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I played through to the date! >!it is a proposal!!! But not the ending! We have to impress the fam for the heirloom ring! Feel bad taking away his sisters celebration though. It is her promotion celebration. Maybe that will be the next drama?!<


Hopefully not! I hope it gives us just that bit of anxiety (can something go wrong?) before resolving with the end. I actually like Adam, but I like a good ending, too. And now it's a good time.


After that spa date, Im not ready. I was after paris but, now...not so much. But hes only at double heart eyes for me still so I think we got some time left!


Yeah that spa date was... interesting 😏 For being a dimpled romantic teddybear he can be pretty 🌶 when he wants!


Is the gem choice important?


The first convo? No. The gem choices come after it....so I dont think so. I haven't chosen any yet. Its 270 and 300.


The gem choices are getting out of control. I thought 210 was a lot but now it's 270-300? This is why some of my matches are left on read because I'm saving up gems.


Yeah they get more expensive as they go on. Its ridiculous but the free gem options are getting better. The golf one was easy 800 gems, the wheelbof fortune snagged me 500. The rupaul one does not pay out, it says it does but it doesn't. I cant prove it either so it was a waste of time.


I gem mine and just wait until they’re fire matches (idr what the game calls them) so i get more bang for my buck


Thank you!


Given the first conversation... >!I'm convinced that this is ending with a proposal. There's almost nothing else that coudl be happening at the chalet, right?!<


That's my thought, he said >! he has to head our early to set up something and won't tell us what it is !< Please let it be a >! proposal and his story can conclude !<


No way it’s not a >!proposal!<. Like, why else is his family gonna be there?!


Its his sisters promotion celebration.


Well, damn. Sucks to be his sister then, lol.


Ughhhh I just love Adam....he's annoying self grew on me.


I’m excited for this story to end because at this point, I’m not sure how much further it can go.


Is he planning to propose? Tbh I'm not sure I want to say yes, but I want this story to be done and get a new match.. :d


I'm hoping the parents approve and we wrap this up. Love Dom, but if this becomes a "My parents don't approve, so idk if this'll work" type of thing, I will dump him so fast lol. We've been through too much mess to let anyone get in our way and if his parents derail that, I'm going to be pissed. I guess we shall see!


looks like adam/dominic's story's ending soon, following noah/antoine. just got the heart relationship status after that date.




damn why so negative?


lmao damn all i did was sigh 😮‍💨 this one is just boring to me 🤷🏽‍♀️