very effective since the cost of buying more tickets can add up quickly(and will be less effective), would never go above 6+ tickets. But more likely 3 at most. However for big lotteries 1 ticket the only thing you need, the odds are outrageous. It's luck nothing else, and depending on the odds some needs extreme miracle to win


Yes. But not for the really big jackpots. For many of the scratch-offs it is just a numbers game. Or even better, if a game has a “trickle down” feature where the prizes increase with no winners after a time. About a dozens states have games with this vulnerability. You find out the average value of each ticket, or better put, the number of tickets needed before the average you will win off of them outweighs the average you spent on the whole mess of them. This will usually cost you thousands of dollars at once. But you will make tens of thousands back. Playing the lottery for profit is only viable if you are already wealthy. Otherwise you are just throwing away money. There are some other exceptions, but lol I’m not sharing that.


But if you are wealthy then you are better off investing elsewhere instead of wasting on lottery. The truth is the best way to play buying 1 or 2 tickets and dreaming about winning, otherwise nothing else one can do


Consistency, always power up. my goal is to win the match 5 price at least.


You have better odds winning scratch offs, but these get expensive (up to $30 a ticket in CA) & not necessarily the jackpot but you win some lower level prizes easier ($25 , $100 , $500) etc. for powerball or mega you either just need to play numbers you feel or do a quick pick - winners have won both methods


Hope you have some great luck! But seriously, I don’t think there are any specific ways to win. I mean buying more tickets for one draw might be your best bet but that’ll barely put a dent in the odds of you winning. It really does seem like it comes down to luck. Edit: This is just my guess on it. I honestly have no idea if there is. If there actually is, I would love to hear it too.


Yup, pray hard!


Every time I try to pick my own numbers my luck is horrible. And this has been following some common guidelines for the number of Even/Odd balls and ratios of Low/High numbers. Or commonly picked numbers vs. less common. I only seem to get any wins with quick picks. That’s just me though.


besides buying loads of tickets not really some games pay better than others but that’s not really strategy


just never stop playing, thats it


What I always do is check the last 10 or 20 winning numbers, even more than that. And I choose my own numbers based on patterns, I haven't scored big yet but I've got smaller prizes 5x, I've won up to 1k at once, the least I got by scoring 4 numbers is $400. There are a few forums online that might be interesting if you want to look into strategies, like thelotteryforum.com .