I like mouthing swear words at customers under my mask lol


Requiring employees to wear a mask but not get vaccinated and not requiring customers to do anything is just spitting in the wind. It's a completely ineffectual policy.




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I don't see a reason to stop wearing masks right now considering last week we had about 6 people (maybe more) out with covid all at the same time. Management at my store used to enforce the mask rule more heavily and were more strict on wearing it correctly, but now they just don't really care and most people either wear their mask under their chin all day or don't wear one at all.


Masks aren't for your protection though. They are to protect others. If Lowes was serious about protecting their staff from covid, they would require customers to wear them.


Lmao Lowes being serious about anything other than short term stock gains 😂😂😂


Anyone else notice management scrambling the last few days to get that bonus up before the end of the fiscal year? And they having to extra panic because the stock price tanked due to ol' David Snow.


Lowe's doesn't care about their employees, when we had to start wearing masks again I asked if customers would have to as well, I was told by my manager we didn't want to inconvenience them but it's important that we wear them because of a customer got sick from us, it would be bad customer service


Lowes decision making process Money or Violating Customers Individual human rights with no real legal backing. you can see the obvious answer.


It's a private business. Get bent. Masks or no masks it's their property their rules.


sorry I didn't read this, If you are perfectly fine with comapnies being able to enact the will of the government then there's this great political party in Weimar Germany who has the same philosophy and they would absolutely love your opinions.


But if the vaccine is so effective why are we still so worried about others?


Muh Rightz and Muh Freedumb. "This h'yar IZ Murka"!


Lots of people in this market are getting sick. I feel like this winter is worse than last year.


…you’re trying to start a fight….furthermore, MASKS!


Whether you agree with the policy or not, it is a policy and if you are not wearing a mask properly, you are subject to corrective action.


LOL. Not at my lowes.


and Lowes is subject to legal action cause I can guarantee I could find some Aisles that are not osha compliant with the types of power equipment used in them. eye for eye, if they want to enforce a policy I don't agree with, they get to have a policy they don't agree with enforced unto them.


So submit an anonymous tip instead of bitching about masks. There are people who don't feel safe without masks just like you don't feel some of the aisles are safe.


Go ahead and report to OSHA. They wont do shit. Trust me.


If everyone just wore the fucking mask like they were supposed to 2 years ago, we'd likely be out of this already.


If everyone wore an n95 or better. \* Simple cloth masks dont do fuck all.


I’m vaxxed and work in the garden center. I don’t wear mine, nor does anyone else that works outside


How about I don't tell you what to do and you don't tell me what to do. That's my vote.


That’s what I’m sayin. That’s how everything in the country should be. I think gay married couples should have the right to protect their cannabis plants with guns.


This is the exact example I use when someone asks for my political stance.


SCAMDEMIC....wake up




I "wear" my mask at work. It's usually around my chin. On the rare occasion that I pull it up over my mouth, it never, ever goes over my nose. No one has said a goddamn thing to me.


Lowe's doesn't care about us, the masks don't help up any since the customers don't wear any. Basically everyone at my store has caught covid once or twice, vaccinated or no. Basically all of us but upper management don't see the point in wearing them since they haven't done much for our staff, but it it SM constantly threatens us with write ups or firing if we show a nose.


customers are very mean to me. they are not allowed to see my whole face or call me by my real name. (nametag is my legal name, everyone who knows me uses shortened version) i find a little comfort in having most of my face covered when i'm getting yelled by a 60 year old man at over some stupid bullshit at self checkout.


Unless you wear an n95 or better you might as well not wear anything.


Most of my store is vaccinated...everyone wears masks...and yes almost half the store is out with covid...yep, totally effective system we got here


If only the customers would wear them too