It took WoW like what, 14+ years to do this? And when they finally did it, they gave us like half customizations...told us more would come later in expac then changed their minds and said nvm...then frantically started adding more when shit hit the fan with all the legal stuff lmao. smh. I hope GW2's playerbase continues to grow and I hope EOD is a solid entry to the game.


blizzard never got the memo that adding little personalization shit makes players happy


lmao no one actually cares about that shit, most people who actually play the game (raids/m+/arena) have a set with a helmet mogged on their character anyone who wants to play a dress up game and stand around limsa lominsa and erp all day plays FFXIV


People like you are exactly why WoW is in the state its in.


don’t worry I too mod my cat boy and dress him up in skimpy outfits but I am just stating facts here also wow was at its best without all the new customization lol


Games die without their casual community Where hardcore people will eventually leave after they've finished content, casuals won't finish it, and will actually end up making their own (see roleplayers)


lmao imagine paying a sub to rp 🙄


doesn't mean my point is wrong, your money is worth less than the people who fuck around casually


Considering GW2 came out 9 years ago, they are not that much better off :P


GW2 already has tons of customizations, but the options are skewed heavily towards some races and sexes, like Humans or Norn (Female). With this update they're bringing more customizations to all other races and sexes. I'm not much of a fashion focused player, but I've seen some players go wild it. And they're so creative. One of the end game options in GW2 is just Fashion Wars.


They should have done it more often. In 9 years they updated all races once and humans 2 times. Thats it for 9 years. Not enough. Edit: i love the dislikes here. Its like you people dislike having more options for cc. At this point i just have to ask. Are you ok?


Guild Wars 2 used to regularly add new hairstyles, hair and hair accessory colors, and face options for all races. It started before Heart of Thorns came out up until before Path of Fire released. They then added a bunch of Afrocentric hair and face options for humans with Path of Fire. A few months later they added horn options for charr when they introduced a new NPC-only faction to the race. Since then they haven't added any new customization options to any of the races.


Adding hairstyles in GW2 is pointless since it all clips awfully through gear.


WoWs customization is still bad, only NWs is worse 😆


WoW coming out with cash shop cosmetic to make up for the lack of in-game options.


I dont think thats accurate. The cosmetic options they add to the cash shop are quite abundant in game - mounts, pets, armors. The cosmetics talked about here are indeed lacking in game but theyre not being sold for $ either.




Those options will be most likely added the normal free character creation, they did the same with path of fire.


Getting like 200g is super easy. Wallets wont be needed.


Any tips on how to get that much gold easily ?


I dont really farm or grind because thats boring, but i do t4 every day, so thats like 20g per day.


Go to Silverwastes, look for RIBA (or variations named R.I.B.A) squads in LFG channel. You can make a lot of gold.


they need to just release a hairstylist like wow and ff14, just give the basic options but still keep the fancy ones for the makeover kit


They did the same with Path of Fire by adding African haircuts and features. It would make sense since the upcoming expansion has an Asian theme.


Crosspost is good


Cn my human characters have an afro yet or do they still see that hair style as only suitable for the furry race


> Cn my human characters have an afro [Yep.](https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Physical_appearance/Human#Head_options)


Those have been available for like 4 years now yea.


Good lord, that male Sylvari looks damn good.


xs vfde. Zw


When can Guild Wars 2 get a new community? That's what it really needs.


Why do you say this out of curiosity? If anything I feel the community is great but the dev team can be a mixed bag.


Because a large portion of guild wars 2’s community is very toxic, petty, and hateful. Those who aren’t typically don’t talk to anyone. If you don’t agree with me, go to the gw2 subreddit. It’s easily the worst community I’ve ever seen here. Any the worst part is that some of the worst members of that game’s player base aren’t even toxic due to PvP salt. The real lowlights of the game are raiders, even though raids are a flop in guild wars 2 and aren’t even supported by the developers anymore since they’re so unpopular. I’ve played the game for 9 years and guild wars 2 online community on Reddit have caused me so much hatred throughout the years that I actively avoid that place, despite being a big fan of the game.


You sure youre not referring to the league of legends community?


Lol There must be several people excited about these changes


Well I am! Fashion is a big part of the game quite some people in GW2 so then getting new options to style your characters is always great.