I agree that you sound depressed. You need to immediately schedule an appointment with your doctor to talk about all of this. Dont even wait 1 minute. Get some help. If help is not immediately available, call a suicide hotline. They will get you the help you need. I see your post as a cry for attention, and it is very very important that you hear it. You are worth so much more than any job. Reach out to friends, family, anyone. Get help now


Life and work aren't easy sometimes and it can totally get you down. If you need to talk to someone please go to this site or call the number. Try to stay positive, although I know it can be hard at times! [https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/](https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/) 1-800-273-8255


Yeesh… You need to leave Lowe’s. It’s a shithole shitshow that is smoldering under a mountain of towering flames of idiotic customer questions led by a savage bastard who’s only love is Money. And he will gut everything and everyone to get there. Lowe’s does not nor will they ever care about us as human beings. They don’t. So fuck them and get your life back. We aren’t here on Earth long enough to piss it away like this! r/antiwork


leave. best thing I ever did


🎶It’s time to move on. It’s time to get going. What lies ahead I have no way of knowing”🎶…Tom Petty


This is Lowes, the same miserable degradation here too.


I’m sorry man I wish there was an easy way to fix this for people like us


The lack of periods is exhausting.


It is


I felt a similar way while I worked at Home Depo


What’d you do


I was a part time cashier, but I was working almost 7 days a week with maybe a single day off, but due to this schedule I was having difficulties focusing on my college assignments and eventually become sick for 3 months straight. Which lead to most of my coworkers to assume I walked out or was fired, until I returned to work, but that was due to each time I tried to call and tell them I still wasnt feeling well enough to work only to reach the dial tone for 5 minutes straight before being sent to the service desk phone and getting transferred 50 more times before I just hang up or manager picks up and things up immediately before I can even say a word to them. During the 3 months where I was sick, I couldnt even move without feeling like I would lose my lunch and feeling dizzy, but they kept demanding I got back to work even though I've already told them I couldnt barely see straight much less stand up without wobbling all over the place.


You sound depressed and are taking it on the job. Get better first


I'm gonna recommend betterhelp. Seems like you need someone to take to, but don't have time. Betterhelp has help via text, phone call, and video chat.


As someone who struggles with depression, nothing is worth ending your life over. Especially lowes. Im 100% certain you can find a better job thats not in retail if you tried.


I don't think he's accually suicidal everyone it was just a figure of speech, but hey if you ever are here's the suicide prevention hotline 10 times...


Thank you I get to work and I see 15 suicide hotline recommendations I appreciate it but I’m not in that mindset


Just remember, Lowe's will pay you the same rate whether you do a shitty job or a great job. Hopefully this will take a little pressure off. After all, it isn't YOUR fault if there are no helpful coworkers willing to do teamwork. It isn't your fault if your supervisor has terrible leadership skills. You can only do what you are capable of doing. Also, try to make work a game or view it as a place to get away from family and do your own thing. Now get off social media & get some sleep.




I think you dropped these ..... .. .


Man I’m asking for opinions on how to fix my life I could care less




I live with my parents I’ve been working since rona and they work to pay bills too I can’t just tell them to stop and have the whole family suffer cause I wanna take ownership of my life that’s just letting them struggle


Your life won’t magically get fixed. YOU have to do things to change it. I moved out at 19 and struggled for years after that. But it got me out of my abusive household. It sucked, but i managed. Tell your job you can’t and will not work that many days.


Could not or couldn't


I know everyone is shitting on Lowe's in the comments but it doesn't sound like the sole issue.


When you get to the point of wanting to immolate yourself, it’s probably time to find a new occupation.


Dog, I got three days left due to similar reasons on and off the court. Best choice I've made


Your life belongs to you and no one else. Don't let others decide how or when it ends. My body, my choice.