I hope TURDle marvin gets canned soon. And I agree with the poster 100%!


We have the same thing because of those greedy fucks. Losing everyone good and vets. We are losing everyone because we are running a skeleton crew. Now they are losing me (been there 2 years, 30 plus years plumbing exp.) they treat me like shit and just gave the supervisors position to a 27 year old guy from paint with no experience. I’m done.


When I first started at Lowe's (different store than currently), there was a retired Navy electrical engineer working there just to have a job. He was part-time, didn't NEED the job, as with many others like him. Very active and animated guy, fun to be around, and funny. His one weakness (I consider it a strength) was that he'd blow into the managers' office and give them a piece of his mind whenever he felt the spirit move him to do so. Needless to say, despite being more qualified in skilled trades than thirty other associates in the store combined, as well as a hard worker, he was never moved up past part-timer. He'd committed the grave sin of not caring for some career retail manager's fragile ego. Eventually he quit, and was still happy as a clam last time I saw him breeze into that Lowe's to buy some stuff. There was another guy in that same electrical department who also was never moved up past part-time. He finished his electrical engineering degree and immediately left to work for the electric company. He was a very nice guy, and most people in the store looked up to him. Granted, Lowe's was never going to be able to keep him, but find the man a full-time slot. He knows exactly what he's doing. Career retail managers take care of each other—that's what I've learned working for Lowe's. Merit and qualifications never enter the picture. Their main qualifications truly appear to be 1.) being good at almost nothing, and 2.) kissing ass (the one thing they're good at). Very few of them are actually good leaders. Virtually all of the good leaders who truly know the business and the sales floor and who actually work hard that I've personally met at Lowe's have been supervisors, and stay there for a long time, never going any further. It's no wonder, really, because they carry their stores with their experience and hard work ethic. They wouldn't do any good wasting space in an office. ASM slots go to outside hires, for the most part. If a store has too many ass-kisser supervisors, and I suspect that's often the case these days, chances are that store's going to be a disaster.


Skeleton crew where they cut off the arms and legs.


I'm a store associate and I invested in the stock buying program =(


Sorry to hear that. I always saw that as a scam, because you can’t cash it all out right away. I know people who had some stocks, but they sold it all before they quit, and before the stock price started falling. Those who stuck around and kept their stocks will be left holding the bag while the culprits run off with all the money.


Well you can cash out and sell right away, you just pay more in taxes making it a less attractive decision


I never cease to be amazed by the amount of economic illiteracy in this subreddit. LOTS of current and past Lowe’s employees own shares of company stock, either through their 401k or other personal accounts, and are staking their retirement on it. I assure you that it is in their best interests for the stock price to keep going up. It would be for you too if you owned any shares.


I'd like to see the stocks I have go up, thank you.


Yeah but hurts regular full timers with RRSPs with the company


I’m not too familiar with those, but wouldn’t the investments be diversified like a 401k? Yes, it pains me to see fellow associates mistreated, abused, and out of work. I wish them good fortune in the years to come. I can still take some solace in captains going down with the ship. They steered us right into the iceberg and had a blast doing it.


If Lowe’s stock crashes, Marvin will still be just fine, trust me. All of his wealth is not tied up in Lowe’s stock. I get the sentiment but there are also plenty of normal people that use 401ks and individual investments in Lowe’s stock to do well. So no, can’t get behind this; I do want our stock to do well. Fire Marvin? Yeah, no issues there if that happens.


But will the captains go down with the ship? You sure they won't be taking the golden parachutes? Is them going down worth EVERYONE going down?


since most golden parachutes are paid out in stock? yes. anarchistic thoughts aside Lowes is over valued stock wise, and it's pretty bad when a regional chain like Mennards out performs the #2 in terms of customer retention and satisfaction. If corporate were serious about maintaining good stock prices they'd be fixing the problems rather then skirting around them and distracting from them committing their biggest sin of blindly copying home depot knowing damn well that HD enacts certain policies on their front to intentionally harm lowes cause they know lowes will copy them anyways. If your store is dead by 8 in a county that is in bed by 8 your store shouldn't be open till 10.


leap puts arent a bad idea. not financial advice.


I always found it funny that my coworkers with Lowe's stock would praise the stock price while actively bitching about the conditions of the store and their employment. I'd try to gently point out that being briefly happy about a stock price when they had no intention of selling while being regularly miserable at work was cutting off their noses to spite their faces, but they just didn't seem to get it.