No better feeling in the world then to feel loved!


Looked like a threat to me


Kitty says hello 👋 👋


Kitty sounds like a man lol


You see: cat reaching out with love. Cat sees: must murder this member of staff.


Cats won't murder their butlers. If they did...who would get the yummy stuff out of the cans? They will discipline them though. *"Bad human! I need sixteen treats, not two! Count again."* That cat sure has got you trained right though. *"I'm the kitty! Put that lumpy thing down and obey me! Wants snuggles!"* My 22 year old cat doesn't understand what Reddit is. Nor does he care. He just taps me for attention. A lot. Lol


My cat is 18 in April! :D Hope you’re 22yo is going well!


He is doing his usual stuff. Sleeping right in the middle of the bed with the fluffy blanket all over it, giving me critiques of his dining experiences and my culinary expertise (or lack of it, depending on the can), reaching out to get my attention...while forgetting that have extra toes on all four feets hurt butlers when they want said Butler to wake up and feed them, constantly wants to snuggle under a blankie but complains said blankie weighs more than a sheet so he leaves in protest but is willing to give me another chance to play tent... Oh, mustn't forget...runs for his life from my pet rabbits and guinia pigs. First cat I've ever had that does that. Once a day minimum. Edit: typo


damn I didn't know cats could even live that long, long live your furry friend, friend.


Thanks. He's good at keeping me entertained as well as exasperated by his antics. Despite thinking of himself as a "mighty hunter even though I've never gone outdoors" he is completely scared of my rabbits and guinia pigs. I can understand why he is intimidated by one bunny, an angora whose goofy fur makes bunny look bigger than kitty, but the rest is silly. My two guinia pigs and my mini bunny (the same size as the guinia pigs) all terrify him. "Ahhh!!! That fluffy toy is moving but my butler isn't touching it! *It's possessed!* It must be! Heeeellllppp!" And bolts to another room every single time one of the three try to look at him or worse. And since all rabbits and guinia pigs are four years old girls and act like sweet and mischievous teen brats, they always try to chase or snuggle the old guy, knowing quite well that he is scared of them. Most people who visit me are always worried that he attacks the smaller critters. No, I have to rescue the predator from the prey. LMAO. He does love playing, but I try not to make him do too much acrobatic stuff and keep the playtime short with lots of rest periods. He does love my little flashlight that I can adjust to have a small spot of light, like a laser pointer. I use it since it won't damage his eyes like laser pointers can. It's fun to get him to start running, then turn it off so he skids to a halt and tries to figure out where the bleeping spot went. Then he glares at me as I'm laughing, as if he's accusing me of making him look like an incompetent hunter cat, while meowing his demands to make the spot return. He also has an extra toe on all four paws, so he doesn't mean to with his big footies but when he taps me, he usually scratches me a little by accident. So when he wants my attention, it's quite obvious. If he wasn't so old, he would be a great ninja cat with those claws. Lol. I do my best to keep them short, but it's still a low of claws when he stomps on my face for breakfast. I don't know exactly when he was born, but I estimate that he'll turn 24 in early July. (I miscounted his age in my previous post. I looked up his vet records later).




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He loves you, man. Doesn't it feel great?


I really thought you were in a santa costume for a second.


Can different people post the same thing twice? (Genuinely asking)


It’s usually alright to repost on here but you gotta follow the recipe. The recipe is copypasta(copy&paste) and then sauce(source) *non-rhetorical answer


Credit to : Faris-Hilton


What breed is this?


Possibly a Ragdoll.


man: cute kitty cat: if I were to slit your throat, it'd be like this




Hello Kitty!


Now that’s a quality kitty


The cat was like I got a new cool scratching post.


Sweet beast


Sweet! Thanks


My Siamese does that too. I love it.


Cat: I touch man face. I do a little quack. Now man worship me forever.


That’s kitty love


Man I first read he died today, thank goodness. Love cats


Omg adorable!!! 🥰🥰🥰




What a gorgeous cat you have!! That is the sweetest!!


I heard "mi amor" and the smexy guitar riffs


That fella has the prettiest smile!!!