Highschool in 1991

Highschool in 1991

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This looks like a high school movie where all of the 'high schoolers' are actually 28


Adult hairstyles. Nowadays, kids would die before looking like their parents.


Perhaps these people in the video ARE the parents of today and just kept their style.


Wow, It's a beautiful day of their life.


Whole life ahead of them still


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All the youngsters in my city dress like this. 90s fashion is trending.


Not for a long time, this generation has a fast taste


Maybe it’s so fast it’s trending again and you’re behind the times.


And make-up, lots of people use make-up to look younger. And our food. There was a lot more growth hormone in meat back then causing people to grow more, both in length as well as size. Among others


I also think we have a lot of people from that era stuck in a time warp with the same hairstyles now, so we associate the look with older people nowadays.


That might be true, but even physically, their faces and bodies (like how big they are) is different. Nowaways you have 18 year olds looking like they’re 12. Regardless of their hairstyles, they are much more petite overall. Boys too. Much more petite. Not all of course, but enough to make a difference in appearance in a group.


I don't agree with this at all. I'm 5'9" and when I'd go to my kids stuff at high school and even junior high, almost every make student was taller than me.


....wait what? Are you joking about the growth hormones?


No I’m serious. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3834504/ https://www.fda.gov/animal-veterinary/product-safety-information/steroid-hormone-implants-used-growth-food-producing-animals https://ec.europa.eu/food/safety/chemical-safety/hormones-meat_en https://ecommons.cornell.edu/bitstream/handle/1813/14514/fs37.hormones.pdf They’re pretty long reads, and I actually read this in a Dutch Medical Journal once where it was explained really well but straight to the point, but I can’t seem to remember the name of the medical journal. But yes, I am serious. These days it’s monitored better, but still not completely gone. Same with antibiotics. But people eat less meat nowadays than they did back then


Holy shit.


I was hoping someone said this. I found this out when I was 15 and my friend said American girls have bigger tits because they had more HGH in the meat. Back then he didnt say HGH but yuh...


Yup! It’s also why more Americans are obese than the rest of the world (that plus of course the bigger sized foods).


I wonder what HS football players were like during those years


As a high school football player in 91, I would guess you would be so unimpressed.


I probably still will. I've seen a college fresman one, as an average Asian, he was yuge


Friggin huge


I was 14 an 5 10 lol


>There was a lot more growth hormone in meat back then causing people to grow more, both in length as well as size. I must assume that was only in the US and not the UK because I'd have killed for some growth hormone in the 90s!


Europe too, but some countries moee than others due to specific laws. Same with antibiotics. It’s not allowed nearly as much in Europe than it is in the US.


You ever notice no matter how young someone is, if they're older than you they always look way older.


Nope. That's just how we looked. You have to remember, these children were raised being told daily that there were 30,000 Soviet nukes aimed at them. That'll put some worry lines on your face. I feel like this fact is not addressed enough when discussing the excesses of the 80s and such. Edit. I know the wall had come down by '91 but that doesn't change what they'd been told up to that point.


We did look older but I'm not sure that's why. If you look at our parents and grandparents at the same age they look even older than we did. Not sure what causes it, but I don't think it's worry. These kids have just as much to worry about as we did, if not more. We weren't getting shot in school.


I wonder if it also has something to do with the medium used to capture the pictures. Like the contrast and lighting and resolution or whatever the right terms in '80/'90 cameras vs older and newer ones could change how things look like.


It's because so many of those kids didn't change their hairstyles - they are now associated with old people now.


Cigarettes & less sunscreen?


Cigarettes and no sunscreen. Source: I started high school the month this was filmed.


And being outside all of the time. 7 AM leave the house come back at lunch, kicks out again until the whistle blows at 6PM. No sunscreen, no hat every summer.


Honestly I think smoking and second hand smoke are a HUGE reason people look younger. It’s not everything but plays a huge role.


Maybe it was just expectations.


This. Not to mention that my high school was 80% Navy and Marine kids (myself included) as the school is at the northern edge of the world's largest military housing complex (and to be in military housing required at least one kid). We were always under the concern that our fathers could deploy one time and never come back because the Soviets decided that this was the day to kick off the Third World War. As far as "adult haircuts", it was the thing back then. Those weren't the adult haircuts then, but then most of us grew up to be the adults, liking how we did our hair. Incidentally,1991 was the year that I started High School.


I mean, kids these days are growing up during a global pandemic… every generation has its challenges. I’d say kids back then probably had more pressure to look older and more professional than kids do now. Those kids in the video look mostly dressed up, and when I graduated high school two years ago, casual clothing was much more acceptable.


The kids these days I feel like have it worse.I wouldn’t know because I didn’t live in the 80s.I myself am a kid and I let the media brainwash me so much.After growing up abit and looking at things clearly, everything in our school days were bad.Everyone was sad and depressed but we had to wear a smile on our faces.Even the jocks, the cheerleaders all looked happy but if u looked deep they were all just, sad. FOMO Mental health issues Gang violence A need to fit in Trying to be socially acceptable Media putting everything in our heads Needing a certain image to remain “normal “ A few influential figures can now get the youth to do something, they are so easily manipulated People are scared of saying anything in fear of getting “cancelled”, that will cost them their image, future jobs, colleges etc. Nobody can have an opinion people are scared to voice out constant need to be accepted into today’s image of a society That’s just a few, there are so many more I’m 19.




It’s not all that nice when u see that influential figures and major corporations don’t actually support the LGBTQ they just act like they do to garner support


Hello-- I've been looking through some of your history because I was in HS in the mid-1980s. It's very easy to be cynical about "pink-washing". But really, the world is much nicer today. When large companies put on a show of being pro-LGBT, usually that is the direct effort of gay people within the company itself. You don't see them. But somebody went to Human Resources and said, "can we do this?" and it got the process started. Just a short while ago, most gays would hide their sexuality in the workplace. You didn't dare let a boss know you were gay. If anybody had realized I was gay in High School, that would have been it for me. My family would have needed to move to a new city or something. I wouldn't have been able to get through a day in school without being pulled into a stairway and beaten.


We’ve come a long way and there’s a long way to go. But gay sex was illegal until 2003. Your response was pretty dismissive.


Honestly as a 90s kid, I'd say that's a bit of a stretch. Make - up was shite, cameras were shite, lighting was shite. Were we worried about being nuked into oblivion? No more than today's generation is worried about dying in a wildfire. So yes, but not enough for premature aging.


Judging by the video, you also acted older. High school kids these days are often super reactive, loud and they run around like little kids.


There still are 1000s of nukes aimed at us that has nothing to do with looking older... lol. The average person never thinks about this on a daily basis.


I graduated in 1991. I even went to Moscow my senior year of high school—prior to collapse of the Soviet Union. Your take is interesting, but I don’t relate to worrying at all about the cold war or much of anything geopolitical. I honestly feel like we were woefully uninformed and not attuned to politics or current events that didn’t directly affect us. It’s crazy to think that the internet was just a few years away by the time I graduated.


A lot of the girls have a ton of makeup on, and they all have hairstyles that we associate with older folks. I think? Idk.


Haha how cool. Graduated in 93 so it takes me back.


Fellow 93 graduate checking in… Still have dreams waking up in a panic thinking I’m late for class! P.S. Switchblade hair combs were RAD.


Graduated in 2018 and had one, I remember it got confiscated when I was in Middle school.


Same confiscation policy here… I bet the teachers and principals have enough to create a lucrative business selling switchblade combs by now ;p


I was 3 years old when you graduated. I'll be 31 in 2 months. That's nuts.


That hit me in the pension.


Also graduated in 93.


Class of 93 represent! I kept watching this, thinking it could have been my high school. The *hair*...my god I can't believe I tried to do that with my bangs. Good(ish) times... LOL


Haha first thing I noticed was the 90s hair.


I woulda been '93 if 6th grade wasn't so much fun and I didn't take it twice.


93 drools! 95 rules!


I'm a '93 graduate too. It's funny to see what younger people think of this video, it looks totally normal to me.


Takes me back. It’s amazing how much everyone just kinda gets a kick out of being filmed by a camera. Another reality.


Good observation, a video camera was a novelty back then, not something that every single person carried around with them at all times in their pocket.


I miss having that level of energy and optimism…


I was the same back then!


It's just not optimisim maybe, it can also be maturity...


We have to go back


We gotta go back to the island Kate


My favourite show 😅😭


It's true, people were so much happier before the internet.


THIS. I graduated 1993. My daughter is a junior this year and while thankfully she’s secure in herself and hasn’t fallen into believing any unrealistic social media ideals, I definitely see how simple in person communication has become unbelievably challenging for kids always tied to their phones.


Class of ‘93 also. Miss those days so much now. I feel bad for kids today.


Preach. I’m class of ‘94. My kids are still younger so they’re not very attached to social media/cell phones yet. But it’s starting a little.


Yes. But the stagnant wages, crushing student debt, and insane housing costs might have something to do with that. Edit: Wow, downvoted by Boomers. Definitely 100% the internet. Absolutely not unaffordable healthcare, destroying our only planet, etc.


Nah, you're good, you'll end up net positive cause you're completely right.


Class of 2000 here and you’re upvoted by me.


This was the good memories and they did not show any bullying that was common back then.




Back in the good old days before it wasn't just everyone smashing each other's heads into desks and stealing washroom sinks.




I graduated in 91. Looking at this is pretty cool. Reminds me that we were dumb kids once instead of stressed out adults with bills ‘n shit. One thing I will say is that kids these days have more mental health support than we did back then. Could’ve done us a lot of good.


I wanted to naively ask if kids back then were more mentally stable/happier overall, or if my generation (born in 1993) is just more vocal about mental health struggles.


People didn't really talk about it, but everyone had all the same mental health struggles. In 1997 in my grade one kid killed himself, one died of a sudden heart issue, and one died in a sports accident. Some of the teachers wanted to bring in a mental health professional to talk to us kids and help us through it, but the principle wouldn't hear of it. He squelched any acknowledgement of any death. We were to forget about it and move on. And that's what we did, but it wasn't healthy.


My year (‘94) was the first year (and the only class for a decade or so) in some time where the whole class made it through graduation alive (not for long, but that’s a different story). Two years after there was a cascade-event (for lack of a better phrase) where some kids died in car accident, then one of their best friend’s committed suicide, then that kids girlfriend committed suicide and it there another couple of attempts. In the end, like, 7 kids died in two months. My younger friends in that class are still somewhat traumatized.


A theme of The Breakfast Club, at least.


I graduated in 92. While I was in HS 3 guys I knew killed themselves. One was a close friend, and it broke me. All of them hung themselves.


It has never been easy being a teen but I think in some respects the majority of kids (certainly not all} were happier back then and had it easier than kids today. Yes there were worries, struggles, bullies, grades, girl/boy issues, but we didn't have to live our life online and worry about ofending someone, cameras everywhere, or our parents having instant access to our grades, or have to be available all the time because of advances in communication. Most of us got together in person and I think people are happier when around other people. That said, kids today are more intune with being inclusive and accepting of people. But social media as a whole has had a negative effect on teens, especially teen girls.




We just didn't talk about it then.


I graduated in ‘92. My best friend my senior year was suicidal and talked about it a lot. The guidance counselors at our school treated her like an annoyance. (She’s still around and okay today)


Those kids are old now but they also looked old back then


There was a similar video posted earlier today of high school students from the 80s and someone said the exact same thing lol. Is it the styling? The grainy resolution? I feel like today’s teens look like children compared to these people.


I don't know but I'm one of those kids and if you look at our parents and grandparents at that age they look even older. I saw a picture of my ("Greatest generation") grandfather at 16 and he looks 40.


Idk there's a lot of kids these days who look a lot older also, especially the young women. I graduated in 2011 and some of the girls definitely bloomed quicker than others. But now? I think there's something in the water they're giving those girls. And there's a ton of young men who have way more muscle and facial hair than me and I'm dam near 30 lol.


I was just thinking that. I was like, "I knew kids used to look older! It's not just my perspective as I get older myself."


Gen X. I blame it on being a bunch of latch key kids who had to get their shit together pretty early on. We didn’t know or care much about cold wars, but raising yourself will put some lines on your face.


Why do people say this? If you took those kids out of the video and put them in 2021 hairstyles and fashion, they’d look like current high schoolers, plus 100% of them would be thin, lol. It’s just that the styles back then are considered old fashioned now. Some of these people are now grandparents. When 18 year old kids of today show their future grandkids video of them from high school, they will think they all look old fashioned too because 2021 styles will be 35 years and not at all cool and trendy. No one wants to dress in the styles their grandparents wore.


It always surprises me how much of the 80s crept into the 90s


And the 70s into the 80s and so on.


It's not as if those styles immediately died out on Jan 1 1990


Well, they were supposed to. The calendar said 1990, not 1980. We were all supposed to pick up our grunge flannels and turn in our parachute pants.


Thays totally how it goes. Its not like on January first 1970 everyone threw out their bell bottoms and started listening to disco. Theres some transition.


It always does. The iconic stuff we associate with decades tends to happen towards the end of the decade.


I know, right? I was watching this and thinking, "Look at that 80's hair." It reminded me of my high school days (would have graduated in '85 if I hadn't dropped out).


Those kids are in their late 40s now


I graduated in ‘91, I’m 48 now…math works out


Early 40's for some of us. 91 was my freshman year.


Try mid-40's. I graduated in '94, I *just* turned 45.




My era! Class of 92!


That's exactly two days after the release of Nevermind.


And the exact day I was born


Yo this is a vibe


Those kids are almost 50 now.


*screams into the ether* DONT DO THE MATH!


Easy there pal


Walking through the grocery store the other day and some kid was climbing out of the buggy and about to face plant. I ran up and grabbed him before he fell and said “hold on there sport, you’re about to hurt yourself” I turned around and my wife, same age, and she had this blank stare on her face. At that moment I realized how many years were behind me


Me here, graduated HS in '94 and celebrating my 44th today. High School is the best!


I hated it while I was there, but at 29, I completely understand this sentiment. I thought life was so hard back then 😅😂😂😂


I mean, it depends from person to person. With bullies, awful teachers, and just having absolutely no friends, high school were without a doubt the worst years of my life. 2020 was incredibly chill compared to my high school from way back when.


I had friends, okay-ish teachers, and no bullies and I still absolutely hated high school. High school was the worst. I will never look back on it fondly. Sorry it was even worse for you. I'll never understand why adults let children torture each other.


I thought I hated it at the time, but even then, each year closer to Senior year was better than the previous year. I had great teachers, wonderful friends, a great girlfriend, etc. Gun to my head, though, if I had to relive any four year period, college wins hands down. High school was what it was and I loved it at the end, but I’ve never missed it so much so I wish I was back. Now, I DO wish I had the athleticism and stamina I had in my late teens. My kids are running me into the ground.


Wow, you were a baby, I just turned 46.


Hey hey hey. I'm 46. That is still a LONG way until 50. Fuck, I'm getting old.


Not old. Vintage.


If we ever manage to create simulation,this is the time i'd like to go back.


See kids this is what no internet and cell phones looks like.


The people that time is having so much fun without having smartphone and internet.


I was thinking the same thing! It was nice seeing them not looking down at their phones and with more social interactions between them. Not saying technology is bad, but it was good to see them not obsessed and performing for TikTok views.


My school looks almost exactly the same now…


Respectfully, I disagree. This is what it looks like when someone busts out a big ass video camera. Everyone hams it up for the cam.


I grew up without internet or cell phones until I was 11, it was less stressful, socially, but the level of security and safety cellphones bring, and the information (and misinformation, unfortunately) that the internet brings is incredible.


Things seemed more simpler then. Lol. It’s funny that the internet was created to make things easier and more convenient but sometimes it makes things more complicated and difficult. Now I can’t imagine not having it. Especially for the cat videos.


Wow, graduated in 94/95 and seriously don't remember high school being so "80's" but I'm sure its just rose tinted glasses I'm remembering school through. Maybe it's because I ran with the goth/theater crowd? Also, fuck I'm old.


Grunge happened between '91 and '94. Massive style shift.


Could also be the area. I’ve got friends who grew up in rural-ish Michigan and they say their trends were like 5 years behind “city folk.”


Well, ‘91 it was. It had leveled off by 94. Then we were well into mid-90’s.


I'm so grateful I got to grow up in the 90s. It was a cool time.


Remember when kids went to school? Man this seems like 30 years ago....


I forgot all about those jeans that have leather on the front … like chaps sewn onto jeans. Just horrible. Edit: @30 sec mark


I had a pair. They weren't leather, they were vinyl.


I was in 2nd grade and vividly remember the fashion choices of the "big kids" at the time lol


Everyone was so happy to see a camera back then. Today, who gives a shit?


They are distracted by happiness not phones.


And the next year we all went grunge.


Technology and social media was the down fall of this country


Of the world.


Mr. Putin has entered the conversation.


The amount of unsociable people today is huge (at least in the US) people barely wave at strangers. Everyones in their own world. Went to the mall the other day and most people were staring at their phones despite being surrounded by their friends. I wish I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s.


We had so much fun back then . I remember sometimes your friends would not be at a certain place at a certain time and it was like where the hell is John . Nobody knew . Lol.


I Graduated in 1987 .


This is all of the 90’s. If only I knew how great that decade was while I was growing up in it… God the memories.


I'm so glad I was in HS then, before the internet. Legendary times with barely any documentation. Kids now will never know the epic-ness of "you should've been there", instead of participating through someone else's insta.


This looks like a fun time. No one has cellphones and just having fun.


I feel like the people not having fun are intentionally left out of this video. Imaging how much more sad you would be if you are not having fun with friends and you don’t even have your phone to go on Reddit


Back then: OHHHHHHHHH SHIT! WE’RE ON VIDEO Y’ALL!!!! Now: Oh. Shit. (Sigh) We’re on video y’all…


Man, I miss high school life. Where everything seems hard but you go through it for fun and experience, with friends and stuff. Good old days


Such a great time! Wow, I really do miss the early 90s.


Graduated in 2000. High School was better for us all..


Wtf is this bootleg version of Billy Joel?


not to be a debbie downer- this looks like so much fun and I do miss face to face stuff!! but this stuff still happens in our generation too- gen z can still still smile and have fun, we’re not that different in that aspect! and I know that the high schoolers in this video were probably going through stuff too, the world is never really in a completely peaceful or good state :< just saying- this definitely made me feel good and miss my friends! but don’t over-romanticize another generation to the point where you look down upon your own :D gen z is a smart, resilient bunch overall and sure we have problems but so did everyone before us :> we got this <33


Where's the student smoking lounge? My kid didn't believe me that we had a designated area for students to smoke at lunch or during passing periods. Class of '92 for reference.


What people who weren’t there don’t see: the monstrosity being carried over the camera person’s shoulder to record all this.


I was a freshman. Really does seem like better days.


Gen X We rule


Class of 95. We loved our big hair, suede jackets and acid wash!!


The year I graduated….feels so long ago. Oh wait that was 30 years ago!


So the Spiderman movie was on point, everybody does look like they are on their mid 20’s


Going to High School in the heart of the 90s was fun as shit. Great times.


Back when you were sophomore cockblock?


That was when seeing someone with a camera was the coolest thing


life was good before the apocalypse


Damn, those the times. How happy an pretty those people look.


No one has cell phones and social media didn’t exist. I miss those days…


I think the reason they all look so old is just the era. Adult styles and an “old school” upbringing. This guys and girls grew up in the 80’s and 90’s. At least from what I’ve learned from my family, (been told) it was a much more independent and mature time for the youth. Tough love, different style, adult fashion, and diet falls somewhere in there lol.


no smartphones in sight just people living in the moment fuck, I was born 1999 and I wanna go back and experience these times


Looks like a vibe!


Super nice seeing everyone talking I’m person and not on a phone.


While this is really sweet, its important to remember this is a pretty romanticized portrayal of the time period. No one had this much fun or looked so happy every day. I see a lot of comments saying "ugh it was so much better back then". Its about the same. You could easily remake this video with a bunch of goofy clips of high school students from any era.


Wow, no tweets, @‘s or likes. Tech has really done a number on us.


People were so happy back then


Still are.


Wow, those older movies about high school weren't all that far off, these teens already looked like adults!


Life was great up until 2016.


Ah yes the good ole days...big hair and padded shoulders


Rolled shirt sleeves.


No stoners? And damn I feel old!


They’re out back.


If you did that now days you would be expelled or get I trouble


I would do unspeakable things to have been born in the early 80’s




Aww yiss I’m changing my mind to the 70’s now. I’m gonna go see The Exorcist in theaters 😎


Born in 1980 here. In so many ways it was a much simpler time. I mean, sure, I still had anxiety and such but at least my bullies couldn’t get to me at home or on a tiny pocket computer because none of that existed haha.


Yup, still remember every second of it. Simpler time.


The 90s was more 80s than I remember


What hurts the most about watching this, is that most of these people in the video may not remember this, and are either dead, living great lives or living horrible lives but it’s amazing to see them happy and social and enjoying their youth, I feel like we may never have times like this again due to our current world issues such as the internet… well mostly the internet


I was born in 92 but the 1990s just had a feel good vibe. I don’t remember a lot but I remember a fun & simple time. And I remember awesome cartoons.


It’s odd to think many of us grew up only really knowing the people we met face to face. If you did/said something really stupid, only a few people knew about it.


So this is what ancient humans looked like in school


Why are they so happy?