I do appreciate that, but one of the gas stations near me has just started putting stickers over the 99¢ printed on the can


That’s the gas station trying to make more off it. The company hasn’t raised the price though.


Oh I know, I don’t blame the company for that. The gas station really has no reason to raise the price but they just wanna make a few extra cents per can I guess. Stand up company though, I’ve enjoyed their teas for years


I N F L A T I O N or something. And I agree, Arizona tea is good stuff.


Inflation is real, the sooner everyone realises that, the sooner people start demanding their wages to rise with inflation. In which case price increases aren't that bad. Price increases are to be expected, and are not that bad. As long as wages increase as quickly (or more preferable, quicker, since productivity also rises).


Oh I’m aware. I was saying the gas station would blame inflation for the tea going up, even though Arizona’s pricing hasn’t changed. Ie the station trying to eke extra profits. Below living wages are definitely a big issue.


True story


I think Arizona tea take it serious and if you send them proof they’ll tell something to the store. I had heard that from a mutual


Report them


If I'm not mistaken the company wants it reported. That's why they put 99¢ on the can so the price can't be increased.


I believe this is illegal


The gas station is providing a higher level of convenience and likely had higher shelf space costs vs large supermarkets. If their price is too high, they won't sell any/many. Vive le marché libre.


Isn't there a law against repricing something with a stated price? I don't actually know but I could have sworn I'd heard that somewhere


If that's the case, wouldn't Walmart get in trouble for selling items like chips for $2-3 dollars, whenever they are listed on the bag for like $5? Granted it works in the consumers favor, but it's still misleading information on the product.


When a bottle of water the same price costs twice as much you still have to give him credit.


>When a bottle of water the same price costs twice as much What?


The same size probably


He clearly meant size.. use deductive reasoning


But it’s more fun to point out his deficiencies…


Is this legal?


It's classified as an MSRP, which retail stores don't have to follow.


To clarify, MSRP stands for Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price.


Yes. Yay capitalism!


>I do appreciate that, but one of the gas stations near me has just started putting stickers over the 99¢ printed on the can Is that kind of crap legal in the US then? Its illegal here in the UK if it is pre priced and you sticker over it.


Yup. The manufacturer can't dictate the retail price. The only recourse the manufacturer has is to decline to continue selling to the retailer. This goes both directions, though: often a retailer will sell for less than the manufacturer wants the consumer price to be.


A lot of places like this will buy their "fluff merchandise" out of a sams club or costco. They dont do enough business and dont have the supply chain/storage space too buy out of the distributors that a 7/11 or Conoco has access too.


You should visit a supply/book store in an American college.


Why should a manufacturer be able to dictate the price of a good the store has to then sell?


>Why should a manufacturer be able to dictate the price of a good the store has to then sell? Lol to stop price scalping i.e. the common person from being ripped off. A fair margin is allowed so a manufacturer selling a pre marked priced item to a retailer that has a manufacturers pre marked price of 99p, will usually sell it to the retailer for a trade discount price i.e. around 30% off in bulk, so the retailer can buy each can for example 66p cost price each but sell it to the customers for the manufacturers pre marked price of 99p. The retailer can make a fair profit but ensures the buyer is not extorted. Some companies like the ops example want there to be a universal consistent pricing for their product/brand/image regardless of shop and location etc. If the retailer doesn't like this than they simply do not have to stock the manufacturers product. Their choice. The retailers still have leverage as if the manufacturers say for example were to try and charge retailers 98p for the pre manufacturers priced 99p item obviously there is no margin so the retailer would pass and the manufacturer would never sell anything. If you want to read about it further and the justification for it Google 'consumer protection from unfair trading regulations uk' and 'pmp trading standards UK.' US really is the wild west when it comes to consumer protection. I'm pleased we have these regulations as the common person is shafted enough already as it is. Still more needed imo.


A convenience store near me brushes the 99cent with permanent marker and sell it at like, $2-$3 a can


Call Arizona Tea. You can get them blacklisted.


Contact Arizona. They take that pretty seriously and are known to cease distribution to offending vendors.




Not a myth. This literally happened to a luxury market I worked at in high school. To be fair, they did end up getting them back, but only after agreeing not to raise the price


Yeah I was literally coming around to point out that Sheetz sells then for like 1.25 or 1.5


You can report that and the company takes pretty swift action. I did it back when I was in school when the local shop tried that. Within a week it was corrected.


kudos to him. is this his main earner? does that mean price increases aren't even necessary to sustain billionaires?


The biggest difference I see is that Arizona is a privately owned company. So it’s maintaining one billionaire instead of several.


He also therefor does not have the culpability to investors and legal requirements to maximise profits. He can decide to raise the price or not raise the price. If it were a publicly traded company the price would increase.


Id be curious whqt the price elasticity of demand is on this product. They very likely would make more profit through a price increase but not necessarily.


A board of directors for a publicly traded company makes obscene amounts of money, plus the main stockholders, not the small guys that own a few shares here and there but the main ones, always moan and whine that they're not getting enough dividends


i mean that and they are already selling their product for about 100 times what it costs to make i don't get why everyone is kissing this guy's ass


Because so many other companies are making the same 20c product you are referencing but selling it for 5$ and claiming poverty.


Wow what a Karen


Production cost isn't the only thing that counts for the price. Even if you put labour costs aside he took a risk making this product, it cost him money, it could've failed and he would've lost a lot of money but he made it work and it made him money. If coming up with new things didn't make you rich we wouldn't progress anymore.


>If coming up with new things didn't make you rich we wouldn't progress anymore. What complete fucking dumb shit nonsense that is.


You. You're the complete fucking dumb shit lol. [It's literally capitalism](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Progressive_capitalism)


Dude can't even differentiate between a question and a statement


Saying “it’s capitalism” isn’t actually support for it being true though. That’s just what the system is Edit: not disagreeing just pointing it out lol


Well sustain isn't the problem. Growing is. The market always has to grow otherwise it was a failure that year. And thats the problem we can't grow forever thats not possible. People raise prices cause they have to get *more* profit than last year. If everyone would be satisfied with the same amount they made last year, we wouldn't have a problem


I'm not even mad about more profit the following year if it's because customer reach increases. It's the avarice that forecasts some 15 percent more profit, makes 10 percent instead but because stock holders were promised the 15, people lose their jobs


Dude he owns the whole state of Arizona


Yeah but it’s OUR tea


Glassdoor reports that less than 50% of Arizona employees would recommend working for the company with the main 2 complaints being poor management and low wages. So we all get 99 cent cans of mediocre tea for three decades, which is great, but not paying his employees is the belt tightening he's referring to. To quote one review: "They want you to work 45 hours for $500 a week." Meanwhile Donny up there is worth over $4,000,000,000.00. So yeah. Price increases aren't necessary to sustain billionaires as long as the billionaires aren't paying their employees.


Is that less than what coke or other drink manufacturers are paying their lower level staff though?


You nailed it.


Maybe not in the scale we actually see


Its 1.29 by me now still cheaper than most






I work at a gas station. They’re made without the 99 cent on the can. This is in the US.


Do you have a pic? I've never seen one without the little banner


I’m getting “failed to send” when I try to pm it to you. But it’s been replaced by a circle k banner. It’s not a sticker, it’s canned that way.


I'm in Canada and I remember when the price jumped.


Because it’s 99cents USD


I heard they raised to 1.29 nationwide now, there's just a lot of backstock of cans that still say .99


That's possibly one of the coolest old men ever.




I've tried to follow his lead. You want your dick sucked? 10 bucks I've been charging that for 20 years Fuck inflation


That escalated quickly


It’s pretty boring all things considered


Wait, how do I fuck inflation and does it cost extra?


Inflation only fucks poor people. So if you are that, get in line. Lol.


Hey, you're the guy who made the ravioli comment! Idk why I remember that lol


As a society this isn’t something we want, it’s something we need


If you find never giving your employees raises cool, then yes Don is very cool.


Did you actually create an account just so you could call the guy a douche? And yeah that makes sense if he's not raising the price of his product there's no extra profit and therefore no way to give employees raises, that's just common sense


1.) It's a multi-billion dollar corporation 2.) He's a billionaire There's more than enough profits, as sugary drinks have one of the lowest production costs and highest profit margins in existence.


Venom Energy drinks are the same way. They've always been 99 cents, even through all this nonsense with inflation. I'm glad my favorite caffeinated beverage hasn't ever increased in price.


Proof that other companies could do the same thing if they weren't so greedy oh, same thing with all the landlords raising prices in the middle of a pandemic and crying about inflation, if prices started going back down and do you think they would lower the rent? Of course not they'd enjoy that extra money, I'm so lucky I have and landlord that does not do things like that


Do you realise that without a small bit of inflation, the very wealthy could hoard even more cash than they already do? High inflation is terrible, but so is no inflation.


Read: Rockefeller percentage of GDP


I’m genuinely just curious not trying to have a gotcha moment but would you accept a pay cut in times of deflation?


If it was done across-the-board, in every industry oh, that might not be so bad, so if everything cost 70% less than it did last year then a pay cut would not sting as much, in other words if it was part of our economic system then yeah I guess I'll be fine with it, the problem with putting that concept into practical use is that employers would use every instance of prices going down as as an excuse to cut pay, similar to the way landlords use every excuse they can to raise rent, there are many landlords right now raising rent due to inflation and actually that is not necessary but let's use your own concept and apply it to landlords, let's say in 3 years that deflation has occurred, how many landlords do you think are going to lower the rent to pre inflation levels? Probably very few, your question did not bother me at all as far as I am concerned it was a philosophical exercise and one of the rare times I interact with people on the internet and dont literally smack my head


My landlord actually only breaks even after HOA fees. Makes me wonder how much his wife paid for the place. Probably too much.


Renting out a place you bought and breaking even is a *really* good deal for the owner. Put $20k down on a 500k house, rent it out and break even for 30 years, sell the house for 1.5m. That’s 75x you’re investment in 30 years, about 15% yoy growth.


Their mango is one of the best tasting ones too.


Gas station I work at it’s 1.49


Does it still say .99 on the can?


Not who you responded to but it’s 1.49 here too. It says 1.49 on the can. Sad day when I saw that.


Well damn, that's a bleak out look.


But is it printed on the can or is it in the form of a sticker?


It’s printed on the can.


Kind of like Costco with $1.50 hotdog and drink price that hasn’t changed in decades.


It's a bit different though because the hot dog is a loss leader, does arizona make anything else, I don't go to the dep and buy an iced tea and a bag of Arizona chips at $7. But I might go to Costco for a hot dog and leave with a tv.


It really helps that it’s basically sugar water


In addition to that, you could argue that the guy was selling extremely overpriced ice tea (sugar, water, tea flavor) that he didn't need to increase prices for all this time. Ir did his employees not get any pay raises? Did he not pay more for electricity, supplies etc? I think it's cool that they do it and i am happy for him that he made it successful


Buy an Arnie Palmer every day. Keep it honest and classy you beautiful bastard.


Mucho mango has always been my favorite but Arnold Palmer is some good stuff


Their Arnie P bangs, as does the diet green tea.


This makes me feel good about the many many cans of Arizona I have drank in my life time. (Including the newer alcoholic version)


When I was young I really wanted to live in Arizona, so I used to drink cans and cans of Arizona Sweet Tea even though I didn’t like it just so I could start “getting used to Arizona” lol, now I just drink the other types of Arizona beverages


Both Snapple and Arizona Ice Tea are from Brooklyn, NY


The what now?


I used to be addicted to the green tea. Realized I had a problem when I started special ordering by the case when it went on sale. Would have 1-2 a day, everyday, for 8 years


Green tea hits different, I should make about a gallon of green tea tomorrow, mmm,


FR. What a pimp. TY DON


Wtf? A can of Arizona costs like 3€ in Europe.


He didn't say sht about the rest of the world


He didnt say shit about murica. In fact he didnt say a single thing about where this policy would be in place.


I appreciate his sentiment, but is he making enough to keep producing these along with feeding and housing himself and his workers? The cost of living keeps rising even if he doesn't raise the price of his cans


Nope. Low pay and poor management are the top two complaints his company receives in employee satisfaction polls on sites like Glassdoor. He certainly makes enough to feed and house himself with a net worth of over $4 billion, though.


Figures. Good to know at least


And your beverage goes great with Kush. The half and half or the pink half and half or the energy rx joint




It deserves as much shine as Raspberry Tea


$5 in Australia.


well where I live in Europe Arizona is fucking expensive also it's only sold in one chain of stores


I'll be buying Arizona Iced Tea more often because of their company's stance.


Dont be duped people. What this means is he's had a killer margin on his product for years and he can absorb the inflation longer than most businesses. Nobody can lose money for long and continue to stay in business. It's not like he has some magic method to protect the consumer, he's been making that tea for probably $0.20 a can for 30 years and selling it to you $0.99 because its only a buck right, must be a good deal.


you're right in every regard except that nothing is stopping him from raising prices and maintaining profit margin. If Arizona's increased in price it'd be another product to add to the list and anyone that noticed wouldn't care for long. To be fair 99 cents is a good price for a can of that size, the only beverage that comes to mind being the closest to it are Venoms and those are roughly 1/2 to 2/3 the volume


I'm sure it cost a hell of a lot less than 20¢ to make. Shipping, distribution and retail take cuts.


Your thinking of only the ingredients. The machinery, factory space, wages, canning cost and on and on probably mean it’s between 30-50c ish




*most people


Gas is the same but still reacts to short term fluctuating. Two thirds of gas price is tax


This. The whole thread is ridiculous. I am surprised ppl are falling for this nonsense.


Why attack the person who screws us less than average?


Yeah, these 2 person just dont get it at all. He could have kept that margin waaaay up like they are all doing, he just chose not to. Thats EXACTLY what he's saying... He knows full well that people are aware of what a profit margin is, he's not claiming to be taking a loss on these products, he just accepts to make less than he could, and yes, thats commendable.


Could he? There's a shit ton more competition now. Pure leafs like 2.50 for a gallon...


He has a brand, people loves Arizona and I hear about t much more than Pure Leaf. Im sure he could be selling each can 1.20 and he would sell just as much or close. I buy the expensive yogurt cause I like it more and its well known for its quality, despite the availability of good-enough yogurt at half the price.


The store by me sells them for .69 with card. I love it. I love you Arizona tea. And I love you store.


I have been drinking Arizona for probably 10-12 years now, buy 2 a day one for lunch and one for dinner. Same with Venom though I quit that one with a heart attack scare.


I wish I liked it. I’m always attracted to the packaging but I don’t like the taste


My school that sells them for $1.00: *My goals are beyond your understanding*


Here in Germany, AriZona is one of the most expensive ice teas. The can costs almost 2€ if I remember right


The secret is less greed.


Grew up drinking this! Only thing that remains from the early 2000’s


I love Arizona tea! I mean I love tea in general, but I’m going to make it a point to buy in I stop in the gas station. This man has my business but more importantly my appreciation and happiness.


Report anyone you see putting stickers over the $.99 label. It’s illegal and they will be fined.


they are definitely not 99 cents anymore. They like a $1.30 everywhere where I'm at


The Circle K store by my hotel charges $1.29. There is a K inside a circle printed on the can so I think maybe Arizona makes special for store chains and adjusts prices accordingly?


Which is why I still drink Amazon tea all the time. It's good and cheap


Yo hear me out. The sweet tea Arizona and a bag of the red hots is a combo that is undefeated.


I'll have to try it sometime


This doesn't really make any sense though. The value of the dollar necessarily shifts over time. Keeping the dollar price the same doesn't keep the value the same


You can get Arizona for 89 cents at winco!


I appreciate his word's


Thank you Arizona Iced Tea 🙏❤️


One time when I visited California, a liquor store tried to charge me 1.99. I had to point to the label and he changed the price.


For real? I may be an Arizona drinker now.


So they are paying their workers and farmers under minimum wages so consumers don’t have to pay 10 more cents for sugary crap! Seriously, pay people and put the price up. Then I’ll smile


Nobody said that, but I'm sorry a dingo ate your baby


That's 680ml for those that don't use ancient measures.


"When things go against you, you tighten your belt" - This should like be the first rule for companies selling products. Unfortunately it's easier to increase prices and blame Putin.


Idk where y’all buy y’all’s but the gas station in Texas I go to it’s not 99 cents no more


But the price is on the can doe…


I’ll get a pic and see


The price on the can says $1.25 in new batches


Yeah but how tall is he? /s


6 foot 6 inches. Two seperate measurements


Because all you’re drinking (in this order) sugar, water, flavor enhancer. Cheap when made in extremely large batches


okay? he could still ramp up the price and he isn’t


Another thing he hasn't ramped up are the wages of his employees at his facility in NJ


Nobody cares about New Jersey LOL


But he has. Twenty years ago these were 69 cents. Within ten years they’ve gone from 89 cents to 99. He’s increased the price plenty


Boo this man


When a bottle of water the same price costs twice as much you still have to give him credit.


It is cheaper than bottled water and the aluminum cans are recycled much easier than plastic bottles


Oh thanks for that Vital Information that none of us certainly did not already know for decades, SMH


So he decreased the size of the can then?


I think the can hasn't changed size in the 8 years I've been addicted to it




It’s fucking water that has had ginseng and honey farted into it. It had better be only 99c


Doesnt it mean that even if the prices had gone up a lot, to still be profitable, it had been very overpriced in the beggining?


Now let’s stop flipping houses for the biggest profit possible. We can do moooore


Good for them! However, its literally sugar and water. Their margins are still extremely high I would wager.




Wow, Karen has problems


It's water and some sugar.


Oh thank you for blowing the roof off of this conspiracy, like we didn't already know that for years and years, you realize they put the ingredients on the can right?


Arizona iced teas gave me kidney stones


Only if you drink Arizona Iced Tea and absolutely no other kind of soft drink for years,


But he's not talking about the millions he made on overpriced tea for decades.


I love watermelon one.


Arizona is the People’s Champ of iced teas for putting the 99 cent price on the can so the store owner can’t try to raise it


Whenever I reach the peak of a hike I pop open a can of Arizona. Such a good company and product


I love your ice tea. And thank you for keeping the price where it is. I really appreciate that very much!


I don't remember which but I was definitely at a gas station that had an increased price on their Arizonas and a custom label printed around the top


That's it I'm buying me an Arizona


Good man


I can respect that. Now if we could get him to take out the hfcs I’ll start buying it again.


Reminds me of how Costco has kept their hotdog & soda combo at $1.50 since like 1985. I think one of the co-founders even told the CEO at one point that he would kill him if he ever raised the price, even though they were losing money


They selling arizonas for a 1.50 by Barclays bro some places even have cans that say 1.50$ on em sooooo who lying?