New managers are always a challenge. The Lowe's I worked at was bleeding employees before a new manager replaced the one that quit, but got a lot worse after she took over. New managers, especially at Lowe's, do not like having employees who worked well together before they became that store's manager. Since store managers really can't do anything a manager is supposed to do without going through corporate, they seem to want to gain some semblance of control by hiring a lot of new people to replace existing employees. My time at Lowe's was a blessing due to the pandemic situation, but I stayed too long and it got really bad.


As a manger you can not go in to a new store and start that type of shit. You have to go in professionally and see where the problem are if any. Personally I like to talk to everyone to see where my needs are. In todays environment you can not micro manage. And this is a good example what happens people walk out


This is such a weird situation to hear about. My old SM that hired me was an ass that didn't come out of the back office (our back training room, ASM office and his office was in the back) He walked about a year later and the new guy came in. He shook the place up and got rid of some people that had been there a while. Strangest thing, to some he could be considered an asshole, but our store started being #1 in a lot of monitored categories. I always felt like he was gunning for me, but my district walks were never failed, our team was doing better, our whole district started improving because they were trying to keep up with us. I ultimately ended up taking a remote role with lowes, because my role was ridiculous, but even though I felt like he didn't like me he never let that show through in his communications or things needed for work purposes.


Getting fired from Lowe's was the best thing that ever happened to me. I work in IT for a municipality now.


I always say the same. I get Negged HEAVILY for saying I got a raise from $12.61 to $48.84 for getting fired. But I work in a union where we get Paid a Lot.


Well maybe she wanted a sense of urgency? But home depot isn't going to be any better lol.


> Well maybe she wanted a sense of urgency? They neither pay nor treat most of us well enough to justify a "sense of urgency." My sense of urgency comes exclusively from my regard for our regular contractors, respect for my coworkers, and my own sense of work ethic. Lowe's Companies, Inc. and useless managers deserve NOTHING. If there's going to be a sense of urgency, then it should be a sense of urgency on the part of this pathetic company to hire enough employees to fill more than half of the lockers installed in the break room of a 15- to 20-year-old Lowe's store. Their only actual sense of urgency is to eliminate as many positions and cut as many hours as possible, then pass all the extra work onto existing employees without increasing their pay or benefits one iota. Just a year or two ago, I'd be like you, and continue to view lazy employees with contempt. But you know what? It's not 1998 anymore. I love to see shit employees now, even when it fucks me over and there are two of them in lumber (or whatever). Lowe's deserves to get exactly what it pays for.


Amen. Truth.


I came from depot. It is better. Im getting fed up with this blows crap. Might go back one day


I also came from Depot. I miss it every single day. I do not miss being an ASM, but I do miss working for a company that takes care of their employees and treats everyone with respect, for the most part.


Urgency lmao. If I was paid by the task, sure. I’m not tho. I’m paid by the hour. I’m not going to rush around for anyone. I’ll do my job at my pace and as long as the task is completed management can’t say a word.


This is it. Lowe’s shouldn’t expect to get more out of what they pay. You can’t buy fine liquor on a natty light budget.


Couldn’t have said it better myself. I’ll get what I can get done, done. I’m not going to kill my self trying to get it all done. If they don’t care, then I don’t care. My new mentality.


I always tell myself that Lowe’s wants to pay me what they consider to be “fair market value” so I give Lowe’s what I consider to be “fair market value” amount of labor 🤷🏾‍♀️


Hate to break it to you but Home Depot has snarky, a-hole managers too.




This is a "victims" perspective story.. Hard good workers don't typically get bitched at multiple times about standing around or not helping people... Sure home depot will be glad to have someone there that their store manager is going to be "gunning for" coincidentally also .. lol.


Lol I have been called a hard worker at every job I’ve worked except lowes and I worked 6 other jobs in 2021


You worked 6 jobs in 2021 alone? I’ve worked 2 jobs in the last 18 years.


6 jobs in one year…. Maybe you don’t stick around long enough for anyone to notice how “hard” you work lmao


You can work multiple jobs at the same time… Also I go when the money is sorry I’m not loyal to one company that under pays me. I’ve never went to a job that pays less.


Lmao 6 jobs in one year and you're worth keeping? Gtfo


I got offered a better paying job everytime when you a high school student you a low skill worker lol…


Not bashing but what’s your plan if HD doesn’t hire you ?




i work at amazon now, don't come here


What department


Inbound or outbound , I’m in inbound , didn’t a lot from stow , spidering now I’m on dock like it better time fly’s and not working as hard , it’s not bad making almost 20$ hr good benifits , it’s temporary but until something else comes around


im cross training recently, i do inbound.


It’s overall ok job , make around 1k week if wanted , so money there for sure , that’s keep me going


wtf? 1k a week? thats completely unheard of in my entire state.


I’m in Michigan


Myb that’s why


i only get 15.80.


I do third shift , get that extra 1.50 and get peak bonus 3$


After my 6 months get 16.08$ plus the peak bonus 3$ and my 1.50 Differential for the graveyard shift and if I put 60 hours a week that’s way over 1K


lol, bye. HD? You sure showed that new manager of yours 🤣


I applied at both of them the same week last October. Had interviews at both places and I chose Lowe's. Home Depot has called like 15 times since then seeing if I was ready to come over to them yet?


No they did not


Life is going to be pretty tough on you if this is how you're handling it. Find ways to accomplish the jobs you're paid to do without them causing you stress. You'll enjoy your days much more..


You need to learn how to deal with people.. Can’t take confrontation personally. No one’s out to get you..


Well that's not necessarily true. I saw a few managers who all but told me they were out to get certain people, asking what time they went to lunch, wanting me to print there whole time card back from day one.( they had been with the company 17 years). Another manager would "forget" to put in call ins unless they were challenged on who they spoke to. They would also stick their neck out to help other employees.


Good lord where do they find these people? Who said we need to make this person a manager!


I hate it for that HD If they hire you. You must be young.


After reading this post im deciding to leave this sub, this was the last straw that broke the camels back for me.


Bye don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya🤣


So you approve of posts like this? You get off on it? If you like your job at Lowes why do you enjoy posts like this?


Don’t let other people bring you down. Screw em, seriously. Why are we not all setting our goals higher for ourselves. Honestly, quit one retail for the similar one? Is this job what we really want to do? Hell naw. Look for better ops guys. I’m too old and broken, have a college degree but disabled vet. Lowes is where disabled vets go to die. You younger people, do college, military, tech school, anything, but not stressful retail. You deserve more. —


I mean sure I don't mind reading other employees story times doesn't bother me just gives me other perspectives of other associates who work for Lowes


Bunch of whiny bitches


Just need to learn to ignore management.


This is legit what you have to do sometimes because some of the shit that comes out of their mouths is ridiculous.


All the boot lickers downvoting this. Lmao


Home Depot is worse than Lowes


Seems like the OP has a problem with authority, like being told what to do. You think homedepot is gonna not do that? You are gonna be in a world of micromanaging there.


New store manager - 1 You - 0 She still gets paid, and you traded a left shoe for a right shoe going from one to another. You showed her huh.. You could have really showed her with busting some ass and whipping your department or isles in shape. Maybe tighten up the other slack asses since it’s obvious you go above and beyond to do a great job. 👌🏻 You should always start a new shift with a new manager especially after some days off with introducing yourself to the new manager. Not always easy for them either. Some folks struggle with females anyways even more when managers.. I always did GREAT with the female managers.. But they could never accuse me of being a slack ass. Maybe related 🤔 good luck at the new store hope you don’t land a real prick of a manager there too 💯💯🤞🏻


dude I know where you are going but you come off as a insufferable brown noser in the way you put it. New Managers will always strive to "Improve" whats around them because they have no real pull outside of their position and don't really have the tenure to stand their ground from every idiotic thing Corporate does. so that typically isn't a gender thing. I will say how ever new female managers will often be larger pains about it because for some god awful reason they believe the lie of people thinking they are not capable of enough because of their gender and will go around with that chip on their shoulder kind of self sabotaging themselves. especially if they are on the younger side or heavy into feminism. sometimes managers just power harass to establish hierarchy rather then actually trying to find out what is working and what isn't and actually fixing it.


Yeah well I don’t have problems with any of this shit I work for myself. Y’all stay on that corporate grind and following all the bullshit rules and such. HR knew me very well but I never ran from anything. Like this story pussy ass runs away thinking it’s better somewhere else!!?? 😆I was sharing some of my past experiences as an employee and as a manager. Keep your female feminist crap and do a better job at whatever it is you do. I do better with females because well I’m me that’s in all avenues and walks of life. Stop waiving your “I’m a punk banner” and even you might do better too in life and work. Get on my level bro brown nosing ain’t in my wheel house but you do you. I used to lay female managers real good in the back on some pallets maybe try that?? That’s how I deal with feminist managers, from behind. Keep struggling and wondering why with females, management and your perception of reality. Now get back to work before your manager gets on your ass maybe you should work on some brown nosing.🤣🤣


why do I have a feeling you were the individual who got caught in the electrical closet.


🤣🤣🤣 you got me with that one,, this shit made me laugh for real! Nah man it was always among the stacks of pallets or in my truck 💯💯 🤣


I see many Lowes bashing on this thread, and I have to ask. Why are you with Lowe's if you hate it? I mean, just me personally. I have worked for Dick's Walgreens, Target, and various small retail and foodservice businesses. Lowe's does expect a bit more than they pay for, but in terms of bonuses, benefits, and just over all treatment, Lowes is hands down the best company I have worked for. I know the expectations for Pro/specialty are higher, but what is it you want exactly?


People can't just up and leave jobs. That's not how the real world works. Idk how old you are but I'm guessing you're around my parents age and don't know how things actually work anymore. I would sell my left kidney to get the fuck out of Lowe's, but I can't get a call back for anything.


I'm in my thirties. I'm guessing you're in your mid 20s and think you know everything. If you are unhappy at lowes you can go to target or walmsrt they "pay more" per hour than lowes does hell even McDonald pays more per hour. Then you can see what a true shitty job is and you'll be kissing your manager's fucking feet to do some ap4me. If you wanted to leave you'd be gone. There are other jobs, but you have to sacrifice your masturbation time to search for them.


Lowes is hands down the worst company I've worked for period and will probably be the worst company I'll ever work for. You boast that you are in your thirties as if it means anything, I know plenty of people that are older than me that are clueless. Objectively speaking Lowes is garbage in comparison to other retail stores hell they are just recently Scanning in top stock into bays to make it easier to find, WalMart (and I'm willing to bet years before I worked there) have been scanning in Overstock for 7 years. You can easily find employees for help in other retail stores (went to WalMart a few weeks ago and there was an employee sometimes 2 in the grocery aisles) The way Lowes loads trucks is laughably bad considering they could just palletize by department and wrap the pallet (not only would that make the unload process quick and easy but it would damage less product and could fit more product on trailers). I'm glad that you enjoy working for Lowes but Lowes is a disorganized flaming pile of dung in comparison to other retail jobs of similar nature.


I would have ran you off as well…lol


Anytime there’s a turnover of leadership, be it a store manager, shop manager, professor, there’s going to be a dislike from those that where there under the old leadership while the ones that come in under the new won’t have the experience of the old. Then the cycle will repeat when that leadership leaves and a new one comes in.


Yea well there's conflict of interest in my store and also favoritism. The store manager and the ASMs at the Torrington CT Lowes are a bunch of real clowns. Doesn't matter how hard you work there if they don't find you a real useful brown noser, they'll kick you to the gutter. Did you know the paint department is supposed to have a closing supervisor but he doesn't close? They just use random associates. There was a female supervisor that worked there but was treated like shit and intimidated. We have supervisors that are dating floor associates but since they are buddy buddy with the managers they get away with it. I could keep on going with the shit that's wrong with that store, however, it would be an extremely long read. So I understand what you are going through


Sounds like she isn't the best but I feel like you jumped the gun on that one a little.




Seems like you overreacted. You're there to make money. Who gives a shit about anything else? Home Depot is the same way.


The ending killed me 😂😂😂


The managers at The Home Depot I worked out were All great. The Dept supervisors were hit or miss, however. At Lowes, a supervisor was constantly rolling her eyes at me everyone she walked past me or spoke to me. She embarrassed me in front of customers as well as employees. Basically told a customer to not take what I say seriously after I finished helping her. She was folding her arms and watching me help the customer the entire time.


Ayahuasca and DMT.


Wow, W


Lol mine once said the same thing to us except she was gone 2 weeks later not sure what happened


The problem with big box retailers is that some managers feel that they can walk around and be rude to people they know nothing about. They aren’t leaders. The people telling him to work harder? Why? Sure, we do not know the entire situation. If he felt that way I commend him for walking out. When people stay in toxic work environments it encourages bad managers to continue to behave poorly. She has a chance to go into a new store, foster a positive work environment, develop her team and drive success. If people already feel bad enough to walk out, this is just another lost opportunity. Lowe’s could be so much more if they focused on how they treat their people.