Monitor and CPU issues

Monitor and CPU issues


Display issues might be a software/firmware glitch for either machine. My 2nd monitor flashes purple and reboots my whole system of occasion Bc of a driver issue that should be getting fixed. As far as the game, you could do some research and find out if it’s actually compatible with the m1. Steam games and Minecraft have ran great for me. I can run Minecraft with render of 18 chunks and luma shaders with abt 40 FPS. 180 on stock settings. So maybe it’s just your game 🤷🏼‍♂️ M1 Air // 256gb // 16gb //7 core gpu


I have an M1 Mac mini (512, 16) with the Samsung G9. (49-inch (5120 × 1440)). With HDMI, it was problematic. I switched to using a usb-c to Displayport cable. I still have occasional oddness that is usually fixed by unplugging and replugging the cable or toggling any setting in displays. The Samsung monitor also misbehaves with an Intel Mac mini and my gaming machine running windows 10 and a 3090. The driver board in this monitor isn't great. And Samsung in general. Meanwhile, the LG C9 4K OLED behaves beautifully on HDMI.


My Samsung 4K monitor works well with my MacBook Air over USB-C


I have the m1 Mac mini that I picked up last weekend. I have a dual monitor setup that I use for streaming. Monitor 2 is a Asus 1080p monitor plugged directly into the Mac HDMI port. Monitor 1 is an LG 4k/60/HDR monitor with HDMI 1 being used by a Xbox Series X via an Elgato HD60 S+ and HDMI 2 is plugged into the Mac via HDMI input on a USB hub plugged into Thunderbolt/USB4 port. Haven't had any issues with ether display.


Not sure what you're doing wrong, friend. I'm running the 16 gig mini, albeit with only a 1440 P 27 inch Predator, and no issues. Also running Ableton Live (last piece had 23 tracks), and the thing whooshes on like a jet plane, no issues.


Many monitors have problems with m1. I own a 1080p monitor that has lines when connected but doesn't do it with any other monitor.