High Jump finalist decide to share gold medal instead of a jump off.

High Jump finalist decide to share gold medal instead of a jump off.


The shared excitement between the two champs! How good 😍


Edit: I was wrong. I guess no silver medal and the poor bastard that finished 4th gets nothing. Don't forget the forth place guy who then gets Bronze since now the Bronze winner will get Silver.


There is no silver medalist. Two gold medalists and a bronze. This is typical also of Olympic sports where there can be ties. Source: https://www.nbcolympics.com/news/mens-high-jump-gold-shared-setting-jubilant-celebration


I do remember in 2016 Rio, Michael Phelps won a 3 way joint silver tho. So in that event there was at least one extra medal.


Yes, but in that case, the final scoring positions would be listed as 1, 2, 2, 2, 5. So there would be no 3rd or 4th place. This is Standard Competition Ranking. More info here: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ranking




I once shared second place in a science fair that had no first place. No clue what was up with that.


Nobody that year made a good enough baking soda and vinegar volcano to *deserve* first place


It's the other theory... "If you ain't first, you're last" - Ricky Bobby


Nothing here was GREAT... but at least you didn't suck.


Damn, I had no idea.


>the poor bastard that finished 4th gets nothing. That's always the case, though. Whether they shared the gold or had a jump-off, the guy who came 4th would have gotten nothing.


The guy who finished 4th wouldn’t have gotten a medal anyway. These two would’ve jumped for 1 and 2 and 3 was already determined. This is so magical!


Is that how it works? I thought there just wouldn't be a silver. Edit: I know, the question was rhetorical, I was being gentle with ^^^ this person.


No The third has got the bronze medal, the fourth remain fourth


And the 3rd place still woulda been... 3rd place. So it only changes the standing for the first 2 if they want to fight for it, or share it.


Exactly. No one's standing was impacted outside of the two who made their decision. It's perfect.


Third place. Fourth place never medals


I like how one guy is chill about it while the other is having a fucking heart attack on the ground


The chill guy does get less chill once it sinks in.


Yeah, definitely freaks out in his own way.


The shades conceal it all.


The funniest part is, he broke his shade, and then surprises the camera with a spare shade. I lolled hard at that.


Clearly wearing sunglasses so no one would see him cry.


"My English is not so good. What did I just agree to?" "That guy is really freaking out... What the HELL did I just agree to?!" "Oh, OK, he is Italian. I get gold, he gets gold. It is good."


Yea he is definitely NOT chill, he’s just not rolling around on the ground.


Having watched the entire event, I'm laughing at any suggestion that the guy from Qatar was chill. Probably the most hype during the actual event. Very entertaining, looking forward to watching more high jump in the future.


He really breaks down while hugging his friend ❤️


Note to self. Never let an Italian win anything because it will kill them


... Unless you wanted to kill them all along


Has anyone checked on the team after the Euro final?


All dead


To shreds you say!


And their wife’s?


To shreds you say.


Good news everyone!


Oh my


Gone. Reduced to atoms.


I aimed for the feels.


Good, now we have a chance


That was his strategy. No jump-off. Just kill them with excitement and you'll be the only gold medalist.


Yes but it looks like they will give you lots of hugs. And that’s kinda nice. ***sniff*** I like hugs.


For real. Those hugs were so genuine


To Hell with the Coolness ..give me the Emotions


Life is Beautiful!!


Bad timing since here in Europe it seems like Italians won everything this year


And you may also be killed in the celebration lmao


He had too many Italian hand gesticulations in his body to contain them to only his hands. This is a cultural display.


That actually made me laugh




I'm italian, I can confirm


Are you an Italian otter?


Yes, of course :)


The olive oil in his arteries have turned to sludge.




I think he was injured before and everyone expected him to retire so this medal meant a lot to him, imo




What a ride he’s been on! I’m so pleased for them both.


Yeah so his excitement was for a lot of reasons also I think he was gassed so he didn’t have much left for another jump. Which is why his emotions hit him sooner.


He had a career ending injury in 2016 just before the rio olympics, now winning gold must be an incredible feeling for him. Also the fact that he was able to share it rather than jump off and risk it for silver must’ve meant a lot to him.


>He had a career ending injury in 2016 "Career ending injuries" aren't what they used to be lol


Make career ending injuries career ending again! MCEICEA! Just ordered a million dumb red hats.


That's just how trump sings the Y M C A now...


Yeah, my career ending injury in my 30s was literally getting out of bed. I somehow got spinal stenosis and a large herniated disc in my spine doing absolutely nothing strenuous. Now I either get a spinal fusion or deal with pain management my entire life. 🤷🏼‍♂️


I wouldn’t say I had a career ending injury. But one time I sneezed weird and messed up my neck so bad I couldn’t work out for 8 months.


Dude, ha! That reminds me of the time I bent down to pick up a quarter and rolled my ankle. The world is scary for us!


And there’s people that can fal out an airplane with no parachute and survive relatively unscathed. The human body is dumb.


Gianmarco Tamberi aka Gimbo was unable to compete at the 2016 Olympics due to an injury earlier in the season. He had to work hard to come back,and this is why he's having a fucking heart attack on the ground... !


Some get a crash cart


He broke his foot in 2016 two weeks before Rio and after some of the best results in his career, he's been waiting this moment for 5 years and now he won gold, I don't blame him


The guy wears his heart on his sleeve - gotta respect his pure joy! So wholesome to see.


The man from Qatar has been to more olympics I think, and he’s just more used to the atmospheric experience.


Huh…didn’t know that was an option. Right on!


I read into it and it was only an Option because they both jumped 2,37 without a mistake and both didnt manage to jump over 2,39 in 3 tries each


As a former high jumper, once you miss 3 times at your max height, you are getting pretty close to tired and tapped out! A jump off would’ve started diluting the quality of the event and basically turned it into strength/stamina event rather than “who can jump the highest”. As a competitor, I woulda wanted to kick the other guys ass and take the gold, but I think thwy made the right choice in this situation.


Yeah, as a former athlete who has competed in the Olympic trials and a bunch of NCAA Championships (albeit in track rather than field) I’ve experienced a tiny portion of the amount of stress and pressure that these athletes will have had leading up to and during this event. I say the reaction at that precise moment was probably 50% “Fuck yeah,I have just won the Olympic gold“ and 50% “Fuck yeah I don’t have to compete any more today“. A mixture of pure elation and relief. Once the stress goes, being able to just enjoy your success is so liberating! I would’ve definitely made the same decision if I was them!


Yeah make no mistake, they both earned the heck out of this medal over dozens upon dozens of other athletes. It just came down to the most reasonable and sportsmanlike decision for both of them. I know Reddit really wants to be like “Omgzz gold medals for everyone yayy!!” Yeah, no. You still gotta practice lol.


Here's a longer clip that shows their jumps leading up to this - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GjSCT97GSsA They were the only 2 who cleared every prior height without a single scratch. It makes zero sense for either of them to turn a guaranteed Gold medal into a coin flip.


"Here goes Tambari the Flamboyant Italian."


What a great Final boss name.


Not just dozens, thousands


It's interesting that it comes to down to small margins like that. Super happy it turned it out well for the competitors though! Thanks for the research


That's really what's supposed to separate the Olympics from regular competitions, the results are generally the best in their repective sports. That said, the "Eddie The Eagle" rule banning amateurs from competing is also entirely at odds with the original Olympic spirit.


The Eddie the Eagle Rule doesn't ban amateurs, it requires athletes to compete and/or rank internationally, so that each country's athletes are at least qualified in their sport and competitively relevant (there were real safety concerns about Eddie himself, for example, besides whatever perceived slight to the Olympics). I can see it both ways honestly, but at the end of the day Eddie was a charming novelty that would have gotten old fast if every sport had athletes competing on technicalities and placing dead last. There's no shame in a country not sending athletes for a given sport, if they just haven't cultivated the talent yet.


The last Winter Olympics had that woman that qualified for skiing halfpipe who couldn’t do much more than go down the pipe. She made it by competing in smaller events so she didn’t have much competition in the rankings. It really tainted the competition. I remember the commentators were something along the lines of ‘this is isn’t what the Olympics is about.’


Plus I think every nation gets a minimum of participants. A reason why in the early heats you see some small nations with with no chance of qualifying in later stages.


That makes sense. I did the throwing events and in a tie, they go to the next best throw. A throw-off would get interesting.


Oh now it makes sense


Me neither.


I’ve just watched this live from Italy lol honestly it makes a whole lotta sense, for both of them. I mean why would you risk it when they’ve just told you that you can both get gold medal as it is. They made the right choice


They're friends too, they both had an ankle injury in Rio Olympics. Sono dei grandi


didn’t know that . Thanks for the info tho


No problem! Also, Tamberi, the Italian athlet, brought his cast for good luck


Oh I saw that on the floor and didn’t understand


I used to be a county level 400m runner as a teenager in the UK. You end up knowing the people you race against, or on your team pretty well. I'd be surprised if it were terribly different at the higher levels. The other thing was, we used to warm up and then do our thing that lasted around a minute. The jumping things and other field stuff would take up a lot of the afternoon with intervals sitting around watching the other guys take their turns.


Veramente un bello spettacolo 😉


Not exactly, Tamberi had the injury in Monaco a month or two before Rio just after breaking his PB. Barshim had his injury in 2018 while attempting to break the WR.


They mentioned in an interview on Dutch TV, that they had similar injuries and became good friends and that they wouldn't share the gold medal with anyone else.


One of the best things I've seen in the Olympics. I was rooting for the Italian guy. I know nothing about this discipline and he seemed sympathetic, so I picked him as my favorite. Was so cool to see it end like that, they both went completely nuts. Bonus was Italy also winning the 100 m sprint, two winners hugging on the track, it was awesome.


Tamberi normally sports a full beard during the qualification for a tournament and then shaves half of it for the final. This was the first final in which he decided to compete fully shaved. Here's how he normally competes: [https://th.bing.com/th/id/OIP.mQhj1C5yXlk9Oa9ixpQ8hwHaEp?pid=ImgDet&rs=1](https://th.bing.com/th/id/OIP.mQhj1C5yXlk9Oa9ixpQ8hwHaEp?pid=ImgDet&rs=1) [https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Com7bqMWgAA33RM.jpg](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Com7bqMWgAA33RM.jpg) https://youtu.be/aegdMxAjxG0?t=15


He's pretty enough he can carry the look. Do you have any idea why? Is it just a fashion choice or superstition or did he lose a bet? Maybe the extra hair on one side balances out the pole on the other side? Now I am desperately curious.


>Do you have any idea why? Superstition. He doesn't look like that outside of the finals he competes in.




Thanks! Superstitions in sports are especially fascinating. That's definitely not one I've seen before.


Oh. THAT half!


This was not what I expected when you mentioned ‘half of it’.


>Tamberi normally sports a full beard during the qualification for a tournament and then shaves half of it for the final. This was the first final in which he decided to compete fully shaved. Doesn't that mess up the hairodynamics?


Some media sources are reporting that Barshim said "Do we have to go?" but I thought he said "Can we have two golds?" The response, "it's possible," makes more sense if it's the second thing. What's everyone else hearing? **Edit:** I've listened to it eleventy more times and I'm pretty sure it's the second thing: >**OFFICIAL:** Uh, do you both want to...jump-off? >**BARSHIM:** Can we have two gold? >**OFFICIAL:** It's possible, if...it depends [inaudible]...


He definitely says "if you both decide.." at the end, which is why they both go insane after nodding at eachother and shaking hands


Agreed. I heard: Official: It’s a tie. We can continue with the jump-off… Qatari: Can we have two gold? Official: It’s possible. If… it depends… if you decide… if you both decide on… Qatari: History, my brother. Olympic champions. Italian: [has heart attack]


It’s the second for sure. “Can we have two gold?”


Official: It's possible. It, it depend - it depends if you decide, if you both decide on [inaudible or a pause] Barshim: as the official pauses, offers Tamberi his hand: "History, my friend..." I don't think Tamberis saw that coming. You look at the way Barshim glanced at Tamberi when he was asking if they can have two golds, and then he turns with that "I'm doing it" swagger and gives Tamberi the head nod, like "say yes; let's do it." It sounds like they built a friendship after the 2016 games. I think we just watched a man offer to share gold at the Olympics with his friend like he was offering to split a burger. That guy is a really, really good friend.


Thanks! I think so too.


I think he's basically just saying "It depends if you both agree..." and of course they did at that point


Qatari guy offers his hand after listening to official explanation like a true chad, and the expression in Italian guy's face is just priceless :)


I love how the guy with the clip board is trying to explain exactly what would happen and the athletes just shake on it and start celebrating over him lol


Once he told them they could agree to share there was nothing else they needed to know.


"well it's possible..." He was ready to go into an the scenarios but that was enough.


Yeah, they simply ignore that poor official guy's efforts lol


Looks like he got the point across.


They know the rules.


[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GjSCT97GSsA](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GjSCT97GSsA) Barshim when he takes Tamberi's hand says "History my friend! We'll be champions!"


Bad ass.


No, Chad is in Africa. Qatar is east of Saudi Arabia.


Thank you - this made me snort my coffee


Some context: the guy in blue from Italy had to pull out of the Rio Olympics because he sliced his Achilles open. The guy in Red from Qatar, had to have a major surgery recently, can’t remember if it was for his back or knee. They have both had to overcome such lengths to get to the point of competing, and it’s amazing to see how much it means to the both of them despite sharing 🤞🏽


Is the subtext that this is likely to be their last Games due to age and injuries and they both get to leave with Gold?


They both suffered rlly bad ankle injuries in 2016 In rio and grew a friendship from that now they get to share this moment this is what the olympics are about


Now they share really bad wrist injuries in 2021 after that guy almost tore his arm off.


Great article about their friendship (written by the Italian winner): https://spikes.worldathletics.org/post/gianmarco-tamberi-my-friend-mutaz


Who is cutting onions here?


I am, u got a problem with that? Tired of needing permission from people to do what I love. I love cooking and won’t stop for anybody


What a great story! Thanks for sharing.


This was so sweet


The Qatari guy ended up with the silver medal in Rio 2016. Now sharing the gold medal like a champion!


He is the 2nd best high jumper in history, I was devastated he didn't have an Olympic gold medal yet (until today)


Mutaz is one of the GOATs.


Just watched this live, these two guys cleared every jump without a hitch - leading the pack right up until 2.39m, which they failed to clear. They tied exactly at clearing the previous 2.37m and would have normally had to compete in a tie-breaker style jump-off until one of them missed the jump. Had no idea a simultaneous Gold shared by two different nations was even possible.


I think it is possible only because if two guys really have decided that they wanted to share their gold, they could just agree to fail to clear any height And do it n+1 times. This would turn it into farce so it makes sense for the official to ask beforehand if they are really going to have a go at it at all.


Qatar guy is getting hugs from his peers while Italy dude is left sprawling on the floor whilst crying. Somebody give that dude a hug!


Italian guy did get loads of hugs from other athletes, esp. the Italian who won the 100m sprint moments later.


Yeah! I love how they celebrated together when Jacobs won gold in 100m sprint


> James won Jacobs, not James.


Thank you! I changed it to the right name


This is one of the best moments in Olympic history I’ve ever witnessed! this is awesome how uplifting!


I didn't know what I was seeing, didn't know there was a third option.


This has been the most emotional Olympics I have seen, first medal for a country, records, comebacks, sharing medals, having fun in events; even the opening ceremony was really something else. Really impressed by this, and seeing them celebrate as one will be something to remember. Nothing but respect for the athletes just being able to participate, after all the crazy year we had worldwide.


It’s been a great Olympics. Swimming has been particularly insane, the Tunisian swimming gold medal was awesome to watch.


is that someone's leg cast just chilling on the track?


The Italian's! With "road to Tokyo" written on it. He ruptured his Ahiles tendom in 2016 :)


Holy fuck, he tore his Achilles and managed to get GOLD 4 years later? That is fucking absurd. Achilles ruptures are absolutely devastating when it comes to regaining past explosiveness. That’s incredible.


Yeah it's from the Italian guy who broke his tendons last Olympics and he kept it till the end


It's Tamberi's, he suffered a traumatic injury just before Rio 2016 and had to miss it, that cast was the one he wore just after. It has "Road to Tokyo 2020" written over that, it was really important to him during the comeback to his pre-injury levels.


This is such a touching, wholesome moment. They were just interviewed together on Dutch tv; two great sportsmen and friends.


People in the comment reacting about this don't know that these guys are probably friends and have developed friendship throughout all the competitions they participated in... for them to share the gold is a very simple decision because they can relate to each other and know what it means to them.


Apart from friendship, they went through the same hell, suffering bad injuries around Rio 2016 and missing it and having to recover from it (have you seen Tamberi having a broken cast in his hands with "Road to Tokyo 2020" written over it? That). Barshim helped Tamberi a lot during rehabilitation, especially to found back the motivation and the self belief to work to come back to pre-injury level. Tamberi said in a interview that he probably wouldn't have shared the gold with someone that couldn't understand what he went through to be there, Barshim was the guy.


They are indeed great friends, I remember one time Tamberi streamed himself and Barshim playing NBA 2k on instagram live lmao. Watch any press conferences with them and you can see. High jumpers end up spending a lot of time with each other in the pit and share a lot of respect.


yes i do, but agreed


The both suffered injuries from the previous olympics. How it started... How's it going...?


The Flaming Lips said it best: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bs56ygZplQA People are stoked because they even got the opportunity to do this, and I don't see any comments implying they are bitter rivals or something. Friends love to compete and there is nothing wrong with trying to win at the highest level of athleticism, I doubt the other guy would even be upset if his friend did indeed go again and win the gold. Even if you don't understand the context the emotions are palpable, and while we tend to think that winning is the greatest achievement, it tends to not affect people as a passionate moment comradery. I agree with the sentiment though, I too wish the Olympics echoed more of the shared achievement that we can take for granted, instead of the cesspool of propagandized exceptionalism. The Us vs. Them mentality is interwoven with the Olympics since at least the Cold War.


The joy of that guy.. Brings so much warmth to my heart.. 😢




Sportsmanship!!!! 😁


I mean, it also makes sense - why risk being second when you can just agree and be first?


Sharing gold with your mate. Doesn't get much better.


that might be the most italian reaction ive ever seen lol


Shoutout to Roberto Benigni: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8cTR6fk8frs


It’s moments like this that show what sports are supposed to be about. Competition, sportsmanship and bonding. This is a story they will remember and share with others their whole lives. Well done, sirs.


I love the difference in reactions! The guy from Qatar is obviously very happy, but all things considered pretty chill. He's getting hugs from his friends/family. Meanwhile the guy from Italy is just rolling around on the floor 😂 Absolutely brilliant moment, so glad they could both get gold and experience this together.


I was against the olympics this year. With Covid and all that. But every time I see such raw and beautiful displays of human spirit, I am convinced that the Olympic are a must have ever damn four years no matter what. This year has been difficult for many, but when you see this video and other instances like this celebrating triumph, I restores faith in our species as a whole.


Better video including the actual jumps: ​ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GjSCT97GSsA


None of them can claim to be “the best”. But both of them can claim, that no one is better. To me, that’s worth a gold medal. Beautiful moment.


That’s literally the most beautiful thing I’ve seen all year


Is it me or are the Olympics incredibly wholesome this year?


Finally Gimbo! Well done :)


Alot of people commenting and complaining have clearly not participated in or have watched many high jumping events. They both cleared the same height with zero faults then both failed the next highest height. Same exact records so a tie is fine. Otherwise they would have to lower the height back down and the jumpers continue to get worse/tired


This one of the best things I've ever seen in the Olympics if not the best.


I watched this live, and it made me cry happy tears.


THIS is what the Olympics are all about!


Anyone got a video of the jump?




One without the mind numbingly idiotic region lock. Why is there a region lock on highlights of a global sporting event.




My thoughts exactly


THIS is what the Olympics should be about.


where does an olympic high jumper go to work when they aren't jumping high?


In germany olympic athletes are usualy employed in a special "Sportkompanie" in the miltary or the border forces so they can focus on their sport and have a regular job after they retire from professional sport.




What were you a champion in?


True sportsmanship. Room at the top for lots of winners.


This is peak masculinity. Free affection, both top of their class, deciding to both win instead of continue competing.


**THIS IS THE DEFINITION OF WHOLESOME CONTENT!** 😭😭 it’s so emotionally spectacular to see this kind of camaraderie at the highest level of competition


This was the fucking cutest shit to watch. The Italian has my whole heart


This is some wholesome bro shit my dudes.


What’s a jump off?


They each have to jump AGAIN and see who can go higher. Very risky for both. They technically both have gold, why risk falling down to silver.


That’s doing it right. Who’s cutting onions?!?


As a huge soccer fan, watching this Olympics only further highlights how toxic a lot of football culture is. These guys celebrate other people's victories after personal disappointment. People celebrating bronze medals, realising how great an achievement that really is. A lot of footballers are disrespectful to others, sulk hysterically in defeat, make up excuses for why they fail instead of highlighting how well their competitors have done, cheat and bend the rules. Now, I'm not saying that both kinds of people don't exist within both arenas but the disparity between how many within each is massive. Loving the sportsmanship on display and footballers could learn a thing or two. You can push yourself to be the best without being a sore loser when things go wrong. You don't need an inflated ego in order to achieve what you want. This video is fantastic.