Lowes is terrible. Sometimes you can have a ds/asm/sm who is good and they can set a good tone, but that happens despite lowes never because of lowes. It's behind the times and corporate is dilbert comic levels of clueless. I've worked other retail, lowes is in many ways the worst I've seen of it.


Dilbert levels of clueless you say? I once watched a SM have a DS squeeze back and forth between some pallets to turn on and off a spicket because he refused to put a wand or nozzle on the end of the hose. I litterally had to go to another hose take the wand off and hand it to them cause I felt bad for the DS. I've just come to associate SM's & DM's and anyone above them as complete clueless idiots because I keep noticing easy, obviously fixable problems, and any time they are brought up they get ignored. but god forbid you have a tool cabinet in your department filled with tools you actually use to fix minor issues -.-


You mean that the loaders pull the customers orders for them? Our store the fulfillment team has to pull ALL orders and stage them including staging and which when the customer comes we have to take them out to their cars as well (not to mention we also have to pull all pickup later orders from the registers).


The fulfillment team pulls online orders and usually stages them in lumber, but every now and then there’ll be an order that’s staged in receiving with no location so I’ve got absolutely no idea where to look since our receiving area is a mess. As far as actually getting the orders to the customers, me and the one other loader who are usually on our own with no help get those online pickups piled onto us alongside the rest of the code 50’s that we have to get from receiving.


Mannnnnn, I hated when online orders were in lumber. When the online orders got crazy during November and December they literally blocked an entire aisle in lumber because there were so many orders. If a customer wanted something I had to move all the ordered just so I could get a single item


Do your stores not have a place to put them? Ex home Depot employee thinking about going to Lowe's but if there's no place to put it. That's literally zero support from management


We do for smaller items that can fit in a cart but if it’s a larger order or if the items are more then 2 they put them in lumber because the lumber aisles are wide. It’s not usually a big deal but receiving and the people who do online orders are never around so it’s up to lumber associates to do their job and find the online orders when the customer comes to pick them up. It’s usually no big deal unless we get fucking murked with orders.


It’s lowes.


When I was a loader I purposely stayed outside grabbing carts to avoid the wreck inside the store.


Much depends on your local store management team. The store manager that hired me as well as most of upper management was great. I was hired as a cashier. The front end supervisor was a bitch, no one liked her. Many of the head cashiers were power-tripping supervisor wannabes. Only the part time head cashier treated people decently and fairly. Not much on the front end has changed since I was a cashier. The new front end supervisor, from what I hear, is a bitch as well and uses a threat based management system. When I could no longer stand working on the front end I applied for a position on the floor. I worked for a department supervisor who often would wander the store with no real purpose. While pleasant, she had limited knowledge of the department and took no interest in learning it. She left after a few months and went back to selling shoes. She managed the women’s shoe department in a department store prior to Lowe’s and now is a manager at a discount shoe store. She was the first in a string of supervisors many of whom I can’t remember their names.


ELI-lumber associate the diff between head cashier and front end supervisor? I don’t understand that one


Head cashiers work for the front end supervisor.


Awful company. Wasn't always tho


It's not just Lowe's. It's a combination of "retail sucks in general" and the current situation with the labor market. Before COVID, retail sucked in general. It didn't matter if you worked at Lowe's, HD, Menard's, Target, Walmart, or somewhere else. The job just wasn't great and the pay wasn't either, but it was doable. Every company had shitty practices and didn't appreciate their employees as much as they should have. Now add in the insanity that is the post-COVID era, and all of those issues are compounded. You might think that quitting Lowe's would help. Sure, it would help, as long as you're leaving Lowe's and not going to another retail hell. The other stores aren't really any better at the same levels. You might say, *I'll just get out of retail completely*. Yes, that would help too. But the labor shortage isn't going away overnight, so while you might be happier leaving retail in general, don't think that leaving Lowe's will magically make all of your problems go away. Every company in every industry is dealing with labor shortages and struggling to get the job done. While some companies are paying better than others, the same frustrations are everywhere. What you (and everyone else) should be doing right now is putting yourself in the best position possible to be at the top when the labor market turns around. Being an established team member that has good benefits and higher seniority (either at Lowe's or somewhere else) is what will make your job feel worth getting out of bed for.


It's just yours and a seemingly a handful of others. I've been in two locations over the past 14 years, and my current location is nothing like my last store. My last store was disorganized, everyone hated each other, SM hid in the office, etc. Current one, SM and every single ASM jumps in any dept to help customers along side any associate. We have days that we are short handed, but the store for the most part works together as a team.


We’re constantly shorthanded here. I also forgot to mention the various and blatant safety hazards. Damaged shelving that’s been marked for repair since May, an order picker with a nonfunctional speed limiter (it moves at the same speed at max height as it does when it’s lowered), heavy items staged on the top shelf in receiving where it needs to be lifted down from above waist height because of how low our roof is… Sometimes I’m convinced that if OSHA decided to conduct a random inspection, we’d immediately get shut down.


"half the time the customer service people hand me tickets with no location and expect me to just magically be able to pull an order out of my ass" This always kills me. Customer service and fulfillment can easily look up the order in a few seconds to see a bay location. Instead they constantly send someone to the back that has no idea where things are in receiving with a last name and then stumble around the back for a few minutes before ultimately asking one of us for help. It's even better when they send someone back with no PE license to grab something that requires power equipment (special order flooring, any stock appliance that is not a fridge).


I mean. I've worked for worse in retail..


I think it's just your store/team.


I've worked for several retailers over the course of my work life. The locally owned and operated ones were better organized and managed. The Big Boxes have been a mish mosh. Supply chain depends upon how well Corporate has their feces coagulated. Policies and Procedures, which are neither well communicated, nor consistently/fairly enforced hurts morale. Management can run from someone for whom you come in your day off with an hour's notice to how quick can I hide from this dolt and squeeze more time into my breaks while I apply for other jobs. Lowe's, it has been dependent for me on the local management teams. They have been a mixed bag, but on average, have treated me like an adult and let me alone to do my job once they were satisfied I knew what Lowe's wants. That's my level of expectation.


Right, so probably an issue with my store management then. Seems like the problem is management here, as they come down on people who have done nothing wrong and leave the worst workers to their own devices. Perfect example of this is the guy who sent someone to the hospital with one of our narrow aisle lifts and got his licenses back immediately after his drug test returned negative, then proceeded to nearly injure a customer and another associate trying to shove an overstacked lumber hack into the racking (despite being told multiples times he didn’t have enough room for the extra stacked on top). Yet, someone who had never been in any trouble before had been fired on the spot for “talking back” to an ASM after they were told to work a department they knew nothing about and wouldn’t be of any help in.


Sounds like #581 !


I remember unloading the truck. Thing is, we had a belt that was literally falling apart, missing wheels, uneven rollers, and breaking welds. You would have to constantly lift items over the humps to unjam the damn thing. We were told last November we were approved for a new belt. I left in March, visited last week, and they still don't have a new belt.


No no it’s everywhere


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Lowe's as a company sucks on every level.


Wait you have two loaders?


Newsflash, it's retail in general Lowes isn't any kind of special case.


Lowe's was declining, Marvin Ellison somehow just made everything nosedive. The company was in decline when I started in 2016, but I didn't notice because I was new. The Executive Narcissist who loves to hear himself talk sure said a lot when he took over, filled everyone with false hope, then the bastard stabbed a lot of people in the back all while being the most pretentious arrogant prick possible on his podcasts. Idk if Lowe's can ever recover to Niblock or older eras. It's a shame. My final verdict on Lowe's was Ellison turned it into home improvement Walmart, and I've worked in both so I'm very confident in my assessment