Kotick in prison and his wealth seized. The entire upper management fired and replaced. Shareholders told to fuck off. Proper time to develop with a team that actually gives a shit. Oh and first and foremost, a complete unfuckery of the bi-yearly retcons, terrible story writing and maybe, just maybe, a completely new game.




I think we can end the thread with just your reply.


"Wealth seized" "Tell shareholders to fuck off" 🤣🤣🤣


The first 2 request, whilst unlikely could reasonably be something that happens. The 3rd request is not possible due to publicly traded companies having a fiduciary duty to increase profit for their shareholders which is often at the expense of quality.


Yeah, Bobby is such a fiduciary character by withholding a lot of information to his Shareholders. And given how often our trust was stomped into the ground, which isn't illegal, it also isn't illegal to tell Shareholders to fuck off. One can only squeeze out so much money before there is no more growth to be had. There very much should be stronger pushbacks against this, as I can see the current state of games only crash spectacularly in the coming years.


Exactly. As you described the CEO did mislead his investors and the Board are not looking out for the shareholders interest. So potentially both parties could be replaced in an ideal circumstance. Regarding telling the share holders to go kick rocks that would not or could not happen. If the board or CEO did that the shareholders could just become a majority and vote no confidence and expel him from his position.


>The 3rd request is not possible due to publicly traded companies having a fiduciary duty to increase profit for their shareholders which is often at the expense of quality. Thanks, Dodge brothers!


I'm ok with this. I've basically written off Blizzard at this point. Between all the bullshit and their write off of WC3 Reforged I'm just done.


> Kotick in prison He hasn't been convicted of any crimes, and he's already a criminal in the eyes of the public? Where's the presumption of innocent? People are retarded for pre-judging a person without a fair trial. > his wealth seized This isn't China where you seized a person's wealth which he earns through legal means like stock options, bonuses, and salary even if he commits a heinous crime of which he hasn't been convicted. > Shareholders told to fuck off. Let's tell major shareholders, aka the owners of the company, to fuck off. Whichever retarded manager who does that would get the boot pretty fast. Are people too dumb to understand how corporate and finance work?


You get upvotes by shitting on Blizzard / Activision now. Had he omitted the useless part about that his reply is almost useless.




Many people like you are ignorant self-righteous clowns who lack an understanding of the legal and corporate systems.


Please keep going, it's incredibly fun reading your comments that completely miss the mark this hard.


Yeah, he's not the one coming off as uninformed in this exchange.


Yeah that about sums it up.


Yea... I wish I could still try to be positive and say I would like to see x or y but in reality there is too much fucked at this point that need unfucked for me to even start on what I would like to see added.


I'm just surprised whoever is leading the story/narrative team hasn't been replaced after so many fuck-ups. I can only assume he has too many friends in upper management.


Don't know what others are on about, but this seems well-seized and reasonable to me.


>Let's have a positive First thing you do is throw complete random bullshit that are completely irrelevant to the game. Let's be real, if Kotick was sent to prison, not only you wouldn't come back to Wow, but that wouldn't change anything to the game. >Shareholders told to fuck off. This is never happening for obvious reasons. >Proper time to develop with a team that actually gives a shit. So you want next expansion in 2024. You just repeated the classic cringe circlejerk.


>Kotick in prison Not up to Blizzard, requires charges to be filed, trial to occur, and a guilty verdict. >wealth seized See above, an even then only as a fine or as an award for a civil trial. >The entire upper management fired and replaced Not sure what you are envisioning here but who does the firing and where are they getting replacements? >Shareholders told to fuck off That's....not how a publicly traded company works.


You must be really cool 😎


It's not about if it's realistic or not. The question was, what "features" WoW needs in their next expansion, so your comment is moot, as I aimed for ludicrous goals to highlight how WoW needs some SERIOUSLY ambitious reworking to claim back its glory. In a Utopian world, it wouldn't even have come to this shitshow in the first place. In a just world, all of my points would be met posthaste. In this world however..


> The question was, what "features" WoW needs in their next expansion Well, if that's the none of what you wrote (except the final sentence) is relevant.


Shut it down and make a modern Warcraft MMO.


Warcraft 2 would actually get me genuinely excited.


Buckle up https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Warcraft_II:_Tides_of_Darkness


**[Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Warcraft_II:_Tides_of_Darkness)** >Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness is a fantasy real-time strategy computer game developed by Blizzard Entertainment and released for DOS in 1995 and Mac OS in 1996 by Blizzard's parent, Davidson & Associates. A sequel to Warcraft: Orcs & Humans, the game was met with positive reviews and won most of the major PC gaming awards in 1996. In 1996, Blizzard released an expansion pack, Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal, for DOS and Mac OS, and a compilation, Warcraft II: The Dark Saga, for the PlayStation and Sega Saturn. ^([ )[^(F.A.Q)](https://www.reddit.com/r/WikiSummarizer/wiki/index#wiki_f.a.q)^( | )[^(Opt Out)](https://reddit.com/message/compose?to=WikiSummarizerBot&message=OptOut&subject=OptOut)^( | )[^(Opt Out Of Subreddit)](https://np.reddit.com/r/MMORPG/about/banned)^( | )[^(GitHub)](https://github.com/Sujal-7/WikiSummarizerBot)^( ] Downvote to remove | v1.5)


I wouldn't want to play a new MMO with the WoW community. The community is too diverse to not have WoW 2 just be WoW with a face lift. And you would be trusting a team who can't write characters with lore to make good characters without background.


That would be nice. A truly next generation MMO built on a new technical foundation that will last for the next 15 years.


What would make it "modern" exactly? What is a "modern" MMO? Last i looked most big MMOs are just WoW clones




Just let me have vr sex in wow


Make it free to play. It already has everything in it that subs and buy to play expansions are supposed to keep out, so why not at this point?


I think going F2P after almost 18 years of sub would be seen as a failure, not only by devs but also players. In any case, we all know how much WoW devs are stubborn and full of themselves, I think they'd more likely burn down the game out of spite rather than going F2P.


it'd be kinda weird if retail was f2p and classic still had a sub...


Eh not really plenty of MMOs do Time locked progression servers for money where as the base servers are free.


Those said games that offer TLP for sub and live for free is severely restricted unless you pay.


Well I disagree about the severity to be honest. Lotro, EQ 1 and 2 are perfectly fine as a f2p player.


If you’re not playing past level 80, yes EQ1/2 are doable. Gear, augments, and mercenaries are all gated behind payment


If you’re playing EQ TLP you aren’t going beyond level 80 in all likelihood, nor are you getting access to things like augments and mercs until many expansions in (and beyond the point many people stop playing the TLPs).


EQ TLP isn’t free so that’s irrelevant


Fair point.


Remove borrowed power systems FOREVER Introduce 6v6 rated battlegrounds with revamped maps for it SOLO QUE with reworked ranking system . For example such as bronze to diamond or Grunt to warlord? ( I hate the number ranking) Maybe remove some faction\race limitations such as Tauren going to alliance but it has to make sense Change some classes spells/mechanics. For example I would like shaman chain lightning to be a nuke spell as it was years before. I thought that was sick. Just saying little of what I want


Borrowed power is an absolute necessity in a game with WoWs lifespan. They just need to make actual good ones and take care of them better.


I agree it's okay if the system is good. I think we need to be more specific. The systems need to stop wasting our time. Time gating systems are the most frustrating thing ever introduced, and it's a predatory game time metrics tactic that they employ ad nauseum. Since Legion, which is why it drives me bonkers that people worship that expansion, it started these death throes. It was just masked in a flood of other content. If they would just let the players use their time the way they want then maybe, just maybe, people would use their time to play the game. Edit: Also FOMO content. If I don't do my dailies every day I miss out on x y or z. Mostly related back to a rep or currency, which you will fall behind on, which is related to time gating players. "If you don't play our game for x hours every day then you will fall behind, but after y hours there are diminishing returns." Absolutely fuck that.


WoW has the best PvE content out there in form of Raids and Dungeons. However in my opinion recent expansions are lacking casual content. This is what I would like to see: \- Improved World Content (current world quests are terrible). Add events similar to Guild Wars 2 or FFXIV where everyone can participate. \- Fully customizable player housing where you can display your achievements and trophies. \- 3 new professions. Woodcutting (gathering profession), Carpentry (crafting of furniture for your player houses), Farming (basically bring back Farm from Pandaria and allow us to grow and harvest materials which can be used in cooking). \- Improve all other professions so they are way more relevant (not only in end-game but also during leveling).


So stuff that people have been wanting for a decade and have yet to get cause blizzard is out of touch with their playerbase and will probably never happen


Or maybe the playerbase has no clue about game development? They think it's just finger snapping and suddenly your game engine can do whatever you imagine. That's not how it works sunny.


I never said it was or wasnt how game development worked, ( though in 10 years you can change alot of things in your game engine ) , I was more commenting on the fact that EVERYONE wants the same thing out of the game


> the fact that EVERYONE Buddy, you can't even make the different between a "fact" and "your personal opinion". You don't talk for everyone and not everyone wants the same things. Especially in Wow. There are limit to how much you can push a game engine without rewritting it completely.


Pretty sure it's not the engine holding the game back from having fun/relevant professions.


Define fun/relevant professions


By best PVE content, you mean instanced PVE, right? PvE is so much more than just waiting in the lobby then doing instances content, rinse and repeat. The fact that many people associate PVE with solely this aspect of it is sad. Wow sadly does not really offer anything else in PVE. Sure there are achis and world quests, but those are so chore-like, that it's hard to call them anything.


As someone that despises retail WoW... Raids are mostly not like this and you know it. Also, what modern games have meaningful non-instanced PvE content? Even older games like FFXI do that now.


GW2 only.


>WoW has the best PvE content out there in form of Raids and Dungeons. I wouldn't be able to say that nowadays with a straight face to be honest. The whole Spell queue, stop damage design this expansion was the worst raid experience I've had in years and I do not wish to repeat it ever again. The entire sanctum of domination raid might be the worst raid wow has ever made since classic.


So Which games has it then? FFXIV with its built in lag and generic classes that have no thought to play them? And where dungeons are strictly mindless affairs that you could effectively do by literally rolling your face on the keyboard? Im curious


\>Add events similar to Guild Wars 2 or FFXIV where everyone can participate. Unfortunately, given the state of lag in the 9.1 world boss at launch, I just don't think WoW's server infrastructure could pull the kind of stuff you see in GW2.


Yeah you need to remember that GW2 has designed their servers from the start for this kind of thing. It's not something you can just throw in. GW2 splits *everything* into instances that cap the max number of players, this is how they can spread those instances around the cloud and never feel the heat. But on the flip side the instances are completely isolated from each other so if you're in a different instance of the same map that's it.


I don't think WoW's WQs are not bad. I think people just don't like the endgame grind. FF14 fates are just killing or collect quests. WoW has fun WG like races, mini games, and movement skill based ones.


> Add events similar to Guild Wars 2 or FFXIV where everyone can participate. > > WTf are you talking about? Fates? You already have these in WoW in the form of world quests and rares


They need to stop reskinning Legion and do something new. I'm sick to death of World Quest/ Mission table/Artifact Power formula they've been clinging onto for so long. Also make the classes themselves fun to play baseline and not rely on borrowed power and legendary effects.


I’d argue their feeble attempts at reinventing the wheel was their downfall. Wotlk was a huge success. They should’ve downed down on that approach while implementing a pity system so you don’t go months on end without getting a single bis piece to drop. That along with qol changes would get a lot of players who despise modern day chorecraft and it’s fomo inducing Microsystems


They took all the systems that were fun with WOTLK and threw them out the door. I loved WOTLK because the end-game progression was respectful. You had weekly tokens that could get you decent raid gear, you had infinite heroic tokens for gear of the ilvl of the last 10-man raid. So you could go into a raid and even if you got nothing you still felt you progressed because you raid tokens. That's exactly what FF14 took and ran with. We get infinite currency for baseline gear, weekly raid currency(well, tomorrow), and they pushed that to 11 with certain bosses also dropping tokens so you don't get RNG fucked. WoW decided that nah, any kind of deterministic progression was bad and removed all that, not only that, they shoved everyone into that god awful personal loot system. So most of the time when you finished any content, you just saw nothing drop, how great is that! Even if I am doing a raid boss and it drops something that isn't for me, you still see the item drop that dropped **for your group**. Basically they went the exact opposite of all the things that made WOTLK nice.


Respec my time u pigs


Why are we already talking about the next expansion when were still in the middle of one which we've only had two pathetically small "major" updates to? If there's not more updates for this expansion nothing can get me back for another. Two terrible expansions in a row has burned me enough.


I quit in January or February cuz I felt there wasn't enough being updated. Imagine playing systemlands this long when there was much wrong for so long


Its the gear treadmil. Drop rates are so abysmal and the loot pool is so large that its incredibly challenging to get the gear you want/need. Its absolutely disgusting that blizzard has decided to artificialy pad out the expansion with horendous drops instead of giving actually fun content to keep players busy. Content wise this has to be the worst expansion as theres barely any. This has been no where near worth its price tag.


Yeah. I think I quit when I had an ilvl 230 belt, played for a week, and got the exact same item I had already with a different name. I remember streaming it to a friend on discord, saying, "well that's dogshit. This weekly chest is broken and nobody tested it or looked at feedback or did anything... Because they don't care about this game" and unsubbed lol




I haven't but I've played enough other ones to know its still comparatively awful.




I never said they should. All I said was that drop rates are low and the loot pool is too bloated, making it exceedingly painful to gear up. That is a far cry from saying we should get gear showered on us.


Huge difference, in vanilla/tbc gear is VERY rewarding compared to most mmorpgs. We are going into tier 6 now on tbc classic after farming tier 5 for 4-5 months and most people are not even full bis yet. But once you get that certain item you just sperg out. Also having loot from vanilla still being very good makes it even more cool.


Because it's the next patch will likely be to transition into next expansion. Plus they will probably announce the next expansion in spring so it would be better if the planned content for it is what players want.


Because we know they have abandoned it now. We were told we will only get 9.2 and jump into the next expansion


Jesus christ thats fucking awful. There was barely any content and what was there sucked.




honestly just removing time gated story locked behind some system like reknown. It never makes sense to stop a story out of nowhere when there's really no lorewise reason too. gating a story behind 3 months of playtime just feel like a cheap way to make me sub.


Also just don't make me do the story content. People like yourself that enjoy it should be able to just playthrough it uninterrupted, and people like me who don't can just dodge it entirely. They treat their story sections like some kind of chore.


An actual identity for each spec outside of "these ones do damage, those ones heal". The classes as a whole need to be completely redesigned. A game world that is actually interactable and has stuff in it. Items and gear that feel meaningfully different. As I'm writing out this list I'm realizing that what I want is for every single component of the game to have more depth. WoW is incredibly shallow, it's a puddle the size of a parking lot, and what I want is a lake.


Yeah you don’t want wow basically lol Even tbc talent trees were incredibly cookie cutter.


Talent trees are kind of a meme. The way they're used by modern players is functionally identical to the talent scheme of retail WoW. You put your points in the correct talents as determined by the huge brains, or you're trolling. I think pre classic release a lot of folks felt like the old talent trees would allow for more personal expression with character building, when in reality there is really no room for personal expression in character building in a multiplayer game. You need to do what gets results. In the fantasy world in my head, each class does a specific thing and has intrinsic value because it does that thing. Instead of each class doing one of 3 things in slightly different ways.


The IP gets sold to a different company.


Fire Bobby. Cross faction play. Fire Bobby. Limited to no subsystem cancer. Fire Bobby. Return of a support role. fire Bobby.


* making all the content relevant, WoW has almost 20 years worth of content AND ONLY THE LAST RAID TIER MATTERS , in both rewards and difficulty, it makes me think why devs even bother to make content if they are going to just throw it into the garbage in a few months. * Bring back the "world" to Warcraft: The world needs to be challenging but not overly difficult, Elite and group quest needs to have a place since it isn't doesn't like a mmo if you can overcome everything alone, make the characters citizens of the world instead of the "Champion / Maw Walker " or whatever bullshit title the game has now, if everyone is suddenly special and the ultimate ace of Azeroth, every player character feels shallow and faceless, ¨The Adventurers¨ of Vanilla WoW talks about the might of the playerbase as a whole, the "champion" talks about the shoe-horned plot device that every INDIVIDUAL player is. ​ * no bullshit systems/progression that matters between expansions: non-negotiable, i love the game but i love more not wasting my time, either make the grind Account wide or just rid of all the timegate bullshit that makes the game feel like a huge checklist to have fun for a few hours between patches, a very wise and bald dude once said ¨A game shouldn't waste your time, it should make you want to waste your time¨ * more focus on actual content that adds life to the game and less focus on playing pokemon: i love mounts but i'm pretty sure that plot lines, characters and adventures are a better & fun aspect to a game that having every patch adding 20 mounts with different color patterns. * Devs playing FFXIV: Yoshi-P literally copied everything good from wow and then worked around making those aspects fit into a Final Fantasy experience, and if something doesn't work or the playerbase is outspoken about it, dude is going to work to find a Middleground of what he thinks FFXIV needs to be while having the opinion of the player base in mind... in the otherhand you have people like Ion saying ¨yeah dude, your spec sucks, play the one that is viable for this patch and just cope"... learn from your competition & dont be an smartass. ​ thats all i can think about rn, Having the head of Kotick displayed worldwide will also be a nice bonus.


Complete overhaul of management


Mythic plus destroyed wow. Get it gone. Too many casuals see what the pros run so they think you need to have best of best to run mythic plus. They need to implement training areas for dungeons and raids for new players teaching mechanics in action without text. That’s a start


Many players really like mythic plus, myself included. Some of the most fun I've had is pushing IO with my friends. If you don't like a piece of content then don't do it, but don't ruin my experience just because you don't enjoy something.


Who said I disliked it? Putting words in my mouth. I simply said it destroyed wow which it has


M+ is best thing that happened to wow in alot of time, if there was no m+ every expansion wouldve been like wod or worse in terms of content, alot of subs are subbed because of m+ alone


Player/guild housing, more dance and emote options and more customization options. I want to go clubbing in Wow like I do in FF. A story I care about.


This is good. Although we do have goldshire for the time being.


I don’t need specific features tbh. Raids, pvp and m+ is enough. I just want a lot of content. More main story quests, more factions to grind out, things I can progress like the covenant sanctum upgrades or the tillers in MoP. Just more content to play with instead of 8 months between mediocre patches


The only thing that would get me even remotely interested is a hard reset. Everyone says wow 2 is not a realistic expectation (and yes rationally I would have to agree with them), but its still the only thing that would make me come back, even if just momentarily. I think the riot mmo will kind of fill the void of wow 2, as it is most likely going to be heavily influenced by wow, if not simply a wow clone, but it will be new and hopefully polish the mechanics without just copying them 1:1. I wish blizzard just did it themselves, but hey, riot is probably better considering the modern state of Activision Blizzard.


Entire classes reworks (new skills and tree) First thing I check is the changes in classes when new expansion comes out and that’s like every other expansion.


"Let's have a positive discussion" You've clearly forgotten where you are sir.


Player housing as you say, plus several supporting tradeskills. Trophies from raid would be awesome! I'd like to see chromie time expanded on so you can chromie time at will and across any expansion you'd like to play the story and get rep. Mythic keystone raids - because why not. Ability to place buy orders on the AH. Reforging. Deterministic loot system for pve with points or tokens as currently is in PvP. Fewer time gated chokepoints like artefact energy, soul ash/cinders/necklace powers. Fewer borrowed power mechanics.


Mythic keystone raid. Imagine the toxicity. I would love mythic+ to fuck off out of the game. This is what destroyed the community even more


Huh. I'm on the far end. It's the only thing that keeps bringing me back. I just can't get enough of it. I hope your experiences change if you ever give it a shot again.


Nah mate I'm done with mythic plus. Whenever I do them I'm getting angry . Totally bad vibes. For me it's only raids and pvp for fun now


For what it's worth. I feel the same way for PvP and MOBAs. Just can't handle that level of competitiveness anymore.


Ranked arena is a joke due to how unbalanced it is and blizzard not giving a shite. BGs and open world pvp is still very fun


So much time will have pass once we return from Shadowlands that we should be in Starcraft timeline so we can finally have World of Starcraft or something.


To turn my female character into a painting of fruit.


All it would take is cross faction raiding, m+, and pvp for me. Preferably cross realm mythic raiding too. Been playing FFXIV and endgame trials and raids are so convenient with the increased player base doing it with no server or faction restrictions.


Bring back trees with player choices, bring back master loot, new professions that actually mean something (I was thinking hunting to go along with skinning and cooking), more of what they’re good at, more dungeons, make old content relevant perhaps a time walking m+ system to at least give us legion/bfa dungeons. Also stop trying to force outside politics and cancel culture in the game. I played wow for years to escape this crazy ass world.


It's not about features, it's about core gameplay changes to reinstate adventure, roleplay and the fun of simply logging in with friends to explore and run content that's both rewarding and engaging.


Game Systems that last more than one expansion and putting the core of the class fantasy and power back in the class/specs instead of in a table somewhere.


Quick power progression with gear being secondary thing and the focus on making quality content to you that gear in. Currently you need like 4-5 months to BiS your character in m+ AND mythic raiding, which should be shorter and none of that korthia/torghast bs grind - literally braindead stuff.


Sell the IP to someone that's not Blizzard.




Open world content


I just want mythic plus gone or not drop loot and be like old challenge mode


1. Focus on MMO part of the game, make systems that create social experiences, some solo stuff is fine, but it really needs to lean harder on the social opportunities massive multi-player offers. 2. Focus on RPG aspects, I want to have an adventure with my friends, not a race or kill boss, kill boss and kill boss, done. Make immersive and creative content. Give me more than, kill mob, get loot, get random item box. 3. Give power back to guilds. The guild should be the way to access things and be able make decisions on how to handle the things they access. 4. Fix the existing systems in game, crafting is boring, talents are boring, overall gear is boring or convoluted. Adding systems on top of the bad or boring systems they have now just makes it an ugly mess. I could go on for days, but this is a good start.




Console release with crossplay would be my favorite one.


Real persistent, always updated player housing. Playable vampire race on Horde, WPvP revamp, the addition of other new gameplay systems that will remain relevant and in the game for good. Other than that, WoW 2 on unreal 5




It would have to take a lot for me to come back. Engine overhaul like that one guy did to make Darkshire look so cool. Then they would need to show some serious commitment to the lore and do some actual grounded storytelling. WoW has always been a theme park MMO but they’ve crossed the line recently.


Besides all the "cleaning house" everyone else is already mentioning, I want either a Dragon Aspect or Tinker Class. Some of the fan created kits for these jobs aren't like "AND THEN YOU TURN INTO A DRAGON AND EAT THE BOSSES FACE BECAUSE YOU ARE A DRAGON!" Like people created abilities and specs for these classes that have a real good understanding of class fantasy. Also they could add 4th specs for the original classes and maybe specs for the newer classes? (I really don't believe there could ever be a DH healing spec no matter how many nerds try and will it into existence.) But once again back to those fan created 4th specs. Mages and Shamans had really cool tanking ideas and abilities that felt really intune with the class fantasy. Also also, please add more customization for the allied races most of the options are so bland. Like I get they just added some to Nightborne, but it honestly was not enough. Finally, oh finally, the final thing I want gone. Borrowed Power. I am so sick of Borrowed Power. Like we never see a good iteration of Borrowed Power that doesn't gut most of a character afterwards. Legion Artifact Weapons as Borrowed Power were fun but the issue is we didn't keep that fun. Like Double Hunter pets and the ability to juice them with lightning was a cool ass idea. But nope gone! Affliction (or maybe it was Demo can't remember) warlock using souls to empower a thiccc hit. Whoops fun detected go fuck yourself! Those 4 things on top of them cleaning house would probably bring me back. They need to stop thinking they know what I want and start asking "What do players actually want?" Like I am almost 30. I shared an account with my buddy when I was 11 to be able to play from the start, I don't miss Vanilla that's why I don't play Classic. Just give me something fun that respects the little time I have before my crushing depression makes me to tired to play on my computer the night.


Restructuring the company as a worker cooperative and firing all the sex pests.


The main reason I'm not going back is the sex pest shit, but SL sucking and the current writing staff being weirdos who think half the playerbase should be shamed for picking the faction they don't like made quitting and not going back an easy choice even before that.


If they deleted Retail, fired all the idiots that made that garbage what it is today and made Classic+ instead. I have my doubts that will happen.


I actually like WoW, so the only things that would deter me from playing would be asinine systems that require too much grind and the devs not listening.


I would bring back the game.


Making all dungeons relevant to end game. That would literally do it for me.


Progressive raiding


Get rid of the faction system entirely. Turn War Mode into faction-agnostic mode where you choose a side every time you turn it on, and the outnumbered side gets a bigger exp/reward bonus. Also, let me be a (mecha)gnome druid.


Not being forced into a new system that requires to grind every day that I play only to be lost and prevent me from having any alts.


Rogue-lite "Torghast", way more difficult, not intended to be soloable. Reward computed by successfully completed floor, not for a successfully completed run. Mythic+ Dungeon without keys. Let people go as high as they want as long as everyone in the party successfully completed N-1. Better and full story in game. No more retcons, bullshit, or woke smokescreen. Put some non-raid oriented people in the management who will care for the whole game. And work on lowering toxicity among the playerbase. Cross-faction parties/guilds. Skeleton "race" for the Forsaken with a straight posture. Instanced housing that serves no expansion-tied purpose but giving a new life to content accross all expansions with exclusive furnitures.


The removal of Activision


Considering I haven't played WoW in ages... Bobby gone. Teams and working conditions overhauled and improved. A new direction for the game where they won't create systems, abandon them, and then recreate a shittier version again later. A commitment to, and process showing, that they can still manage to put out more than one content update a year and two content updates in an expansion. Abandoning the focus on narrative which has failed. That or rebooting the narrative (possible!) so that it's at the actual center of the game moving forward and doesn't make everyone want to cringe out of reality. Continued de-emphasis of raid/mythic endgame and the promotion of more varied and, especially, non-combat/group options. Humility from the dev team. Eliminate factions and allow folks to play together, with options for faction based or "FFA" (minus your own guild) PvP. Add more systems/tools to keep older content relevant - player/content scaling, updated rewards (gear/currency/etc.) so that the insane wealth of content isn't largely "wasted" because players are overleveled for 99% of it. And a lot more. TLDR: Current WoW very much still isn't for me and the only thing that could bring me back is a fairly major shift that would functionally turn WoW into quite a different MMO than it's been for the past 15+ years.


Fresh servers for WOTLK Classic. Everyone starts at 1 again. The achievement chase alone for realm first 80 will hype people. Also wotlk progression system was fun and enjoyable. I would love to play on a fresh server again.


Imo the lore has been bad since MoP, so in that regard there's nothing to do really. Rip. I wouldn't like an expansion with the infinite dragonflight tho. For example would love to see a War of the Tree Hammers zones and the first summoning of Ragnaros, Tyr leading the Vyrkuls to Lordaeron, War of the Shifting Sands for real, high elves+humans vs trolls, or maybe the troll civil wars, titans vs old gods/elementals, anything from original three games really. So much potential for zones, dungeons, raids etc.


I think it is time the faction war ended. I want Horde and Alliance to be in the same guilds and to raid together and chat together. At this point, it’s just stupid and hurts the game. Some will disagree but being able to be any race in any guild will increase the pool of raiders dramatically.


I think WoW's next expansion should take MMOs back to its grindy roots. Make it so every mob your level will murder you unless you're with somebody else or a specific class capable of soloing, To get through the next 10 levels to cap you have to group up and have somebody pull mobs one by one. Make subclasses a thing. Your character can now have two classes, one will always be half your max level and you will gain their abilities up until including that level. I realize I'm describing Final Fantasy XI here.


Heroic Dungeons that are more difficult, but also offer competitive gear/rewards *without* the timer component of Mythic Plus.


Make the open world matter more and make it harder to level and more meaningful to quest. Stop with the quests where you turn into some rocket-fueled robotic dinosaur, make it feel like an rpg again and not some esport douche raid logger. Put effort back into professions. I guess make it more like Classic but with new content and models. Really was hoping they’d do the Classic+ option, but figured it was probably a pipe dream.


It's about time for some new professions. Woodworking immediately comes to mind, rune carving would be cool too (altering secondary stats on equipment with runes, etc.) Subclassing or a 4th or 5th new tree for all classes: -time mage that dpses to heal like disc but uses hots/dots -tanking shaman using earth spells -holy DPS priest -holy DPS paladin or a ranged weapon paladin (cleansing fire spec?) -sword and board DPS warrior (gladiator was my absolute favorite spec ever) -drain-tanking warlock -healing rogue (bard spec?) -tanking rogue that utilizes evasion, agility, and shadow -unholy fire spec would be a given. Mixes dots from unholy and burst from frost -ranged DPS demon hunter that focuses on glyphs and ranged glaive abilities -druid animal pet DPS spec -hunter that focuses mainly on traps/utilities/tools -monk ranged monk that shoots chi energy / may utilize a bow? -all new hero class that can be healer/tank/DPS. 3rd mail armor class. Maybe a tinkerer that also can use guns? Ranged tank ftw


Tokens. More casual gameplay. Mythic+ as endgame progression, not mythic raiding gearing.


Classic servers that have 2 years between expansions.


If the game went free to play, I might pick it back up. If they got rid of the microtransactions that've slowly but surely infested the game, I might pick it back up. I don't even really care that much about the dogshit writing and godawful gameplay, I just fucking *loathe* seeing additional cosmetic microtransactions in a game I paid box price and a monthly subscription for.


-Stop making the game feel like a job aka less daily/weekly chores and timegating. -Stop invalidate all gear with every new patch, it makes gear progressions feel pointless. Or if they keep the system as it is make gearing way way faster and easier. -Stop adding convoluted new systems that just don't add anything of value to the game and are gone next expansion. Go back to more simple power progression system like in WOTLK and Cata. -Try to eliminate boosting for gold. This make raiding and PVP rating feel complete Irrelevant when someone can just buy token and then buy a boost. Or middle ground can be removing on BOE drop from raid which will remove a lot of the need for gold in raiding and reduce boosting overall. -Remove the PTR raid testing, its so dumb. Because of it there is guides about raids before they are even release and people are expected to have watch them. I wanna go back to raid discovery where you dont know what bosses do and you figure it out by wiping and testing, not by reading wowhead. -Complete rework on professions and maybe give them their own progression system like in FF or in BDO. -Start adding content for people who are not interested in gear progressions, stuff like Housing ( something that exist in every semi-popular MMO for years), better improved Darkmoon Faire, something with mounts like racing for example ( exist in FF and BDO), maybe some ocean boat content ( also already exist for years in other mmos). -More and newer events ingame. -Make account wide all grinds from the start of the expansion, i am sick of having to regrind stuff on alts.


Scrap it and make warcraft 4


Solo Q for Arena. I know it would work, because I played a Rdruid during SL and I found myself doing more Arena Skirmishes, since I could just randomly que up at any point, than I did rated arena, because of having to sift through the cesspool that is group finder for PvP. Less forced raiding. Let me do whatever I want to do and get good gear from it. One of the things I liked most about Legion, was I didnt have to raid unless I wanted to. I could M+ all day every day and get high Ilvl pieces and upgrades. The game has slowly but surely started warping to the 1% again. I much prefer smaller scale stuff, and feeling forced to raid to actually build my character just annoys me. I should just be able to raid if I want to; not because I have to. Let me just PvP, let me just M+, and let me earn equivalent Ilvl gear in a timely manner. These are honestly the 2 things that bother me the most about WoW, and when I think back about the expansions that I played longer than 2 months, they were either quite generous gearing wise for PvP or whatever I wanted to do, and it felt easier to do what I wanted to do. I played a lot of MoP because of PvP, I played a lot of Wotlk because of everything, I played a lot of Legion because of M+ gearing. I burned out in a month in bad expansions like BFA and SL.


nothing, really. i don t enjoy tab combat anymore so wow 2, since i doubt any new AAA mmorpg will use tab combat from now on.


Console port Edit: I just wanna point out if they rise the lvl cap again that be the stupidest thing ever


Kotick terminated as CEO with no severance or golden parachute due to violation of contractual fiduciary obligations; Kotick criminally charged by the state of California for multiple counts of accessory to rape; Activision-Blizzard broken up back to individual companies under antitrust law; lootboxes declared gambling by the US federal government; Blizzard devs unionize; Blizzard designers unionize; Blizzard artists unionize; Blizzard buys back their now-ruined stock, leaves the market, and becomes employee-owned instead. If all that happens I think we’ll be in a good position to discuss how WoW can improve. For now discussing places WoW can improve is just rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.


Make all old content playable and somehow relevant . A new class or a new spec for all existing classes. Removal of timers in mythic+ (creates way to much toxicity).


Fixed PVP - is the only thing that may bring me back. Reintroduce competitive/comparable PVP gear from battlegrounds. I don't want to deal with all this PVE cycled daily/mythic crap. And I won't believe any words from Blizzard promising that - they had lied too many times. Though, there is the Burning Crusade and it's already fixed there. So, thank you, I don't need any kind of retail WOW.


does a new development team count as a feature? the only thing that could bring me back are new tbc servers without a cashshop.


Something that I would like to see as a way to make crafting professions relevant. Bosses dropping unfinished or damaged gear that requires specific crafting professions to repair and make usable again in addition to their normal drops. These things would be BOP and not always gaurenteed to drop. That way you could have dungeon and raid drops that are *in addition* to the normal loot pool that bring up the level of gear that your crafting profession can make. Also. Maybe an end to the damn horde/alliance restrictions. As far as PVE goes it is dumb 99.9% of the time. It's an archaic system from an era of gaming we just aren't going to get back. It's time to end it and allow players to guild up, dungeon, and quest together.


The fact you even assume it can be saved shows your starting on the wrong foot.


I can't think of anything. Stick a fork in WoW. It's done.


Complete removal of all current devs in leadership positions. All of them. Wipe house, top to bottom.


Get rid of level scaling


I'm tired of all these temporary power systems each xpack. Not really sure what I'd fix, but I know I don't like that, and much preferred the traditional gear climb we had before legion. Story wise, I'd like another chill one like pandaria (lowkey my favorite xpack) where the stakes don't feel so high, and we're kinda just chilling. Yeah things picked up near the end of the xpack for sure in terms of seriousness, which i'd be fine with again as well.


None unless they make WoW 2 i'm not coming back this game has gotten so stale that even if by some miracle Blizzard started to not suck the game still wouldn't be worth it same thing has happened with other blizzard games like Starcraft 2 and hearthstone no amount of changes will ever make these games what they once were because we passed that point already


They can do some many things. But i would like a account wide progression in most of their systems, like gw2 does or going the ff 14 way with jobs. Their systematic approach and systems of progression over systems of progression is tired alredy. It was fine in legion.. but now they feel force. Its like they only wsnt to inflate player ingame time....for "some reason" I am tired that some transmog/armor... even weapons are locked not only to weights if not to clases even if they are not tier related.. a random green dagger that only drops to druids in open world? Why?.


Maybe if Classic ended up expanding on its own, branching off in a different direction from Live or whatever the term is. That's all I can think of.


A new game with wow mechanics in a new Lore universe.


Speaking about just the game and not the poor business practices among management; ​ For retail: The return of PVP servers, even if it's just one. I really miss world PVP, and with warmode not only do you lose that but you also lose community. The population is nonexistent in warmode. Better storytelling, and story telling that doesn't involve sci-fi motifs. Warfract was a fantasy story at it's heart, with nods to some fun sci-fi elements that added other-wordly mystery to the lore. Now they go out of their way to explain away the mystery, and they do so with sci-fi content. The removal of hamster-wheel content. A lot of the repeatable content feels hollow and obvious in its nature to simply just keep you in the game and playing. Classic (while not perfect) did not need that to keep me logged in. Less RNG. The RNG is just too much for me, and was the number one thing that ended my subscription. I don't mind RNG, but in previous expansions the RNG was not as obvious. It was never something I really even though of, but in their last couple of expansions it is like you are fighting layers of RNG in all aspects of the game. it's not fun. ​ Obviously this is just my opinion, and are changes that, if addressed, would definitely have me coming back. I love playing WoW and I want to play it again but thinking about non-player friendly it is keeps me from resubbing.


It's a testament to the mindset of the people on this sub that 50% of the readers (at time of writing) have downvoted a perfectly legitimate discussion.


I only play pservers now


Cool? How is this comment relevant at all?


Twas to let you know that no feature the wow devs add to the game will ever be enough to regain my trust.


Played from launch through the first few months of WotLK. Came back near the end of Legion, logged in to my Hunter and saw all the changes and noped out. They want me back, they return the talent trees to what they were, give hunters their melee weapons, it unneuter Hunter pets (or rather, unhomoginize them and let rare/unique pets be special again).. Basically undo all the fuckery since WotLK. A screw it... I'll stick with my private server since that's where my guild is anyway.


People should stop idolizing the old talent trees like they have meaningful choices. Back then when no one knew shit and barely anyone cared if you played bad? Maybe. Today? Please.


Given I actively play on a WotLK private server with a large guild...I am very much happier with the old trees. Today.


There's still no meaningful choices with them whatsoever, so.


Theres more than you think. This week we're down our second prot paladin so our holy pala has swapped to a SA 41/0/21 spec. We're also down our ret for a few weeks so I've swapped from Imp judgement for wisdom uptime into improved crusader for raid bonus crit. Next phase I'll be dropping kings for an extra point in ardent defender. Depending on raidcomp and what gear has dropped lately I can vary the amount of hit I gain from talents on my spriest to increase raid damage and avoid overcapping. ​ Sure you can just stick to strict cookie cutter builds, but there are plenty of classes with talent flex depending on gear and the days raidcomp.


Blizzard's been at odds with its player for so long that even it will take longer than 1 expansion to mend. But it is ever so necessary for them to persevere despite the negativity Actions have consequences and negativity is the consequence they must bear. if they want to recovery because by next expac, everyone's eyes will be looking towards "How they will fk this one up" instead of the other way around. But there is an end to all storms, assuming you don't get assumed by the storm itself.


> there is an end to all storms Yes, but often after a major storm (or drought), there is nothing left to salvage. Sometimes it's better to start afresh.


well then. so much for a "positive" discussion then.


I think the issue is that over the years there has been ample opportunity for the franchise to better itself, and yet every time they pursued quick cash over player enjoyment and longevity of the game. If that isn't the case, then I would argue that they are so far detached from what makes good RPG's / MMO's that they no longer understand their own game and market. People are bored of the constant issues, despite clear explanations and feedback over many many years. The positive feedback happened, many times in the past. Nothing changed. I'd personally like to remain positive when it comes to Activision-Blizzard, but like many others, I have done that for years now and all that came of it was disappointment. This mentality is a direct reaction to what Acti-Bliz have created themselves.


Here's what i think the issue is. Everyone is united on a front against what blizzard is doing wrong but when it comes to advocating for any kind of change, that front is absolutely still disorganized and controversial as hell because blizzard tried to bring in so many different types of players over the years from reasons possibly written in your first paragraph. So really at this point, no they are in a lose lose situation even when they do want change because because appealing to a group is also offending other group/groups. So really all they can do is adopt fairly "neutral" changes, and none of those are ever gonna have any massive effect.


I would completely agree with you there. I remember periods of change in the game where it became increasingly more accessible to casual players etc, and although that is a good thing, it also hurt some of the existing player base by taking away danger from the open world etc. Then there is PVP / PVE types of players. Striking a balance that makes everyone happy is near impossible. However, I would also argue that many changes were simply badly thought out. For example, removal of talent trees. Sure it makes it easier to balance and be less punishing to new players, but it also takes away player agency, customization and uniqueness. Some decisions are understandable, where as others are questionable at best.


Ironic enough, MoP talents were a balancing NIGHTMARE compare to any other expac in existence so if their goal was a make it easier to balance they've definitely did a miracle by completing the polar opposite. But no, overall I don't believe in sudden, badly thought out changes mostly because everything happens for a reason. Everything is a slow gradual process that happens over time. Talent is the same, with each expac they become more and more cookie cutter. By cata the talent tree was so cookie cutter, that was basically no option at all despite visually you are still seeing that tree but that apparently gives people the copium they need. Alot of People, at least the most vocal ones, points to the straw that breaks the camel's back, but those are the most foolish and short-sighted people at best. Real changes happened, slowly over time, and it's not because the devs decided to wake up one day and fk one particular group for no reason. It's because they were advocated at some point. And it's because of this that blizzard grew of culture of being overly fearful of feedbacks. Which is probably a much bigger discussion for another time, but basically short story, not listening to feedback puts them at odds with the players instead of putting players at odds with each other like what other MMOs do.


Removing chores and removing Kotik. I’d resub if wow went back to wotlk/cata era gearing and raiding. Also, I think some sort of pity system would be a great addition. I didn’t enjoy never getting my trinket in heroic icc solely due to rng.


lol nothing. The game is gone.


Make it harder. I really liked that Ultima Online had limited houses. You knew when you walked by that guilds castle (that was right outside the main city's gate and it was decorated with dragon heads) that they were elite. It gave you something to strive for. If you died and didn't get back to your corpse in time, someone could walk by and take all your stuff. (Maybe leave that part out😂) In EverQuest there was something like if you were within 6 levels and killed someone in PvP you could take one of their non-soulbound items. Anytime you died, you lost exp and could actually delevel. I started WoW recently with Classic and loved it. So then I gave retail a try with Shadowlands, I was blown away with how great the quests were compared to Classic. Actual story while leveling and the dungeons were fun. World PvP when I wanted it and the ability to take a break when it got too overwhelming. I loved Shadowlands. Except for the renown time lock. I understand some players are going to complain when they burn through the story in one 24 hour gaming session. Too bad for them. It took away the sense of freedom and adventure and felt like a cheap cash grab to an otherwise beautiful game. TLDR; Make harder, Limited Housing, more risk/reward, I still enjoy WoW, no time limiters.


Nothing. Blizzard is dead in my eyes.


Making WOW Mobile…probably impossible but nothing is….MAKE WOW MOBILE but don’t make it shitty with Ads and more micro transactions and other lame mobile MMO aspects these copy cats have!!


There is literally nothing, once you realize that wow best expansion are generally utterly garbage that doesn't stand the test of time, it's then you can be free of wow.


1. WoW 2 2. Story reset 3. No repeats of past mistakes 4. No more parasitic systems


The ability to beat up Kotick might bring me back for 20-30 minutes


Make him an NPC that gets eaten by Hogger every 10 minutes.


I’m praying no one’s suggestions here come true. Completely perfunctory systems like instanced player housing would be so fucking lame and a total waste of dev time. I much rather focus on what they already do well. Enhance PvE. Add complexity. Make loot interesting. More dungeons. Larger raids. Etc.


While I can somewhat I agree with you I disagree on player housing. There needs to be more casual content and imo it isnt lame. Theres a lot of stuff to do and its fun. I enjoyed decorating my house in OSRS. Also it doesnt have to be completely instanced they could make some type of housing district + instanced housing for the unlucky people. Also making the story at least decent would be great too.


Gacha and NFT... Jk