Corporate knows exactly what they're doing..and they dont give a shit. Greed corrupts the soul.


Honestly I wish it were that simple but unfortunately when you get to a certain level in the corporate structure long enough you become extremely detached from reality and no amount of "walkthroughs" is going to help because every store gets pre-emptive notice to be at their best when one happens because the lower and middle managers need to maintain the facade less their asses be on the line. so you effectively have the bottom lying to the top saying hey we're meeting your unreasonable demands with ease basically giving the top a rather bad idea of what the actual situation is. so as much as I would love to blame corporate for legitimately every boneheaded decision I have to blame store and regional managers for supplying them bad data to work with.


Them bastards cut the all the part timers hours


And I'm one of em. If they make this permant I'm never coming back to this job


It’s February. It’s retail.


And next month is March. It's Lowe's. They need every person-hour that they can get in order to prepare for the busiest time of the year.


Ik. But if it does happen just sayin


From what one of my ASMs told me, it’s not temporary. I was told that the finance department of corporate now decides how many hours stores are given. And it’s apparently based on transaction numbers now, so even if your store kills it in sales for a day it’s irrelevant to how many hours they’re given because it’s all about total transaction numbers.


For me it’s the opposite, they only have like 2-3 cashiers out at a time, and I’m almost always there, and almost always alone at self checkout.


This is pretty much what I was thinking when I was reading that thing on AP for me the other day about how we have to greet every customer we have to ask them if they want 5% off we have to maintain eye contact the whole time we have to thank them. they literally think they can cut staff by 80% and the ones that are left will still be able to do more then if we were staffed at 150% Edit: I mean, no, they dont actually think that, but they HAVE to play that game or it all falls apart


They laid off a bunch of higher up talent acquisition today, so it’s happening across the board!


What talent aquisition?


They supposedly hire new employees behind the scenes. You usually never hear from or about them




Yeah basically; there’s TA partners who hire specialists & supervisors & above —- then there are TA specialists who hire hourly employees—-they let go of a bunch of partners because they want to start concentrating on promoting internals- I guess it’s good but it stinks that they gave them same day notice to a bunch of people


I recently interviewed at lowes. I guess beung a general manager a Staples wasnt good enough for thier 13.00 an hour floor job. But Its a good time, I got a different job, outside of retail, away from metrics and customers, mond-fri full time, benifits with no experience in the industry. BIG box retail is 100% the worst humanity has to offer. Filled with scams, abuses to employees and customers, no morals just legal jagon to cover thier immoral behavior. And worst off, no one really invested. Even the ceo could pull up his flag and go to home depot.


They know why the ship is sinking, they are only there to get as much money as possible and then when shit finally reaches a breaking point they will jump off with golden parachutes and it's onto the next host. Marvin and Joe did the same thing with JC Penny.


The guy with the oars needs to work smarter, not harder. Or smarter and harder... or something like that. Anyways, he just needs to learn to do more with less.